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Magnolia Caroti

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Magnolia Caroti

Post by AuditorAnna » Mon Feb 12, 2018 6:05 am

Have you ever thought to yourself, "This situation needs a bard."? No? Well that's a shame because as soon as Magnolia learned about the Collective she made it her duty to sing in every tavern, play in every court, and enjoy every delicacy the many universes had to offer.

She is just bland enough to fade into the background but just interesting enough to be spared a glance. There is no other way to describe the way she seems to simply appear. Where once there was an empty chair, now sits a woman playing a lute with a gentle smile on her face. She could be described as pretty. She could also be described as ugly. However, never enough of either to warrant any reaction other than an appreciative noise of her gentle strumming.

Magnolia is clever and always seeking the opportunity to prove it. In her professional life she is a side piece, something to clap at, nothing more than a simple decoration. She acts politely, bows accordingly, and listens as well as any bard does. She is in the business of information after all so it is important for her to only be background noise amongst the conversations of trade dealings, rumors of affairs, and talks of anarchy. In her personal life, though, she is fun loving and known to let loose a laugh more akin to squawking bird than a gentle giggle. A heavy drinker, and an even heavier eater, she takes up more space than is seemly impossible. Her limbs move on their own: to touch, to pull, to lift. She is life of the party and will not be ignored.

She was in a noble's court providing the music for a drinking session when she heard talk of a stirring in the woods. There were creatures hiding in the woods, everyone knew, but these men seemed to be talking of something more bizarre. In hushed and hurried whispers they discussed a light shining in the woods but when someone sought it out they would find only darkness. Magnolia sealed this away for a investigation at a later date only to have the mystery thrust upon her on her travel home. Following the sound of laughter and clicking mugs, she strayed from the path and into the deep forest. However, instead of finding a group of travelers enjoying an evening drink she found the rumored light. It was bright like a star had crashed into a tree and loud like if there was a group yelling right in front her but she couldn't see them. Thinking to herself that there is no fortune without risk, Magnolia touched it with a single finger. This is how she found the Collective.

Skilled Musician: Magnolia can pick up any instrument and know how to play it after only a few minutes of watching it.

Bat Ears: Crafted over years of learning how to listen to private conversations over the sound of her lute, Magnolia has amazing hearing. Nothing superpower like but if a twig snapped near her she would definitely hear it.

Lover to Assassin She is skilled at seducing a target and killing them when they are at their most vulnerable. Again, nothing superpower like. Her weapons is her words.


Her trusty lute and a knife to slip through the ribs of any would be attacker.

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