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The Non-Genre OOC Guidelines

Rather than delete old topics when they die or get too long and need to be remade, they will be moved here. Topics will locked but members are welcome to read them. Requests to have a topic restored can me made to any admin or moderator or posted in Help and Feedback.
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The Non-Genre OOC Guidelines

Post by Gideon » Sun Nov 30, 2014 12:47 am

The Non-Genre OOC Guidelines

This section is for all those OOC topics that you don't yet have a specific genre for, but you wish to gather members interest. Once you have decided which genre you wish to use you will need to contact the mod of this section or a global to move your thread. Any thread left here will be deleted if not in use. If you wish to make a new, official OOC in the proper genre, you can do that as well. You will still need to notify the section mod here to remove your thread.

There are some of you with duel threads or multi RP OOC topics that span more than one genre. You may keep your topics here.

Remember, this is only for those that do not have a specific genre in mind. If you're just looking for players then you still post in the proper genre. DO NOT post here if you know what genre you are using. This is only if you do not know.
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