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The World of Pamose

For world profiles and maps.
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The World of Pamose

Post by Alba Zeno » Fri Jul 06, 2018 2:23 am

The World

The Planet is called Pamose and is slightly bigger than our Earth. The world is very earth-ish as it has one sun but two moons, sixty-five percent of the planet is water and the rest is land.
Main Species
Humans - The main species that rules over the planet and the majority of the history but population. They were always the ones to go out and taking initiative according to their history. They can be incredibly resilient due to their ability to draw strength from hope or the need to protect. This power to overcome is what allowed them to expand and write history.
Vertal - They were once as numerous and prosperous as the humans but as the humans spread and expended they were forced to catch up. Many assisted the famous humans but were forgotten in history. They are stronger due to the animal and monster traits they inherited but in turn are susceptible to more monster attacks than humans. They too have the abilities that humans do but to a lesser degree as their animal or monster traits can affect their minds and return them to a rule of nature type of mindset.
Diopaku - The humans often refer to them as gods but they are not as strong as they are told in their stories. They have power over what they control and can not be killed until everything they protect and have power over is destroyed. They most often take the form of humans but others take the form of beasts or Vertal. They can be hurt like any mortal but anger one and the world might become much more dangerous for you.
Caizio - The demons that plague humanity, however, each was created because of horrible acts such as mass murder, fear, greed, and so on. They prefer the form of animals and enjoy messing with all creatures on Pamose but seem to be able to control the monsters that still wander.
Pamose has a variety of ecosystems and features depending on where you are. The twins are in the safest section of the world and the biggest are the forest, jungles, and plains of Anistar. Anistar is the center of the world and it’s biggest city is Kekan. Home of the Kekal Castle.
To the south of Anistar, there is the second biggest section, Celia. Celia is a massive desert and full of bounty hunters and long-forgotten treasure buried under the sands. Its main city is at the base of the floating pyramid and takes the name Sakre.
The west (left) of Anistar is the volcanic land of Malival where a lot of fire and earth Kashi stones are found, and it is a perfect place for blacksmiths and weapon makers. Maybe this should be a set of islands created by volcanic eruptions that over time became intergrown as they grew in size. Their main city is Malimoor.
The north of Anistar is Savicha where the icy peaks rise to the sky and snow never stops falling. They are the biggest deposit of Kashi stones are said to be hidden and some prehistoric creatures. It has the tallest places in the world and its capital is the city of Aurora.
To the east is the holy land for thieves, monsters, and anarchy, Kagion. Kagion is a dirty combination of nature and machine as its citizens are criminals, bounty hunters, monsters, explorers, and stands home to the biggest black market in the world. If you want something, Kagion has it. Its capital is Valious.
Lastly, there is a small man-made island where the Tronia Empire rules supreme. The empire has the best in technology and is always making new discoveries as they seemingly have an unlimited power source for their cities, primarily the main city of Europa.

There are many small kingdoms in Anistar and Celia, but the kingdom that runs most of the two continents and has the biggest cities is in the Namion Kingdom.
Time of peace or war?

Peace, but the countries are in unrest and the threat of war is rising. Fate is planning a huge war with the Tronia Empire and Kagion vs Anistar and Celia. Malival and Celia are allies of Anistar and Celia but are suffering fr civil war from the the poorer citizens as they have lost sight with several corrupt members of the council and wish for one of their own to become a king.
Local Exports
Kagion - the black market, stolen treasures, dangerous Kashi stones, and anything else you want
Anistar - the most greenery and food distributor in the world, also has the most people, many agree that it is the easiest place to live, the law is fair in Anistar and Celia due to the Namion kingdom’s rule, has the most earth Kashi stones. Alone Anistar has the biggest army but they usually unite with Celia’s to make it even stronger.
Celia - it’s the most peaceful of the lands and has the freest land, least amount of creature, buried treasure, ancient secrets, however, it is the heat of the day, the freezing cold of the night, and the lack of water that is fatal. Dull light yellow Kashi stones are how these people control the sands.
Tronia Empire - sells tech and weapons, new discoveries to fight the monsters, airships and advance boats for sea travel, the empire is all about law and order so much that anything that is against their laws can result in death. They possess the strongest navy.
Malival - biggest maker of armor and weapons, a huge supplier of Kashi stones, rich minerals, the law enforcement in Malival and Savicha are weaker and run on the people’s want for law and order.
Savicha - biggest supplier of Kashi Stones, most beneficial educational section as all the history buried there, ancient animals and unexplored land, very fresh water
Wrilt Sea - seafood, water, a rich place for pirates, sea monsters, ingredients for potions and hidden treasure
Kagion has only Anarchy
Anistar and Celia have monarchies
The Tronia Empire is an empire
Malival and Savicha are always in danger of their environments so they chose Democracy/Republic as their government in order to protect each other
Kagion - Obsidian Copper/Small silver coins that are mostly for the poor and can buy common food and the basics of armor and weapons. Common people money everywhere
Tronia Empire - Empire Dime/A misshapen gold coin with the face of the first Emperor from over 650 years ago
Anistar and Celia - River Daric/A perfectly round blue coin showing the sun on one side and the symbol of water on the other
Malival and Savicha - Astral Mon/A purple crystal and the worth depends on the size and weight of the crystals you have not the amount.
The kingdoms accept each other's money, however, it’s worth is lessened if you are not using it where it was made. On the sea all money is equal.
The One God

This god existed before the universe and created the Wise Beasts as company but found that the void of chaos and lack of order was not a place for his friends. He created the universe as a way to calm the chaos but found it empty and cold. He created two beings that gave the Wise Beasts something to look for. These two eventually began to argue and disagree so God created a third person to balance things out. These were the first three humans that turned into gods. God then created other beings that would rule over other aspects and would live as their kingdoms did.
A few of the Wise Beasts eventually grew old and found themselves wanting to forever rest. The Single God felt depressed and tried to talk them out of it but they told him that to move on didn’t mean they were leaving him. They would also be in his memories. The single god nodded sadly as he allowed them to die. He grew depressed and wanted to learn why they grew to want to pass on so he created mortals and gave the three original humans the power to determine their choices in life and created Fate to make a path for all life except immortals.
He walked among these mortals and watched them pass away and leave what they loved but found that many were happy when they went, content with what they had done. He had also found that the chaos that was always with him before the universe was drawn to mortals and allowed them something called dreams. He thought about all he had created and decided that he wanted to give them one last gift, to live in a world where they could make their future.
He created another dimension called Antaro and made so that any immortal being would lose their immortality. He was the only one that had to willingly agree. He spread power to his immortal friends and called them diopaku after the name he was given by the mortals, Dion, then entered the room and allowed himself to dream. The cocoon of the sleeping God lays safe for now, protected by the gods and keeps the universe stable.

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