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Bird's Brain Babies

This forum is for all characters within the Multiverse that aren't aware of the existence of The Collective.

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Bird's Brain Babies

Post by LittlestBird » Fri Nov 03, 2017 12:58 pm

A quick overview of my characters:

Worlds of Magic: :redbullet:
Worlds of Technology: :orangebullet:
Worlds of Balance: :yellowbullet:
Adult Themes Allowed: :greenbullet:
Violence Allowed: :bluebullet:

Anexis Pennhallow :yellowbullet: :greenbullet:
Arian Tallow :redbullet: :yellowbullet: :bluebullet:
Arizona Ballad :yellowbullet: :greenbullet: :bluebullet:
Caim :redbullet: :yellowbullet: :greenbullet: :bluebullet:
Ches Bluu :redbullet: :yellowbullet: :greenbullet:
Citlalli Rae Astrada :redbullet: :yellowbullet: :greenbullet: :bluebullet:
Emielle Arcete :orangebullet: :yellowbullet: :greenbullet: :bluebullet:
Hawk Setre :orangebullet: :yellowbullet:
Hurlee Lind :yellowbullet:
Kaori :yellowbullet: :greenbullet: :bluebullet:
Kojima Yamikuri :redbullet: :yellowbullet:
Kree Mahoney :yellowbullet: :greenbullet: :bluebullet:
Leviathan :yellowbullet: :greenbullet: :bluebullet:
Lincarus Harper :redbullet: :orangebullet: :yellowbullet: :greenbullet: :bluebullet:
Natalia Parker :orangebullet: :yellowbullet: :bluebullet:
Nevaeh Hearthfire :redbullet: :yellowbullet: :greenbullet: :bluebullet:
Nimm Castielle :redbullet: :greenbullet: :bluebullet:
Noah Kor :yellowbullet:
Oblivion Koya :yellowbullet: :greenbullet: :bluebullet:
Obsidian Koya :yellowbullet: :greenbullet: :bluebullet:
Omega Koya :yellowbullet: :greenbullet: :bluebullet:
Othello Caesius :yellowbullet: :greenbullet: :bluebullet:
Rin Kangjun :yellowbullet:
Sera Collins :redbullet: :yellowbullet:
Seth Crowe :yellowbullet: :greenbullet: :bluebullet:
South Meeki :redbullet: :yellowbullet: :greenbullet:
Terravee Netal :redbullet: :yellowbullet: :greenbullet:
Voxan :yellowbullet: :bluebullet:
Weiss :redbullet:
Xenia Castle :yellowbullet: :greenbullet:
Zereph King :yellowbullet: :greenbullet: :bluebullet:
Zio Arcete :redbullet: :orangebullet: :yellowbullet: :greenbullet: :bluebullet:
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Re: Bird's Brain Babies

Post by LittlestBird » Fri Nov 03, 2017 1:58 pm


Name:Zio Arcete
Alias/Nickname: Z, Devil's Daughter, Bitch
Appeared Age: twenty-three
Actual Age: Roughly Seven-hundred
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Whatever-I-like-sexual
Marital Status:Single
Race:Demon of Sin
Explanation of Species: Demons of Sin are considered an overall leader of the demons whom generally preside over the seven deadly sins. Zio feeds and invokes all sin where, per say, the Demon of Jealousy would invoke and feed from that particular sin. There is only one DoS permitted in the world at any one time as the 'species' was directly derived from Satan as a right-hand and while technically immortal, they can have their soul shattered and their corporeal body destroyed, though that takes a tremendous amount of effort.

Human Form - 127.4 pounds
Demon Form - 376.5 pounds
Human Form - 5'5
Demon Form - 6'3
Hair Color: Platinum blonde
Hair Length And Style: waist length, shaven side and always worn straight
Eye Color: Pearl (reflects light blue, lilac, cream)
Skin Tone: Porcelain
Tattoos: Yes, lots
Piercings: Lots in her ears and a nose ring
Scars: None
:blackbullet: Umbrakinesis the control and manipulation of shadows/darkness. Techniques include, but are not limited to: dark aura, shadow mimicry, shadow manipulation, umbrakinetic combat, shadow walking.
:blackbullet: Seduction the manipulation of a creature's wants and dreams to achieve a desired, ultimately self-serving, goal.
:blackbullet: Shifting Zio is able to transform from a human to demonic form rather quickly, even with the breaking and reformation of bone.
:blackbullet: Bodily Manipulation Z can change her skin (as she likes tattoos), her hair and sometimes a bit of her facial features. Though, for the most part, she will always look the same. This ability includes the ability to shift and slightly change the look of her demon form.
:blackbullet: Enhanced Functions Functions including senses, strength, speed, metabolism and brain capacity.
:blackbullet: Rage This ability allows Zio to go into a state of further heightened power levels for certain prices, such as giving up agility for more strength. Basically, rage is both a boon and a weakness.
Likes: Sinners, Sin in general, darkness, pomegranate, vanilla bean ice cream, insects and spiders, cheap thrills, sky diving
Dislikes: Ultimately boring people, Fae creatures, Overly religious people, Rats, asparagus, bibles, crosses, gold jewelry

Her self reliance
Silver tongue
Close Combat
That pretty face of her's

Weakness to religious paraphernalia
Rage (ability)
Hot tempered
She's a sucker for gigantic, muscled, bad boys
Cute fucking animals.
That pretty face of her's

Zio is mean spirited and quick witted and silver tongued. The girl can talk you into next week if you're not careful. Z has always believed herself to be self sufficient and reliant, though one can always nit pick her lifestyle as being dependent on the will of her father. Zio is sin incarnate, so it's easy to say her life is all but innocent and clean. Z is pleasant a majority of the time, easy to get along with until angered. She's always one for intelligent conversation or funny people, as long as they keep her interest. In addition, Zio likes to take the time to smell the flowers sometimes in her busy self-service lifestyle - one thing she loves to do slowly is watch the sunrise.

-She has tried to be in several serious relationships before.
-She used to head a wolf pack when she used an older ability to shape shift (which she lost. It's a thing for the younger of her breed. They loose it after a few hundred or so years and only keep one form - other than human - which is their true skin).
-Zio's guilty pleasure is listening to classical music... it calms her down!
-Z loves to toy and tease. If you're not into that, you're going to hate her.
-She's not a big fan of drama of the 'love hate' thing.
-Zio is disgusted by pixies and angels more than anything.
-Her demon form's hair is night black while her human's is blonde. It's not often that you see that in her species.

Zio's life was created. She was not born... technically. Zio was a creation of hell, of Satan. And sent to Earth with the intention of corruption. Pure, utter corruption. As you can imagine, seven hundred years ago, Zio's life had to be drastically different. So, to save some time, we'll skip the boring, dull and droning years and move directly into the juicy, gossipy bits:
Life was pretty mono-toned for the first couple decades for Zio. She spent a lot time trying to figure out who she was, traveling and learning and getting into - you guessed it - trouble. Z did this for several hundred years before she met the first of her 'kin', the Demon Prince presiding over Wrath. His name was Vex, the two hit it off very well and conquered the world together for a time... until Zio came up pregnant. Vex promised to help care for the child and, a short full term later Zio gave birth to a healthy baby girl named Cassiopeia after the Cassiopeia constellation which she was born under. Z and Vex raised their daughter together for years before Vex disappeared suddenly and Zio began having issues with her physiology, nearly killing her baby in a fit. This brought the sin incarnate to leave her daughter with an old necromancer friend.
Wrapping up a difficult century of her life, Zio moved on to save herself from more pain and grief. She didn't hold Vex's disappearance against him, she understood things happened when you were a demon prince... or the right hand of Satan, in her case. Zio, at nearly three-hundred, traveled again through the US, visiting many new immortal cities and tearing some to rubble and ruin. Zio caused a lot of destruction, much like a rebellious teenager. The demon swore up and down it was her father's bidding, but no one can really say for sure why she caused so much havoc wherever she went. Another century and Zio experienced the turn of a country, the fall of some empires... the destruction of relationships and worlds alike.
At five-hundred years old, Zio thought she found the love of her life, someone she could spend forever with after so many failed relationships in the past. Z met a blood demon named D'mitri by complete chance a long time ago in a place called Dranica. This place had been a hot spot in her life and now she'd found what seemed to be the perfect mate here. But was happened in Dranica... almost stayed there. Perhaps a half-century later, D'mitri proposed. Zio had the perfect wedding planned when the disaster struck. A friend named Bijou spent his life force healing Zio after a fairly nasty battle defending someone. The male just failed to tell her that a Wendigo and Malicious Spirit would come after her blaming her for his death. Needless to say, Zio was spared again at the loss of her fiance. Zio blamed herself, fell into a depression where she found solace in a Wraith called Julien. He comforted her in the time she needed someone the most, her habit of shielding herself from pain making her cling to Julien.
In what seemed like no time at all the two hunters were back, searching for Zio's head. To make it quick, Bijou came back as a Reaper, resurrected D'mitri as a human and set Zio's life into more turmoil when he was just trying to help. After Z was reunited with her loved fiance, it all seemed to fall right through her fingers again. D'mitri learned of Julien and of the daughter Zio had given birth to so long ago. He went into a fit of rage and ripped their relationship apart. The demoness, not thinking clearly, ran to the hunters who wanted her death and begged them to end her miserable life. Little did she know that she would never truly die.
Zio's soul, for nearly one-hundred-fifty years, regained strength in hell's most horrendous depths. The incarnate was, thanks to her father's wishes and the fate of some idiotic circle of magi trying to summon a demon, Zio was risen. From that point on, Z spent her life on a vengeful massacre, vowing to track down those who had brought her to her death. Now in Hiraeth with a lead on the last and final target, Zio is ready to end her suffering once and for all and move on with her life.

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Re: Bird's Brain Babies

Post by LittlestBird » Fri Nov 03, 2017 2:22 pm

Birth Name: Zereph King
Preferred Name: Zereph
Physical Age: 398
Appeared Age: 29
Birth Gender: Male
Gender Identity: Male
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
Sexual Preference: None
Date Of Birth: December 2nd
Starsign: Sagittarius

Occupation: Mechanic
Mode Of Transport: Yellow Corvette
Weapons: Sometimes fancies guns.

Zere is tall and keeps a lean physique at 6’4 and 167 pounds. He’s got dirty blonde hair he keeps short or in a few other styles like a Mohawk and gorgeous blue eyes that captivate. His smile lights up any room and his laugh is like a melody none can pass up. He is covered head to toe in tattoos like the city he spent most of his life in’s area code on his shoulder, a rising angel and much more. He typically wears thuggish clothing, baggy and comfortable, but tough and street-worthy. Zereph’s skin is a perfect peach tone, unblemished and untarnished by scars.
Z is wild. He’s got no qualms doing stupid shit just for the hell of it and likes to come off as a flirty, crazy go-getter. Some people like to think he has a death wish with how ridiculous he gets. He loves parkour and anything with a motor or on wheels. His biggest pet peeve just happens to be downers or those who constantly criticize him and his work. He likes to keep his friends close and finds it hard to live without them. He likes to smoke marijuana along with regular cigarettes and doesn’t plan to kick the habits, his mind set that it’s just part of his personality. Zereph prefers when attention is on him, which is why he acts so show-offy in the first place, the positive vibes he gets fueling his fire. He loves to travel and stays optimistic.
Dominant Personality Traits: Outgoing, Optimist, Adventurous, Courageous, Hard-working, Loyal, Passionate, Spontaneous, Suave, Crazy, Extreme

Powers and Abilities:
Death by Sex [draining all energy from a victim]
Sleep Inducement
Enhanced Conditions [strength, speed, durability, charm]
Enslaving Kiss [temporary and only with permission from owner]
Kiss of Death [draining life force]
Desire Inducement/Mental Manipulation
Seductive Magnetism/Manipulation
Cubii feed off of lust and sexual contact, stealing life force and energy through these acts to sustain themselves

May be overpowered by Angel Physiology or other holy powers.
May be powerless against users of Chastity Embodiment.
Negative Emotion drains his energy.
Must feed every few days.
Cannot feed from undead.

He tries to keep away from Negative people, though there will always be someone…
He cannot pull as much energy from other men.
He cannot stay with one person for too long because it might kill them.
Zereph cannot enter homes without being invited.

Mother's Name|Status
Mariah King | Deceased

Father's Name|Status

Zaffron King | Deceased


Relationship Status
Zereph was born to a single mother with a twin sister. The doctors had never seen anything like Mariah’s pregnancy where a twin had practically just appeared in the womb as three and a half months pregnant, but he was just as formed as his sister. The pair were born in Detroit, a rough city with a history of violence and criminal activity. Mariah was a prostitute, so no one thought twice about her suddenly getting pregnant and having twins, in fact, no one cared. When the kids were born, Mariah was a loving and kind mother, but always favored her daughter as she felt her son was off somehow.

As Zereph grew up, it was apparent that he was a charming boy and people flocked to him for his beauty or how suave he was, even as a kid. Middle school was never a tough time for the boy, he knew who he was, what he wanted to be… until a demon visited him in his dreams, caressing his cheek and smiling brightly down at him. She told him of his true self, that he was an incubus demon who had been implanted in a human mother because she could not carry him. He was her son and she loved him. Shortly after his dream, he ran away from home, causing his mother a lot of grief when the police found him in gang territory with nothing but a backpack of food and some clothes.

Z was scared of what he was until his Succubus mother taught him everything he needed to know every night in his dreams, that he would live as long as his soul was intact. She told him the moment he hit puberty, he would need to learn to control his hormones to keep people off of him, that he could kill people without the proper training. As Zere grew, he started to take advantage of his power until he slept with a gang leader’s girlfriend and got caught in the act. While he managed to get away, he was recognized by someone he went to school with. They targeted his family.

Zaffron and Mariah were raped and slaughtered in their beds.

From then on, Zereph involved himself in gang activity in Detroit, his criminality and negativity driving him to feed every night in lavish orgies. When his real mother came into his dreams again, she advised him of the energies he kept that were slowly eating away his soul, killing him. He brushed her off until he met Ari, a woman who he proceeded to fall madly in love with. The Incubus cut ties with his gang family and left Detroit, moving to Atrielle with Ari on his arm. They spent many years together, her magic energy keeping her life from being drained but keeping Zereph full and satisfied. Only when Ari left him for a Warlock did Z move into the heart of Atrielle, settling in the city for a new start, a new life, a new everything.

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Re: Bird's Brain Babies

Post by LittlestBird » Mon Nov 13, 2017 2:56 pm

Afterdark Character Description

Shay Kenmore, 'Wretch of Arrows'
Hidden deep in the New York subway system rests the little brat with no allegiance. She'd been chased out of every faction's territory for her unmistakable personality. Shay was a little too twisted for most people, often times twitching or shivering and having strange outbursts and no filter to speak of. Little Shay, for that reason, kept to herself for the most part, her most valued friends the rats of the Bronx. Of course, she had a few human friends who tolerated her from a young age to he womanhood, teaching the wretch how to defend herself by bow and arrow and the use of magic. Shay picked up thieving on her own which only got her into more trouble - humans just didn't really get her or something. Shay makes it a point to stay down in the subways and sewer tunnels where she feels the most calm and sane, but prefers what she calls a hunter's perch if she has to come up from the underground.

Shay's only twenty and a full five foot and three inches tall, weighing in at one-hundred pounds sopping wet. She's got a pasty complexion with a few freckles dotting her cheeks, too-big eyes a striking warm gold and her choppy hair such a dark brown it looks black. Shay Kenmore consistently dressed in heavily layered rags, tattered sweaters and ripped scarves hiding stolen Kevlar armor that protected her well. Her quiver was held to her back by a re-purposed police handgun holster, keeping a sophisticated compound bow made of lightweight metal. Her magic was a helpful tool, mostly being used to camouflage herself and make herself 'light and sticky' so she can surface climb or shadow step to be at a more advantageous height. The limitations of her magic were, naturally, that her camouflaging technique prevented her from moving too quickly and was more less effective the brighter the area was and shadow stepping only worked in short bursts to quickly get to a perch. She 'sticks' best to concrete surfaces and only needs a small foothold to be able to create her vantage point.

Clothing Reference :blackbullet: Facial Reference

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Re: Bird's Brain Babies

Post by LittlestBird » Sat Nov 18, 2017 2:44 pm


Facial Reference: Cara Delevigne
Name: Terravee Faith Netal
Birth Date: December 30th, 1937
Zodiac: Capricorn
Nicknames: Terra or Vee
Place of Birth: New York, New York.
Age: Seventy-Eight
Gender Identity: Female, prefers female pronouns.
Sexual Orientation: Demiromantic, Pansexual

Marital Status: Single.
Significant Other: None.
Ethnicity: European Decent, specifically Austrian and Romanian
Physical/Mental Disabilities: Night Terrors, Insomnia
Species: Vampire


Eyes: Red, turn black when hungry.
Height: 5'7
Weight: 123 lbs.
Hair: Long and thin ; Natural Platinum Blonde
Scars/Tattoos/Piercings: Lots of ear piercings, nose ring, no scars, inner lip tattoo ('truth'), Monkey face on middle finger, heart playing card behind one ear, stars behind the other, pointer finger tattoo, wrist tattoo, probably a few more. All are small and easily hidden.
Complexion: Pale, flawless
Body Type: Scrawny
Appearance Summary: Lanky, fashionable and agelessly beautiful. Terravee is somehow the most beauiful plain Jane you will ever see, but charming and spellbinding. With blonde hair and red eyes and pale skin, she almost looks like an angel, but closer you'll see she is usually frowning or lost in thought with a pondering look on her face. She really wears whatever is in style and is always well put together.

Occupation: Secretary for her father's LA Branch
Known Languages: Romanian, German, English
Religion: Buddhist
Morality: Chaotic Neutral
Criminal Record: Several assault charges.
Favorite Colors: Red, white, lilac
Favorite Movie: Underworld Series
Favorite Show: Nip-Tuck
Favorite Song: Anything by Beethoven or The Weeknd
Favorite Food: Sushi and Deep Fired Oreos
Reputation: None. Unless you talk to a county clerk.
Hobbies: Reading, yoga, running, feeding, meditation, blogging

Marckus Wayne Netal - father
Annabelle Raine Netal - mother
Kree Hope Netal - Eldest Sister
Brecken Ray Netal - Eldest brother
Damien George Netal - Younger brother
Christian Lee and Mary Rose - youngest siblings (twins)
Abigail Rose Self - Niece / Kree's Daughter

Blood Drinker - this is pretty obvious.
Enhanced Physical Capabilities - this includes strength, speed, smell, sight, etc.
Enhanced Mental Capabilities - this includes increased intelligence, increased memory capacity, etc.
Immortality - while she can still be killed, if the universe is willing, she can live forever.
Shadow Transportation - this is a rare ability, not often seen in her species, but Teraavee can phase in and out of shadows and teleport through them up to 35 yards, also she can dissolve into shadows but this takes a lot of her energy and is not often used, only when she needs to escape a confrontation desperately.
History and Mentality

Personality: Terravee is well spoken, loud and brash. She tells it like it is and isn't afraid to hurt you. She speaks with logic and doesn't let emotion rule her, often times coming off as cold and detached. Terra is vain and will not go out without looking perfect, flawless and expensive, she's a lover of money and knowledge and fashion. She prides herself on her extensive intelligence and is quick witted and sarcastic at times. She uses a lot of sarcastic humor. Vee lives for loyalty and shows that proudly in her family ties. Sometimes Terravee can be overbearing and down right mean, but is a good person if you are good to her.

Over all, Terra can be rather honest and intuitive, punctual and strong. She is obedient to people who prove they can dominate her and loyal to them if they can be loyal and good to her. Terravee is cynical, domineering and moody at first glance, but over time will become authentic, warm and even sweet.If you get on her bad side she is dangerous, snarky, rude and petty. Usually she is quiet and keeps to herself, often times found reading or painting, even though kind of bad.
Likes: cats, dogs, snakes, painting, reading, running, fruits, California pizzas, the quiet, woods, darkness, the moon, lakes, sexual deviants, punishment, bdsm, the sounds of birds, her family, sarcasm, logic, knowledge, make up, fashion, dark humor.
Dislikes: Werewolves, actual birds, bright daylight is irritating, pansies, weak people, roses, gerbils, history lectures, math, tacky furniture set ups.
Facts and Other Information: Terravee has one niece; Terravee literally with run away from birds; Yes, werewolves are the sworn enemy of Vampires; YES, she can sleep. Sometimes.

Terravee was born in New York, New York during the early reconstruction of the city. It was pretty hectic growing up with two older siblings and three younger ones. Being the middle child, Terravee was pretty much allowed to do what she wanted but was still kept to a standard. She was raised to be a quiet, subservient creature and only feed when necessary which wasn't often after the first ten years of her life. Despite being taught to be subservient, Terra ended up being a bit of a wild card - she was still polite and kind and relatively not the bitch she is now, but tended to do what she wanted and that was not what her parents wanted at all. When she was old enough, she was smoking and drinking and even gambling sometimes. She lived a very wild decade or two, honestly not remembering much of it. When her sister, Kree, got pregnant with her first niece, Abigail, Terravee decided it was time to slow down.

She adapted and became a gentle but stern and dangerous aunt who would murder anyone who dared look at her niece wrong. Vee started working for her father's legal business as a secretary in the NYC sect for a long time, but when Kree and Abi moved out to L.A., Vee followed. With a new scene came new problems, though. Kree's husband was killed by a werewolf only two months after the move, forcing Terravee into protective mode. She sent thirty years hunting down and killing a lot of werewolves in the L.A. area, even running her own Vampire coven for a majority of it. She ran L.A. from a perch, keeping many wolves far away from her territory.

One day when Terra was out on a perimeter patrol, she guessed someone had taken note of her coven's control and wanted to take her out, little did she know 'taking her out' meant making her a slave in an underground slave ring. Terra had never even guessed that the slave trade had moved into her territory, much less that it even existed. She'd figured the whole damn thing had been absolved long ago. Maybe her intel was long dead... yeah, probably. But, never thing the blonde knew, she was in a damn cage being sold in front of about thirty too many people. Luckily for the vampiress,
seventeen years after her capture the slave trade began to crumble, securing Terra's escape and return to her family. Shortly after her return, Terravee began to roam, needing more travel in her life after being cooped up for years.

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