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Sil, born of storms and forests

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Sil, born of storms and forests

Post by Silverstag » Fri Jul 06, 2018 1:30 am


Sil’s appearance is something of a canvas for the storms and the forest she grew up in. For the most part her pale skin is mottled with shadows that slowly move as if she was walking through the forest and light shone through the leaves.Sometimes that dissipates and with her emotions roll in the thunder and lightning that shine under her skin. Her skin will take a soft dark purple tinge and lighting can be seen flashing through her limbs when she is angry or excited. At will, she can take the camouflage of a tree’s bark across her skin, to blend into the forest. Her touch is usually cold as if you fell into a lake’s winter waters unexpectedly. Her sharp eyes are the color of damp moss, with some gold flecked across. Her brunette hair is intricately woven braids on the side of her head where the top and back are loose, creating a faux mohawk like look. Sometimes, Sil finds leaves and small twigs caught in her mane and will nonchalantly just leave them as she walks around. When Sil travels on the ground, she often recruits a oversized Stag as her mount, she often calls him by pressing a stag tattoo on her left forearm, that was placed on her by a druid she once knew, with two fingers.

Born out of a Gaia admiring a lightning and thunderstorm that rolled across a quiet lake in a expansive forest, she created one of the many who called her mother. Gaia incorporated everything she saw: the beauty of the lightning flashing through the clouds as it passed over the lake, the birds who sang their hearts out before and after the storm, the green leaves of the foliage of the trees that tried to reach the sky. The softness of the damp moss that grew between rocks on the forest floor. The moon which hid behind the clouds in quiet persistence. Once crafted, Gaia picked up a stone from the forest and infused the lighting inside, placing it into the creature she just fashioned, the creature drew it’s first breath. Laying the body on the lake shore, she left it there to meander through it’s forest and life. Gaia also left the elemental nymph with its name in it’s mind as it came to. The human like creature began to call itself Sil.

In the beginning Sil never strayed far from her birthplace. Running in the forest between the trees, quick as the wind that carried her. Then she would run and play in the lake, watching animals and silently following humans when they explored her waters. She tended to keep her distance until her curiosity of the world grew. She matured to adulthood at a rapid rate and soon grew more adventurous in exploration. On her first night where the moon hid itself from the earth, Sil realized that her body would go through transformation in time with the moon. At new moon, Sil’s body would slide from female to male. She would keep this form until the moon became full and then her body would mold into a female’s curves. Puzzled by this, Sil went to Gaia and inquired of the reason. Gaia smiled pleasantly, and explained her fascination of the moon. How that night it was full and bright the night she created Sil, but it still hid behind the clouds. Inspired, she gave Sil the gift of ability to slip between a male and female’s body like the moon phased into full and new.

As she grew older, Sil started to travel with the storms, exploring the world and visiting every lake she could.

Sil’s personality is a constant battle of of the natures that dwell inside of her. She is usually calm like morning lake, smooth and quiet. She often can makes little noise as she quickly moves about, and whispers when she speaks. Then as quick as lightning, her voice bellows and her movements becomes gradiouse like thunder. Sil tends bark louder than she bites. Though it is to be noted when she does strike, albeit not often, it tends to hurt.

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