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What are you working on?

A board for the discussion of anything related to writing or roleplay. Here you can request feedback on anything writing-related, whether it be an RP concept, world building, character sheets or general writing, you can share guides and tips and encourage discussions on topics relating to writing and RP.

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Re: What are you working on?

Post by Adrassil » Sat May 12, 2018 2:53 pm

Finally getting around to re-writing the beginning of my first novel based in my world; The Angaran Chronicles: The Underside. last year the most consistent criticism I received in my creative writing course was the beginning was too far removed being with a 'decoy protagonist' who was pretty much there to receive a frig ton of exposition (and by proxy the reader) on the how of it and why the of it of the world. It was an easy way to do it, so now I have to figure out where and when that exposition will be given throughout the novel.

Wish me luck! lol

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