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Department of Supernatural Crime (OOC)

Where all OOC threads for RPs that will take place within the Worlds of Balance will go.

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Re: Department of Supernatural Crime (OOC)

Post by Raptorman » Tue Jul 30, 2019 7:45 am

Name: Kimiko Amagi

Race: Futakuchi Onna

Gender: Female

Age: 28

Appearance: Kimiko is a very petite and delicate looking woman. She looks as if she is quite breakable. She stands in at only slightly over 5 feet in height. Her skin is quite pale, her eyes are a pale brown, and her hair is a lustrous black that almost gleams. Her hair is worn extremely long, those unfamiliar with her could very well wonder how it is that she avoids having it get in the way all the time. The long tresses are largely left free to hang down past her waist though there are two long braids on either side of her face that are bound up. Being a Futakuchi Onna she has a second, larger mouth hidden beneath her voluminous hair to the rear of her head. Her second mouth is something she keeps hidden if at all possible for several reasons, its unsightly appearance, personal beliefs regarding rudeness, and having lived the first 18 years of her life prior to the fall of the masquerade.

Service Weapon: Glock 19m

Personality: Kimiko is not a loud or outgoing person. She mostly prefers to keep to herself, particularly with those she does not know very well. She will be extremely polite and proper in her interactions, and generally tries to avoid ending up in situations where she would be forced to engage in too much in the way of chit chat and the like. It is not due to a dislike of interaction so much as old ingrained habits to minimize the risks of exposure. Simple questions like those asking for feedback on attire or if a haircut looks good have particular expected responses. She can't give the formulaic responses unless she actually thinks that it looks good, lest her second mouth speak up and loudly make public the thoughts she would rather keep within her head. This leaves her in the awkward position of either having to say nothing and thus be branded as rude, to have her actual thoughts broadcast loudly for all to hear, or to say things that many people would take poorly. On the positive side, it does mean that those who do know her well, know that when she says things she actually means them.

Background: As a child she was by necessity somewhat withdrawn and had few friendships. It was better to be what she was though, than a number of other supernatural beings, at least she could properly blend in if she was careful. She was always something of a loner type there, and tended to find solace in books, games, and puzzles, the sorts of activities that she could participate in alone or that had a medium separating her from the people in question. An extra mouth that yells out when you speak falsehoods is less of an impediment when communicating via typing. It was not to say she had no friends, but they were few and carefully chosen, and even with them she had to be rather careful exactly how she acted and what she said.

She always enjoyed mysteries and detective stories, finding Sherlock Holmes and his ilk to be fascinating. It wasn't the sort of thing she expected to be able to pursue herself, but a job where she got to solve the puzzles, to track down the bad people and make sure they couldn't hurt anyone anymore was something she wanted to have. Ultimately the masquerade fell when she was in her final year of high school, which led to her realization that in this new world while her nature might still make certain tasks difficult, it could now be explained and catered to and no longer would make her unable to pursue her preferred career path.

Her parents were not thrilled with her chosen path, thinking it wasn't the right fit for her, but ultimately after debate and discussion they came around. Initially Kimiko was hired as an analyst rather than an agent for the FBI, and she did enjoy the work. She was faced with lots of puzzles and challenges to work on, her inability to lie almost never came up, and she was able to reassure her parents by pointing out that her specific job was not actually dangerous. However, it was not what she wanted, or at least not all of what she wanted.

She worked to switch, qualifying herself for an agent roll and was successful and placed with the Supernatural Crimes division. She is filled with anticipation and very much looking forward to this new opportunity.

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Re: Department of Supernatural Crime (OOC)

Post by BrookeDi » Wed Aug 14, 2019 4:10 am

Name: Anita Poole

Race: Human (Empath)

Gender: Female

Age: 28

Appearance: Anita is athletically built, stands at about 5'8. She wears her curly, dark brown hair up in a loose bun or ponytail most days, and tends to wear muted colors on and off the job. She has no tattoos or distinguishing marks on her features. Her hair is on the frizzy side, her nose is slightly upturned, and green, almond-shaped eyes.

Service Weapon: 9mm

Personality: Anita is level-headed. She tends to think before she speaks, and reserve sharing her opinion until she's had all the facts possible. Both physically and emotionally she tries to keep her distance from others. If she's standing in a room chatting with a small group, she'll likely be on the outside of the group rather than in the thick of it to avoid being overwhelmed. She's typically realistic, leaning more toward the side of positivity. When it comes to personal questions, she's usually quick to deflect or change the subject. She tries to keep her personal life and work life separate, remaining fairly reserved about her personal life.

Background: Anita started work in the police academy, but quickly realized that she wanted to do more than hand out parking tickets. She stayed working as an officer as she worked on gaining the necessary training and experience to join the FBI, putting her application in the minute she was able.

Since she's joined the bureau, Anita has worked in a few different departments, most recently gaining experience with the BAU. Rumors began circulating about a new department. When she heard what it was, Anita knew that it was what she had been working toward. She finally figured out what her calling was. Now, she's finally received her transfer for the department she most wants to be a part of, the Department of Supernatural Crime.
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