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Superhero League (OOC)

Where all OOC threads for RPs that will take place within the Worlds of Balance will go.

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Re: Superhero League (OOC)

Post by Throckmorton » Thu Jun 13, 2019 6:23 am

=Real Name: Lenard Carpenter

Alias: none (yet)

Age: 26

Race: human (white)

Gender: male

Nationality: american

Alignment: hero

Appearance (Civilian): fairly tall, somewhat muscular and completely bald. white, but tanned skin, often seen wearing a black tee and jeans. Lenard is a somewhat outgoing man, although pretty socially deaf, having spent most of his time on the run from a cult (see background)

Appearance (Costume):Lenard has no real costume, wearing elastic black pants and no shirt, revealing his upper body tattoos.

Personality: as previously mentioned, Lenard would normally be considered extroverted, he is somewhat lacking in the social awareness. this unfortunately often results in him being socially isolated, leading people to believe he is an introvert, creating a vicious cycle. "i been helping people for a little bit now, might as well make it official"

Background:as a kid Lenard was always on the run from some sort of ...cult. his mother never told him who these people were or why they were always coming for them, only that it was imperative they they are never caught, throughout their time running, his mother taught him to use illustrations to produce magic effects, starting with making blocks appear from pen on paper, afterwich it was rudimentary weapons, then evolving drawing these symbols on his clothing,and finally (after his mothers death) getting them tattooed on his skin (backstory needs work)

Equipment: only extra durable pants and the spikes/weapons he can produce

Powers and Abilities: jack of all trades: his body is covered in tattoos (a circle with a magic symbol inside) he can change the symbol within the tattoo to grant him abilities, the more tattoos he has focused on a certain ability, the more powerful said ability is. strength (when at full,lift a locomotive speed(when at full, can just barely outpace a bullet train)
creation(simple weapons, when at full, produce thick steel wall) durability(when at full, survive direct impact from a bullet train at full speed) vitality(regen, when at full, heal broken bones)

Drawbacks and Vulnerabilities:master of none: although Lenard is extremely varied in his abilities, and can push them quite far,someone with more emphasis on that ability can out-do him in that department (ie: the flash can outpace him, the hulk can out-wrestle him, ect) his tattoos are can not change instantaneously taking several seconds to change. objects produced by his creation tattoo dissapear when he deactivates the tattoo/when he changes it
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Re: Superhero League (OOC)

Post by Ninmast » Fri Jun 14, 2019 4:44 am

I'm all for still doing this RP if there's sufficient interest, but I'm afraid you need to go back and read the character sheet explanation, Throck. Sorry, but you're non-compliant with basically every section south of Nationality.

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Re: Superhero League (OOC)

Post by Throckmorton » Fri Jun 14, 2019 5:07 am

Yeah sorry, I’m still working on making it fit a bit comply with the sheet more, imma fix it in a bit

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Re: Superhero League (OOC)

Post by The_Legion_Ex » Thu Jul 11, 2019 7:01 pm

This one got my interest as of late. In case that it is still alive and open, I'm putting this entry.

"The Mad Gasser"

Real Name: Matthias I. Sionelle

Alias: "The Mad Gasser"

Age: 40

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Nationality: American

Alignment: Villain

Appearance (Civilian): A man of an average build, he stands around 5 feet tall with a pale white complexion that matches with his light-grey hair. He favors a black trench coat on top of his always-paired black three-piece suit and navy blue slacks. He also wears dark-brown leather shoes for his feet and dons black shades and fingerless gloves of the same color.

Appearance (Costume): As his villainous persona, he is clad with a black leather suit and pants of the same material, with black leather boots for his shoes and black leather gloves around his hands. He also wears a black fedora on his head.

Personality: A matured adult vigilante who shows a cold and serious personality, with the tendency to make negative remarks even on minor things. As a civilian, he has the tendency to observe at his direct surroundings, as if trying to squeeze the life out of it with his own eyes. He would avoid any communication unless it is about matters that he sees as important (or would put him at an advantage at the least), preferring to isolate himself with his own business. As a villain, he does his acts of crime as stealthily as possible, trying to avoid making noise; though when fighting face-to-face against a hero, he tends to talk more often and loudly with intensified remarks in his vocabulary. He might try to manipulate his opponents with his words when he finds it applicable. He has a notable disgust towards politics and almost every politician.

Background: He is a former military chemist who has a history of creating various kinds of gases for combative purposes for money, chemical weapons included.

He joined the army as the aforementioned job when his peaceful living was interrupted by a terrorist bombing that damaged his hard-earned property (clearly, to get money for his property). He performed well for years and developed various chemicals for the military until he was dismissed due to a scandal brought up by politicians who "advocate against chemical weaponry and the like due to their long-lasting damage" (the fact is: they are politicizing the issue to gain more votes, and they did).

With this in mind, his hatred towards the government unfolded and he used his knowledge in his field (and with the help of research to enhance his technological knowledge) to turn himself into a legacy version of a mysterious figure from the past: The Mad Gasser, a figure whose existence is debated, yet struck fear into the minds of many. And from then, he became a robber, an assassin, and a reminder of the consequences of using the liberal view to one's self advantage.


+ Mask of the Gasser - A modified black British WWII gas mask that allows him to see in different kinds of visions, along with a special future that allows it to analyze his surroundings and any selected target (which is decided by voice command). It is also connected with the "Breathtaker" and can connect with any GED/s in his choosing.

+ Cloaking Device - A black cloak that reaches knee-level that allows him to be cloaked from infrared, radar, sonar, X-ray, and most of all, the plain old naked eye.

+ "Breathtaker" - A special device that superficially resembles a black insecticide sprayer (the big ones that have a large canister of gas and a really long hose and nozzle). It is loaded with six removable gas canisters, each filled with a different kind of gas for different purposes; and it can spray gases up to 5 meters with a highly powered nozzle. With its wired connection with the mask and a special redirection mechanism, he can pick which kind of gas it will spray (the interior of the hose of the nozzle gets cleaned by a long burst of air from a seventh fixed chamber during the quick switch).

+ Gas Jet - A special jet-pack that propels him by releasing highly pressurized gases in either quick bursts or a steady stream. It is activated by pressing a button that is attached to his left-glove via adhesive materials. At full speed, he can catch up with a speeding Ferrari.

+ Utility Belt - A black utility belt that contains a variety of grenades (which, as expected, contains many kinds of gases).

+ Gas Emission Devices (GEDs) - Gas-emitting devices twice the size of a common pencil case which are used as remote-activated traps for ambushes. They come in wide varieties, each variety containing a different gas.

Powers and Abilities:

+Platforming Skill: Pretty much like parkour skill, but taken to a level where he can use what would otherwise be obstacles to many into something that he could use to get into an advantageous position (always with the help of his Gas Jet).

Drawbacks and Vulnerabilities: He has the amazing defenses of an ordinary human, capable of breaking when hit with extreme force.
The Ex Legion: A squad of underlings under one mind.

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