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In The Court of Crimson

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In The Court of Crimson

Post by Nanaya » Tue Apr 02, 2019 9:30 am

On this day, Crimson prepares for the arrival of both his little sister and the Chancellor together respective entourages to Heta. Crimson sits in the office in Heta's impressive castle that once housed Aldia's Governor, redecorated of course, to suit Crimson's tastes and to highlight both his personal and clan heritage. With him in the room is a male cat named Sky, who wanders and lazes about around the room and three of his adjutants who helped with the paperwork flowing to and from Heta to various other locations across the continent. Sky lounges on Crimson's head as his fourth and final adjutant arrived through the open door.

“Tumen Crimson. Estimated time of arrival has arrived via advance messenger. They will be here by by the evening.” Ereshkygl, a Kanonis, announces to Crimson. “See to it that their Kheshig have proper space for their ger by the grounds. Keep me posted on how much supplies we require and the preparations for the festivities are for after their arrivals in the coming days. Is there anything else Eresh?”

“Yes Tumen Crimson. Zuun Tia is due to return any moment.” Ereshkygl reported back. Crimson paused what he was doing and thought for a bit as Sky decided to hop off his head and lands gracefully on the floor, “Make sure you get the sweets she loves from that store she enjoys. The Lady will be craving for it. And get a messenger to bring me back some bottles of that bitter caao and kaphe drink.”

“Yes Tumen Crimson.” Eresh salutes again and bows before being stopped by the calls of two other adjutants; Ishtar, Ereshkygl's younger sister. Cu Kunulan, a fellow Asura, a young man from a Inu clan and the youngest of the adjutants. The last adjutant is Aral, a fellow from Crimson's clan, a former seafaring mercenary who became his military adviser during the Aldia-Casia Conflict, left his desk and as if on cue, all requested Eresh bring many pastries and kaphe as possible for all of them, and more importantly, the Governor-General. To everyone in the room, Eresh was the unofficial gopher, since many of her duties had her communicating with the local district leaders of both military and civilian branches of Heta itself. Leaving her out of the office much more than the others. Suffice to say, she did her job very well so Crimson could handle the military and civil matters of the entire island.

Kheshig, this is the name of the soldiers associated with usually protecting royalty. The royalty in this case is Scarlet the younger half sister of Ruby and Crimson, and guarded by Scarlet's half-sister, Argentina. In a following separate carriage was Chancellor Badb von Beowulf, Empress Ruby's chosen head of cabinet. Her job was to facilitate current negotiations happening between Casia and Aldia's fishing rights. The leader of this convoy of a hundred and fifteen souls is Zuun Anzelm. The trip took four weeks from the Capital, Nonis, to Heta, with stops at Salena, Asctodurum, a small port town of Elendadum on the coast north of Cervaroba and finally to the port city of Rama, where the convoy then marched to Heta.
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Re: In The Court of Crimson

Post by Animya » Wed Apr 03, 2019 7:21 am

Four weeks it had taken the envoy to make their way towards Heta. Long weeks of living on the road which Scarlet clearly wasn't used to. The Kheshig knew their way around trekking enough to give her an idea what it was really like, but she just couldn't get too excited about it. After the new adventure-part about it wore off, which was quite quick, it was just a drag. At first, it had been like a journey, now it was just a hassle, so Kiki started to act more like a child than her age or status would call for. She was glad Feo was with her, but she had quickly decided against riding with or on him after a few days, and quite frankly her guards opposed this idea. They might not have been enthusiastic to be there with her, but she had caught enough of the murmurs to know their heads would be served on a silver plate were they not to bring her to her brothers safely, Crimson would see to that.

Leaning on her hand she peeked out of the carriage she pursed her lips, tutting them in boredom. Argentina caught her eye ass she passed, she waved her over with a bit too much demand calling her "'Tina!" she repeated several times, already imagining the twitch in her eye due to her nickname "Sorry... Argentina!" she called her by her full name.

She didn't really understand too much about politics and war and hadn't ever understood why her younger sister went to war but she wasn't allowed to. She wasn't stupid, she knew she wasn't quick to grasp situations but the call to arms had gone out to everyone fit to fight. Everyone that is, but her. Pieces slowly start to fall into place later on, but she turned to Argentina for everything nevertheless. She might be older, but her sister was wiser. Everyone knew that; even the children from their hometown called Argent 'sister' or later on 'Commander' and her Kiki. She didn't mind too much, but it emphasized the fact they treated her as equals and never saw her as more than a friend to play with or to reach higher places...

"Argentina...How much longer until we reach the royal home in Heta?" she asked softly, not wanting to complain, but to be quite fair she had just about worn of her sitting bones and was aching to move around "Can I walk with you for a bit... please?" she asked, pleading with her. She could predict the answer since they were nearing their destination.

Argrentina sighed as she looked back at her sister and predictively said “No. We are nearly there. You will be able to stretch around then before whatever arrangements Tumen Crimson has planned.”

Although this was the response she had anticipated, Kiki pouted a bit before backing away without another word. She was just going to have to sit this one out and wait until they had arrived for her to meet her brothers...
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