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Writing and Roleplay Resources and Tools and

A board for the discussion of anything related to writing or roleplay. Here you can request feedback on anything writing-related, whether it be an RP concept, world building, character sheets or general writing, you can share guides and tips and encourage discussions on topics relating to writing and RP.

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Writing and Roleplay Resources and Tools and

Post by Sammy » Wed Jun 27, 2018 9:19 pm

Inspired by a resource Saratk shared in Discord a little while ago, I thought it might be handy to create something of a catalogue of the various tools and resources we use as writers and roleplayers. This can be anything from websites you use to check grammar to name generators, organisational tools, procrastination prevention tools, writing guides etc. Literally anything you use to aid you in your writing or creative process.

If you have something to add, please post below with the title, link and a brief explanation of what it is! I'll add them to the list and try to categorize them accordingly.

Oh and if you want to include a little testimonial explaining how you use the tool to help you, feel free. I'll include a link to the post.

Accents and Dialects

North American Dialect Map - Helpful tool for those wanting to incorporate different American accents/dialects into their writing.
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