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I have one character...

This forum is for all characters within the Multiverse that aren't aware of the existence of The Collective.

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Alba Zeno
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I have one character...

Post by Alba Zeno » Mon Apr 09, 2018 8:11 am

Name: Alba Zeno

Nickname: Al

Occupation: Hero in training/Wannabe Knight

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Birthday: April 29

Equipment: the legs and gauntlets of his father, the training sword of his mother, and a crystal necklace passed down generations.

Appearance: A tanned boy with long brown hair and an X-shaped scar on his forehead. he has brown eyes and wears a sleeveless blue shirt. He always wears his scraps of armor and his sword hangs at his side.

Skills: Swordsman basics, an attack that he puts all his will into called the Zero Strike

Personality: Kind and friendly, Happy-go-lucky, Naive, a strong dedication to his morals, goes out of his way to find ways to prove himself, thrill seeker, a bit vague when it comes to people but is smart in a life-threatening situations

Likes: Training, fighting strong opponents, eating sweets, sleeping or avoiding work, cooking, fairy tales, making friends, being the hero, his friend Akane

Dislikes: Chores, being bored or hungry, nagging, vegetables, being overshadowed, pessimists, bandits and bullies

Bio: The child of a family of royal knights and brave heroes, his parents vanished and the boy was left with his uncle. The uncle told Alba stories of the adventures his parents had gone on and all the dangers they faced. Alba memorized every word and read other tales of legendary heroes. He found some of his parents' old gear when he turned sixteen and went back to the old family home. His uncle taught him to cook and run a farm but refused to teach sword skills, so Alba used old journals of his parents to learn. He had made one friend growing up and he dreamed of becoming greater than all his ancestors before him and finding his parents.

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