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Medieval/Fantasy Plot!

Roleplays consisting of only 2-3 members can be posted here.

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Iris Eweyllen
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Medieval/Fantasy Plot!

Post by Iris Eweyllen » Sat May 11, 2019 3:49 am

*I’m a tad bit new to this site, so be patient!* :squee:

A Lost Reality:
Iris took a deep breath, her hands resting in her lap. She stood up, her hand wrapped around the chalice. “Cheers to my Father, Sir Damien!” She forced a smile on her lips as the room of 30 raised their glasses with her. “Tonight marks the turning point of this war! Lives have been lost, setbacks have hindered us, but we remain victorious.” Dark hazel eyes swept the crowd. She felt sick of the act she portrayed. “I wish you all a merry night.” She bowed her head to the generals and councilmen. “It is known that if you neglect your people, the kingdom you built will crumble. Fear... is not everything.” With one last wave, she left the throne room. A guard would stay beside her, escorting her to her room...
As the door latches beneath her, she sat on her bed. Her eyes closed as she allowed her mind to wander
S̶e̶v̶e̶n̶— no, Six Kingdoms spanned across four continents. The Alzecs were gradually being destroyed by this war.
The Eweyllen Kingdom had been consumed by its own greed. King Damien has increased the taxes, leaving his own subjects to starve. He either pocketed it, or used it to gain a leg in the war. It was known that he was becoming sick. With no wife and no son, his daughter would inherit the throne. Iris Meritha.
This is what she was told until the day she turned 15. A dear friend, a member of the slums, had given her stolen documents. She would be left behind. Sir Damien’s cousin would end her life.
Soon her 19th birthday would be rolling around. It was planned that an assassination would leave her for the Rots.
Iris removed the painting of her Mother that rested at the head of her bed. With that, she opened an iron barrier that kept her from using the escape tunnels. The barrier had been dismantled, leaving her a way through. Grabbing the sack, she hid a gold purse, journal, and a couple pairs of clothing. Jewelry was wrapped in a cloth, ready to be sold.

Now for your character:

There are two ideas I have in mind. A magic user (which is considered treason in the Eweyllen kingdom) who is making his escape to the neighboring kingdoms comes across Iris on horse.

Or: One who never... really belonged in this world. Someone from the modern world that was forced into the medieval era.

To be honest, you can do whatever you like with your own person. I just threw two random suggestions for anyone that temporarily goes blank.
*Unimportant side note: The journal consists of the history of the seven kingdoms. It would be one of the few documents that still held traces of the Alzec Kingdom. That hasn’t been destroyed or locked away, at least. As time progresses, you’ll learn more of this world.

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