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Post by Ruler_of_Wolves » Thu Jun 28, 2018 6:37 am

Name: Val

Age: 116

Age appearance: around 15

Race: Originally human, now has more alien DNA.

Height: 5’3

Gender: female

Appearance: She has dark blonde hair that gives off a golden shine in sunlight. It’s shoulder length and wavy in a wild sort of way. Her face is round with slightly prominent, adolescent like cheeks. She has soft angled eyebrows, and almond shaped gray/blue eyes. Her nose is medium in shape and round. She has an easy smile and a single dimple. Val has a small but muscular body. She has a curvy, big boned structure to accompany her defined muscles. Her complexion is fair, and tanning is difficult.

Abilities: Val has the power to shape shift into anything living creature, from a rabbit to a dragon. The power is more physical then magic, she physically grows into the creatures at an accelerated rate. It’s is an excruciating process, and when she reverts back to human form she is emotionally and physically drained. She is proficient (nowhere near master) at hand to hand combat, and melee weapons.

Background: Val grew up on planet it earth, in a poor neighborhood. Her family was averagely poor and her life was simple. Nothing out of the ordinary ever happened to her...until she graduated from high school.

The heat was inescapable, even here under the shade of splendidly tall and leafy trees. Val could feel her shirt dampening with sweat, and resist the urge to strip. You never know who lurks in the woods of campgrounds. She sighed with utter boredom, as she sat gingerly in a lawn chair. She was alone with the empty fire pit and a single tent. Her family had left to get some koolaid, leaving her alone to watch their stuff. Camping was not how she imagined she’d spend her last summer before college, but her parents had insisted. “One small camping trip, you’ll love it,” they said, “Away from the city and all its problems.” All this time to think, only made her worry about her problems. So, she sat contemplating her flawed existence and was bored out of her mind, until she heard a rustling coming from the woods. She jumped out of her chair and grabbed the fire poker defensively. The metal fire poker was hotter than she anticipated and she dropped it with a yelp. The rustling grew louder, and Val’s back became ever more damp with sweat. Then out of the woods a black cat slinked. Something seemed odd about it’s behavior, it moved slow, like it was unsure how to walk. It took a few steps toward her, studying her, then it its body began to shift. With a series of sickening cracks the cat shifted into a large snake before her eyes. Val shook her head, what did she just see? The snake slithered towards in a calculating motion. She reacted instinctively grabbing her lawn and swing at the snake. She hit its head, then again, over and over, until it was unrecognizable and a thick blue liquid covered the ground and her chair. The next thing Val decided to do was less then ideal. She recalled on Naked an Afraid a couple had cooked and eaten a snake, and said it was delicious. So against her better judgment she did just that...It didn’t taste like how she imagined it, it was slimy and tasted like lavender smells. And before she knew it she had eaten it all. Suddenly she felt a strange sensation in her body, like a painful tingling that started in her stomach then spread. Then just like that it was gone, and she thought nothing of it. It was unknown to her in that moment, but her life had just taken a strange turn.

Personality: She is by no means emotionally stable, and frequently fluctuations in mood and behavior occur. Generally she is impulsive and relies on her instinct to get her through the day. She prefers honest, and can learn towards blunt. She is a social creature and prefers the company of others, rather than solitude. Isn’t great at staying organized, and planning ahead. She just follows the flow and does what seems entertaining. She is not and uptight serious person.
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