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Nexus OOC Guidelines

Rather than delete old topics when they die or get too long and need to be remade, they will be moved here. Topics will locked but members are welcome to read them. Requests to have a topic restored can me made to any admin or moderator or posted in Help and Feedback.
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Nexus OOC Guidelines

Post by Gideon » Tue Apr 07, 2015 7:53 am

Nexus OOC Guidelines
Any RP that involves your Forum Persona's and/or takes place within the Realms of the Collective will go here. You can create any character for use within the Persistent World in these RPs. Please remember that your RP's must adhere to the rules of the forum, including the new Mature rankings (place an [M] in your RP title and within your first post, give a brief outline as to why it is mature, i.e. [M] - Contains violence, swearing, sexual themes.)

These RPs will not be considered cannon (World Driving) unless first approved by a Moderator.
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