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Lasers and Feelings [IC]

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Re: Lasers and Feelings [IC]

Post by Forge » Mon Sep 24, 2018 7:54 am

Scroll of Summoning;
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Those of you who've chosen to board the enemy craft find yourself in a small pod bay, conveniently suited to the small craft that you've ventured over on. Those brave enough to poke their heads out of the pods will notice that the ship's boarding prevention protocols are.. well, absent, along with any sort of alarm or defensive party. In fact, the ship seems fairly quiet, considering. It's highly likely that they don't actually know you're there, or at worst, that they don't have a system in place for the bridge crew to communicate with the rest of the ship. It's sloppy, but they're pirates, so what do you expect?

Below you'll find the map for this deck of the ship. "AL" stands for airlock, and "E" is elevator. I'll put this in the Discord as well, and mark the rooms if/when you discover their uses. In terms of movement, I'm not going to put any hard and fast rules into place, but I'll let you know if you're being unreasonable with your distance or whatever.

Deck plan;
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Re: Lasers and Feelings [IC]

Post by BrookeDi » Thu Sep 27, 2018 4:06 am

Sparky was busy cutting through the bulkhead to get them inside when Wu pulled in beside her pod. She glanced over at the other pod in surprise when she spotted Wu steering. "Huh, didn't know Wu was a pilot," she mused as she worked on cutting through the wires. She was in and cautiously peeking her head inside. There were no alarms, nothing to indicate that the ship's owners knew there were intruders. Shrugging, Sparky stepped inside, suddenly realizing she hadn't bought any weapons with her. Oops.

She waited for Wu and the metal man to join her before she wandered further into the room, looking for anything she could pick up as a weapon. There didn't appear to be anything; however, she spotted a sonic fire suppression unit hanging on the wall in easy reach in case of an emergency. "This feels like an emergency," she said to no one in particular as she plucked the make-shift weapon off the wall and into her hand. It wouldn't kill anyone, but it would do for self-defense. Tiptoeing, because the fact that no one had bothered to stop them was unsettling, Sparky peered around the corner. To the right, just past the T-junction where the airlocks are, there's a closed bulkhead door. To the left, a corridor that stretches all the way to the back of the ship, which is currently unoccupied. "Left?" she suggests to her companions. Go to the back of the ship and work their way forward, hopefully preventing anyone from sneaking up behind them.
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