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Arthro's Collective

This forum is for all characters within the Multiverse that aren't aware of the existence of The Collective.

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Arthro's Collective

Post by Arthro » Mon Mar 19, 2018 4:51 pm

Name: Pyotr Abakumov
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Age: 42
Nationality: Russian
Current Residence: Another world


Height [Both Metric and Imperial]:
2.3 meters tall, 7'3" feet tall
Weight [Both Metric and Imperial]: 110 kilograms, 243 pounds
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: None

Appearance: Thick, grey Hazmat suit, accompanied by a massive matching pack attached. No apparent way to open up the hazard suit, it's sealed shut. Huge stature, amplified by military-grade steroids. Thick rubber gloves and boots, almost entirely encompassed in steel plates internally. Knee and elbow pads, bulletproof steel vest, and a glowing blue visor. Clipped to his bag is his rifle, and inside of the bag is his life support systems, along with dozens of spare IV packs that he needs to stay alive. His suit is very rigid.

Picture Reference / Faceclaim:


Personality: Pyotr is a stoic man without much to say. He tends to be down-to-Earth with his decisions and opinions, and does not take a joke well. The gentleman is bit of a dreamer, but tries not to show it. If he needs something done, you can bet your ass it will be done before sundown. Pyotr doesn't pick fights, he simply enjoys keeping others safe and getting what has to be done done.

Pyotr was born into a wealthy Russian family. He had always been interested in the sciences, despite being encouraged to play rough with all the other boys. He spent a lot of his time exploring the wilderness and studying whatever he could. Eventually, this landed him a job in the Hazardous Materials and Environments Dept. of Gaz Incorporated. This was shortly before the fall of Earth due to nuclear fallout. Pyotr had always been suspecting this to happen, and preemptively fled far from all major cities shortly before the strike across the world. As the world slowly drifted into the lifeless nuclear winter he became so used to, his suit kept him comfortable in the most dangerous of environments as it was designed to. He never really settled in the cold wastes of what remained of Asia, but acted more like a nomad, living off of the liquid oxygen reserves and IV supplements he could scavenge.

Upon discovery of UVUB-1, Pyotr had found himself going on a journey to stop the efforts of The Gaz, for they were planning on leaving the doomed Earth they resided on and instead planned on traveling to an entirely different dimension. Pyotr took it upon himself to save that world from the destruction that Gaz causes, and gathered together a formidable militia with his long-unused leadership skills. His small army was eventually able to reach and breach the defenses of the largest Gaz fortress, the house of the rising threat to all dimensions in existence. The waves of attackers on the front lines allowed Pyotr and UV to slip into the facility widely unnoticed due to both Pyotr and UV pretty much looking as if they belonged there.


Mental Strengths: Willpower, knowledge, a survivor's intuition.
Greater Mental Strengths: Willpower
Mental Weaknesses: PTSD, fear of growing old, confusion.
Greater Mental Weaknesses: Immense claustrophobia of being stuck in his suit.


5mm designated marksman rifle
Can only be used 25 times.
Pyotr's issued rifle. It fires 5mm rounds, which were normally such a common thing to find in the wasteland Pyotr hails from that he didn't even bother carrying any more than what was loaded in his magazines.

Hollow-point rounds
Can only be used 20 times.
These will wreak havoc upon an unarmored individual. The bullets are designed to shatter, spreading lead fragments through soft tissue, yet breaking upon contact with the most thin of armors. These are very specialized rounds, great for hunting or goring your targets.

Incendiary rounds
Can only be used 15 times.
These rounds explode in a very un-modest burst of flame upon hitting a target. In the wasteland, they were feared due to their ability to melt suits onto the user's skin, but were very ineffective against unarmored targets due to them simply cauterizing the wound. They're the most specialized round he has.

The Mk. III Hazard suit
Sure, it's a bit outdated -- with the most recent Gaz-made suit being the Mark V -- but this one can get the job done, and has gotten the job done without all the fancy little gadgets and spy toys that come with the newer models. With a simple computer designed to do nothing but keep the environment inside the suit as static as possible, Pyotr can be in areas well below freezing and above water's boiling point while still kept comfortable inside of the device. It's resistant to both gamma + beta radiation, and is immune to all types of bio and chemical hazards. The suit is able to either filter oxygen from the air, or use a liquid oxygen reserve for up to a year (Pyotr currently has 3 weeks worth of oxygen stored). If the suit is punctured beyond what can be mended with tape, Pyotr will die, and if caught in an explosion powerful enough, Pyotr's oxygen reserve will violently combust.

He has 5.
Ripping the pin from a flare, Pyotr is able to strike up a handheld flame that can illuminate an area, start a fire, or signal from afar. It stays lit for about 20 minutes before fizzling out.
Blast off, up to the stars we go!

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