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Omega L (Incomplete)

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Omega L (Incomplete)

Post by The_Legion_Ex » Thu Jun 28, 2018 11:19 pm

Name: Omega L

Race: ???

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

"Want it? Get it. Just think smart or you will never touch a single particle of it."

Personality: He is usually calm and casual, but when not in a nice mood, he goes pseudo-casual to appear calm before snapping off. He is a good comrade to those who ally with him willingly. He rarely gets intimidated due to the extreme circumstances that he has experienced.

Physical Description:
-Skin Color: Fair, human-like skin.
-Hair Color: Orange
-Head Wear: His signature mask.
-Top attire: Red business suit with green necktie. The collar and the folded portion of his sleeves are black. He also wears shoulder guards designed to cut be capable of being wielded as weapons.
-Leg Attire: Purple business slacks
-Foot Attire: Green shoes

Brief History: TBA

Skills: TBA

Powers: TBA


Fight Style: He never has any specific fighting style. His only recognizable trait in combat is trying to be as unfair as possible to his opponents, using the Combat Data of his underlings to further cause pressure. Due to this, he is a highly-respected person in his originating planet.

Flaws: TBA

Preferred World: World of Balance
The Ex Legion: A squad of underlings under one mind.

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