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[Forum War IC]

The forum war was our first persona event

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Re: [Forum War IC]

Post by Aya » Fri Mar 27, 2015 12:14 pm

Aya took this moment to charge Lamia. She was confused and off balance...... and the dampening field was down. Aya could feel the full strength of her powers return and she was going to take out this snake bitch and get back to the surface. She had no idea what was going on until her powers came back and her connection to Gideon came back. She felt the blade cut through he throat and felt her fall. Her rage came to a point it had never reached before and before she knew what she was doing she was standing over Lamia's body, blood splattered everywhere and her in pieces. This had never happened before and Aya wasn't sure how to deal with it. She blacked out and rage killed someone who, while evil, should have been brought to justice another way.

"Let's go." She said quietly to Ash'na, sounding exhausted.

The only way out was up the stairs at the end of the room. They went on forever, but along the way she was able to see what was going on on the battlefield. Now that everyone had their powers back they were taking care of business properly. Gideon was caught and safe for now, the other generals still alive were unaccounted for and Leviathan was still alive and kicking. The minions, however, were toast and they were the main threat.

Aya came to the surface from the side of the Keep. A small door that looked like it was used for various reasons to get to the tunnels below. There were probably other tunnels she had passed on her way up that lead into the Keep where Gideon was being held. Now that she was out in the open she called to Ash'na who promptly picked her up (barely) and teleported her to where Gideon was laying on the ground.

"Clearly I chose the wrong door." She smiled, referring to the maze in the circus.

Gideon's neck was healed and Wolf seemed in pretty bad shape. Aya had healing powers, but they didn't work on others, only herself. With amount of water she had just been in, she was already completely healed.

"Are you going to be alright?" She asked Wolf. It appeared as though she would be so long as a healer came by to help.
You have all been amazing and I will miss you, but it is time for me to go.

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Re: [Forum War IC]

Post by Darkblade » Sun Mar 29, 2015 2:01 am

He could feel a very familiar sensation, the one he feels when he gets out of the house.
His powers were returning to their fullest, and yet the danger did not seem to lessen.
The place was getting rather shaky, and while it was easy to leave by himself it didn’t seem right to leave his tall person behind.
So he would have to do things awkwardly, she was in for a surprise as first he lifted her up.
There was only one exit he knew, and they entered via it, and as such he kicked the ground.
Soaring upwards, he continued to kick harder and harder against the air gaining enough height to return to the surface via the hole that had taken them down.

Landing he set his tall person down, turning to witness the aftermath of the war.
Leviathan, he had hurt Gideon, and even been quite nasty about it.
Pretending to be releasing her, that was just a low blow too many for chibi to take laying down.
But how to hurt him most? How to make him suffer? That was what was making chibi ponder.

“He will pay, he will suffer, I will eat him while he watches!”

He popped in and out of existence repeatedly in his fury, till he was at the foot of the Keep.
Looking up with hatred where the fool had been, when Gideon fell.
Stamping his feet impatiently as he shouted up, though why he didn’t just pop to the top was anybody’s guess.

“Get down here! I’ll show you when this is over! I’ll show you small! I’ll show you hollow! When I tear a hole right through you like that brat of yours!”

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Re: [Forum War IC]

Post by Sammy » Wed Apr 15, 2015 5:38 am

Sammy hovered protectively beside Shadow and the Seer. Her fast talking had seemingly got the others to accept that they were friends and not foe but there were still some untrustworthy looks being thrown around and she didn't want to take any chances. She had been right to trust them, their information had been sound even if they hadn't managed to get to Moloch before one of the Collective had brought him down. The Seer had been right to suggest that the Leviathan would hurt Gideon if things suddenly seemed to no longer be going his way. If only she'd been quicker. If only she hadn't allowed herself to become so distracted when she stumbled across Antaric.

With fists clenched, the elemental watched as Wolf tended to Gideon's wounds. Fire raged just beneath the surface, her eyes engulfed in flames as she dug her fingernails painfully into the palms of her hands. In truth, she had been struggling to keep it under wraps from the moment Moloch had fallen and the entire Keep had begun to crumble around them and the combination of Wolf's Wild Hunt and the sight of Gideon falling through the air had come alarmingly close to pushing her well and truly over the edge. Everyone or, at least, those she cared about most, appeared to be whole and Gideon was being tended to, it was time for her to leave. Staying only put them all at further risk.

"I very much hope that I will be lucky enough to meet you both again under better circumstances," Sammy offered both Shadow and the Seer a somewhat strained smile, resting an unnaturally warm hand first on Shadow's arm and then on the Seers. "You have my gratitude for your help and that of the entire Collective."

With one final glance at Gideon (and completely oblivious to the figure behind her), Sammy was simply gone.
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