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The Blue Moon Saloon (IC, OPEN)

The realms with a strong focus on technology. These are the realms of Science Fiction/Fantasy, Cyberpunk, Steampunk, and their ilk. Examples: Star Trek, Borderlands, Neuromancer.

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Re: The Blue Moon Saloon (IC, OPEN)

Post by Ghostwriter » Sat Apr 07, 2018 8:00 am

“I think we’re ready Baryl.” Thea announced while coming back with the small group, all of which Beryl nods to.

"Have somewhere I can stow this?" The soldier lady asked, supposedly concerning her bag.

"Sure I can keep it in storage or behind the bar if you want, but Coco's ship should be more than big enough to store it somewhere in her little transport if you prefer to keep it with you."

“When and where should we find our target?” Coco asked cheerfully.

"First thing first kid. Lets make sure my podship still turns on~" Bending down a bit she retrieves a sign and sets it on the bar counter. It read in all caps, DRINKS ON THE HOUSE BUT ITS SELF SERV BITCHES - YOU BREAK ANYTHING I BREAK YOUR ARM. She then takes the group in the back where the kitchen would be, then down to the storage. After turning on a light they head down a long flight of metal stairs, the group could hear the electric lights start to buzz while they warmed up. From the light dust that had settled around the place it was clear she hadn't been here in a while. As they look around they can see closed lockers and stacked crates of mysterious things, probably weapons or tech, as well as a large tarp. She moves to the tarp and throws it off creating a small dusty explosion.

Underneath was her podship and along the side are the words artistically drawn in colorful cloud bubbles, Ninja Pirate Unicorn. Above it is the picture of a rainbow colored jumping unicorn, dressed in black ninja garb, with a skull and crossbones eye patch, on roller skates. "Voila, here's my baby." Other than the ridiculous name and logo, the ship seemed like some serious tech. It seemed more like a miniature stealth fighter than a normal pod ship. The armored hull was matte black and angular in design with built in thrusters.

Normally a pod ship looked like a mashed together escape pod fitted with rockets and stuff strapped onto it, while this looked almost military grade. She moves to the back and opens the hatch, stepping inside. On the inside it was cramped as one would expect, though instead of individual seats it had benches with straps to act both as seating and offer some room for storage. In the front was a pilots and passenger seat with camera screens instead of a glass viewing area. It offered a full 360 view around the ship, on one of the screens stood the group.

Beryl sits down and turns on some switches, some lights flicker but don't turn on. After some more finagling she comes out. "Yea... I was afraid of that. The batteries dead, we'll need to get it charged. Other than that..." She gives them all a thumbs up. "I'll get it charged and have some guys move it to your cargo ship Coco. I'll send you the mission details then."

Then everything fades to black, much like a screen transition! It was almost as if some vague amount of time was passing while the four of them left to go on their secret mission and Beryl would finally get some sleep before going back behind the bar where she normally was while they were gone.
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