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[SS] A Walk With Lupa

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[SS] A Walk With Lupa

Post by Ruler_of_Wolves » Sun Aug 05, 2018 8:13 pm

Alone in these woods I wonder. I do not feel pull of the hunt, or the pain of hunger. Boredom is my only companion on this ordinary day. It is the pain of the immortals, that we must walk with Boredom, and play with death. I could indulge myself on the ritual of the hunt, but it is not like my kind to waste such precious things. I could amuse myself within the company of my kind, but I am tired today of them dying. I wish I could wander into the city and see all that my son has built, but I know I would not be welcome within it’s streets. I may be the celebrated with festivals, arts, and even money shows my form, but they do not want a wolf in their city. I am the mother of Rome, but today I do not seek its company. I wish for another to strike down this fit of boredom.

It was their smell that alerted me to their presence. It was like nothing I have ever smelt before, strange, not from this land. That smell compelled my body to follow it. I silently tracked it with all the poise of my kind, until I could hear them. The way they spoke was even more peculiar than their scent. I carefully stalked forward through the foliage, into the dark underbrush where I could see them but I could not be seen. I was surprised by their uniformity, they worked like the Roman Legions. Even for oddly dressed outlanders, I was impressed with their discipline and work ethic. As I watched I could already feel Curiosity filling the hole Boredom had built.

“Who wonders these woods so foolishly? What is this pack I see before me? Are you fiends that I must feast upon, or have I found myself with company?” I called out to them in a slow, meticulous, manner, letting them ponder my words. Ah what an exciting day this had turned out to be!
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Re: [SS] A Walk With Lupa

Post by The_Legion_Ex » Sun Aug 05, 2018 9:20 pm


[The Woods]

[Entry 1]

Expedition begins. I have sent a small division to accompany me. We are now checking for any time-space anomalies.

The woods are silent, currently no signs of higher life-forms, other than ourselves. Recon unit heading towards the front. Large rock spotted, potential source of marble. Let us get the marble. Let us approach, with the assistance of the recon unit.

[Entry 2]

A voice has halted our advance towards the rock, wondering who we exactly are. As far as recalled, we have introduced ourselves as our usual business name, the 'F Corps'. It appeared to have said two separate statements then, a threat to eat us and an offer to accompany us. We suggested to the voice that the latter is highly recommended.

...... Let us take a few steps to the marble..... And... There. We are slightly closer to the rock than before. Closer to success.
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