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Post by Moccasin » Mon May 14, 2018 9:55 am


A computer hums softly in a dark office; a digital encyclopedia entry sits on the screen.


Orthemis Ferruginea, known professionally as MOQ, is an Argontinian performer hailing from the Cyan Sector of Universe XCX. Ferruginea is famous for her spectacular live performances, owing to her ability to manipulate light in its various forms. Little is known about her origins, but media speculates that she immigrated to the Solar System to escape violence in her home sector.

Physical Appearance
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MOQ is praised for her alien beauty and often appears on the cover of fashion magazines.

Increased agility

Increased strength
Like her insect cousins, MOQ has a tough exoskeleton that allows her to lift three times her body weight.

MOQ has four insect-like wings on her back which allow her to travel through the air with the maneuverability of a dragonfly. She can also carry people up to 75 percent of her body weight, though she can easily become fatigued over long distances.

Light manipulation
MOQ possesses acute photokinesis. She most often uses it to create complex illusions, manipulating perception to aid her on stage and in combat. She is also capable of summoning orbs of light which serve as torches, flares, and projectiles. However, her most powerful weapon is her light blade, a katana made of sunshine that can slice through pretty much anything.

MOQ is a relatively new member of the Collective, though she is good friends with Rick, the captain of the Crimson, a sentient spaceship which often carries Collectivites on adventures. She and Rick share an almost paternal relationship, though it often unclear who is the mentor and who is the apprentice. The two have reportedly traveled together on multiple occasions before the events of A Journey through Space and Time!

MOQ was born on Argontini, the host planet of the Odonatans, an insect-like culture organized around several rival hives. The queen of the Fer hive, known simply as Mother, granted Orthemis the ability to manipulate light, a rare gift bestowed to those larvae second in importance only to the Princess. After a war between the rival hives led to the death of the Princess, chaos ensued within the hive, and MOQ was forced to flee to one of the planet’s moons. There, she met her agent, Steven, who coerced her into leaving her home system for a career in music.
A Journey Through Space and Time! wrote: "I love you, Houston!"

The crowd went wild, the NRG stadium filled with the adoration of humanoids of every color, size, and shape. Many wore cowboy hats. Others recorded the show on headsets and phones. Millions more tuned in on comtrons and implants, all to see, one woman, one alien, one mystery perform for people and droids the world over.

Her name was Moccasin, Mariah, Moojark, Mremsci and sometimes Maa. Most humanoids simply referred to her as MOQ. My One Queen. The name was said to originate from a Solar concept of government where one female ruled many other females and sometimes males. Steven penned it.

Steven was MOQ's agent, a strange looking male from Earth, the most unusual planet in its galaxy. He had overheard her in the Cyan Sector of Universe XCX. She was entertaining her sire's companions in a satellite bar off Argontini, her native planet. Mother granted MOQ the power of illusion, the ability to manipulate light and transform into anything she wished. She was literally a born entertainer, tasked with delivering her hive whimsy and spectacle. She was very talented.

Struck by her cash potential, Steve bought her from her hive and brought her to Earth, where she was signed to the Solar label. Three albums and billions of cryptocoins later, MOQ became a household name in pods, dens, and camps across the universe. She was the industry's first intergalactic superstar.

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