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Fan Fiction Guidelines

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Fan Fiction Guidelines

Post by Gideon » Sun Nov 30, 2014 1:11 am

Fan Fiction Guidelines

All work submitted in the "Fan Fiction" category must be your original work. In the "Fan Fiction" category, please post what book, movie, anime, etc. you'll be writing about and please enclose a disclaimer at the footer of the post. For example, "I do not own the characters of Lord of the Rings - All rights are reserved for J.R.R. Tolkien". The staff at The RPG Collective take intellectual property laws very seriously and if copyright is violated in any way, consequences will follow. Yes, the staff do checks for copyright violations.

Posts must be at least two (2) paragraphs in length, each consisting of at least five (5) lines. Please try to make the posts longer so that people who read your stories may enjoy them.

If a story or poem has foul language, suggestive scenes, violence or other mature themes, please add "Mature Themes - " and the type of theme to the post title For example, if a story was to be submitted dealing with any kind of addiction, it may be posted as "My Story: Mature Themes - Drug References.

Do not post in a thread that is not your own. If you have any reviews or comments on a particular piece of work to give to the author, PM them. However, please do not mass PM them. Likewise, if you are an author and are receiving pointless, or rude, PM's from someone, please contact the forum moderator or site administrator via PM with the details. Please include a copy of the PM(s) you received.
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