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Lurker's character dump

This forum is for all characters within the Multiverse that aren't aware of the existence of The Collective.

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Lurker's character dump

Post by Lurker » Sat Mar 25, 2017 7:12 am

This is Lurker's character dump, where Lurker dumps his characters.

Altair The Eagle Boy
Name: Altair

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Race: Human


Personality: Altair looks down at the common people, or peasants, as he likes to call them. His somewhat charming arrogance is very noticeable, and he’s not the type of person you forget about. He has humor, and will often talk down to those with no noble blood in their veins, in a funny, but still with a layer seriousness way. He can be mischievous at times and he doesn’t mind lying to get what he wants. If met with confrontation involving violence, he will suddenly become a wuss. Dear friends of his are protected by a layer of coinage and influence.
Backstory: Altair grew up in his father’s noble eagle hatchery. His family was of noble status, even if the hatchery hadn’t given them a lordship. Money was never a problem in the household, yet his parents were still unhappy. They would fight over petty things, just so they could yell at eachother. Altair always found this odd, as they were married, rich and had two children, so logically, they should be happy together.
Another problem was that Altair’s older brother, Nigel, was to inherit the hatchery. Altair was very displeased with this, as Altair always had been the one to work with his dad and take care of the eagles. While he did get to work at the eagle hatchery, he weren’t to get nearly as much pay, or respect as his brother would one day.

These troubles eventually became too much for Altair, and in his rebellious teenage thought-process, he decided to go make a name for himself, even if it wasn’t going to be a name related to eagles. He took his dearest eagle, Tomm, and shortsword, Micheal, and went out on adventure. He traveled via an expensive wagon and when he eventually arrived at [Location], and shortly realized that he was away from home with no contacts, no experience, and most importantly, a limited amount of coinage. He stayed at a tavern for three days, before deciding to go earn some money. He looked for a bird hatchery, but was out of luck, an in his panic he presented himself as a mercenary to a guild, and walked out on a quest, hoping his fellow sell-swords would keep him safe.

Edgyquirk McTerriblecharacterwritingpleasforgivemeiwastwelve (I might rework this piece of shit)
Name: Skarath

Age: 27

Gender: male

Race: half-elf

Class: Assassin

Primary Weapon: A long crooked metal scythe, made entirely of iron, with the word Sword engraved in it. it has seen better days.

Secondary Weapon: A vial of gunpowder ((grenade))

Partner: (Beastmasters only)

Element: (Elementals only)

Appearance: He stands at 5'9", with a slightly thiccer build than normal elves. He’s very athletic, and focuses more on mobility than attack. He wears a mask that looks like this: ... tive.a.jpg , but with the holes covered in black string that he can look through. He has a black hood covering the rest of his face. He wears no armor, due to the fact that he thinks flexibility and mobility is more important. When people ask him why, he gives them a note saying “why take hits, when you can avoid them?”. He’s covered in black robes over his whole body. ((remember that this means you don’t know his race)) His scythe is strapped on a leather belt, going from his right shoulder, down to his left hip.

Personality: He’s mute, and usually communicates with small paper notes. He will protect his friends with his life, and will do anything for anyone important to him. He usually tells people that he is human, because of his backstory. He’s very naïve, and will believe almost anything that people tell him. When it comes to combat, he has no feelings and will kill for fun. He lacks humor. His scythe is very dear to him, and he have named it Sword. He’d have a good knowledge with scythes, if that ever came into the roleplay.

Backstory: He grew up in a small village, filled with humans. Therefore, he were neglected by most of the town citizens, and he never really had friends. The fact that he couldn’t speak, didn’t make it easier. He never went to school, and he only learned to read because it was needed. His parents, a human dad and a elven woman, would teach him not to be social, and instead do housework. One day where he was cleaning, he took a broom and started swinging it around. His parents would not find out, since they were at work. When he was 19 years old, he fled from home with the broom. He would work at a local farmer and sleep in the woods. Eventually he bought his own scythe and named it sword. 3 years later, he started assassination, and since then, he became known as “The sad one” in the media.

Other: His scythe is named Sword 

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