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Ember Idris

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Ember Idris

Post by BrookeDi » Thu Jun 28, 2018 1:44 am

Ember Idris

History and information: Ember is an empath and inter-universe lawyer; she goes where she is most needed, aiming to ensure that people get actual justice, rather than whatever application of law happens to be getting enforced in that particular place.
Credit to Forge for help with the succinct summary of what she does.
Her ultimate goal is attempting to apply universal laws of justice.

She's not new to the ark, but she hasn't really been around lately, and when she is, it hasn't been very long. She's been away for a few years now (with one brief visit ~six or eight months ago) in Boston, Ma in a much like the one she came from except for the existence of elves, dwarves, and other fantasy-esque folks. These magic types have been oppressed and classified by the government as second-class citizens, with a new bill proposing to force them to live in slum-like communities. Ember has been working to achieve rights for these people. As it stands now, she was able to get an injunction stopping the forced move while they await a verdict from the Supreme Court on the constitutionality of the matter.

Appearance: Ember stands at an unimposing 5'2''. Her dark hair is cut in a jagged inverted bob, and flecked with shiny gold. Blue eyes sit atop a set of round cheeks. The empath is typically dressed for court in knee-length dresses, pencil skirts, or skirt/pantsuits when dressing for work; otherwise, she'll be found wearing pajamas or sweats. She almost always is wearing a suit jacket, or has one draped over her arm (can't go to court without one). Makeup is usually minimal if worn at all, and most often focused on the eyes.

Other Information: Because of the nature of her work, she often has a Go Bag ready to leave at a moment's notice.

Discovering the Multi-verse: Ember was in the process of making a name for herself in her reality when she was kidnapped her presence was requested to resolve a dispute in another universe. A combination of her legal skill coupled with her ability to invoke calm in others, she was a desirable candidate for the job. Rather than attempting to return to her world, she saw an opportunity to do good beyond the scope of one place and has since been traveling the multi-verse.

Empathic Abilities: Her ability is relatively simple, and based on touch and proximity; when she is near people, she can feel their every emotion, often the underlying feelings. The better she knows a person, the more time she spends with them, the more attuned to their emotional aura Ember is, and the more intensely she feels those emotions. Touching a person can overpower the feelings of those near her, if they are strong enough, and will allow her to feel that person's emotions with higher intensity. As such, she does try to avoid contact as much as possible. The flip side to her gift is the ability to influence the emotions of those around her; as before, it is stronger through touch and for those that she's close to. Ember strives to show the integrity of her work as she's had to face some people who argue that she's only good at her job for her ability to manipulate and feel emotions.

Legal Abilities: Ember graduated from a law school in a regular mundane earth reality at 23. She didn't graduate with honors, but she did well enough to pass and to get through the bar exam. Two years into her career as a lawyer, working for a small firm that dealt with a variety of case types, she disappeared into another reality. Ember now has five years under her belt of working on a variety of cases in a multitude of realms. Experience, a keen mind, a desire to prove herself, a firm Life Purpose, a mostly decent heart, and a dedication to her career drives her ability.
"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you."
- Maya Angelou


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