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Daz's Lad's

This forum is for all characters within the Multiverse that aren't aware of the existence of The Collective.

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Daz's Lad's

Post by Dazargeros » Sat Dec 22, 2018 3:24 am

(Just a few characters I've made throughout the timespand I've spent and been on here. Including ChaosDreamers' character: Dakari)
Name: Jakren Blackwald
Age: 52
Race: Halfling
Gender: Male
Character Role (Noble, Merchant, Healer, Muscle, Leader, etc.): Noble
Personality description: Jakren is quick-witted and blatant in almost all circumstances, mostly displaying and speaking rashly unto his followers and friends of certain-inevitable doom betwixt a madmen's axe. Jakren is also a supreme Sociopath, craving the attention of always being correct, no matter the distress of a situation, if it proves his stand-point right, he'll endure and infatuate himself crazily into the endeavor relentlessly.
Appearance: Jakren hauls himself around sluggishly wearing a deviously honed, lavishly intricate array of apparels. Although, usually he tends to keep to the normalcy of his famous black attire, a blackened thick layered coat, a dire wolves' fur lining/brushing against the bottom of his jowls, and his coat concealing his many trinkets and cowling his unique armory, if thine were to remove the cloak, you'd find him to be quite admirable, even for a halfling, strapped and tightly stuck together by many leather strappings and laces over chainmail, he aswell, bearing an obsidian hauberk embroidered and fantastically/artistically displaying worship of the Fire god Embil. His leggings and greaves are woven together magnificently by the finest blacksmiths in the land, the materials used for the arduously crafted set? Obsidious Drake scales and the thick hide and feathers of Roc's. Jakren is also considered the halfling born of Goblin ilk, his skin hue resembling like that of a lime, he also has those long pointed Goblin ears, crimson-red eyes, a black mustache just below his broken curved nose, sharp fangs dwelling within his mouth and black scruff on his chin. Jakren's facial feature's are similar to Spanish genotype's, gaunt angular cheekbones, sunken eyes and thin, slanted cheeks.
Brief Biography: Not much is known of Jakren, after he cowered away from the legend he once was, he became a simple Nobleman within Gallia's kingdom, the prominent yet subtle figure kept to the shadows ever since his abandonment of his previous life, though he still kept the supposed blood money and apparel he'd procured from his past life, enabling him a chosen figure for thieves and Rogues, his valuables stolen practically everyday, though the one he cared for most was a medallion of a Golden Eagle, a gift his Wife had bestown him before her death. (Some believe this the reason as to why the Noble ventured off...)

Name and Age: Menalise Bladis, 23
Appearance: Menalise is strapped tightly by tan leather laces and belts all across her body, her stabatons and gauntlet’s outfitted with an array of small knives and potions tucked deeply into the thickets and bands, her tunic and the rest of her sturdy pelt armor is fairly simple, Ursian fur concealing her chest and stomach. The only notable traits of Menalise’s appearance being her hair and eyes, her hair being wavy and silver, a unique delicacy among Halflings, and her eyes being, grey and dull.
Race: Halfling
Personality: Menalise is very forthright and precise in her choice of words and language against her adversaries, using words more medieval esque: Thy, thou, doth, etc... whilst her disposition and persona when talking to "friends" is more blatant and colorless, she, being almost unfunny and the opposite of charismatic, of course, when not drunk. Menalise is also very submissive to taller races and anyone she deems and or recognizes to be more powerful than her, of course this trait is displaced whence she battles against heroes and petty nobles.
Strengths: Menalise is quick-thinking and witty in almost all situations, she, bearing a nearly inhuman persistency to achieve and succeed in saving her life and the lives of others she considers worthy. Menalise also uses the dire magicka’s of fire and dark, bending the will of minds of weaklings and peasants she bears spite against to approach her like mindless insects to then char them to ashes and bones.
Weaknesses: Menalise is (as already said) vulnerable to the tender welcoming arms of the bottle, it, cleaving her of any sense of discernment and intelligence she once bore, to then replace it with outgoingness and winsomeness, even around her own dimful peers, but also, a noteworthy tip is when the sorrowful halfing drinks, she becomes a very provocative and irritable girl, this, in the past sparking many tavern brawls, mostly ending in her defeat. This being said, any attacks physically against her are devastating, as it is with all Halflings, she is also easily abled to be tossed around by humans and other races alike. nonetheless, her mana-pool runs scarce after emptying only a handful of spells, forcing her to rely on using a winged spear she barely knows how to use and the throwing daggers scattered 'cross her body.
Notable History: Menalise’s entire family was almost completely slaughtered during the Dusk of Silence, a happening long ago within the Halfling keep of Ravenstorm, by the crestfallen Wolves of Greenwald, surnames: Leagan, the sole adversary/foe of Bladis, they, fulfilling finally their long since promise to indefinitely massacre them. Menalise, once the genocide subsided, was seized by the opposing blood, and taken in to be tortured and brutalized by the green-haired filth for months, ‘till a familiar-dreadful inspiring stampede of horses and men came to the gates of Greenwald late in the evening, the armies of Lord ???, skeletons, demons and men of murder and malevolence, lining each end of the borders of the keep, squeezing their tight grasp swiftly and demolishing the halfling fortress in the timespan of a single night, slaying every soul within. Once the keep was conquered, Lord ??? himself checked every cell of the stockade, freeing the men and women who’d gladly grab a sword in his name and killing those who refused to serve him, all until he came across the malnourished-beaten naked girl in the last cell, on the brink of death she laid, betwixt the devil and life in limbo, but the Lord, once he knelt next to the halfling girl, her lips and breath shaking, shook his head, refusing her desperate calls for help and muttering “...Shape up, shape up, I say…! ...or die, girl…!” those words scarred Menalise, even from the most depraved bastard in all of the land, came words so perseverance-inspiring, the darkened lich knelt everso closely to the girl, giving her several moments of respite, ‘till he sought not to offer the precious gift of time... he pulled a lavish hilted, razor edged dagger from the metal strap of his boot and began to press it against her chest slowly, but once the warm blood trickled down her stomach, she sparked, halting the sacrificial esque dagger with her hand, her grip like that of a titan against the Lich-like Lord, and began to pull it away, once the Lord recognized the heart she bore for life, he unchained her, and lifted her up, carrying her away all the ways to his own keep, he, fostering the young halfling as if she was his own daughter and teaching her the ways of the dark, aswell as pyromancy.

Name Dakari (Goes by nicknames: Dak, Kar, Ri, the latter being the most common)
Age: Unknown
Race: Werebeast- Hyena
Gender: Male
Occupation: (Rebellion Group Title) Mercenary for Hire
Personality description: Though calm and collected, despite his looks, and notably social, he enjoys creating intense or awkward situations among the less hardy. Which brings in his somewhat malicious personality, upon being glared at by those at a bar table, he would walk over and draw up a seat. All smiles and yellowing fangs as he greets each of them, asking about their game or drink, "ooo a good choice there, a fine ale~!" "I wouldn't recommend that move, he's got an ace~". His voice resting a bit higher than one would expected for a creature of his size and build, only a smooth rumble in his tone helping to quell the pitch.

Although he may be confrontatiouse, he won't actively start a fight, nor cause any harm to those around him. This trait mainly comes out during or after a fight, or simply to those that wiggle their way onto his bad side. Ri enjoys his work, the protecting part is nice if he likes what he's watching over, though more so on the killing part. Ri enjoys the suffering of others when he kills them, the kind that comes from a twisting blade or a breaking limb. He's no torturer, but he cannot hide the grin that crawl along his muzzle after watching someone scream as a mace snaps their arm.

On the other hand, he does have a soft place in his heart for the youthful and innocent. Praising children for their bravery for the few that approach him, but warning them of anyone else they meet that carry the same smell as he does. Few children realize that the coppery taste in the air is blood, but it's good to heed warnings given by strangers, no? As for others, he usually comes off as slightly rude but otherwise harmless, but from time to time he will meet someone that he truly enjoys the company of. In these rare cases, he may not go to hell and back with you, but he may carry you out of it with all due haste.

Lastly he rarely changes out of his monstrous form, enjoying the canine muzzle more than his actual face, so much so that he's managed to have someone cobble together armor to fit him. Though If the situation requires he can and will, take up his human form. donning the single set of human clothes that he carries with him. In which case you would see a somewhat ugly man of an athletic build and tan skin, his head shaven but for a single strip of unwashed, raven black, hair down the center.

At A Glance: Standing at roughly six and a half feet tall (can be changed if too big), he towers over most, though his shoulders aren't particularly broad compared to others of his kind. His body is more along the athletic side, but his armor seems to broaden his look, making him appear even bulkier than he is. His armor itself is made up of chunks of old and rusted iron, the rest being studded leather, old scars and tattered chunks clinging together with staples. Underneath he wears a a chain mail shirt, and lastly a helmet to encase his head. His weapons vary, though they tend to involve a single handed weapon and a shield, preferably a round one and a mace. ... -552678315
Your lad, one and only, abroad this endless journey.

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