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Dravon Jameson

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Dravon Jameson

Post by Dravon » Tue Jun 19, 2018 5:11 am

Dravon Jameson


Dravon has black hair. Different eyes - silver and bronze colour. He has got scars all over his face and his body (but they are covered by his clothes.) He is tall. His body is muskular and strong (and it's perfect).

Dravon is not the good guy. But he is not bad at all. He is just careless and he actually don't care about anything or anyone (except of his ship and his wealth). He really likes to make jokes of the people and he usually smiles like an idiot but he looks sweet. He is selfish and sometimes can be really rude. Especially when he is in a bad mood. He can be nice but he doesn't like this part of himself, so he's mostly not-the-good-man or the-man-of-the-life. But he doesn't have a problem with this. He knows that he is meant to be alone.

Dravon does not remember his family because he was very young, when he lost them all. It's said that his mother died, when she give birth to Dravon's little sister, his father was killed by an unknown thief, who stole a big part of his family wealth, his younger sister died because there was no one to take care of her and Davon. He survived all the poverty and the bad feeings inside his heart, when no one else did. It was a miracle that he survived all this. He wasn't powerful, he was just lucky to be alive. He was only seven years old and he was saved by a good lady who was as unhappy as he was. Her name was Angelina and she was really nice to take care of Dravon, when he wasn't old enough to take care of himself. She was his savior, when he was alone.
When Dravon was 18, he betrayed Angelina and left her all alone. Dravon was inspired by pirates and wanted to be one of them. So he joined the ship of Captain Shawn Swan and started a new adventure with his new friends or not ...
This adventure wasn't what he thought. It was like a nightmare. He was treated as a slave and Dravon was furious (of course), but it wasn't his ship, he wasn't the boss here, so he waited to stop somewhere and to have the chance to escape from this place, where Dravon was just a servant and nothing more. And he hasn't liked it.
He tried to escape. And he succeeded but he was unhappy, he was poor and alone. But everything changed, when he got to know another pirate and joined his ship. And Dravon became his favorite man on the ship. The old pirate died and bequeathed all his fortune to Dravon, who became the new captain. This man was just a lucky man. Nothing more (but Dravon thinks that he is a god. do not pay attention to him, he is an idiot and will always be one).

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