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Post by Kasai Uchiha » Sat Sep 09, 2017 8:32 am


(Kiki using her heated metal body to make waffles <3 )
P e r s o n a l

Name: KiKi
Build: She got a lil muscle.
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 180 lbs
Skin: Peachy!
Eyes: Gold.
Hair: Black, short, and wild with colorful highlights.
Attire: She looks like some punk raver that went to the 80s to take back their fashion sense and then time traveled back to the present. Face mask, tattoos, leather wear, and spikes in random places.

B a t t l e

Innate: You know how Wolverine has metal in his bones and stuff? Kiki has a similar thing, except it makes up most of her insides. She could be described as a cyborg except everything is still organic. How does that work?! Well, it is all because of the power of magnetism and her born unusual capabilities. Her body has an unusual attraction to metal of all kinds. She cannot get mercury, iron poisoning, ya know the stuff that would kill a normal person! This unusual power makes her denser than she seems, but it gives her good resilence, too. She has grown to the point of doing very sick things to her internal organs, like splitting her organs into two, self pacing her own heart, and stuff like giving her literal iron lungs or muscles. It's so cool! Majority of the time, she is covered in metal, which transforms her down to a cellular level.

Primary: Kiki is an electromagnetism manipulator. She can control and create electromagnetism with great ease. The reason metal is in her body is because she has attuned it with her powers to enhance her bodily defense. Her power over electromagnetism is mystical, and as such its power can interact and fend against non physical powers.

She can perform the following with use of her electromagnetism:
  • electromagnetic attacks that are composed of fields of force and/or electricity. Examples are spheres of attacking fields, barriers to protect her from attacks, creating lightning bolts, and other creative uses.
  • She can affect any metal all the way down to its molecules. She is capable of morphing and changing it around. This gives her a side effect of being able to affect technology due to a lot of it being made of metal and, lo and behold, running on electricity! You should see the way she can rip a train car in half!
  • manipulate objects with a telekinesis style movement by honing into their electromagnetic fields. The greater their fields are, the easier it is to manipulate, which is why metal and electricity are the easiest for her. This also feeds into affecting the gravity fields around people, allowing her to increase or lessen their weight. She actually can use this power to fly herself around like a regular Supergirl!
  • She can see electromagnetic fields, visualizing them in rays and different colors. She can even view wavelengths not possible by normal human eyes, such as radiation, radio waves, x rays, even the ultraviolet spectrum by tuning her vision.
  • This one's a lot more dangerous of an ability, but very applicable when used right. She can affect and manipulate gamma, radio, ultraviolet, light and similar waves to create radiation of various kinds, or to distort their forms in the real world. This gives her an ample amount of creativity to utilize.
Secondary: She can dislocate her joints. It is likely cause of her body's unusual traits.
Tertiary: ---

A r m o r y

Name: Face Mask
Description: It's a raver face mask. Neon colored and works great at warehouse raves! It can filter the air, too. Some say it hides a secret behind it...
Function: Face Mask things.

Name: Leather Wear
Description: She wears a leather top, suspenders, shorts, long gloves, and boots. All studded and all spiked. It can take a beating so no easy nudity, boys~ <3
Function: Keep her naughty bits wrapped in tight bits.

Name: Steel Tube Shaped Large Five Foot Thing On Her Back
Description: It holds up to five pounds of iron dust!
Function: It holds up to five pounds of iron dust!

Name: Electric Guitar
Description: An awesome electrical guitar that works without having to be plugged into an amp or an electrical socket. Because Kiki comes with both on her own.
Function: To rock out and other nefarious activities.

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