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Re: London Gothic [BG & Shea] (IC)

Posted: Thu Dec 27, 2018 5:09 pm
by TheBigun
"There's no telling what else may have heard my.. entrance. We should move, quickly."

Grey nodded in agreement before quickly peering into the room the creature had attack him from. The room was much like the others he'd passed in the hall, ultimately unimportant to what they were currently after. Turning on his heels, Eris nearby, he moved back up the hall he'd come down. It would have behooved him to relish the silence given the encounter they'd just had, but the eerie silence still didn't sit right with Grey. Despite the backup, Grey's hairs still stood on end as he anticipated whatever might come next.

Still as they walked, something kept nagging at the back of his mind. This place, the one behind this massacre, and the new partner assigned the case along with him. Everything neatly tied together in a bow they drug him back to that place, to that forest, that dungeon. Why here? Why now? All answers Grey intended to extract from Argast the moment he and Eris had brought him low. His mind flashed back to Argast and Visgoth, to what they had done, not just to him, but to everyone. A few hundred years ago and he'd have already broken into a sprint to find Argast now, make him pay for what he'd done, but instead he walked calmly, the same determination but with less fury and impatient. At least for now.

The two continued onward, absorbing their surroundings to prevent being surprised as they had both been not moments before. They came to a t-section in the hallway; one way was blocked by rubble, one a hallway like the one they'd just traversed, and the final way a set of stairs. Grey motioned for the stairs.

"Up or down?" he asked, peering over the railing towards the bottom. Almost immediately after he'd finished his sentence, however, there was shuffle of movement from below. One quick moving creature jolting towards the stairs on the bottom. Then two. Then three. Grey motioned quickly but silently, ushering Eris past him. He slipped over to the nearby pile of rubble, grabbing a still mostly intact brick and flung it down the hall they'd come from, hoping the beings below would be distracted long enough by the sound and the dead beast to allow them a swift retreat, before quickly following Eris up the stairs to the next level.

Re: London Gothic [BG & Shea] (IC)

Posted: Tue Jan 15, 2019 1:41 pm
by Shea
Up and up again. The higher level split into patient rooms, a dozen on each side of the hall. It wound around both to a left and right wing connected by other hallways and parting sets of doors, and the pattern of the same amount of rooms on either side repeated. For all intents and purposes the rooms were identical, each tight entryway barred by hard wood doors breached only by a peephole and food tray slot. Some doors lay discarded or were missing, all heavily lacquered and painted a deep emerald green, and some had even been butchered through the middle, as though someone had tried desperately to break through. The rooms were painted dull yellow and otherwise laid bare; the skeleton of a bed here, mattresses often missing or destroyed, and a simple urinal set in to the wall. Eris could only imagine what it would have been like to live here when the place was fully functioning, if the present squalor was anything to go by. It was more a prison than a home, and she knew the feeling well.

The scent of iron was palpable here, and following her nose to the left wing led them through devil traps, runes, and warding symbols marked in mortal blood along the floor, ceiling and walls. Every inch had been painted with some sign or another, and some even dripped thick trails. Fresh. Her nose wrinkled, her stomach a churning pit of hunger, dread and disgust. The strange symbol they carried on Greem's letter appeared intermingled with the other signs, but it sat most starkly above a doorway right at the end of the hall, the red markings crossing so thickly and consistently that the original colour of the walls was completely invisible.

Eris quietened her steps the closer they came to the door, until they were both standing at the threshold. There were answers beyond here, she could feel them within reach. Her fingers around her blade tightened and she raised it, the tip of the sword angled downward, as if toward a foe's chest. Her free hand trembled, and she clenched her fingers against the doorknob.

With a look to Grey she stayed her hand, waiting for a word against the action, for any sign of a doubt - she almost wished he would say that this was a mistake, that they should turn back. But his eyes were cold steel, determined points, and she knew this was no place for excuses, easy outs. With her eyes back to the handle, and she shoved the door with force enough for it to open wide for the both of them.

Re: London Gothic [BG & Shea] (IC)

Posted: Thu Feb 07, 2019 7:09 pm
by TheBigun
The moment the door swung open, a force like sweeping wind pulled both Eris and Grey within the boundaries of the room. Utilizing a single clawed hand, Grey halted his momentum, stopping himself from being flung to far into the room. Quickly shoving himself to his feet, he swung around prepared to face whatever force Argast had put between them and himself, a faint blue and purple glow across the door and walls making itself visible as the door swung shut behind them. Across the room loomed a dark shadow, tendrils of darkness whipping out from the edges across various objects in the room as though some creature dwelled within the shadow itself.

"I will admit, I had not expected you two to make it here so quickly." Argast's voice echoed across the chamber, his back still faced towards to them even as the darkness enveloped him and the space around it. "