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Fantasy Map Generators

A board for the discussion of anything related to writing or roleplay. Here you can request feedback on anything writing-related, whether it be an RP concept, world building, character sheets or general writing, you can share guides and tips and encourage discussions on topics relating to writing and RP.

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Fantasy Map Generators

Post by Sammy » Tue Jul 03, 2018 12:22 am

Does anyone use any good ones?

Trying to relaunch an old project, but I really want to have a map to start with. In an ideal world, it'd have the following functionality (though I'm honestly not expecting anything to be quite this good and am happy to settle for less):
  • Automatically create map with a mixture of terrains.
  • Allow me to edit basics - terrain etc.
  • Overlay country borders.
  • Enable the map to be shared with others who can then make further edits - place names, city/town locations etc.
Any and all recommendations would be welcome!
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