[SS] God and Gabe Go to the Zoo

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[SS] God and Gabe Go to the Zoo

Post by Lumeus » Sat Aug 04, 2018 3:10 pm


Der Gramma
Today I went to the zoo with mom and sofi.
We saw the monkees and the lepars.
Sofi wontd to see the dolfens but they were asleep and mom sed we wued see them next time.
Then we had lunch and had hotdogs and dr peper.
I goed to go see the tigars agen and talkd to a old man. He is not as old as you.
I told him my favrit animal is the tigar and he sed tigars r his favrit to.


We talkd abowt tryseruhtops to and it was both r secund favrit animal.
We went and found Mom and Sofi and Mom was very sad and cryd alot.
I sed I was sory and we goed home.
I will see you at Crismas
Love Gabriel
PS I want a xbox one not soks
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Re: [SS] God and Gabe Go to the Zoo

Post by GamerScribe » Sat Aug 04, 2018 3:16 pm


August, 2018
Friday 3

Dear diary; today was a good day.

Not everywhere, not for everyone... but for enough, and for me personally.

I answered a lot of prayers today, and some people even thought to take a moment to thank me for it. Not that I need them to, but... it is nice to be appreciated, as opposed to resented, misinterpreted, or shunned.

You'd think, being made in my image, they would know how much that hurts...

But enough of my whining.

Today I met a young man named Gabriel.

A good name. It means 'God is my Strength'.

A venerable and meaningful name and in point of fact one which I myself bestowed upon one of the most faithful and devout of my host.

But as with all names, as with all things, there are exceptions to every rule. There are contradictions that make life exciting, challenging, and worthwhile.

Just for today, in my own thoughts at least, Gabriel means 'by me God is strengthened.' He and his mother remind me how much joy and love is in the world.

Gabriel was lost. As with most young and good-intentioned people he didn't know it. But his mother certainly did... She was scared, hurting. She asked me to help.

Usually I'd have sent someone...

But I knew that I was supposed to meet with Gabriel. I'd known since the beginning.

We spoke for a while.

He talked about the Tigers and told me they were his favorite animal... I couldn't help but agree. I think of all the big-cats that's the one I really did the best putting together. Just the right blend of ferocity and majesty. Just the right mix of grace and strength and intelligence...

Then we kept talking as I began to lead us about the park, steering us towards inevitable reunion with the boy's mother.

I brought up dinosaurs and Gabriel was a big fan of the Triceratops. I had to admit, after the tiger that's probably my favorite. A pity it's existence is so hotly debated, among both my followers and those who think I'm just make believe...

Long story shorter than it was, but not as short as I could or should have written it... Gabriel was reunited with his mother. Tonight in her prayers she'll thank me.

Years from now, when Gabriel has kids of his own and gets split up from them at the mall... when he seeks them out in desperation and calls to me for aid... I'll help them find their way to him as well. And he'll remember to thank me, too.

Then, just as with today, Gabriel will remind me that despite all the bickering and grandstanding and hate in the world...

Sometimes there are people, children and adults alike, who are content to just walk around and look at animals. Or spend time with their family. Or take a moment out of their day to thank the people that help them.

That despite the constant comments that if I do exist and did make the world then I messed it all up... Despite all that, I at least got a few things right.

The capacity for goodness, for graciousness, and for genuine delight in human beings.

It's little reminders like that that make the job worth doing.

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