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[IC] Nick's Bar [Tavern RP - Always Open]

The realms where science and sorcery tend to exist in equal focus. This may also includes settings with only a few major differences from our world such as the existence of the supernatural. Examples: The Marvel Universe, Vampire the Masquerade, Supernatural (Series)

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Re: [IC] Nick's Bar [Tavern RP - Always Open]

Post by Sammy » Mon Jun 04, 2018 8:50 pm

Forge wrote:
Wed Mar 28, 2018 9:25 pm
"I'm sure the list of people that Roggi would enjoy throwing bottles at grows by the day." The wizard glanced back at the elf, who was staring back at him with unabashed dislike and a sneer that made his scars pucker hideously. Max rolled his eyes at Willow playfully, mouthing the word 'grumpy' and letting the smile he'd been holding onto come out properly. "You," he told her, "I would remember meeting. I've always found the forest folk to be a singularly clever and interesting people. And you're far from home, aren't you?" Max looked pointedly at their surroundings, the bar's interior as removed from woodland as one could get. "I'll promise that I've no intention of eating the boy, or something equally unpleasant, if you'll tell me how a Lady of the green places ended up here."
Willow followed the wizard's gaze, blinking her eerie green eyes and cocking her head slightly to one side as she regarded the elf, significantly more disgruntled than usual. "He really doesn't like you. Can tell, Roggi doesn't pull that face even when Willow hugs him and steals his whiskey." The nymph turned her attention to Max with something of a self-satisfied smile as she added, "Willow is good at people." Any qualms she may have had about the intensity of Roggi's dislike (and there were a few) were swiftly lost beneath the compliment of the ancient being's interest in her and her kind, setting her fronds to rustling and bringing a slightly darker shade of green to her cheeks. Surely this creature couldn't be too bad if he thought her people so clever? Besides, really she was just protecting her Sapling from becoming a side salad.

"Willow likes to explore but this is almost the furthest point from home Willow can venture before," the nymph dropped her shoulders and acquired a downcast expression in a somewhat comical attempt to imitate the drooping of her leaves. "Willow thinks she can only make it as far as Nick's because the zoo is nearby and the zoo has many trees and there are lots of little parks along the way for Willow to rest at," she shrugged her shoulders, leaves rustling in response. "Willow comes to Nick's because there's so many people and so many stories here. Stories about places far away from New York. When gathering stories, it is almost like Willow gets to visit these places too." The nymph looked up at the wizard with a faint hint of embarrassment. How small she must seem to such an ancient and powerful creature, too weak to even explore beyond part of a single city. Still, she'd had many centuries to grow accustomed to her lot and so she smiled. "Was that enough to save Willow's Sapling from being eaten?"
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Re: [IC] Nick's Bar [Tavern RP - Always Open]

Post by Jordarrian » Thu Jun 07, 2018 6:00 am

The doors slowly open up, revealing a young man gazing at everyone in the tavern. He stands at the average height of an adult, having casual clothing on. He sighs and stands somewhere, obviously lost.

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Re: [IC] Nick's Bar [Tavern RP - Always Open]

Post by Sea Lion224 » Fri Jun 22, 2018 10:10 am

Pheona timidly poked her head through the door, green eyes darting around the bar. On all fours, the large raccoon stood at four eight at the shoulder and eight feet when on her hind legs. Ever since escaping that laboratory earlier, she had been running around New York in search of food and a place to live. She glanced down at the blue ID bracelet on her front left leg.
Pheona shuttered. She hated and feared the experiments those scientists put her through. The injections, the strange tests, the pain...she hated it all, and felt sympathy for any other animals who were still there.
Returning her gaze back to the bar, the raccoon exhaled slowly and pushed the door open with her side and stepped through, flinching when it creaked closed. Her head slowly turned left and right, pointed ears twitching at every sound they picked up, black, button nose crinkling at the pungent smell of alcohol. Pheona began moving forward, claws clacking on the wooden floor and her black-striped tail swaying behind her. She emitted a few cheeps in hopes of gaining someone's attention.

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Re: [IC] Nick's Bar [Tavern RP - Always Open]

Post by Griffintaur » Sun Aug 12, 2018 4:55 pm

A very particular individual then made their entrance. With a combined height of a towering 9 feet, slight adjustments to normal walking stance had to be made to get through the door. This was attributed to the fact it wasn't a single body, but 2 conjoined and semi-atounoumous ones. Similar to a Centaur, a humanoid torso rested upon a quadruped frame where the neck would normally be. Unlike those hybrids, however, this one was fully animalistic and boasted traits of a fearsome lion and predatory eagle throughout, leading to the idea of a Griffin. His head was coated in white feathers white a pronounced goldenrod beak with a hook at the end. Perched on the sides of his head were a set of keen plumaged horns. A mane of blone and black streaked russet fur looped around his neck not unlike a scarf and covered the breadth of his chest. The rest of him was primarily feline and lined with tawny brown fur over a robust frame. A set of large paws rested on the ends of his bipedal arms and rearmost legs. His front legs were also avian and covered in black feathers with powerful bright gold talons. Draped along the sides of the lower portion was the set of massive black feathered wings folded seamlessly along him. The tail was feline and lengthy, ending in a set of white rectricies that made it overall a few inches shorter than his body length of 11 and a half feet.

Tharraleos was this avid traveller's designation. For nearly 4 millennia the Tauric beast aimlessly roamed the globe. This disfigured form was relatively new, however, and only had surfaced within the last couple centuries. Such was the byproduct of a rare and elusive mutation present in his kin's bloodline. Hailing from a race of aquatic warrior Griffins known as the Aerasginero, they were bipedal hunters with access to much larger and quadrupedal monsters with greater strength but beserk tendencies. The aforementioned metamorphosis would blend the 2 forms together and a majority of innate abilities are lost in the process. Tharr was somewhat fortunate to still have the weaponized limbs and dermal armor of the combat forms, though at the expense of undersea adaption.

This bar was found by sheer chance. It seemed he didn't let his highly distinguished appearance stray him from the public eye and was trotting nonchalantly around the streets of New York. A lover of aged wine, this seemed like the perfect place to spare a few moments for a drink. Frontal talons and rear paws would carry the massive form of the warrior to the counter in digitrade steps, the wooden floor creaking under his near half ton weight. He would find a spot at the corner where no chairs were present. Such wouldn't be necessary as he arranged himself in a seating stance that nearly gave the impression his furred bipedal torso was on a chair of sorts, where he'd patiently await his chance to be served.

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