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Joule [Nathaniel Prescott Bernoulli]

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Joule [Nathaniel Prescott Bernoulli]

Post by Joule » Wed Jan 03, 2018 11:08 am

Alias: Joule
Real Name: Nathaniel (Nat) Prescott Bernoulli

Personality: Pompous, flirty, fabulous, arrogant, acts first, thinks later. Bit of an idiot at times. Cries very easily. Exercises a lot. Obsessed with healthy eating. Neat and organised. Very fashionable. Likes expensive things and seeks out fame. Loves pink and gold. Somewhat selfish and vain but tries to do good. Loves history and physics, highly energetic, outgoing and positive, is always in the mood to party no matter the time. Terrified of spiders, and generally not fond of insects.


Physical Age: 35
Actual Age: Between 55 and 70. Time is weird for him.

Ethnicity: Was born and raised in London, and he considers himself British, but his parents were Chinese and French.

Height: 6'6 / 201cm
Weight: 280 pounds / 127kg

Here's a more realistic drawing I did

Occupation: Intergalactic Interior Designer. Used to host a very famous TV show called "SPACE-ial: A Special Spatial Space Extravaganza," in which he and his team redecorated spaceships across the galaxy. There were 6 of them, including Nat, and they travelled in their high-class spaceship called Stella.

Joining the Multiverse: It all started when Nat and his crew stumbled across a pair of treasure hunters, and got tangled up in their adventure, their search for the legendary "Planet Historia" —the Planet of knowledge. They needed to find the Key, to unlock the knowledge offered by the planet. After a lot of ups and downs, and nearly getting killed many a time, they acquired the Key, and found Planet Historia —except it wasn't a planet, it was a wormhole unlike anything they had ever seen before. Unable to resist its pull (and too curious to try to, anyway), they went through, while Nat was holding the Key. Then everything went white.

After a long but undetermined amount of time, Nat woke up in an empty, white space, alone. He begun to experience feelings and memories of lives he knew he hadn't lived, in all sorts of different worlds. The first and strongest memories he experienced were from a version of himself who was a superhero, with the ability to manipulate the laws of physics, who went by the codename "Joule." He decided to adopt that name for himself. It took him a while to make sense of it all, but eventually he realised why it had been called the "planet of knowledge."

Joule as a superhero

Powers and Abilities: When he went through the wormhole, Joule gained the power to project different versions of himself in different universes. Those versions of himself are born there just like anyone else, and develop different abilities depending on the universe they find themselves in (for example, in a world of superheroes they get superpowers, in a fantasy world they get magic). They do not know about the multiverse, and go through their lives thinking they are a normal person just like anyone else in that world. He, the Original, can see through all their eyes at once, shares their feelings and their knowledge, but he has no control over them, except the ability to appear to them in dreams. The more versions of himself he puts out there, the more experience and knowledge he gains through their lives.

He is also capable of adopting the abilities of one of his alter egos at a time (for example, he can adopt the abilities of the mage version of himself, and cast spells). This, however, takes up a lot of energy and has a toll both on the Original's health, and on the version he's borrowing the power from, so he tries not to rely on it too much. He prefers to use his plasma gun to solve problems —and he has pretty good aim.

Nowadays: As far as he knows, he was the only one to survive the wormhole and gain those special abilities, because he was the one holding the Key. His spaceship, Stella, made it through too, but the rest of his crew did not. Still, some of the Key's energy rubbed off on them —versions of them tend to be born in worlds where Joule is reborn, though they are not aware of the multiverse and unlike Joule, they have no Original anymore.

Nowadays Joule spends most of his time sharing the experiences of his many different selves, though he occasionally takes Stella out for a spin and puts his design skills to use here and there.

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