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[BC] August 18: Dr. Potter's Medicine Show - Eric Scott Fischl

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[BC] August 18: Dr. Potter's Medicine Show - Eric Scott Fischl

Post by Sammy » Mon Aug 06, 2018 7:58 pm

Dr. Potter's Medicine Show - Eric Scott Fischl
Book Blurb
The year is 1878.

Dr Alexander Potter, disgraced Civil War surgeon, now snake-oil salesman, travels the Pacific Northwest with a disheartened company of strongmen, fortune-tellers, and musical whores. Under their mysterious and murderous leader they entertain the masses while hawking the Chock-a-saw Sagwa Tonic, a vital elixir touted to cure all ills both physical and spiritual. For a few unfortunate customers, however, the Sagwa offers something much, much worse.
About the Author
Eric Scott Fischl writes novels of speculative historical fiction and the supernatural. He lives in Montana's Bitterroot mountains and writes his author bios in the third person.

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Otherwise... good luck to us all! Fingers crossed for this being a good choice.
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