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Re: [IC] A Journey through Space and Time!

Posted: Sun Jun 24, 2018 1:59 am
by Fireynay
Nay stared dumbly out of the window throughout the whole journey home, she was too tired to concentrate on anything but keeping herself awake long enough to make it to her room. Although all her injuries had been healed thanks to Lumeus, a dull ache persisted in her arm and she held it close to her chest protectively.

While Red's blatant disregard for the secrecy required so as to not alarm the human would normally have horrified Nay, she barely noticed, giving no outward sign that she had even noticed other than a slight furrowing of her brow. The tension exacerbated her pounding headache though, so it lasted barely a second before disappearing again. As soon as the car stopped Nay stumbled out. Without a backwards glance she headed back to her room where she flopped on to her bed fully dressed and immediately fell in to a deep sleep.

Re: [IC] A Journey through Space and Time!

Posted: Sun Jun 24, 2018 6:50 am
by Moccasin
Moccasin, Rick

MOQ sighed as she settled into her bath, rose petals with lavender and coconut milk. “You spoil me, Crimson.”

“Anything for you, girlfriend *sassy finger snap*.”

As the ship’s robotic voice left her chambers, MOQ laid her head back on the backboard, her hand hanging lazily over the edge of the tub. The day had been a whirl. She hadn’t fought like that in ages and she was a little rusty. Years of private security had made her weak, though she’d scarcely admit it. At one point she trained to be a warrior, a specialist eager to enter the battle against the Green Hive. After the assassination of her Princess, she could’ve died for the cause.

That kind of life was galaxies away from her now. Dimensions and fractals separated her from her original purpose until she could no longer feel the pulse of the hive. It was almost as if she had become deaf from all the noise and the glamor of stardom, and now she lay mute in a pool of essential oils and regret.

“Right, I think I’m done being alone.” MOQ slipped on her bathrobe as the bath emptied, petals shriveling up as the incinerator burned off every trace other than the stale perfume of burnt roses. MOQ glanced around the room for her bunny slippers, before clicking her tongue and reaching under her bed for the twins. “There you are.”

For the next half-hour, she roamed around the ship, glancing at the walls and making little stories out of the marks. Eventually, she made her way to the lounge, the smell of sausage clashing with her perfume. She stared at Rick in the doorway, alone with his potato.

“Hey Red.”

Red looked up from the smorgasbord of food he was currently picking at; a nibble of prime rib, a bite of spiced sausage, a whole cracker slathered with goat cheese and apricot jelly, generally stuffing his face to distract from that gnawing feeling of guilt that had made its home in his chest ever since they left the mine. Now MOQ was here, probably about to give him a piece of her mind and he knew he would deserve it.

“You’re looking fresh, wanna eat?” Red motioned to the table of food with the hand holding his plate, a welcoming smile on his face and goat cheese in the corners of his mouth.

MOQ blinked, eyeing the schmutz on his face. His cheerfulness was suspicious, especially after what happened in the cave. However, ignoring her intuition, she merely smiled and grabbed a plate of cheese and crackers. “That was quite a fight down there, wasn’t it?" She pressed her lips together, pretending to inspect her food. “I’m glad we made it out alive,” she said with an uncharacteristic edge, giving him an odd smile. She walked over to Rick, her slippers making soft squeaking noises on the hard floor. “So… What’s the plan, Captain? Where we headed next?”

Red clenched his jaw; the Collectivites had been lucky to make it out alive. To go up against shadow version of Palacia and him was no small feat, especially since shadow Red had a better grasp of Quetzalcoatl’s power than Red. Someone could have died and it would have been on his head.

“I, uh, I don’t know, we’ll see when the rest get here. That hitchhiker we picked up might have somewhere interesting or else he’s getting thrown out of the airlock,” Red wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, his appetite suddenly vanishing.

Red placed his plate on the table and leaned back on the couch,” So, how did you do against shadow me?”

“I cut him into pieces.” MOQ grabbed a cracker from her plate delicately, savoring the goat cheese with an almost malicious crunch. “Do you trust him?”

“The hitchhiker I mean. How do we know he didn’t have anything to do with what happened at the cave? Dude with strange abilities just happens at the same site where we all get abducted by a shadow demon. A little sketchy, don’t you think?”

“If life has shown me anything, is that it’s unpredictable, but you’re right. After what happened I shouldn’t be so careless. He did help out, but we can always interrogate him. With our little group I'm sure we can find out exactly who he is, and if he proves to be trouble Crimson will blast his ass into space.”

“As long as you trust him.” MOQ glanced down at her getup. “Right, I’m going to take this beautiful goat cheese to my room and then I’m going to change.” The alien shuffled towards the doorway, before glancing back. “Don’t feel too bad, Rick. Days from now, it’ll just be a fun story we can look back on.”

Red chuckled in an attempt to hide his discomfort at the fact that MOQ had seen through him as she walked out of the lounge. He ran his hands through his hair and pressed the intercom button on his communicator.

“Foods getting cold, people, get your asses to the lounge.”

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Posted: Sun Jun 24, 2018 8:04 am
by Glassdoor
Lester stayed silent for the whole ride to the Crimson, thinking about what had happenned during their stay at the mines, idly examining his levitating tome's lock, pulling at it from time to time lightly. Strangely enough, Tommy didn't react to either, it didn't even do its usual levitating, simply lying on Librarian's lap.

Once they arrived at the ship, Lester drew the Library's Homing Rune on the floor (ignoring Crimson's loud protest) and, without saying a word, teleported into the Library. A short note appeared on the Rune right after, reading "If my attendance is needed, please stand in the middle of the circle."

"I need to make a decission, Tommy." Lester wandered along the Library's shelves with his hands behind his back. "It is clear that the definitive majority of the expedition's members far surpass my skills as a Librarian. All I did was create a protective bubble and provide a distraction. And after that I was useless." The tome hanged from the Librarian's belt, seemingly unresponsive, but Lester turned his gaze towards the book, wincing angrily. "Yes, I know that was not 'nothing'. But I cannot be caught off-guard like that! The amount of mana my body is able to hold is ridiculously small, compared to the Librarians before me! Remember Dexter Gladstone? He didn't even need to use spells! I need power, Tommy, and we both know how I can get it." Lester's movements became more and more rapid and chaotic. "Yes, I do realise that it is irreversible and the effects it has on one's mind! That's why I'm still having doubts." Lester stopped suddenly. "'Ask the others' you say? That... That might actually be a good idea. Yeah, I think I'll do that. But for now, I need to rest, Tommy. Bring me a flask of Rex's Relaxator, would ya?" The levitating tome disappeared with a silent puff as the Librarian sat on one of hundreds of comfy armchairs laying around in the Library.

Re: [IC] A Journey through Space and Time!

Posted: Sun Jun 24, 2018 10:40 am
by Sea Lion224
"I can't help it if I molt," Alexander countered, walking over to the table and grabbing a plate.
"I said, do you hear me?"
The ship's sharp tone made the bird flinch. He sighed, head bowed and shoulders slumped. "Yes, Crimson. Sorry."
"Much better. Thank you," she said firmly.
Placing a slice of bread on his plate, Alexander scooped some tuna and shredded cheddar cheese on it, then placed another slice on top. He added a sausage patty and some crackers smothered in peanut butter and put the plate on the table. Grabbing some silverware wrapped in a napkin, he placed it to the side. The bird headed over to sink and filled a plastic cup with cold water, before returning to the table and setting the drink down and sitting in a comfy armchair with a content sigh. After cutting his sandwich in half, he ate, cooing happily.

Re: [IC] A Journey through Space and Time!

Posted: Sun Jun 24, 2018 4:43 pm
by The_Legion_Ex
Omega L finally finishes his very short pause, following his way towards where everyone else is dining on. He immediately tracks the nearest available chair and casually sits on it, crossing his legs as if nothing happened. He managed to arrange his respective utensils in a formalized manner, just right before proceeding to get his own share of every type of food on the table, carefully and strategically selecting the perfect ratio of food and arranging them in an organized manner. He then looks around, and begins to eat while concealing his face from everyone present.

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Posted: Wed Jul 11, 2018 1:11 pm
by Cerulean
If anyone were to ask him why, Rich wouldn't really be able to give a satisfactory answer. He didn't realize that the day he would hop on a ship and go off planet would come so quickly. But here it was, as the young man stared up at the sky with blue eyes and shaky knees. You used to believe that space travel was out of his reach, along with easily throwing a bus the length of a football field. It still made him nervous, as he stood on top of his apartment building. His bags were packed and he was ready to go. Looking down, Rich wondered if what things that were packed are suitable for space. Hopefully his room had a bathroom, as well. As much as being around people made him happy, having a space of one's own was paramount. Not to mention he needed a place to put his stage face on. Tonight, however, it was already in place.

Then the young man just hoped he would be well liked. Thankfully, he had some new friends that were likely already on board. So the whole social things already had a handle on it. Taking in a deep breath, he flipped a switch in his jean pocket to start the broadcast to space.

It wasn't much. Just a call to the Collective in hopes that he would be beamed up by Scotty. - Something Something - "It's Rich." -Something Something- "I'm ready to rocket through space." -Something Something-

Scratching a head itch, Rich walked over to the edge and looked down at the street. He tried to take in all that he could. Just in case it was a long time before they were within sight again. The sounds of cars beeping and pedestrians doing god knows what to god knows who.

Actually maybe space is looking better by the minute.

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Posted: Tue Jul 24, 2018 2:34 am
by Rick
Cerulean, JDizzle, Rick

Red had come to find the constant buzzing and humming of Crimson’s systems comforting, especially when they were flying through the empty vastness of space. Growing up in the city had accustomed Red to having an uninterrupted stream of vehicular melodies; from police cars, fire trucks, ambulances, to the humble ice cream truck. Even at night, there was always the distant sound of cars, reminding him that the city was still alive, that civilization hadn’t simply disappeared. He had never gotten used to complete silence, which was one of the reasons Red always brought Benjie and Kiri with him, they didn’t know how to shut up. They always had something to say.

Both of his ship mates were currently busy talking and joking with the various Collectivites who kept coming into the lounge, some freshly bathed and others still in the clothes they had walked into the mines with. Red wasn’t participating in the multitude of lively discussions, instead he quietly sat on his chair and studied the room passively. Red had been coming and going from the Ark for years, yet he barely knew anyone. Nay, Legion, Lester, even MOQ who would occasionally travel with him and Palacia, it had been months before she mentioned her contractual issues to him. Red furiously scratched his chin, he was falling into it again, the thoughts, the whispers, that was the whole point of going on the road trip in the first place, to keep his mind at peace and distracted.

“Alright, where’s Oliver? He said something about having an interesting place to go to, let’s hear it.”

Oliver walked into the room and placed a device on the table in front of him. “This,” he began, “Is a device I picked up a while ago from a site where a meteor hit. Apparently it’s part of a communication device. It keeps on saying the same thing when I mess with it.”

“Find the Crimson and pay them as much as we can afford. Do not fail me.”

“At first I didn’t know what it meant, but since your ship is, well… literally named Crimson I figured if they are offering money it must be important.” he said, Then as though remembering something he added, “Earlier someone hacked into the frequency and sent a message saying they wanted to come with us. I have their coordinates right here!” He pulled out a piece of paper and handed it to Red.

Red took the device from Oliver with hesitation, MOQ’s words about trusting this stranger played in the back of his mind, she sounded like a know it all in his subconscious as well.

“Just give me a second, kid, you are dropping too much god damn information on me, this thing is a beacon asking for us? For Crimson? How the hell do you know it wants us? Also, I might have a problem with someone wanting to find my ship-”

“I’m not your ship, Red-”

“And what’s this business about wanting to pay us? For what? I charge a hefty fee for mercenary work, have you even checked where we are supposed to go to get this money, and what the flying hell do you mean someone wants to come with us? Have you told someone our location? Just who the fuck are you!” Red stood and towered over Oliver, jade colored sparks of energy crackling around his fingertips.

Red was annoyed, bothered, and he was taking it out on Oliver.

Oliver, on the other hand was calm and collected.

“Said his name was Rich, no I didn’t give away our position. What, do you think I am stupid? And it isn’t mercenary work as far as I can tell. The place it came from said it was a liquor transport. Something about paying us our weight in booze of our choice, or 40,000,000 Kell? Whatever the hell Kell are? As for who I am, I am a thief trained in acrobatics, lock picking and assassination, so I would appreciate it if you didn’t yell at me.”

Red clenched his jaw at the same moment that he grinned, contorting his face into a threatening visage,” Haha! You got some balls on ya, kid, and who the hell is Rich? Do you know how many Richs there are in the god damn multiverse? I’m just supposed to let any Rich into my ship like i’m a god damn mobile hotel!”

“I’m not your ship, Red, and I already beamed Rich into the ship.”

“Wh-WHAT!” Red bellowed as he grabbed Oliver by shoulders as if he was Crimson.

“Relax, dummy, it’s that Rich we met that’s a hero or something back on Earth 7771.”

“Oh, that guy, yeah, alright...what the hell is he doing out here?” Red absent mindedly asked Oliver as he pushed the thief aside and went over to the intercom,” Rich! Get your ass to the lounge, you should remember where it is.”

Before he knew it, face paint and all, he was standing in Rick’s space. It was a surreal experience being beamed in but it would certainly be a good story to tell later. Dusting himself off, incase of….space dander? Rich didn’t know but the voice of a friend pulls his attention abruptly. He made a mocking face at the speakerbox.

“Sounds good buddy, I brought some booze if you are looking to make more memories we won’t remember tomorrow.”

He chuckled warmly and started making his way to the lounge. Along the way, he made sure to give the ship a good friendly pat as hello to Crimson. The young man wasn’t sure how the ship was sentient but he figured an attempt at friendship wouldn’t at least be unwelcome. When he did arrive, it was all smiles.

“Well hello people!”

Oliver waved and said, “Hey Rich! Glad you could make it!” before the device he had given Red was triggered and a sound of, “I don’t care how you get the Crimson here! Just get them here! Double their pay if you have to!” came out of it.

“Well that sounds… profitable!” Oliver smirked.

After waving to Rich and pointing him over to the food on the table, telling him to help himself, Red scratched his chin pensively,” Alright, if you know Rich you can’t be that bad...and a liquor transport, huh? That sounds interesting,” Red raised his hand and held up three fingers, the signal for Crimson to initiate reality shifting mode.

“Looks like we got ourselves our next adventure, folks!”

Re: [IC] A Journey through Space and Time!

Posted: Tue Jul 24, 2018 8:23 pm
by The_Legion_Ex
Omega L's attention silently shifted towards a random squabble, right after babbling about apparent nonsense to himself. He just watches the yelling and exchange of slightly mature threats at each other, recalling how he took those kinds of things in an unnecessary extreme level, even going close to carpet-bombing eleven countries with hadon bombs if a small slip of fault is revealed.

Luckily, that is not the case. Instead of a beat-down, it ended with the welcoming of some guy named 'Rich'; who, according to the obtained info, seems to live up his name.

Upon sight of the newcomer and the announcement for the next adventure, he plans on the next underling to enjoy a bit of a trip with him.

Re: [IC] A Journey through Space and Time!

Posted: Thu Jul 26, 2018 11:40 am
by Cerulean
"Adventure AND food? You all are too good to me!"

He chuckled before moving across the room to the table that was bearing of the good eats. He grabbed a plate and just started loading up on bits of random crap that some of it didn't even look like it was from this planet. Trying new foods was one of his favorite things. Now hopefully it won't kill him. There was talk of liqour and profits that seemed to go right over his head.

Rich did however try and take a look or two around at the faces in the room. Some new some familiar. Assuming these people were also friendly, he walked over to one of the unknown face and reached out his hand.

"Hello there!"

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Posted: Sat Aug 04, 2018 7:01 am
by Rick
Crimson ignited her quantum teleportation engines, channeling vast amounts of power as it opened a tear in the space time continuum that allowed her to travel to the far off space station where the people looking for a ship called ‘the Crimson” were waiting. The station wasn’t what Red was expecting, at the very top there were mountains, lakes, rivers, and valleys with an artificially created atmosphere. The station then turned into a cone, the lower levels becoming smaller and smaller until it came to a tip of antennas, sensors, and cameras.

Red whistled as he looked out of the window, there were countless advertisements flashing off the sides of the lower levels, some the sizes of entire cities. Some advertised exotic foods, companionship of any kind, gladiatorial battles, casinos, Red even noticed one offering a hunting ground for “sentient species”. He made a mental note of that one. As Crimson got closer to the station they were signaled to head into docking area 57, level 1,445. Crimson obliged and made her way, docking with ease. Before anyone could head out of the ship a violet humanoid looking alien was waiting outside the door, a corporate smile on her face and a stack of documents on her hands as she blinked at the entrance camera. She had bright pink hair and salmon colored eyes, but Red still found her attractive in a strange sort of way.

“I’ll talk to her, everyone else get ready to disembark,” Red exited the lounged with Benjie and Kiri following closely behind him.

Red made his way through the many halls of The Crimson before arriving at the exit of the ship. He lazily pressed a few buttons and the doors slid open, revealing a very well dressed Red in a form fitting black suit, black collared shirt, and black tie with a black pocket square and red aviator glasses.

“And who might you be?”

“Ah! You must be the captain of the Crimson, Serah! Welcome to the Vegutrix pleasure station, one of a kind in the Neva system! I have been delegated with introducing you to the craft cartels as they would like to hire you-“

Red held up a finger, silencing the alien guide.

“You wanna talk to the kid, I want to check this place out first,” Red reached for his communicator and activated the hologram mode, appearing in the center of the lounge where everyone was still hanging around.

“Oliver, get your ass down here, this lady will take us to the people behind that message, but I want to, uh, check this place out first, let’s split up just to be safe, half go with Oliver, the other half go with me, now move those little chicken legs people, I have people to hunt.”

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Posted: Sun Aug 05, 2018 9:56 pm
by The_Legion_Ex
Omega L noticed that a hand is reached out towards him, moat likely from the rich Rich. He casually shook hands with him, not really minding the teleportation sequence that much. What got his attention, though, is the very urban appearance of the new location.

The promising city appears to be filled with ads, with some nature-esque background. It is not sure of it is real though.

There then goes the landing sequence, with Red/Rick announcing that everyone is must be ready to disembark. That, is not his problem though, it is choosing the right unit to summon in this next expedition.

He then stayed put for strategy's sake, waiting for anything to be given out. And by given out, another order that involves one portion of the currently present Collectivites siding with Oliver, another portion siding with Red.

As a response to that order, he stood up, and walked towards the exit of the ship. " I'd go along with you, Rick ,slash, Red. Just in case things get a bit rougher, if you know what that means." he said casually, as if his statement never really mattered as he takes out the ASD and halts mid-way to remove a couple of stains. Then he continues to make his way towards the exit, and Red.

Re: [IC] A Journey through Space and Time!

Posted: Wed Aug 08, 2018 7:27 pm
by Palacia
A deep sigh echoed throughout the large crystalline chamber. The walls themselves responded in a resonating chorus, acting in a soft harmonization to Palacia’s sigh. Softly dancing vapours rose off the pool centered within the room, Palacia’s nude form outstretched, arms reaching far and wide, legs relaxed and head nodded onto his chest. A faint glow outlines his form, the liquid seemingly being pulled into his body. A faint smell of sage and a very old, very familiar scent that he’d never been able to place, but it was undoubtedly the scent of someone he cared for deeply once long long ago. Though Palacia’s mind wasn’t grounded in the now, instead he danced deep within his mind. The plethora of starchildren-past rested in a eclipse fashion around Palacia’s partially vaporous form. A long period of silence enveloped the council, before being broken by the distorted voice of Hime Starchild. “Brash!. . . . Unacceptable brashness,” her voice curtling and sharp. “ You’ve grown indifferent and careless!” She paused sucking in air audibly and harshly. “ Endangering your entire company, rendering yourself… your. Own. self. Unconscious… and most audaciously you nearly let the Arc Animus fall into the hands of an entity that can consume and mimic our abilities. Do you understand the implications if that had come to pass!” Her gaseous form flaring a ferocious red.

“Settle down Hime,” came the low, slightly gravelly voice of the first Starchild: Ryuit. “ I’m certain Palacia is well aware of the implications. I believe his current emotional is quite indicative of a lesson well learned. Isn’t that so, Palacia.” The final word emphasized with Ryuit’s intense stare. The other three figures remained quiet, their faces focused on Palacia.

Palacia’s sigh resonated through the crystalline chamber again.

“I had not expected such an entity to exist, muchless lay in wait on an Earth. That being said, I realize it’s no excuse for my actions. But I digress, the real reason I’ve asked your council is to found a conjecture on what that entity was. I personally have yet to encounter something..ahh….h remotely similar to this entity.”

Silence fell within Palacia’s mind for sometime. A voice who had yet to speak broke the silence, “ We do not know, non of our kind have encountered such an entity before... “ It boomed.

“That’s helpful, I kind of assumed that. Considering how unhelpful you all were during the fight. I mean do you have any ideas, potential origins, thoughts, insights, you know something helpful…” Palacia responded, slight irritation present in his tone.

“ Begin an inquiry into this matter and we will continue to mingle and discuss this matter.”

A third and final sigh echoed throughout the crystalline chamber.

“What would I do without you, my lovely lovely predecessors.”

The room faded and Palf’s senses refocused on the physical world around him. He rolled his head around stretching out his neck. Before rising from his bath and dressing himself. His body felt better, the lengthy soak in the pool had fed him enough energy for his body to restitch what wounds and soreness remained from the previous battle. He lowered his head for a moment before focusing on the linked orb and reappearing in the physical plane.

In a singular moment without any indication Palf’s form appeared next to Rick’s. Palf reeled back a bit as he took in the drastic shift of settings, sounds, technology and gravity overloading his senses for a moment. “ whoa, what the... How did… oh god damnit how long was I away for?!”

“ No matter, what are we doing… “ He paused, looking around and taking in the locale properly, “ and where are we?”

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Posted: Mon Aug 13, 2018 10:09 pm
by Cerulean
His hand shake was genuine, and full of firm friendliness. However, it's hard to pay attention when you are stuffing your face. The conversations going on around him were more or less sirens that were ignored, with every tasty morsel he could find. When he finally decided to join the talk with the rest of them, it seemed people were splitting off and going on their own adventures. Rick's hologram was forming the groups and Rich just shrugged. Scouting didn't sound too bad. It would be good to make sure things weren't going to be dangerous for the group.

"Guess I better go with Rick. Poor guy can't wander about by himself without getting into trouble." His wink was only match by his smirky grin.

Just in time he adjusted his walk from heading towards the wall and followed after a new companion. In his hand one of Rick's rolls was getting a gawking of a lifetime. "I'm never gonna give you up." He whispered before putting it in his pocket.

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Posted: Sun Sep 02, 2018 3:36 am
by Fireynay
Nay gradually returned to consciousness with a groan. She felt like she'd barely gotten much sleep at all, but try as she might she could not get back to sleep. Finally, with discontented grunt she sat up and decided to have a quick shower before heading to the lounge.

She felt much better once she had cleared off all the grime from being down the mines and put on fresh clothes, apart from the headache that was still niggling her. It had been the wake up call she'd needed though and she vowed to spend some time developing her powers and gaining proper control. Just as soon as she'd had some proper food. It was not meant to be though, she arrived in the lounge just in time to hear Rick's little announcement.

With a sigh, but also a little bit of anticipation, she grabbed some fruit from the table and made her way down to the exit. She had come along on this road trip for a reason. She wasn't about to sit around in the lounge while everyone else went off on another adventure.

"I'll come with you, Rick." She said. She didn't know this Oliver guy and certainly wasn't going to place any trust in him. She'd much rather stick with who and what she knew, for now at least. "What's the plan?"