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Darius Cranger, the Dark Ranger

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Darius Cranger, the Dark Ranger

Post by Ninmast » Fri Jun 22, 2018 1:03 pm

Legal Name: Darius Cranger

Alias: Dark Ranger

Age: Looks to be in his mid twenties

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Appearance: Darius is an exceedingly well-dressed man, looking out of place on any field of battle, or, indeed, anywhere but a formal ballroom hosting nobility. Many would criticize the sense in wearing his mother-of-pearl suit, white silk buttoned shirt, suede black shoes, and absolutely his white formal gloves. How could anyone dress like that when it would so easily get ruined? Quite simply, one merely must intend to never be touched. And indeed, he carries himself with an air of untouchability, with his arrogant blue eyes underneath toussled dirty blonde hair, and though he doesn't always wear his pince-niez glasses (the only time for certain is when he has something he needs to read), the motion to push them up the bridge of his nose is almost as much an idle tick as pulling his gloves taut. And he can seem incredibly unarmed, given the fact that most of his gear is either hidden or summoned.

When morphed, he wears a suit that, while resembling reinforced spandex, still mimics formal wear, except in a deep crimson with black highlights and trim. He will still adjust his gloves at times in this form, but instead of pushing up on his helmeted face, he takes to toying with the impression of a tie given by the design of the suit as his alternate tick.

Personality: Darius is a violent sociopath, there's no real other way to say it. He is incapable of forming emotional bonds with others and delights in their suffering like a child plucking apart insects. He conquers and oppresses not to expand territory or amass power, wealth or legacy, but simply because destroying others elates him with his own superiority. His ability to travel the multiverse means that he can appear nearly ageless, and knows of virtually any individual he might encounter even if from their perspective the two are crossing paths for the first time. He does not believe his ultimate defeat is even possible, and any individual battle lost only means that he has more information for the next encounter.

History: The origins of Darius Cranger are virtually impossible to nail down, but no matter where he appears, there is never an official record. He is effectively a non-person. Some think he never really existed as people exist, and arose as a dream that gained sentience. Others claim that, given his ability to traverse realities, he is simply a being from another existence. Still others point that these are not mutually exclusive origins. Whatever the truth of the matter, he relishes in his own myth and mystique and only gives cryptic answers of his own, if he gives any at all.

All that is really known is that the Dark Ranger brings havoc, terror and ruin wherever he walks, and his steps span collective worlds.

Powers: The Dark Ranger seems to have no combat powers of his own, but that doesn't mean he's normal.

World Walking - The ability to travel between worlds and realities is not a new concept, mythologically speaking. And even as an ability, it is surprisingly common. But not as a natural ability. Most who would be called by the uninformed as World Walkers developed a means to do so, usually through science, arcana, exploitation of spacial phenomena, or through special manipulation of existing powers. But these people know that theirs is merely a pale imitation of the true ability to Walk, and those that possess it are exceedingly rare.

Darius Cranger can step between worlds as easy as breathing, and more or less at will. Arriving at an exact point, however, is nearly impossible, and even with a well-known destination, he can't do better than a mile radius. He will usually teleport the rest of the way from his point of arrival.

Combat Ability - Due to his ability to visit any reality and his long history of travel and combat, the Dark Ranger is an exceedingly dangerous adversary. He usually has extensive knowledge from previous engagements in other realities with anyone he challenges for the first time, developing and honing strategies to deal with them individually. He's particularly fond of memorizing their most favored opening attacks to set them up for an instant killshot. Even outside of this, his countless time in combat has honed his reactions and combat instincts to the height of human potential, or very near to it, though he's usually too lazy and full of himself to make full use of it in a direct fight, and dislikes a prolonged battle.

Equipment: The true bulk of the Dark Ranger's abilities come from his gear.

Dark Morpher - Though it superficially resembles the Red Fire Dragon Morpher, there is no indication that it in any way connects to the same power source - that is, the Red Fire Dragon Phlogiston - and its similarity seems to be mocking mimicry only. Where he acquired it and how it functions is a mystery. When used, Darius morphs into the Dark Ranger, gaining significantly increased physical abilities and elevating his threat level immensely. One would advise an adversary to prevent him from morphing, but if that is possible, it is unclear how, as the morphing process itself produces a repelling field that prevents approach or assault.

Temporal Dilation Field Projector - In simple terms, this device, which he prefers over any sort of shield generator, causes any incoming object to move slower through time the closer it gets to him. This gives the illusion to those charging at him that he, himself, is moving faster, rather than feeling like they are slowing down. Because they aren't. Slowing down, that is. Their abilities are technically completely unimpeded. The faster an incoming object or person, the greater the dilation.

Furthermore, by overloading the projector, which he can do on as little as a reaction, he can rob incoming objects or persons of as much as an excess of 99% of their relative momentum for ten seconds, rendering even the fastest adversaries to a near stop and commonly allowing him to calmly execute them, usually with his firearm. Once overloaded, the field is unoperational for fifty seconds, at which point it automatically resumes normal operation.

Firearm - This is the only weapon that changes when he is morphed. Normally a long-barrel six-round revolver with silver and white gold etching and a pearl handle. When morphed, a wickedly-flared blaster in his morphed color scheme. Either way, he draws it with the same motion, except it's holstered under his jacket while unmorphed, and appears in and disappears from his hand while morphed. The behavior of the latter firearm indicates he wouldn't actually need to "draw" it in this manner and could simply will it to his hand as needed, and this would be true, but Darius is nothing if not a creature of habit. Either way, however, the weapon is not to be underestimated. Even the unmorphed one is not mundane, but the .44 Magnum hand cannon is a powerhouse that could blow a man's limb off even before receiving enchantments that make it more accurate and powerful. His blaster is similarly much more powerful per shot than the average Ranger Blaster, but is also a revolver style that must eject and reload cartridges after six shots. As a ranger weapon, however, this places its per shot power much closer to, say, anti-armor weapons.

Nightmare Arms - After the Dark Morpher, these sister arms to the Dream Arms are probably the most definitive weapons in the Dark Ranger's arsenal. Like him, they seem to be quasi-real, only partly in this plane of existence. The Nightmare Saber is a horribly ornate, slightly curved longsword with a two and a half foot blade, and unlike its sibling the Dream Sword, has mass on this plane. This means it has weight behind its attacks, something the Dream Sword lacks, but also doesn't penetrate through anything like the Dream Sword does. While it is certainly a vorpal weapon, it instead serves its most devastating as a weapon of psychic assault. While one struck with it will certainly have physical wounds, the mental damage is worse, each strike ripping the mind like the talons of a psychic reaver. By the time an opponent is dead, it is as much because their mind is too in tatters to support life as it is physical injuries. Most average minds cannot endure even a single strike from this terrible weapon. It is paired with the Nightmare Mantle. Though parallel to the Dream Armor and with many of its properties, the Mantle is much smaller, taking the form of only an armored gauntlet and teardrop targe, ornate in a manner similar to the Saber. Anything striking the Mantle at any point has all of its force instantly negated. There is no upper limit on how much force it can negate. But unlike the Dream Armor, which protects its bearer from all harm and from all sides, the Mantle only stops all force. Any weapon or attack that does not utilize force to function, or multi-directional attacks that can overcome the small zone of protection, can overcome or ignore this defense. While this means that Superman could not punch through it, it also means it would do nothing to stop his heat vision, which would also ignore his temporal dilation. Which is why Darius has carefully avoided ever picking a fight in Metropolis.

Weakness: The Dark Ranger's greatest weakness of all is his overwhelming arrogance. His belief that he is undefeatable and has accounted for every possibility often leaves him to fall completely unprepared for unusually outside the box thinking, and can even lead to him just straight up overlooking some obvious solution. He also is overly fond of grand shows of superiority, and will delay a quick victory to unnecessary lengths for maximum self-glorification.

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