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Sea Lion224
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Post by Sea Lion224 » Wed May 09, 2018 3:56 pm

Standing at six and a half feet in height, Alexander has the head and legs of a bird and the body of a man, with humanoid arms and hands instead of wings. He has a tall, rangy build. His whole body is covered in a thick layer of soft, white feathers, except his legs, which have yellow, scaly skin, and the three toes on his feet are armed with razor-sharp talons. His conical beak is yellow as well, and large, bright, expressive blue eyes are set upon his face.
Alexander is scatterbrained and ditsy. Despite this, he is quite intelligent. Upbeat and cheerful, he enjoys making friends and helping those in need, whether by talking or giving him/her a shoulder to cry on. It takes a village to anger him, but it doesn't take much to spook or upset him.
Like all avian creatures, Alexander is capable of flight, pecking, grabbing with his feet, and making several vocal sounds, such as cooing, chirping, squawking, etc. Alexander is also capable of communicating with other avians. He can read and speak fluently.
Alexander can be harmed via any magical, elemental, supernatural, or general means. His flight is klutzy, and he is inept at defending himself. He tends to misinterpret what avian creatures are saying.
Alexander grew up on Avanax 200, a futuristic earth where several kinds of species coexisted peacefully. He was the only son of Elane and Ferlon.

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