Secret War: Upon Blood Sands Mature Themes- lots of violence, some gore, swearing, all the good stuff

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Re: Secret War: Upon Blood Sands Mature Themes- lots of violence, some gore, swearing, all the good stuff

Post by Adrassil » Wed Feb 20, 2019 1:13 pm

'You did it Karmen,' said Tathe turning to the psyker. She didn't respond but kept stepping, due to the servos of her power armour Tathe was sure. A chill blasted through Tathe, he hoped he hadn't got her killed. He met the gaze of the nearby Vark and pointed to Karmen. Vark nodded and began to approach her. With deft hands he took off her helmet and Tathe felt a shiver of shock through him as he saw the blood which coated her face from the nose down. Vark felt her pulse.

'She's alive, unconscious, but alive,' said the stormtrooper. 'I will call up a medic.'

Tathe nodded.

It was then the Greater Daemon of Khorne smashed amongst its servants with the force of a bomb. It hit the hill about fifty metres to the left of the Imperial advance, crushing countless Resurrected under its huge bulk, all they could do was cry out being too packed in to even attempt to get out of the way. Then it rolled and crashed down the hill, throwing up what must've been tons of sand into the air in its wake. Its roars and bellows as it rolled and rolled were...surprisingly human, Tathe could hear, pain, anger, but most of all, and most surprisingly...embarrassment or humiliation. Half a second later its wings fell amidst the Resurrected, crushing even more.

Tathe's attention was torn from the fallen daemon by the familiar, throaty barking of a bolter to see a Space Marine of the Raven Guard standing amongst the Resurrected, his shots scything through them, exploding heads and torsos into red mist and chunks. Any Resurrected unfortunate to get close would be treated to the heel of the Space Marine's boot or the butt of his bolter. The Marine threw out a round kick which sent three Resurrected flying away completely broken, before decapitating another with a flick of his knife.

The Sovrithans, Dantian included, bellowed, 'KALAKOR! KALAKOR!' And exploded into fighting on with breathtaking fervour.

How had this Kalakor got down here? Had he somehow ridden the daemon down? That was the only explanation Tathe could think of.

Finally the daemon came to a halt by smashing against the tower with such force the reinforced rockcrete cracked outward like an instantly built spider web. The Bloodthirsters hoofed feet were flung up almost comically. The daemon was far from dead, but Tathe had never seen such...a creature be brought so low and so humiliatingly.

A thought struck Tathe and he looked back to Kalakor and his slaughter. Had the Raven Guard used just that knife to cut through the daemon's wing? The knife may have been a short sword for a mortal, but for an astartes it was well...a knife.

Even with all his weight, strength and momentum from the fall that shouldn't have been possible, Attelus less so due to wielding a powersword, let alone a mastercrafted one-

The roar of engines drew Tathe's gaze upward and to the Guncutter as it hovered about fifty metres above.

'Air support is here,' said a melodic, arrogant voice over the voxlink. 'Allow me to lend some hands to your effort commissar. Or shots, to be more accurate. A frig ton of them.' The deafening cacophony of heavy bolters and lascannons tore an incredible fusillade through the massed ranks of the Resurrected. Almost instantly tearing a huge, straight gouge toward the tower's entrance.

Tathe raised his sword and swiped it down. 'Advance!' he roared.

As the Imperials, now running high on morale, moved onward, Tathe caught a glimpse of the lone, grey parachute falling and weaving toward the Bloodthirster as it was snarling and snorting and writhing the remnants of its wings, it seemed to shake its gigantic head to regain its equilibrium, another strange human-like mannerism.

Attelus wasn't...He couldn't be...

Kalakor had also moved a fair ways towards the daemon by then, slaying and slaying all in his way with inhuman ease.

'By the Golden frigging throne,' Tathe managed and pointed. 'Provide that insane little fool cover fire now, frig you!'

Attelus hoped the daemon's fall would be enough to restrict enemy attention away from him and his parachute.

And by the Emperor it seemed to have worked, no las fire or anything flew his way. Not yet, anyway. Nonetheless he still zigzagged down like sergeant Starkeren of Enandra's Stormtrooper corpse had taught him.

But in all honesty, this whole frigging insane scheme shouldn't have worked in the first place. He'd known the second it'd started how the Bloodthirster had stopped rising, but had tried to ignore it. Not just that but she hadn't just stalled its flight but, perhaps, even managed to pin back the daemon's limbs. He'd been callous towards it, but he couldn't afford to be, it was the corruption getting to him. It was the corruption making him take such insane risks. It was the corruption causing him to feel the rush of battle more than ever before. He needed, needed to regain control of himself.

Yet now here he was, about to fight a greater daemon, he'd regained control but it was too late to back down now.

Attelus unclipped his harness about two metres off the ground and dropped. One Resurrected, a Sovrithian, looked up at the shadow growing over him just in time to take Attelus' feet in his face, his neck snapping with a crack which somehow overrode the chaotic cacophony of battle everywhere around.

The man was flung onto his back and Attelus' power sword sliced twice to take the heads off two others. He hit the ground and ducked a cultist's whining chainsword a split second later. Attelus' diagonal slice went from the attacker's hip then out his shoulder.

Another cultist swung down a chain axe which Attelus sidestepped. Before the cultist's axe even hit the sand, Attelus' round-house kick smashed the Resurrected's ribs into splinters and as the cultist was flung off his feet, Attelus turned his round-house kick into a side-kick into the cultist's face.

Attelus sliced through the chest of a Velrosian as she drew back her bayonet to stab, then reversed the cut to slash a Marangerian stomach open.

He fought the urge to laugh, he fought it far harder than he fought and killed the Resurrected coming for him. They seemed to be turning all their attention for him, as through the hive mind leading them knew he was the one who came up with the plan which laid their champion so low. Or for billions of other conjectures Attelus didn't even want to start speculating on. That was good, the more pressure on him meant, perhaps, less on the Imperial advance But they couldn't bring their numbers to bear on him as Imperial covering fire swathed through them, mostly focused for enemy ranged fighters and Bloodletters. Attelus was just glad that Tathe had seen him, as he hoped he would. But even so, sooner rather than later, he'd be overwhelmed if something didn't happen. He briefly wondered if he'd become one of them, if Faleaseen's owning of his soul would make him immune. He hoped so, as the Resurrected version of himself would slice a bloody, bloody swathe through his friends and allies.

Bolter fire turned at least a dozen of the Resurrected advancing on him into clouds of blood and bone chips.

In the next split second Kalakor was advancing by Attelus' side, firing his bolter from the hip. Attelus couldn't help hiss a curse beneath his breath: in his enthusiasm he'd forgotten to grab some sort of automatic gun from the Guncutter which would've proved invaluable now.

'Took you long enough,' said Attelus as he drew his autopistol and added his pitiful shots to Kalakor's.

Kalakor's reply was lost as the Bloodthirster's roar eclipsed every other sound and it climbed to its hooves. Its hate filled cylindrical eyes were plastered on Attelus and Kalakor, its snarling snout rippled and blood tinged saliva drooped from its yellow teeth.

The familiar ice hot tentacles of fear sprouted from Attelus' heart and throughout his entirety. Yet he welcomed it, embraced it like a lover her hadn't seen in an eternity. It'd seemed he hadn't realised its absence until now. Attelus knew fear more intimately than any other human he knew. He knew fear was one of the most important facets of being human. Perhaps it was his earlier moment of self-awareness which brought him back from the brink? Perhaps...perhaps it wasn't blind faith or even a severe level of willpower which was the anathema to corruption? But it was the wisdom of knowing oneself?

Despite the onrush of fear Attelus stood his ground.

Then the Bloodthirster sent out its whip for Attelus and Kalakor, stretching the one hundred or so metres between it and them in a millisecond and slicing through the dozens of Resurrected in the way...

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Re: Secret War: Upon Blood Sands Mature Themes- lots of violence, some gore, swearing, all the good stuff

Post by Adrassil » Sun Mar 10, 2019 5:10 am

Jelket now advanced with the rest of the throne agents. They surrounded Karmen in an escort formation as Halsin tried his best to treat Kamen's wounds as they jogged down the hill in the middle of the Imperial Guard ranks. Jelket's, Vark's and Helma's Hellguns as well as Hayden's longlas were dedicated in their firing arcs in taking down the daemons, while everyone else held their shots back. But even still their ammo was nearing empty.

He tried his very best to keep his attention away from the breathtaking battle going on between Attelus, Kalakor and the daemon.

And he tried to fight the tears in his eyes.

'Battle' was too stronger word as it was impossible for his eyes to follow, but he didn't have to see it to know all they were doing was holding it off. Sacrificing themselves for the Imperials advance.

'Get a hold of yourself, Jelket,' snarled Vark.

Vark's words did anything but as the tears poured unbidden down his face.

'For frig's sake,' said Vark.

'We should help them,' said Jelket. 'We can't let them face alone.'

'Don't be stupid,' said Vark. 'Don't be frigging stupid! We can't fight against that and besides...'

'Besides what, Vark?'

Vark's reply was just a grimace.

Jelket repeated his question.

'Just shut it, you idiot,' said Vark.

'Show Jelket some respect, Vark,' snapped Helma.

'What? You standing up for your boyfriend, Helma? Or you just letting yourself get controlled by sentiment for that shit Attelus? Screw you, the Imperium of Mankind isn't what it is today because of sentiment.'

'And it's a shitty hell hole,' said Torris. 'Maybe it could use a little more sentiment.'

'Frig you,' said Vark. 'You dare you question the God-Emperor's vision? I should shoot you for heresy. Leave them. Leave that idiot to his fate. You hate him too, Torris why are you standing up for him?'

Torris sighed. 'Believe me, Vark. I find Attelus obnoxious, that there's something wrong with him and leaving him and the Space Marine is...logical, but...'

'But what?'

'I-I don't know. I don't want to help, but I don't know...'

'I-I don't want to fight that thing,' squeaked Delathasi. 'I really don't.'

'Why are we even debating this?' said Vark. 'Stop talking, and keep moving!'

'W-we can't-' said Jelket.

'Frig in hell, Jelket,' said Hayden. 'That...boy has just made mistake after mistake after mistake. He manipulated us into working with Xenos. He is responsible for the deaths of billions, an entire world. He's insane, he thinks he's some kind of immortal, he deserves this.'

'Wait? What?' said Halsin.

'You're just pissed you weren't the one who led this mission, Hayden,' said Helma.

'Frig you,' said Hayden. 'You frigging bitch. And frigging right I should have been put in charge!'

'No you shouldn't have,' said Verenth. 'Because you're an arsehole.'

There was a long pause and Hayden's pale face turned bright red.

Verenth didn't wait for a response as he began pushing his way toward the fight.

'Where in the God-Emperor's name are you going?' said Vark.

'Where the hell do you think I'm going, genius?' said Verenth over his shoulder.

'You're just going to get in the damn way,' growled Hayden.

Verenth ignored him.

Jelket smiled and was the first to follow. Then it was Helma, Torris and Delathasi.

'You won't do anything,' said Vark. 'You're throwing away your lives!'

'An Emperor botherer like you should know,' said Helma. 'Only in death does duty end.'

'I'm going too,' said another familiar female voice which echoed with strength and authority and Jelket turned to see Karmen had regained consciousness. Her bright blue eyes intense against her blood smeared face, her bolter unclasped from her power armour and in hand. 'I cannot use my powers now but I can sure as hell lend my firepower to the effort.'

'And I can't let my patient go alone without my help,' said Halsin.

'Y-you're nuts,' said Hayden in the strongest outburst of emotion Jelket had ever witnessed from the sniper and it caused him to hesitate in his step. 'This plane... it's getting to you!'

'No,' said Jelket. 'Its getting to you, Hayden. And Vark, too. So screw the both of you. Attelus maybe far from perfect, but he's a good man and maybe one day, he'll be a great one and after everything he's done and been through he deserves our respect and maybe...admiration. So, good luck in storming that damned tower. Good bye and good frigging luck.'

With that he turned and began running toward his certain death without even a split second of hesitation.

Tathe's voxbead crackled to life in his ear and Karmen's voice came through.

'As you may have guessed commissar, I am awake. You and your men may run for the objective.'

'Sir!' said Dellenger, pointing and Tathe turned to see that most of the throne agents were running away from the rest of the advance. Straight for the ludicrously fast melee between Attelus, the Space Marine and the daemon.

'What in the damned warp are you doing?'

'We are helping Attelus,' said the psyker. 'We cannot let him and Kalakor fight that Bloodthirster alone!'

Despite already assuming this, Tathe still couldn't help drop his jaw.


'Do not worry about us. Just get you and your men to the tower.'

Tathe couldn't find a response, he never imagined that agents of the Inquisition could be capable of such camaraderie.

Or such foolishness.

'Don't go! We might need you-'

'This might be the last time we speak, commissar. The Emperor protects, Tathe,' said Karmen then she cut the link.

He couldn't help let out a growling curse through clenched teeth, but he decided not to argue anymore.

'Go! Go! For Sovrith! For Elbyra! For the Emperor!' he yelled, sword held aloft as the Guncutter overhead slaughtered all in their way from above and he and his fellows ran into Emperor only knew what was waiting for them in that cursed tower.

It was almost impossible to believe, but it was reality, here he was fighting perhaps the most dangerous creature of all, Attelus didn't know what a Bloodletter was but he had a good idea of what a Bloodthirster was. After his utter defeat at his father's hand, he shouldn't have been so ready to engage such a horrid monster and yet here he was dodging, darting, weaving and sometimes being forced to subtly parry its constant, constant barrage of blows. Everyone of them more than capable of smashing him into paste with even the smallest touch. Desperate fear and adrenaline thumped through his every millimetre. His every breath burst through his oesophagus out of his mouth with such force it felt like he was breathing out a lung. And they exploded between his ears it was like a bolter firing right beside his skull.

Through this utter chaos of struggling to survive split second after split second Attelus had completely lost track of Kalakor. He hoped the Space Marine was still alive. He hoped Kalakor had some way to defeat it.

Attelus could never defeat it, not in a million years, to last even this long, however the hell long this was, was amazing in itself.

Then something happened, the daemon let out a laugh and somehow it was more horrid than all its roars combined.

'You are a tenacious little perpetual, are you not?' it said, the daemon's voice echoed with rage and bloodlust, but yet...yet it sounded almost friendly, affable and spoke with an intellectuality which took Attelus off guard. But what took him off guard even more was that the daemon had stopped in its assault.

And that he no longer stood upon blood sands, but in a bright white void of nothingness.

Unable to reply as he struggled for breath, Attelus bent over, hands on his knees. But his gaze was locked on the huge daemon as it towered over him.

It smiled. 'I am Kharkartskar, the voice of my lord and master, the greatest god of all, Khorne. And upon his behalf. I merely wish to speak to you, little perpetual.'

Her bolter blasting, Karmen stopped in her advance, her jaw dropping and Kalakor seemed to reel back.

The Bloodthirster and Attelus, had gone.

Disappeared into nothingness.

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Re: Secret War: Upon Blood Sands Mature Themes- lots of violence, some gore, swearing, all the good stuff

Post by Adrassil » Fri Mar 15, 2019 7:39 pm

'What?' said Attelus.

The daemon smiled or at least it may have been a smile. ' ultimatum to be more precise. You can either pledge you allegiance to the blood god, or I will just slaughter you and you will become his servant either way.'


Kharkartskar shrugged. 'If you give your soul it will allow Him to grant you strength. Did you ever wonder why it was always cultists that could match you? That received his blessings?'

'No...not really. I was...too busy trying not to die.'

Attelus couldn't help wonder, why in hell was he treating with this abomination?

The daemon's snarling maw grimaced.

'Then you are a fool.'

Attelus just shrugged.

'You may be a fool but you do not mindlessly worship that corpse-like rest of your kind.'

'I worship no one and nothing,' said Attelus, defiance echoed through the white void despite the fear throughout him and the bemusement. 'And I prefer it stays that way.'

Much to Attelus' surprise, the daemon let out a chuckle as dry as the desert. 'Even if you will be given the power necessary to defeat your father?'

Attelus didn't reply.

'Even if you will be treated to a lifetime of slaughter? To be free from the constraints of your Imperium and free to kill and kill and kill. You enjoy killing-'

'I don't enjoy killing, daemon. Don't presume to know me.'

'Oh but I do, little perpetual. The warp knows you. Knows you better than you know yourself. You are a murderer through and through. You fight nought for the anathema nor the foolish, transient realm which you call The Imperium of Mankind. You merely fight to sate your bloodlust. For the joy of the fight. To test your martial prowess against a worthy opponent. Is that correct?'

Attelus couldn't help grimace as the words kind of swept through his mind.

'I fight to bring Etuarq to justice,' said Attelus. 'To make sure his conspiracy is ended!'

'And if you pledge your allegiance to my master, he will make sure you have the necessary power to accomplish that.'


The daemon laughed again. 'You do not still think that he is in service to us? You truly are a fool. He is our enemy as much as he is yours. But that is just your ulterior motive. Once all have joined under my master's sway they will leave unto the stars and spread slaughter and the Blood god's blessing and with you at the fore as His mortal champion!'

Despite everything, Attelus couldn't help scoff as he began to circle the daemon and it started to circle in turn. 'Champion? If your "god" knows me more than I know myself: it'd know that I'm a shit leader to say the very least.'

'Champion and leader are not the same thing, fool. The former general, Tathe will act as the army's commander as well as his son, the commissar.'

Attelus straightened. 'Will they be immortal out there, too?'

'No,' said the daemon and Attelus hoped it would elaborate, but it said nothing more.

'So, if I pledge my allegiance now; I will be given enough strength to kill my father, right here? Right now?'

Kharkartskar grimaced and the remnants of its wings kicked out in what may've been irritation. 'I explained that already. Your father humiliated you, defeated you with contemptuous ease. Wouldn't you love to inflict such agony upon him? Crave it?

Attelus' cheek twitched, in all honesty, he did, he really really did. That bastard deserved it and more.

'All He wants is that you forever provide skulls for his skull throne and constantly spill blood to sate his never-ending thirst. And maybe Khorne will provide you with some much-needed intellect as well.'

Attelus shrugged. 'With respect, daemon, this is a rather large decision I have to make so I have to make sure to confirm everything.'

The daemon laughed, a roar of bloodlustful mirth. 'I suppose that is fair enough. So, what say you?'

'Farseer Faleaseen already has my soul, daemon. It isn't mine to give.'

'Indeed she does. The utter stench of that witch's magic radiates off you. But she is nothing compared to my master as He will wrench away your soul for himself as easily as a mortal takes a breath. You will gain power beyond imagining, maybe power enough to one day defeat me. Give yourself unto Him, or I will make you.'

'Hmm, why is Etuarq such a threat to you and your all mighty master?'

Kharkartskar sighed. 'That you do not need to know. You will know all when you give yourself to Him, that I assure you, little perpetual.'

'Do you know where Etuarq is, then?'

A roar bellowed out of Kharkartskar's maw and he sent his whips screaming for Attelus. Attelus danced aside all of it and reactivated his powersword.

'I'll take that as a no, then,' said Attelus.

'You test my patience fool,' said Kharkartskar. 'And you do not wish to test it further. That I assure you.'

'Oh, I believe you,' said Attelus. 'But I feel that is the only complete truth you've said so far, Kharkartskar. Well, beside something else...'

The daemon grimaced. 'What else?'

'You said "us"' said Attelus.

Kharkartskar growled through his razor-sharp teeth. 'What? Stop wasting time, fool!'

'You said, "you do not still think that he is in service to us." It isn't just your master involved in this, is it? But the other...things, too. What could make Etuarq such a threat to force you to join forces?'

'It is not just Etuarq,' said Kharkartskar. 'It is not just him. Something else lingers. It is...'

Kharkartskar shook himself and grimaced in obvious distaste. 'Foreseen.'

'W-What else lingers?'

'Enough!' bellowed Kharkartskar, while stomping a hoof toward Attelus and swiping down his huge axe. 'Renounce your foolish loyalty to the eldar witch and the corpse which you so insist on calling "Emperor." Kneel before Khorne and receive His blessings and all will be revealed to you. Do it now!'

Attelus grinned.

'W-where did they go?' said Karmen as she and the rest finally managed to fight their way to stand beside Kalakor.

'"Where did they go, lord," said the Space Marine, his attention was fixated on where Attelus and the daemon had disappeared as his body seemed to slaughter any enemy nearing enemy like it was on autopilot.

Karmen couldn't help sigh and roll her eyes. 'Where did they go...Lord?'

Jelket and the others spread out to set up a perimeter

'Hmm,' said Kalakor as he magnetised his bolter to his hip and reached out a huge hand as if to touch the sky. 'That was sorcery.'

'S-sorcery? I sensed nothing. I thought the servants of the Blood god hated sorcery.'

'Exactly,' said Kalakor. 'You are a psyker, a powerful one, but you have not delved into the art of sorcery.'

Karmen pouted, unwilling to admit that she had used sorcery to implant the seeds in the minds of Taryst's men which allowed her to read their thoughts easier. Then later control them to use as cannon fodder against the Space Marines invading their base.

'And what? You have?' she said.

'I have,' said Kalakor as his thumb curled and seemed to tear into reality like it was made of parchment. 'I have indeed.'

'What! Do! You! Mean! No?' Kharkartskar screamed.

'It means what it means, daemon,' said Attelus.

'You are faithless! You are a heretic in their eyes, yet you still insist to pledge your allegiance to them and their foolish Imperium?'

'No,' said Attelus. 'I would rather just defeat my father and his master on my own merits, I've already been just given enough strength. Besides, I would be betraying the faith of my friends and comrades and I will never do that. Never.'

"Given" was too stronger a word, Attelus neglecting to mention the utter, utter agony he had to endure to gain his enhanced strength, speed and reflexes.

'Then you really are a fool!'

'Am I? Am I really? I don't know, selling my soul to chaos seems pretty frigging foolish to me,' said Attelus. 'Anyway, if it doesn't truly matter whether I pledge my soul to him. Then why haven't you killed me, yet?'

'I already-'

'Those rules seem...superfluous. Too limiting for what you call a "god," daemon,' said Attelus. 'It might be somewhat true due the evidence, but the "evidence" could just be a clever ruse. A...manipulation and you have already hinted that it isn't just your master involved in this.'

Kharkartskar didn't reply, just watched Attelus as he circled.

'You know what I think,' said Attelus. 'I think that I have to pledge myself to...Him or else my perpetual soul is immune to becoming His. I'd rather turn my...less than good side to something constructive. To be its master and not let it master me. So screw you and screw your frigging god.'

Attelus' was off footed as the daemon suddenly threw back its head and bellowed out a laugh. 'Maybe I was wrong, maybe you are not a fool. Or less of a fool than we had thought. You are correct in your observations, little perpetual.'

Kharkartskar clapped a slow, contemptuous clap with his gnarled, curled claw hand on the handle of his whip. 'Ahh but you neglected something. This place along with the...manipulation was a gift from Tzeentch. This place is a realm created by him, a prison to entrap a soul...a perpetual soul. Forever. If only you had given yourself to Khorne, then you would have been spared this fate.'

A fate worse than death, Glaitis' voice echoed through Attelus' head.

Cold fear beyond the point of freezing grew throughout Attelus. His teeth clenched together so hard it felt like they'd fused. Why hadn't the daemon told him this before? But something within Attelus screamed Kharkartskar was telling the truth.

The sound of cracking came and the daemon's and Attelus' attention snapped to its source. A few metres away the white was slowly, slowly tearing asunder.

'That would be your "friends",' said Kharkartskar. 'But their effort is for nothing, you will be long dead before they penetrate the veil.'

Then Kharhartskar was on Attelus, the huge axe smashing down for him.

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