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Re: London Gothic [BG & Shea] (IC)

Posted: Thu Dec 27, 2018 5:09 pm
by TheBigun
"There's no telling what else may have heard my.. entrance. We should move, quickly."

Grey nodded in agreement before quickly peering into the room the creature had attack him from. The room was much like the others he'd passed in the hall, ultimately unimportant to what they were currently after. Turning on his heels, Eris nearby, he moved back up the hall he'd come down. It would have behooved him to relish the silence given the encounter they'd just had, but the eerie silence still didn't sit right with Grey. Despite the backup, Grey's hairs still stood on end as he anticipated whatever might come next.

Still as they walked, something kept nagging at the back of his mind. This place, the one behind this massacre, and the new partner assigned the case along with him. Everything neatly tied together in a bow they drug him back to that place, to that forest, that dungeon. Why here? Why now? All answers Grey intended to extract from Argast the moment he and Eris had brought him low. His mind flashed back to Argast and Visgoth, to what they had done, not just to him, but to everyone. A few hundred years ago and he'd have already broken into a sprint to find Argast now, make him pay for what he'd done, but instead he walked calmly, the same determination but with less fury and impatient. At least for now.

The two continued onward, absorbing their surroundings to prevent being surprised as they had both been not moments before. They came to a t-section in the hallway; one way was blocked by rubble, one a hallway like the one they'd just traversed, and the final way a set of stairs. Grey motioned for the stairs.

"Up or down?" he asked, peering over the railing towards the bottom. Almost immediately after he'd finished his sentence, however, there was shuffle of movement from below. One quick moving creature jolting towards the stairs on the bottom. Then two. Then three. Grey motioned quickly but silently, ushering Eris past him. He slipped over to the nearby pile of rubble, grabbing a still mostly intact brick and flung it down the hall they'd come from, hoping the beings below would be distracted long enough by the sound and the dead beast to allow them a swift retreat, before quickly following Eris up the stairs to the next level.

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Posted: Tue Jan 15, 2019 1:41 pm
by Shea
Up and up again. The higher level split into patient rooms, a dozen on each side of the hall. It wound around both to a left and right wing connected by other hallways and parting sets of doors, and the pattern of the same amount of rooms on either side repeated. For all intents and purposes the rooms were identical, each tight entryway barred by hard wood doors breached only by a peephole and food tray slot. Some doors lay discarded or were missing, all heavily lacquered and painted a deep emerald green, and some had even been butchered through the middle, as though someone had tried desperately to break through. The rooms were painted dull yellow and otherwise laid bare; the skeleton of a bed here, mattresses often missing or destroyed, and a simple urinal set in to the wall. Eris could only imagine what it would have been like to live here when the place was fully functioning, if the present squalor was anything to go by. It was more a prison than a home, and she knew the feeling well.

The scent of iron was palpable here, and following her nose to the left wing led them through devil traps, runes, and warding symbols marked in mortal blood along the floor, ceiling and walls. Every inch had been painted with some sign or another, and some even dripped thick trails. Fresh. Her nose wrinkled, her stomach a churning pit of hunger, dread and disgust. The strange symbol they carried on Greem's letter appeared intermingled with the other signs, but it sat most starkly above a doorway right at the end of the hall, the red markings crossing so thickly and consistently that the original colour of the walls was completely invisible.

Eris quietened her steps the closer they came to the door, until they were both standing at the threshold. There were answers beyond here, she could feel them within reach. Her fingers around her blade tightened and she raised it, the tip of the sword angled downward, as if toward a foe's chest. Her free hand trembled, and she clenched her fingers against the doorknob.

With a look to Grey she stayed her hand, waiting for a word against the action, for any sign of a doubt - she almost wished he would say that this was a mistake, that they should turn back. But his eyes were cold steel, determined points, and she knew this was no place for excuses, easy outs. With her eyes back to the handle, and she shoved the door with force enough for it to open wide for the both of them.

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Posted: Thu Feb 07, 2019 7:09 pm
by TheBigun
The moment the door swung open, a force like sweeping wind pulled both Eris and Grey within the boundaries of the room. Utilizing a single clawed hand, Grey halted his momentum, stopping himself from being flung to far into the room. Quickly shoving himself to his feet, he swung around prepared to face whatever force Argast had put between them and himself, a faint blue and purple glow across the door and walls making itself visible as the door swung shut behind them. Across the room loomed a dark shadow, tendrils of darkness whipping out from the edges across various objects in the room as though some creature dwelled within the shadow itself.

"I will admit, I had not expected you two to make it here so quickly." Argast's voice echoed across the chamber, his back still faced towards to them even as the darkness enveloped him and the space around it. "But with our last encounter behind us, this meeting comes at an auspicious time."

"Enough of your insidious words, Argast, it's time this finally ended." Grey snarled as he bent his knees, ready to pounce. A flash of flesh, the first Argast had shown since they arrived, broke the veil of the swirling darkness, as a wave of yellowish energy washed over both Greymane and Eris, the paralysis setting in almost instantaneously.

"I'm well aware of your eagerness to embrace death, but you'll have to wait. You see," Argast began, swirling slowly to face them, "I need someone more than those monstrosities outside to witness the fruition of my work." Argast held one arm aloft, a vial of thick, viscous, and red liquid within. Greymane strained against the spell, managing some modicum of movement thanks to his lycanthropic resistance to such magic, but every inch of movement sent waves of pain racking through his body. "It's selfish, even somewhat stupid, I know, but it seems so wrong to accomplish a millennia of work without explaining the gravitas inherent in it's completion. Especially to those who are largely, unwittingly responsible for it. So if you don't mind." Argast smiled, with another snap of his fingers as a second wave of energy shot over the room, further cementing Grey in his place.

Argast paced about the room, staring longingly at the vial which he held aloft. The vial reflected the smooth moonlight which peaked through the glass panes along the ceiling, muted by the dark colored liquid within.

"Though neither of you had a formal meeting, the tie that binds us all, Visgoth, was long in the creation of a way to circumvent his limited immortality. You see, each of the progenitor vampires had come together to surpass the deal they had made in their human life, deals which meant to cost them their souls upon death. A perfect solution was, and has, never been found, but vampirism was the closest alternative they could find. A way to drain the life force of other living beings in order to retain their own. The downside to which, was a massive transformation of their own biology to accommodate such an ability, a transformation which left those affected with vulnerabilities to sunlight and objects blessed by those in opposition to their dark transformation, among other things." Argast monologued as he slowly shifted into place several instruments at the center of the room, right beneath the two large metallic plates in the ceiling above.

"The details by which the other progenitors sought to improve their immortality are unknown to me, even now, but believe me when I say, they have all sought to do so in their own way. Visgoth, may his soul burn in hell, and now myself, chose to push the boundaries of the things vampires have created. Vampirism made us strong in many ways, but weak in others. So we exposed vampires to limited sunlight, attempted to understand what amount could be handled and what amount meant sudden death for those affected. We exposed them to holy objects, through enthralled servants of course." he said, flashing another smile at the two of them. With the instruments in place, Argast took the vial in hand and placed it within a receptacle at its height before continuing.

"But vampirism was limited in its scope. So, once the lycanthrope curse had been created as a means to safeguard the progenitors when they were at their weakest, we had a new subject to test. It took lifetimes to test our new subjects and, though the lycan possessed fewer weaknesses, the weaknesses they did possess were far and beyond more potent than those that affected us. So much so, in fact, that we had expired twice the lycanthrope subjects, as compared to vampiric ones, in half the time." Argast strode to the other side of the room, grasping a large chain which hung from the ceiling and began to pull it downward. As he did so, the two large plates on the ceiling began to separate and turn upwards, revealing the clear night sky above, the full moon still blazing it's light down into the building.

"While we viewed as work as making adequate progression, the few mutts that managed to survive our tests were left deranged wrecks. We needed heartier subjects, hearty enough to survive the pure, liquid silver we pumped into their veins and etched into their bones." Argast flashed a glance at Grey. Grey's lip twitched slightly against the paralysis, though he was still held in place by its compounded strength. "Queue the arrival of our savior." Argast said with a smile, gripping Grey's chin in hand. "The first wolf and only wolf we found to retain his sanity after the experiments. Even if it did come with some powerful drawbacks." Argast forced Grey's head to face Eris. "Did he tell you yet? That he can't fully transform anymore? That the waves his wolf's anguish radiate to the lycan around him? That the amulet around his neck is the only thing keeping him from coming apart at the seams?" Grey flashed a look at Eris as Argast spoke, but kept his eyes strained to Argast at his side otherwise. "But please, I've spoken enough, I'd like to hear your side of things." Argast snapped his fingers, the paralysis localized to their faces going lax.

"You son of a..." Grey began to shout. Argast quickly rolled his eyes and snapped his fingers again, Greymane's face freezing in an angry snarl. Argast turned to Eris and tiled head slightly, waiting.

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Posted: Wed Feb 27, 2019 11:02 pm
by Shea
A vacuum of roiling air and darkness greeted them from the other side of the door, curling arms of dark matter reaching around and across them in an attempt to seize and draw them into the bowels of the room. The door slammed shut and sealed itself behind them with a surge of the same purple energy that buzzed in the cracks of the room, and with a sharp turn Eris slammed her blade into the ground, a brittle board splintering enough for her to wedge it firmly in to brace her weight.

Her legs dangled in mid-air as the swirling void pulled at the core of her weight, and the blade shuddered against the rotted wood with several jolts, slicing up large splinters which vanished to the other side of the room. She heaved herself forward enough to plant the toes of her boots back on solid earth, but just as her grip was beginning to fail there was a gravitational lull and the void vanished, and she found herself frozen instead. A familiar nausea gripped her as she managed enough physical strength to turn and face Argast, but her stiffening muscles soon locked her in to kneeling.

A larger form moved at the corner of her vision – Greymane – but he struggled to advance further than half a metre, and it became clear that this time Argast hadn’t caught only her. Her eyes didn’t track from the vampire, her pinpoint pupils inclined to see only him. Her senses barely registered the smell of blood from the hallway anymore, or picked up on any part of his verbal introduction. There was only white noise in her ears and behind her eyes, and she felt apart from her body entirely. This was grossly surreal.

“…Visgoth, may his soul burn in hell, and now myself, chose to push the boundaries of the things vampires have created. Vampirism made us strong in many ways, but weak in others. So we exposed vampires to limited sunlight, attempted to understand what amount could be handled and what amount meant sudden death for those affected. We exposed them to holy objects, through enthralled servants of course.”

Her senses returned to her though a fog, and so did a haze of difficult memories. They burned small pieces of flesh at a time so the subject wouldn’t catch entirely alight, and the smell was one she would not soon forget. They injected blessed water directly into her veins; pressed the hot metal of old relics against the closed lids of her eyes. Vampires healed fast, but her arms still held the scars of where they inserted filings of blessed metal under her skin. Malic himself held her underwater to test if vampires could breathe it; exposed her to lycan bites to see if see would turn.. Their creativity never ceased.

Her lungs shuddered violently before she realised she had stopped breathing, and she heaved panicked breaths back into her undead lungs, her form now leaned onto all fours as the magical weight pressed coldly against the small of her back. By now Argast had situated some strange mechanical structure into place in the ceiling, inserted the vial, and now stood by Grey’s prone side as he drawled on. When he moved to grip her partner’s head a foreign wave of protectiveness hit her, and she couldn’t help but think back to when he had thrown himself between her and Argast in the alley.
"The first wolf and only wolf we found to retain his sanity after the experiments. Even if it did come with some powerful drawbacks." Argast forced Grey's head to face Eris. "Did he tell you yet? That he can't fully transform anymore? That the waves his wolf's anguish radiate to the lycan around him? That the amulet around his neck is the only thing keeping him from coming apart at the seams?"

That amulet.. That was the story.

I'd like to hear your side of things.”

Another jagged movement to her side caught some of her attention, but with a flick of Argast’s hand and a final swear from Grey, he was silenced. Eris didn’t move, but the numbness was pulled from her head and face enough for her to speak, and so she considered what to say in the time that had been given to her. She swallowed hard, eyes searching the room, targeting anything but his face. She was staring at the space by his feet by the time she moved her lips.

You know my side of things.” She passed her parched tongue across her lips. There was the ghost of a touch – searing metal – that lingered on the surface of her skin. “You know the things you did to me. And the things you made me do.”

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Posted: Thu Feb 28, 2019 11:43 am
by TheBigun
You know my side of things.” She passed her parched tongue across her lips. There was the ghost of a touch – searing metal – that lingered on the surface of her skin. “You know the things you did to me. And the things you made me do.”

"Huh," Argast exhaled, giving a brief head shake. "You still don't get it do you? Why you and he were among the few who survived that ordeal? Why you were allowed to survive?" Argast stepped away once more, walking back to his structure and mounted vial. He looked up at the sky and stared into the empty sky. "You were one part of many in a growing idea of what we could become. What we needed to become to survive the coming storm. Pieces of every divergent strain that Visgoth and the coven had created when they first conceived of their... our flawed immortality. A pure, unbroken gift that guaranteed us our deserved reward." Argast raised a hand to sky. His arm began to bleed, lacerations tearing themselves down his forearm as the sky above began to slowly cover over in clouds, concealing the once bright moon overhead. Thunder and lightning cracked unseen in the distance. "Visgoth, for all his flaws, was an overtly intelligent individual with a grand sight into the future. Where his partners in vampirism chose to sire servants and children to bolster their ranks, Visgoth did so sparingly. So much so, that when it came time to gather the needed ingredients, the blood lineage from a member of each progenitor line, his only living 'child' had moved beyond his grasp. But there you were, not his direct sireling, but that of his few remaining ones. Malic was it not?" Argast smiled, he could already see it in his mind's eye, the realization, the horror. He yearned for it.

"But don't feel so alone. Even with your blood, the serum could not have been completed without your partner. Even he was given a pass to survive when he should not have." Grey's mind shifted back to his last encounter with Argast. It was some manner of gas back then which rendered inert, unable to doing anything but watch as Argast tore his partner to pieces and collected what remained. "As I said, he was the savior of our endeavor after all. His starkly resilient blood, able to withstand even pure silver itself." Argast grabbed and instrument from a nearby table and clasped Grey's hand around it. His hand began to make a light sizzling noise as a small amount of smoke began to rise, but the physical effect was minimal compared to what was expected."Most vampires turned their head at the beasts they'd created and summarily lost control over, but we saw them for what they were. Imperfect still, but another stepping stone on our path. Combined aspects which we lost and others we did away with." Grey managed to force the paralysis just enough to drop the item. Argast raised an eyebrow, but frowned slightly as he returned to his device. "With both of your contributions, and the contributions of those we had collected then, we met the last roadblock; the binding agent. We were just on the verge of a discovery when you rats broke free and ruined everything. Visgoth feared for his life, ordered me to hold you off while he escaped. You know how that went." Argast turned and smiled again. Another bold of lightning struck just out of sight, but the rumbling thunder was getting closer.

"I escaped with my life and the necessary blood from Visgoth to make me whole. To give me the gift he had promised before he had decided I was better dead if it meant he could live." Argast breathed a heavy sigh. "But I had lost our work, everything we were so close to completing, gone in an instant. It took hundreds of years to get back here, and I stumbled a great many times in my research, as you've seen." he said, motioning to the noise coming from the door behind them. "I had assumed sheer luck when this one found his way to me, but for you both to end here so close to my grasp, it had to be divine providence. So I set the trap, left you everything you needed to put yourselves right where I needed you. Your blood collected," he said, motioning to Grey, "and your's not long ago, he said, looking at Eris and raising a thumb to his still vaguely blood stained fang, "And here we are. Another lightning bolt struck, this time much closer as the small metal wire affixed to the device began to hum and glow every so slightly. The device itself began to shake and almost vibrate as the electricity coursed through it, before slowing and eventually sitting still.

"Well," Argast began, smiling and almost shaking with anticipation, as he unclicked the vial from the device and held it before himself, "no sense staving off divinity." Argast grabbed a needle the size of which appeared to be meant for some kind of large animal. He pushed the needle through the corked top of the vial and drained the liquid from within. He turned and nodded slightly to the Grey and Eris, before jamming the needle into his own neck and pushing down the plunger.

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Posted: Thu Feb 28, 2019 2:41 pm
by Shea
There was a small part of her conscience that wondered at the legitimacy of the things Argast claimed, and that which may have been said simply to prompt a reaction from her. But he never slipped composure, and he had no reason to lie, and if this moment heralded the crescendo to such a long and arduous process like he described.. Surely he would not sully it simply to play a few mind games?

Eris kept her emotions relatively checked, but under the surface it was a mess, and she knew he could see it. There was horror, indeed, and confusion, rage. In the short span of time they had been here they had been given answers to questions she didn't know they had. Of course she had wondered why she was still alive, why so many awful events had plagued her life both living and undead, and why she still continued to draw breath today when so many others no longer did. It made sense in an awful way that Malic was of Visgoth's line, but to consider herself part of that same lineage was something she struggled with the most. Her face had blanked, a nervous energy deepening the pit in her stomach. She wanted to be sick, but nothing reached her throat but the burn of bile.

Divine providence.. There was nothing divine about this. The ugly side of science, long winding histories that met and departed, manipulations, death and rebirth. If this was providence, it was not holy.

As Argast slid the needle deep into his arm his hold over them laxed slightly, enough for her to raise her head and watch the effects take hold.

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Posted: Thu Feb 28, 2019 5:39 pm
by TheBigun
As the plunger sunk and the thick red liquid disappeared into Argast's neck, there was a lull in the space around them. The moon was still hidden, but it's light had begun to peak through the dissipating clouds, now that Argast had put his mind to things other than their manipulation. Grey and Eris were both still held in their places, only able to watch as Argast stood still and stared up through ceiling at the sky as though he was waiting for something. The silence drug on longer and longer, neither side able or willing to break it. After what felt like hours, though it was likely only seconds, something finally happened.

Argast coughed once. Then again. Then he went into a fit, having to grab the countertop beneath him. His coughs turned to gurgles as he began to spill blood from his mouth, eyes, and ears. He began to collapse at the knees, bringing down the metal device which had held the vial previously. Before long he was drenched in his own blood, spouting and seemingly dying based on the noise. Whatever was happening, it took Argast's focus from the two of them. He still held sway over their bodies, but the control laxed just enough for Grey to push through. One slow step, then another, then another, and another until he was in full sprint, charging towards Argast, no hesitation in his desire to tear the creature limb from limb. Then, like a force of wind, Argast shot back to his feet, the gouted blood flinging across the room in Grey and Eris direction with his speed. Grey attempted to shift his path, but Argast was too fast, much faster than he had been before, and Grey found Argast's hand grasped around his neck in an instant. Strength between Vampire and Lycan was always a contentious debate, but in that moment Grey may as well have been a flea plucked between Argast's fingers. He had nothing, no amount of strength that could break in free as he hung struggling while his wind pipe squeezed shut. In an instant, Argast grabbed a long scalpel like utensil from nearby and flung in Eris' direction, piercing her shoulder and stitching her onto the wall. Argast breathed a heavy sigh of relief.

"I'll admit, it was not what I expected." Argast's voice was calm; sickeningly so. "I wasn't sure at first, as the serum coursed through me, but once the blood began, I knew. The serum worked. It was purging me of my old affliction so that my new one could take hold. And here it is." Argast tightened his grip around Grey's neck, a slow rolling crunch beginning to eek out as he hung there. Argast did not smile this time, but his face shifted slightly, the same emotion lurking just beneath. Still holding Grey aloft, his eyes drifted up to the ceiling, the moon just beginning to peek through the clouds. He looked back at the two of them slowly, before flinging Grey's rag dolled body into Eris' across the room, dislodging whatever instrument had her stuck there, landing them both prone on the ground.

Grey was in a daze, air finally able to eek back into his throat, which was still slightly cracked thanks to Argast's grasp. He wheezed at first, but the cracking began to reverse slowly as his breathing became mostly normal again. He looked at Argast out of the corner of his eye as Argast had stepped up onto the counter and spread his arms wide to the sky, the moon now fully shining it's light inside. Argast began to twitch slightly, parts of his skin rippling like snakes. His form grew slightly, but nothing like a proper lycan transformation, though this was assuredly what it would look like for someone... something like him. Grey's mind drifted back to his first encounter with Argast, and again to his encounter with him here in London, the bodies he'd left behind there and here, and now the both of them, trapped in here with him. He looked at Eris, similarly feeling the dread that this creature was now emitting. He sighed heavily, his throat finally put right. He had no choice.

"Do you trust me?" he said in a low voice to Eris.

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Posted: Thu Feb 28, 2019 8:27 pm
by Shea
The physical transformation was less grotesque than she'd envisioned in the moments leading up to it, but it was no less disturbing to take in. The sounds of banging and growling from the hallway behind them faded to insignificance, and Eris beheld Argast's change with her full attention, a deeply unsettled look set in to her pale features. This type of science was like nothing that had come before, and even knowing of and being subject to the strange experiments of he and Visgoth, this was like nothing she had witnessed. He had rewritten his own biological data, had melded the most prominent aspects of both the vampiric and lycanthropic curses together in some gross amalgamation. Not even deals with demons or dark magic had scarcely aided in this.. It was all his own intellect and unyielding tenacity, and that frightened her more than the calm, steady gaze of which he studied them with.

Her body told her to flee, but she only moved enough to get a proper line of sight on both her partner and the new monster before them. She managed herself to her feet only to be pinned to the wall with some sharp object embedding itself through her shoulder, and she twisted in the air as she slammed into the surface. The pain was a barely a tingle with her mind so completely elsewhere, but Grey's hulking form smashing into her own the next moment knocked the breath out of her, and provided the jolt she needed to return to herself. Her mind cleared enough for her to feel the breath tight in her lungs, and she laid sprawled across the ground as she inhaled deep breaths, her form wavering as she managed to climb to her feet.

"Do you trust me?" Grey said in a low voice to Eris, and she peered down at him.

Eris exhaled. The question worried her, but the answer wasn't complicated. She took another breath in.

"I do."

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Posted: Thu Feb 28, 2019 9:10 pm
by TheBigun
I do."

The ash pile in Grey's heart sparked slightly. He'd worked so long to put out that spark. The spark that had been his greatest shame for centuries. The paths it led him down always ended in pain and betrayal. Still he looked into himself. Stared at the creature who lay there in that dark room, the ash pit with the spark now lighting its face ever so slightly. Great metal chains hung from the void behind it, wrapping the beast from every angle. Its eyes were closed, forced into the slumber that Grey had fought so hard to maintain for so long.

"When it happens," Grey said through heavy breathes as he looked back at Eris, "Run." Grey was shaking slightly, a visible fear coming over him. One that wasn't focused on Argast. One that was focused on himself. "Find Roselyn. Tell her what's happened. And no matter what... whatever you do," Fear or not, Grey's eyes were serious and unwavering as he stared into Eris' eyes, "Do you not come back in this room alone."

The ash pile in Grey's heart was slowly fading away, the spark which took it's place now beginning to grow as the air in the room swirled. The creature chained and locked away now being illuminated much more heavily. A great beast of a wolf, charred skin in places, torn patches of fur abound, and a massive gash which cut down its face, across it's eye and maw.

Grey pushed himself onto his feet, staggering as he did so. Argast turned slowly to face him, a small eye twitch appearing on his face out of sheer, inexpressible excitement.

"Yes. Come. Let's test this form of mine." Argast's voice echoed slightly, a newfound power behind it. Grey staggered forward, barely able to stand at first, but finding his balance a moment later. He flashed as glance back at Eris as he reached one hand up to his neck and pulled the amulet from beneath his shirt once again.

"You should know, there's something you got wrong." Grey said, still breathing heavily. "The amulet doesn't help me to transform." Grey turned to face Argast who was slowly approaching him. Argast cocked an eyebrow as he stop several feet away. "It stops me from transforming." An audible bending and clanging of metal echoed through the room as Grey tore the amulet form his neck and dropped it to the floor. The amulet glowed a vibrant red color which brightened more and more until finally the small gem at its center shattered. As the gem shattered the amulet itself began to dissipate into dust, blowing away in the small wind created by the open ceiling.

Grey collapsed onto his knees, groaning in a pain that washed over the entire room. His form began to shift, bones cracking, hair growing. It was a powerful, albeit normal transformation at first. But as the change dragged on, something was wrong. A lycan's transformation was typically one of purpose. Even the youngest wolf experienced a straight shot between start and finish when it came to shifting, but this was different. Grey's change was abnormal, bones broke one way and then another and then back again. Pieces shifted incorrectly and then fixed themselves, but seemed to sit just right. It took much longer than expected, but slowly the transformation reached its apex as the final grey furs had spread across his body.

But it didn't stop. Bones broke once more, muscles grew and shifted, as the already fairly large wolf amassed several more feet in any direction. The fur which had been a stark and definitive grey began to slowly change, possessing a slightly brighter tint. As the color spread across the body, a final cloud parted in the sky as the moon shown across his monstrous form; now a vibrant, almost blinding, silver sheen.

What was once an ash pile, became a small flame, and, as the amulet faded away at Grey's feet, the small fire began to grow and grow until was a bonfire that lit the entire room within his heart, now clearly illuminated as a cell which sat within a dark void. The fire lit the entirety of the silver furred beast inside and as it raged on and on, a pain rose up in Grey's chest, a feeling he had long ago swore he'd never feel again. As the pain spread across his body, within the small imagined cell in Grey's heart, the great beast so locked away to never be seen again... opened its eyes.

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Posted: Thu Feb 28, 2019 11:18 pm
by Shea
"When it happens," Grey struggled, "Run." He was shaking slightly, a visible fear coming over him. "Find Roselyn. Tell her what's happened. And no matter what... whatever you do," Fear or not, Grey's eyes were serious and unwavering as he stared into Eris' eyes, "Do not come back in this room alone."

Eris studied Grey's form in shocked silence as he delved into his transformation, her mouth half agape as dead words hung on the tip of her tongue. She wasn't Lycan, but she could feel the tones of his agony seething through the air and into her skin. There was nothing left to say, but she lingered there a moment longer until he crumpled to the ground, his groans and cries of agony encapsulating the space as his bones and muscles popped and shredded in ungodly ways. If he had seen it or not, she had nodded.

She rushed to the window where Grey's form had been frozen just earlier and threw it up with a shattering crash, the sudden impact shattering the already brittle glass within the frame. Suddenly alert to her activity Argast took one step toward her. He stretched his hand towards her and she ducked her body through the opening, stepping over the threshold into open air. Grey was the last thing she saw before her body vanished over the side.

A thought crossed her mind as gravity drew her down, that this may be the last time she saw him alive.

"You should have notified me of this, before you went running straight in without backup. I would have expected this from Grey, but from you I would have expected more forethought." Roeselyn massaged the bridge of her nose. Eris bristled, but kept her composure.

"We had a lead and we were running out of time. I weighed the options. We didn't have the luxury of asking permission, you and I both know the gravity of what he's trying to accomplish.. What he has accomplished. We need to return there immediately, you need to gather your men-"

"Alright. Alright. I know," the other woman sighed. "I have a team, they've already been notified. Now, show me where they are."

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Posted: Wed Mar 06, 2019 10:00 am
by TheBigun
Grey was the last thing she saw before her body vanished over the side.

A thought crossed her mind as gravity drew her down, that this may be the last time she saw him alive.

Just not for the reason she'd think...

"You should have notified me of this, before you went running straight in without backup. I would have expected this from Grey, but from you I would have expected more forethought." Roeselyn massaged the bridge of her nose. Eris bristled, but kept her composure.

"We had a lead and we were running out of time. I weighed the options. We didn't have the luxury of asking permission, you and I both know the gravity of what he's trying to accomplish.. What he has accomplished. We need to return there immediately, you need to gather your men-"

"Alright. Alright. I know," the other woman sighed. "I have a team, they've already been notified. Now, show me where they are."

With a nod, Roselyn opened a small cupboard near the back corner of the room and removed a false bottom, grabbing a small chest, no larger than a jewelry box, from inside.
Roselyn's movement slowed as she came to the outskirts of the asylum property. They, she and Eris, would have passed several other agent teams on their way up or otherwise watched the arriving ones spread out in any direction to survey, canvas, and contain any rogue elements as the operation moved forward. As they arrived, an agent approached to greet Roselyn and spoke.

"The perimeter would be secured shortly, Director. Teams have begun to enter the building and clear the infected individuals for your arrival, but have avoided the upper floor, as per your orders." he stated. Roselyn nodded once as the individual stepped away, before turning to face Eris once more.

"Take me to them." her face as stern and stoic as ever.

Once at the door, Roselyn stopped. She stared momentarily, not motioning or responding, apparently battling some feeling in the back of her mind. It only lasted a moment as she flashed a glance at Eris and pulled the door open. Inside was a scene of horror. Blood and guts dragged against the floors and scattered about the room. A dark cloud had enshrouded the moon at that moment, leaving the room dark and still, save one repetitious wet, crunch noise which broke the silence moment after moment. As the cloud passed and the moonlight could reveal the room once more, the source of the noise became visible little by little. The hulking form of a fully fledged wolf 7-8 ft. tall, 15 ft. long, crouched over a body, torn to shreds and leaking all manner of blood and body. The wolf's form shifted to face the two entering individuals; allowing the moon to pass over the corpse beneath it, the face clearly shown as that of Argast, now clearly dead and already half eaten.

The silence between the two groups was palpable, the air charged with slow building anticipation of which side was going to flinch first. Roselyn's fingers shifted slightly at her side, preparing for what was coming, as the wolf took its first slow step towards them. As the paw fully clasped the cold tile flooring, an audible creaking as the ceramic shifted against the beast's weight, there was a flash of movement, far quicker than would seem possible for a creature of that size, as the wolf lunged forward toward them. There was a loud clanging sound as Roselyn dropped the small chest
to the floor was fell onto its side, as she rose her hands up to stop the beast's advance. Mere feet from their face's, the wolf's snout collided with a quickly appearing, slightly translucent barrier, similar to that which had held Grey and Eris an hour beforehand. The barrier was solid at the first hit, but the wolf quickly chomped at it again and again, slowly pushing its maw further and further against and into the slowly flexing barrier.

"The chest," Roselyn said between strained noises, "manacles." Roselyn struggled to speak as she exerted all of her energy to push back against the beast. She took her outstretched and open palms that faced the beast, and slammed them together in a loud clap. As she did so, the barrier wall expanded and stretched in any direction, grasping and pulled until it had grown large enough to envelop the wolf in its entirety. For a split second, the wolf was motionless, a gaping maw and furious eyes still staring at both of them, ready to chomp at any second, but even in that moment the barrier blinked slightly, ready to snap at a moment's notice.

"NOW!" Roselyn shouted.

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Posted: Wed Mar 06, 2019 3:37 pm
by Shea
Eris darted forward immediately, her physical form partially dematerializing as the dark spaces in the room seemed to seep into her like black mist. A blur of a buzzing, vaguely humanoid shape flitted about, passing without resistance through the band of energy Roselyn was keeping locked around Grey's attacking claws and muzzle. She snatched up the manacles in one instant as the form coasted over the open box in a crouch low to the ground, and then jolted off again half a metre away and then back again. The first manacle clamped over the wolf's left wrist with only a small struggle, though she had to use a small amount of force to cause it seal all the way around the other side. It clicked shut and emitted the telltale magical hum of energy, partially warping the air around it like heat around a flame, and she shifted to his other side in the next moment. A furry elbow scraped through part of the form but didn't seem to catch any physical part of her, and she simply sidestepped to his hand and slapped on the second cuff.

The feet were more complicated, but Eris still made short work of them, dodging wayward scratches that if hit in her normal form would likely disembowel her; a thought she came to quite suddenly when he shifted part of his leg to dig at her as she passed. It struck something this time and came away with a small amount of blood slathered over the claws, but the form seemed to withstand more brutal damage and she re-materialized a few metres away, two long gashes trailing the curve of an upper thigh. The barrier shuddered weakly and sputtered out, as she returned to Roselyn's side quickly, hand poised to go for her blade.

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Posted: Sat Mar 09, 2019 4:12 pm
by TheBigun
No sooner had Eris latched the final clamp onto the wolf's form, the manacles set to work. The barrier holding the wolf in place now sputtering out thanks to its struggles against them, the wolf pushed itself forwards toward the two of them, but chains tightened at its movement. Every move the wolf made, the manacles grew tighter, the chain growing shorter. The wolf cracked open its maw to bite them and in a flash the manacles had grown and crawled across its body, forming a muzzle over the beast's mouth and forced it shut. The beast flexed and strained but every ounce of energy it spent going after them only caused the restraints to compound tenfold. In only a few moments the beast was almost entirely caged and struggling to stand with the precarious position his legs were in. With a heavy exhale from the beast's nostrils, blunted by the muzzle over its mouth, its muscles relaxed and slowly lowered itself to the ground, but its eyes never broke with the two women. It was calm for now, but that calmness did not come freely as the beasts stared, a blazing hatred and anger stewing just beneath the surface, and waited.

Roselyn wiped a few drips of blood from her nose, the exchange having taken a great deal out of her, and knelt to grab the chest up off the floor. She breathed deeply for a moment or two, before aiming the front of the chest towards the wolf and opening it. In a flash, the wolf's visage twisted and folded into itself before being pulled into the chest, Roselyn slamming the lid and latching the chest closed behind it. She turned to Eris and preempted her words immediately.

"Not here. Too many eyes and ears, even for us."

In a flash the two were downstairs and exiting the build once more, scores of dead and mutilated bodies lying in the wake of the incursion. Members of the Organization were scattered about identifying what was left of the deceased and dragging the lot into piles throughout the building. Roselyn tucked the chest beneath her arm as it had been before and stopped at the gated entrance to the property. The same agent who had greeted them when they first arrived bowed his head slightly as the two approached. Without a word from the man himself, Roselyn spoke once more.

"Burn it down." Roselyn's voice was cold. She had always had a serious demeanor when it came to her work, but this was different. She was angry and she wore it all over; in her walk, in her voice, her face, and her eyes... especially her eyes. Before entering the room upstairs she was there, in that moment, but seeing Grey, or whatever he was in that moment, had done something to her, triggered some emotional and angry thought or memory that sent her steaming. She wasn't surprised when she saw him and even now the anger she presented was slowly being consumed by what could only be described as disappointment. Still, she was on a mission and, with Eris in tow, the two sped back to HQ.

The inside of the Organization HQ was nearly empty, only the bare minimum had been left behind to guard the building itself as most other operating agents had been summoned away to deal with the shitstorm which had brewed in the wake of Grey and Eris' decisions. Roselyn led a path down the halls of the building. Passing the clinic, Roselyn called to Charles but did not stop in her path. A moment later as they traveled, the door to the clinic creaked open presenting the head of Charles as he looked in either direction. Catching sight of Roselyn's path, he quickly slipped back inside and emerged a moment later, jogging to catch up. Roselyn continued to the back of the building before reaching a twice guarded door and continued inside, waving the two guards away. She reached the bottom of the stairs that lead into the large underground prison and paced slowly, waiting for the other two enter and approach.

"I need you to enact a level five quarantine, Charles. No one but you, Eris, and myself are to be allowed on this floor until I've stated otherwise." Roselyn began.

"A... a level five?" Charles audibly swallowed. "What could..." Charles began to question, but thought better of his response. "I'll take care of it immediately, Director." Charles turned on his heels and moved for the stairs.

"Wait..." Roselyn called after him. She grasped her the bridge of her nose with her free hand and sighed. "It breaks every protocol I uphold to do this. I cannot... I will not order you to do this as your superior. I can only ask you to do so and hope you'll understand." Roselyn was still visibly emotional from the experiences of the night, but she'd regained some of her usual aura as she spoke.

"All the same." Charles turned and replied, a look of understanding on his face. He nodded. "Direc... Roselyn."

Before Charles had even managed to leave the room, the chest in Roselyn's hands began to shake slightly, the metal and wood creaking against each other as the latch began to show wear across its pressure points. Quickening her step, Roselyn entered a nearby door which lead into a cell with three stone walls and one translucent glass between the cell and the room outside. She gently placed the chest on the ground and stepped back outside, closing the door and snapping all of its many locks behind her. The chest shook more and more, pieces of metal chipping and flinging off, before finally swinging open. In the same fashion as it had disappeared, the visage of the wolf reappeared, still chained and bound, but free of the chest's confinement. As it appeared, the chains and manacles that bound it began to move once more, striking out in any direction and disappearing into the surrounding walls, binding the wolf in the center of the room. It struggled against the chains for a moment, but calmed as it once had, again locking eyes with the women outside the cell and staring with an intent sharp enough to cut steel. Roselyn wiped a small trickle of sweat from her brow before turning to Eris. For once she did speak, simply stared and waited for Eris' response to everything she had seen.

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Posted: Sun Mar 10, 2019 8:12 pm
by Shea
Eris was contemplative for a long while.

The remainder of the night had passed by as little more than blurs of movement, emotions, distant senses, and a few short forms of dialogue she had managed to retain. Her body moved on muscle memory, the processing part of her brain stuck somewhere between figuring out what had happened in the combat between Grey and Argast and trying to determine what exactly it was that Grey had now gotten himself into. She meandered alongside Roselyn until she found herself in the cells, the cold bite of the underground barely a touch against her already frosty complexion. The beast that was and was not Alexander Greymane paced the perimeter of the cell with aggression bound to each stride, the same bloodthirsty glint in his eyes just as potent as when she had approached him with Roselyn, midway through digesting whatever bits were left of Argast.

"I don't know where to begin," she murmured, a little stunned.

The man she had been slowly coming to trust had in some respects prevented harm from coming to either of them in the future, but it seemed he had done so through an entirely reckless and self-destructive means. Those eyes.. Whatever shred of humanity that was left inside that soul must have been deeply buried, as the only nature present in that form right now was entirely animalistic. There was a palpable rage and hunger radiating from him that kept her on edge, and she kept her eyes on him at all times lest he find some way to overpower the bars of his cell and escape.

Eris could feel the disappointment seething from the witch at her side, and she felt similarly estranged from the man. This was no small event, and it did little to build on whatever foundation of trust they had managed to construct since their partnership first came into being. Trust had been lost, and she had faced enough monsters in one life to last an eternity. She scrunched her nose a bit, though whether it was against some of the old stench here or as a way to hold back the tears of frustration was unclear. She crossed her arms and locked them together at her bust, but stayed in a ready stance, eyes still directed to the creature in the cell staring back. But her words were to Roselyn.

"Tell me everything you can. What happened to him to cause this change, what we can do to fix it, what it means going forward. Everything. I need to know what you've gotten me in to."

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Posted: Mon Mar 11, 2019 4:10 pm
by TheBigun
"Tell me everything you can. What happened to him to cause this change, what we can do to fix it, what it means going forward. Everything. I need to know what you've gotten me in to." Roselyn breathed deep. This was going to be a long story.

"I met Alexander in the first decade after he'd been turned. The story before then is not my place to tell, but when I met him, he was broken. He'd lost everything and he was reeling in the consequences of his newfound curse. He was... surprisingly well versed in the condition," Roselyn shot a glance at Eris at she spoke, "but was otherwise unable to get a handle on what that meant for him in this new life. I was a black sheep in my family, so it was a point of defiance that I decided to take a werewolf under my wing and guide his path through this new world he'd been thrust into." Roselyn shook her head angrily and waved a hand, causing the glass between them and the wolf to darken beyond sight. Turning back to Eris she continued. "I had only just joined the Organization at that point, but I had a personal tie with the Director I worked under and he allowed a special circumstance for me to partner with this untrained, ultimately untested wolf. Glances and gossip were convinced Alexander would fall flat immediately, but he was strong, far stronger, and in more ways than just physically, than anyone of his age had right being." Roselyn moved to sit on a small stool which sat in the center of the large room between either cell in the wall. She sighed in relief, being far more tired than even she had realized previously.

"Together we soared through missions, earned respect and clout within our HQ and beyond, but that success had begun to drive a wedge between us." Roselyn clasped her hands together and rubbed a thumb along a small scar on her finger. "I had begun to consider Alexander like my child, having risen him up from what seemed the darkest time in his life, but his secrets lay much deeper and shrouded in darkness. We fought... and the fall out ended up with us being officially separated by the Organization. We avoided each other for a while afterwards, but by the time I had finally gotten over my anger and went in search of him, he'd already been selected for an operation against a certain rogue progenitor vampire." Roselyn nodded to Eris; this part she knew. "See, Alexander was always different. He found a synchronicity with his wolf so much faster than anyone I'd heard of before and was capable of such amazing things in his spite of his age. But..." Roselyn face sunk slightly as she delved into her own memory. "When he came back, something was wrong. It was like... it was like every connection he had with his wolf had been severed and rather than exerting control over it, the wolf had been frenzied beyond anything I'd ever seen."

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Posted: Mon Mar 11, 2019 4:27 pm
by Shea
Eris listened with quiet respect and consideration. When the glass between them and the pacing beast darkened beyond recognition of form from either side, her physique slackened and she let her arms fall to her sides, her determined gaze cast to the ground and often, away from Roselyn's face as she took in the details of their history. A breath that had been caught high in the vampire's chest escaped her constraint, and she let her weight transfer off of her feet and gradually transferred it into the wall behind her. The air was heavy with negative emotion still, and she had an inkling that Roselyn's explanation was also aiding in getting a weight off her chest, one that, it seemed, had been held there for no small amount of time.

"So he didn't have this problem until after Visgoth? It was something that had been done to him? Visgoth, Argast.. they somehow unchained the beast inside of him," she thought aloud. "Perhaps tortured him until it went insane."

She found her arms crossing again, one foot propped back up against the wall to her back. "Can anything be done to chain it again? The necklace he wore, will that no longer work?"

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Posted: Mon Mar 11, 2019 4:52 pm
by TheBigun
"So he didn't have this problem until after Visgoth? It was something that had been done to him? Visgoth, Argast.. they somehow unchained the beast inside of him," she thought aloud. "Perhaps tortured him until it went insane."

She found her arms crossing again, one foot propped back up against the wall to her back. "Can anything be done to chain it again? The necklace he wore, will that no longer work?"

"I can't know for sure as whatever twisted research Visgoth and Argast had confirmed in Alexander was lost along with them, but from what I've gleaned and what I understand about lycan physiology, it has something to do with the silver within him. He is, and has been since his time with those two, nearly immune to the effects of silver, but, I fear, in having been inoculated in such a way, it has driven a wedge between the beast and Alexander himself, simultaneously driving it mad to the point of... well." Roselyn nodded towards the still darkened glass between them and the wolf. "The necklace that he," Roselyn angrily rolled her eyes at the thought, "destroyed to release the beast inside was arduously created item that took me longer than I care to admit to create. And even if it weren't one of a kind, it only serves to keep the beast asleep, not put it in that state to begin with." Roselyn's eyes went cold again as she considered her next words. "But the story isn't finished yet. There's more you need to know."

"I'd searched for Alexander for some time while he was gone, but I'd never been made privy to his mission or its location due to compartmentalization within the Organization, so it was Alexander who had tracked me down after the events there at transpired. When he found me, he was a wreck. He'd been wracked with pain for months and it had been driving him further and further into his own mind, but it was worse than I had first thought. He didn't admit it for some time, but the reason he'd tracked me down with such urgency was a situation much like the one we find ourselves in here." Roselyn shook her head again, recalling all these memories was weighing on her. "He'd attempted to relieve some stress and allow his change on the full moon, but for the first time ever, he'd lost consciousness during the change. This shook him slightly, but it wasn't beyond the realm of possibility so he moved on. It wasn't until he found a nearby town that he discovered he'd not been out for just a single night, but three." Roselyn flashed another glance at Eris as she spoke, knowing what she meant to say and what it would mean for Eris. "But that wasn't why he'd shown up on my doorstep. It was the second time he transformed that confirmed in his mind that something was wrong. The way he told it, several days before the full moon he'd gotten into a fight, it was something meaningless, just testosterone flowing between men, but he blacked out in the middle of it. When he woke up..." Roselyn stopped. For a moment she considered not continuing, but ultimately she knew Eris had a right to know this.

"When he woke up, he was covered in blood laying in the muddy street of some village. He was confused at first, but looked around and found the entire village slaughtered around him. He was never good with astronomy, but some minor information gathering and a night under the moonlight had confirmed one thing. He'd been stuck in that form for over a week." Roselyn stared at Eris now, trying to connect and find whatever emotion she was feeling in that moment. "So when he found me, he swore on his own life that he would never become that monster again. Despite my protestations to the contrary, he was convinced he would rather die than let that beast out again." Roselyn paused again, considering her words.

"I'm telling you this, because you asked how we could fix it. You need to know... we may at some point have to face the eventuality that he'll never come back."

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Posted: Mon Mar 11, 2019 11:38 pm
by Shea
She knew where the story was headed before it reached its conclusion, but there was only a small flutter of emotional response from within her aura. Eris was stalwart, and despite her compounded shock towards much of what had transpired tonight, she was strangely unaffected as Roselyn went on, even upon hearing that the beast had slaughtered an entire village of innocents. She did wonder whether Greymane had freed her from Malec's dungeon just before this happened, as it seemed the only time when he could have done so and still been in his right mind. He hadn't been in his lycan form at that first point of meeting, and they had conversed enough for him to convince he was an ally and subsequently released her. And then he disappeared, and it was only due to her relocation to London mere days ago that had brought him back into her life.

I know you.

Eris traced the nail of her thumb along a bottom lip, stopping where a small cut had split part of the rosy skin from top to bottom. She could smell flakes of dried blood stuck under the nail that must have been there for some time, and she was carried away on a related train of thought as Roselyn continued.

"I'm telling you this, because you asked how we could fix it. You need to know... we may at some point have to face the eventuality that he'll never come back."

Eris considered the words carefully, and it gradually became clear to her what her feelings on the matter had been.. She had moved to London for a fresh beginning following a closed chapter overseas, only to find that so much of what had happened in her past was still connected to her present, and this man. And their investigation into this enigma had only progressed so far before their greatest threat, and also their greatest source of information, had been destroyed. So she felt.. cheated. There was more here that she deserved to know, that she needed to know. And not having her new partner by her side, the one person who could understand the impossible possibility of all this madness, left her feeling as though she had lost a part of herself, as well her greatest chance of finding something worth coming back to.

There was a lull in dialogue as Eris planned internally, the frustration brought on by this crossroads ticking over in her mind. She sighed through her nose, propping herself upright from her slack position against the wall.

"There is an old acquaintance of mine doing business here in London; a powerful vampire, and sorcerer. He may have some idea of how to help us."

She stared at the bars of the cage for a long moment, then back at Roselyn. The woman looked more concerned than relieved, her own arms crossed tightly. She gave a small shake of her head. "No. I'd prefer to keep this among ourselves, unless you're certain he can be trusted."

A small look of discomfort crossed Eris' features. "Not particularly."

"Then, we'll find some other way.. If there is one to find."

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Posted: Thu Mar 21, 2019 6:53 am
by TheBigun
-- Three Weeks Later --

Roselyn sat in her office chair, hands cupping the sides of her face. Her hair was brushed, but the mess that had accumulated was barely visible below the surface. Her eyes were bloodshot, dark rings hidden beneath what manner of make-up she'd mustered. All in all, she was put together, but barely. She was obviously tired and run ragged by the events of the last few weeks. Eris sat opposite her.

"I've gone through every tome, every scroll, every item at my or the Organization's disposal," Roselyn began, "if something exists that can fix this as is, I haven't found it." Roselyn raised her head. Tired as she may be, there was still an obvious frustration on her face. "I've done all of this before, searching for a way to deal with curse, but then, as it is now, a vaccine is easier than a cure. I can stop his transformations from occurring once he reverts, but forced reversion is near impossible when the damn beast his so unaffected by silver." Roselyn stood and walked over to one of her shelves, pulling an older looking book from the shelf. She gently placed the tome on her desk and sat once more. "I fear we're left with two options, and neither are preferable. On the one hand, the last time Alexander changed it took him tearing through an entire village to revert. Therefore, I live under the assumption that the beast can be persuaded to slumber once more... if its provided enough of a meal to sate its appetite." Roselyn averted her gaze as she spoke. This went against everything she was meant to uphold in her position. She slowly rose her gaze to meet Eris'.

"And frankly, bad as that might be, the other option is decidedly worse." Roselyn flipped open the tome between her and Eris. The book was old, the parchment within near ancient and incredibly discolored. The book itself should have fallen apart by that time, but there was an essence to the book itself which appeared to refute that last bit of time which would have done so. She flitted through the book until stopping at a page, a drawing of a massive howling Lycan centermass on the page.

"The other option is we remove the curse altogether."

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Posted: Fri Mar 22, 2019 3:50 pm
by Shea
Eris contemplated the options as she pawed idly at her dark, damp hair with an old towel, which she had curled and wrapped over the back of one of her shoulders. The morning had begun with her usual routine of feeding, training and studying, and she had only just bathed by the time one of Roselyn's assistants had called her in to discuss the ongoing issue of Greymane's botched transformation. Her grey-blue gaze was cast down and aside as she filtered through the pros and cons of both options, though from an initial look through, neither one jumped out over the other as preferable.

Eris' glance was steady as she matched Roselyn's gaze, but there was a coldness underlying her neutral expression as she considered the gravity of the first option. Organized mass murder didn't just go against the codes of The Organization's leaders, but practically any being with half a conscience. She had seen enough death that was constructed, and against the latter choice it felt more like a dramatic throwaway than something they would actually consider. But she was cynical person. As the head of the Organization, Roselyn was in a desperate situation as it was, and sleep-starved to boot. Eris put it down to the combination of the two.

She finished soaking up the stray water from her locks and flicked her hair back into place between her shoulder blades, then tucked the towel at her side. Threading her fingers through one another, she leaned in slightly to the Director's desk.

"A curse such as lyncanthropy is threaded throughout a being's entire DNA. Removing it would kill him, or even attempting as much. But surely risking the life of one man is preferable to knowingly sending an entire village of innocent men, women and children to the jaws of a starving beast simply to sate it's hunger for, possibly, only a short amount of time. And that's all going off a theory," she said. "All the while, the Organization's entire premise is to protect those such people from things like us," she drew back into her seat.

"On the other hand. If somehow we can successfully remove the creature from the human, somewhere away from anyone that could become a possible casualty, and then find some manner in which to seal it away, no one necessarily has to die. Though.. if that doesn't work, it could likely mean our deaths and the deaths of many of your agents, including Greymane."