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Xtraordinary X-Men [IC] <CLOSED>

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Skummy the Kitty
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Re: Xtraordinary X-Men [IC] <CLOSED>

Post by Skummy the Kitty » Tue Aug 28, 2018 2:07 pm

It didn't take long for the meeting to finish up between Cappy and his contact, The Moth, he traded her all the news she could want int he interim and he was granted everything she had to know of the circumstances. However after the fact things had quieted down at the X-Men began conceiving their next movements ant tracking through other progressions. So much so that, in typical fashion, they had sort of lost track of what was going on really and were resuming normal operating procedure. The situation was such that they would more than likely react to the next instigation but otherwise were stuck in a standstill of stupidity and regression. SHIELD's investigations were turning up nothing and so it seemed as though everything had calmed for the meantime while bearings were refounded and progress went along smoothly. The X-Kids, as they were denoted, began to finally start showing some age and the newborns of Charles "Chuckie" Porter and Katherine "Kat" Porter, Cappy's own flesh and blood twin children, seemed to have survived their aunts and uncles constant attention and normalized to the situation they were in as five month olds.

Cappy continued to never be able to find them, Kat's fluffy down and avian features continued to change and shift by the way of her early manifestation of her X-Gene and Chuckie was a normal small boy. All in all the kids were very much healthy and cared for by most of the X-Men, and Xander and Carolina seemed to grow in their own dual relationship. One a digger and the other a spoiled rich kid though that was essentially all the X-Children thanks to their parentage. The teenage Nick had begun caring more for what was forced upon him as 'cousins' to the point he became their de facto target of skullduggery and mischief. Carolina and Xander also having claimed the resident cats of the Helix tower as their own. The cats, known as Skully and Dunes, had been around for a great number of years constantly chasing after one another but with the kids having laid claim to them they didn't really leave their sides any longer and were normalized into more pets.

So really, the X-Men were back to normal operating procedure, although they had become more active over the timeframe in the community and had been working on their own pet projects as dictated. For instance, Cappy had revamped Little Somalia, his original operations base and the location of his safehouse, into a thriving a diverse neighborhood accepting many Somali expatriates to establish a solid culture and link back to his two brothers who had recovered back in the homeland. The Neighborhood at both times functioned much as it used to and as something far greater. While his brothers were still savage anti-human terrorists bent of breaking oppression by way of sheer violence, Cappy had silenced his networks and released his contacts to do as they were going to do.

Although most were hired by the Somali government and told to serve as intermediaries between the government and the X-Men. This move made the UN bristle, who were still on edge about readmitting the country. However, because of the country's highest per capita mutant to human ratio, they had enough firepower to warrant serious considerations of become a much bigger threat in the future. Some demands were listed of course, such as the surrender of all information that Varbuk Lasunga had compiled in the time of his hold over the country. Somalia disclosed that all information was safely stored with themselves and under SHIELD supervision. All other copies would be destroyed and never released to any other nation due tot he nature of the information. There was also the demand of the immediate capture of Capillos, which was denied on the grounds that Capillos was to be given amnesty for his terrorist operations int he past due to his help in dismantling Vabruk Lasunga's operations- which directly saved the world form catastrophe. The same claim was made for his brothers, for their own part in still operating the anti-human terrorist organization. This too was denied on the grounds that they were now engaged in assaulting anti-mutant groups on the orders of the somali government and any and all interactions were to be treated as deep infiltration as special operations operatives.

With all of this swirling around, and Cappy pouring hundred of thousands of dollars into revamping the district, it had become a thriving hotspot for hipsters and ravers as a new party scene due to the prevalence of somali mutants who could provide hyper-hallucinogenic properties with limited side effects, as well as a new culture springing up in New York enticing people who had grown tired of the 'mainstream' mutant scene.

Cappy made no comment, only that he makes a killing for his cut and not actively stepping in to stop it unless it begins to damage lives or property. the NYPD is prohibited from entering the district and instead violators, especially sexual or violent ones, are handled by a private security team on Cappy's payroll who handle the situation personally. Although every once in a while they're thrown back into the NYPD's hands to be processed, other times they're not seen in New York again.


For now, Veria was working out in the Helix's situation room, swapping between high explosive munitions and specialized gloves that allowed her fists to withstand her punching at full power. She had been slowly toning her body to a higher degree in order to belt our more strength and dexterous capability and to enhance her durability closer to the likes of Cappy, although without Glen's regenerative circumstances she was doubtful in being able to really achieve noticeable comparability. She felt, as she put ti to Lindsay, like she could feel herself growing old and she didn't want to get out of her element and be showed up by a couple of guys whop were pushing their prime years tot he max and simply edging by. Plus she was jealous of Rayne's ass and wanted to tone her body even sharper for some reason, or maybe she only told that to Lindsay to rile her up in a way.

Regardless it was her third straight simulation and she was pushing herself too hard, she needed to take a break and have some rest and relaxation with her now surrogate daughter and the plethora of small children in the base that she very much enjoyed chasing around and having fun with.
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Shakey Jake
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Re: Xtraordinary X-Men [IC] <CLOSED>

Post by Shakey Jake » Thu Jan 31, 2019 1:02 am

[Sydney & Rayne]
"Why another mini?" Rayne couldn't understand why the only cars Sydney would even consider looking at were minis "Just ask SHIELD for a nice armoured jeep." The pair had headed out early this morning for some car shopping. The destruction of Sydney's car seemed unimportant to Rayne, considering the fact that Sydney flew everywhere. But Sydney was determined to replace it.

"No armoured jeep. I just want a normal little car. " Sydney knew she was being a bit of a dick, she didn't need a car. It added to pollution but there was something inside her that felt she had to have one, it was a nice normal thing, a little car. She found herself looking for nice and normal more and more these days.

It had been hours of Sydney half looking at cars, sighing and zoning out. Rayne knew Strode was leading up to something, Sydney moulded her thoughts and feelings, chewed over them, kept them bouncing around inside her for far too long.

"Did you notice?" Sydney had walked to the sidewalk and was watching people walk by. Rayne had been glancing at her phone when Sydney spoke, She was waiting for an update on the whereabouts of Maximus Shaw, The Moth had told Capillos that Shaw's power signature had faded and that he was likely struggling to operate at the level he had when he attacked Diamondwing, getting used to his new found power the creature had said "We've been here ages, out in the open. Hundreds of people have seen us...and not a single jeer...not a fact people have said 'good morning'..." Sydney turned around to look at Rayne "I'd say my work is done..."

Sliding her phone back into her pocket Rayne nodded "You did good. A lot of good." Often dense and unable to read signs Rayne didn't miss this one. She could feel it, it felt right. It was time for Sydney to move on "You take your girls, and Nick and you get yourself a little car. Leave the fight to someone else."

"Rayne, I'm gonna go for a walk, get some ice cream and maybe even a cigarette for old times sake. I'll see you..."

"See you..." Rayne smiled as Sydney disappeared into the crowd, a crowd who knew exactly who and what she was but didn't care.

Shouting, a policeman chasing a man across the street "Yes!" And off Rayne went, looking for her next fight.

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