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[New] The Writer's Guild

A board for the discussion of anything related to writing or roleplay. Here you can request feedback on anything writing-related, whether it be an RP concept, world building, character sheets or general writing, you can share guides and tips and encourage discussions on topics relating to writing and RP.

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[New] The Writer's Guild

Post by Sammy » Wed Apr 19, 2017 9:46 pm

:new: The Writer's Guild :new:

After a good few years and many slightly different iterations of 'The Academy' and 'The Mentoring System', none of which have ever seen a great deal of success, we have decided to take a completely different approach, this time focused on collaboration, discussion and peer review in the hope that it encourages some healthy discussions about everything RP and writing related and also enables people to get 'real time' feedback on anything from a world you might be building to an RP post you're having trouble with without having to be dependent on whether or not an 'official' mentor is currently active.

Below is some more information regarding what this new board can be used for. For the time being we're going to avoid separating the board into child-boards but this is something we will happily revisit if board activity picks up.

Looking for Help
Need a proof reader? Want someone to look over an RP concept? Writing a novel and want someone to review a few chapters? Need someone to help you create an RP or perhaps this is your first time in this sort of writing environment and you're looking for someone to hold your hand through it? Throw up a thread letting the community know exactly what sort of assistance you're looking for. If you're feeling particularly brave, you can post whatever it is directly in the thread and allow the community as a whole to give feedback or you can simply ask for help and take the discussion itself to PM or whatever other medium suits you. How this works is entirely down to you.

Discussion and Debate
Have a writing related discussion you want to knock around with the community? Throw up a thread and get those mental juices flowing.

Tips and Guides
Created an RP Guide? Want to share your knowledge on writing combat scenes? Perhaps you've created a character development guide? Due to lack of activity, we've removed 'Open Seminars and Lectures' but if we get a decent influx of guides, we will create a specific section for them. Please tag with [Guide] and let a staff member know if you'd like the thread locked to prevent replies.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to drop me a PM.
Please remember to vote here everyday!

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