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Tora Lycon

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Tora Lycon

Post by Paradox » Thu Jun 14, 2018 12:05 pm

-Name: Tora Lycon
-Gender: F
-Age: 19
-Appearance: She has light blue hair held in a braid. (Her hair covers her left eye) She has emerald green eyes and stands at 5'9 with a weight of 147lbs. she is muscular and big boned.
Personality: She's very cold and stoic; doesn't smile much and always makes blunt, sometimes funny comments. Tora is extremely loyal and caring, even if she doesn't show it. She is very resourceful and is intelligent, even through she makes silly mistakes at times.
***Side Note***
--keep in mind Tora Lycon lives in a world where a group called The Dominance overthrows the government, and tries to destroy and misbalance the country economically, physically and financially. Everything was blown to pieces by this powerful group; an now everyone is at their own fate.--
-History(its long): Since she was born, Tora Lycon was always a hot headed, strong willed and hardworking. She practiced Tae Kwon Do throughout her life, becoming a 3rd degree black belt at the age of 12, and being an active player in Competitive Sparring. Her father, Ryan Lycon, always wanted to teach her daughter how to defend herself, and be different from other girls, by teaching her how to shoot, repair a car and ever ride motorcycles. In the other end, her mother, Claudia Lycon, wanted her to be a perfect girl, with ribbons and dresses, pink things and laces, which the free spirited, young Tora detested. When she was in high school, Tora was a part of the 'athletes' and the popular group, which she didn't dislike...or exactly liked. She was known for her powerful spikes in the volleyball team around the school. She met a girl an year under called Lily Chromium, which was part of the rich side of the city. Tora met her when she was to put a halter on a horse for the Biology Club, lead by Lily herself. When her school was bombed, Tora as well as Lily Ran away, dragging a few other people that would later form a group. A rebellion against The Dominance.
------woah that was a lot---------

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