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Magnan the Eternal Guardian

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Magnan the Eternal Guardian

Post by TheGreenerGrey » Tue Jun 26, 2018 10:13 pm

Within the deepest depths of the world, past uncountable trials, an archaeologist stumbles his way forward, coughing and spluttering as dust that had experienced millennia of rest was disturbed by his passing. Despite the cool of the shadowed tunnel, disturbed only by the flickering of his inexplicably failing torch, he felt himself shuddering and sweating with exertion. Each step grew heavier and heavier as he approached his goal.

He stumbles, the torch leaving his hand and disappearing into the darkness, it’s light disappearing. He was alone in the darkness. In the darkness of the tomb. He searches frantically, hands coasting across the dirt covering the stone floor in a futile attempt to find the torch, panic evident in his breathing.

An ethereal wind howled through the tomb’s tunnel and he flinched. Sitting up, he looked towards his hands. Dirty, and torn from where he had fallen. They represented the entire accursed journey to... to... why could he see them? He looks upwards, and above him floated an ethereal cloud of blue light.

It twisted, arced revolves into itself in ways he couldn’t comprehend, yet only moved as he reached towards it. Staying permanently out of reach, but within view, the cloud guided him through the tomb of the ancient being. Eventually, it led him to a large, iron door and disappeared through, leaving him once again in pitch darkness.

Pressing his hand against the door, the archaeologist stumbles back as streaks of that same blue light burst across the iron. A pattern... no... an image formed across it. Of a shield, plain in its design, holding aloft what he recognised to be their world. The door ground open, and with a gulp, he entered.

The room was simple and illuminated by more of that ethereal blue light. It was square. Perfectly even, in fact. And dominated by a simple, grey stone casket almost twice the size of him. Inching forward he notices a small sheet of parchment pinned to the front. Hurriedly putting on gloves, he tentatively picks it up.

Magnan the Eternal Guardian

Name(s): Magnan, The Everliving, The Eternal, The Watcher, The Defender, The Skeleton Knight, Bulwark of the mult- [the rest of the extensive list is beyond readable]

Species: Skeletal Lich.

Appearance: An imposing figure clad from head to toe in heavy plate, it is said that he stood taller than all others upon the battlefield at the height of 8’. A tower shield of magically reinforced iron stands to his side, larger than him and almost half as thick, arcane runes running along its side and flashing with an ethereal blue light.

Beneath the mountain of steel and guise of a shield knight, the Guardian’s true form lies. A skeleton of dark bone and covered in that same ghostly light, the only remnants of his once living self. His eyes are the only window to his true form, points of blue light visible through his visor.

Behaviour: Magnan is as stoic in death as he was in life. While intelligent, he speaks plainly and without any sort of flowery details, saying only what he believes needs to be said. He is a friendly person, always willing to lend a hand or to meet new people. He is, however, a little gullible and almost incapable of lying. He trusts far too easily for someone that has experienced what he has.

Shieldwielding: Magnan has devoted the entirety of his existence around his shield. It is his most iconic feature, and thus the tool he is most skilled at. He is capable of wielding the titanic shield as if it were as light as a feather, and hitting with the force of a freight train.

Phylactery Magic: While Magnan himself is unable to cast magic, due to the nature of his shield he is capable of activating certain spells linked to his state as undead. These are: Energy Absorption and Energy Reflection. These allow him to absorb the power of blows landing in his shield, and to either empower himself or throw it back at enemies.

Undead State: While not strictly an ability, Magnan’s state as a skeleton allow for some unique advantages with his body. It is not bound by mortal constraints, and is capable of piecing itself back together should he be maimed. A blow that would instantly kill a mortal is a mere annoyance to him. He does not feel pain, cannot be affected by disease, and does not need to eat or sleep. However, this comes with the typical disadvantages of being undead, such as an inability to stomach fire and being heavily hurt by ‘holy’ magics.

Half-State: ‘I see dead people’. No, literally. Due to his state of existing between the realms of the living and dead at all times, Magnan is capable of seeing and communing with the spirits dead, as well as interacting with and even entering parallel dimensions (provided he knows that they exist).

Lich: While not a typical lich, as he was never able to cast magic, Magnan still maintains some of the typical benefits of his kind. With his shield acting as a phylactery, he is capable of eventually regenerating from all damage as long as it survives.

[The part below is scribbled in by a seemingly juvenile hand]
He iS aLSo a GrEAt JENgA PLayR

History: Much of Magnan’s past is unknown. An enigma in life, he first appeared as little more than a rumour. A ghost story, meant to scare bandits and warmongers. They told of a man, armed with nothing but a shield, crushing entire contingents of men beneath his heel in the name of towns so small theyhardlt appeared on a map. The stories were so outrageous, so fantastical, that they had to be that. Just stories.

Until his presence was declared to the world.

A scourge came from the north, burning its way down their homeland. None could stop it, and the United forces of the rest of the world were crushed with ease by the horde of darkness. The world quaked in fear as they slowly ran out of room to run. Eventually, the horde reached the doorstep of the last remnants of the innocent and... disappeared.

Days later the first scouts were sent out, and those that returned almost weren’t believed. The tides of darkness that had almost burnt the world away lay dead amongst a twisted and warped landscape, shattered by the sheer amount of focused magic that had been cast. Bodies of the infernal creatures lay crushed and broken for miles around, and in the centre, surrounded by the bodies of the darkness’ leaders... He stood.

Long since dead, the body of the Defender stood facing north with sightless eyes. For three days he was left there, until a brave soul came forward to relieve the Eternal Guardian of his watch. He was entombed with his shield, and dubbed the guardian of their people. Of all people.However, his story wasn’t over yet.

Due to the magics of the battle, his soul found itself bound to his shield as an impromptu phylactery, and decades later he was torn from the realm of the dead and back into his long since totted away body. Skeletal hands moved to upend the lid of his coffin, and he rose back into the world of the living. Magnan wasn’t done yet.

He would go on for the next years to encounter fantastical allies and defeat terrifying enemies in the name of the people. Gods and demons alike fell before his shield, and together with his party they stood firm against a threat that threatened all universes. Magnan was last seen combatting the darkness even as it swallowed him whole, having dedicated even his unlife to the very end.

This tomb commemorates his achievements and remembers his sacrifice for us, housing the last part of him we have: His shield.

The archaeologist frowns and places the parchment down upon the earth gently. Turning towards the coffin, the blue light intensifies as he places his hands upon the lid and heaves. With the grinding of stone, and the increasing whine of the light, he opens a tomb that had laid undisturbed for millennia. Only to find nothing there but the last remnants of a disappearing shield.
Meanwhile, Magnan found himself intensely confused as he appeared in the middle of what looked like an underground waterfall cave.

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