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The trials of a kitsune and her adentures in the human world

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The trials of a kitsune and her adentures in the human world

Post by Rinchan314 » Tue Jun 12, 2018 2:23 am

Welcome and thank you for visiting! Here you can help develop my oc and help her along her journey in the human world.

Kaitlyn Kanabe was born to a kitsune and a demon but she wasnt the only one born to her parents that day. Kaitlyn is one of three children born that day. Kaitlyn is a triplet her older sister is lydia who is a mother figure to her two younger siblings and only got the kitsune genes from thier mother.
Kaitlyn is the middle triplet with both sets of genes from her mother and her father being a kitsune/demon hybrid. rin is the youngest triplet and inheretied her fathers genes.

Kaitlyn always finds hersef getting in trouble when ever shes alone. she has always been bullied for having horns and kitsune ears unlike her siblings and the other kids she came to know growing up. one day a group of men kidnap kaitlyn and bring her to the human world unlike the yokai world she grew up in. kaitlyn later escapes and finds herself last in a forest. who will she meet after this unfortunate event?

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