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Posted: Sat Nov 03, 2018 6:58 pm
by Kindredtown

Namori glanced at Yuki after her response. "I wouldn't say that was the only oddity." He sighed as he looked at the crowd of Saiyans. She didn't seem to want to admit that this was a bit difficult for her. "I'm sorry that I wasn't there to help you when you died. But you seem to have benefited in death. That must've been why you didn't want to come back." He was curious about the power she acquired while dead. He wasn't even aware that you could train. Just what kind of training would one go through in the afterlife to reach that kind of power in one year? Namori wondered how strong other warriors were up there that had been there for years or centuries. He didn't plan on dying to find out though.

He hadn't gotten the chance to see her fight but he felt her fight from the ocean. She inspired him to keep moving forward. He was going to break past his limits. He couldn't fail the Earth. He couldn't fail his friends. With the Dragon Balls gone they couldn't afford for him to.


When the feast began Taroga stood close to the center and looked around the area. He had been eating on the leg of a severely overgrown Turkey. He held it with his left hand and held it as if he might've needed to backhand something or someone with it. He noticed the loud and annoying scientist. She was busy yelling at Khol and Kakarotto. He didn't understand what she had against him, but he didn't really care either. He decided he might talk to her later. The only good thing about her was her technology.

He continued to look around and eventually found who he was looking for. The old man was staring at a group of Saiyan women with a drip of blood falling from his right nostril. Taroga decided to intervene before he got himself killed. He walked in front of him and said, "Hello, master."

Roshi tried to move his head around Taroga, but it was to no avail. "Move boy. You're blocking the view."

"I'm saving your life, but that's not the real reason why I'm here." Taroga responded.

"You wanted to show me that you're still alive? Congratulations. Now move."

"No. I'm here to ask if you'd allow me to continue to train under you and stay with you while I do so. The only Saiyans that I care for are my sister and the Commander. I can't live with the others."

Roshi stopped trying to see around him and looked up at the boy. He could see a change in him and decided he could take advantage of that. "I'll continue to train you if you get me a pair of your sister's pan----."

Before he could get the rest of the word out Taroga punched him in the face with his right face. He didn't intend to waste his turkey leg here. Roshi felt the punch, but didn't move back from the impact. More blood dripped from his nose, but he was fine. It was more from the thought he previously had in his mind.

"That was for Sakuranbo."

"Maybe you haven't changed at all.", Roshi said as he continued to stare up at Taroga. "But I'll train you. I still don't like you. Probably never will. But Sakuranbo sees something in you and honestly she's the best student I've ever had. I doubt you'll be as good as her, but you'll be something."

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Posted: Mon Nov 05, 2018 3:53 pm
by Ninmast
Namori & Yuki

"Everything dies, Namori," Yuki countered him calmly, though her eyes never left the Saiyan crowds. "You had your own battles to fight, and I did not require you to fight mine. The webs of fate and the flowing river of time each have their own ends that even the gods cannot alter, and comprehending their designs is far beyond the scope of mortal perception. Perhaps a near lifetime of simple access to artifacts like the Dragon Balls has conditioned you to take second chances for granted, instead of simply being thankful for them. My death allowed us to overcome the Saiyan invasion with far fewer losses than we could have suffered. To be grateful that the schemes of men and gods aligned today is wisdom. To expect it, hubris."

She pushed herself from the wall and began to move forward. "Now, if you shall excuse me, while a senzu bean may make it unnecessary to eat, I believe I shall express my gratitude to fate by seeing if Bulma brought any ice cream."

Taroga & Roshi

"Somebody talking about me? My ears are burning!" Sakuranbo poked her head into the middle of the exchange between her brother and her master, and her face lit up in a smile. "Master Roshi! You made it! When did you get here?"

"Ehehehe!" the old man laughed, rubbing his finger across his moustache underneath his nose. "If I've learned anything about Saiyans over the past year, it's that they like to run around in underwear, and their women are all sexy instead of hulking muscle growth fantasies like their men! So of course, as soon as the fighting settled down, I had to head over and see it for myself!"

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Posted: Sun Nov 11, 2018 5:41 am
by Kindredtown

Namori didn't move to continue the conversation and let Yuki go in her search of ice cream. He knew she was right with everything that she said even if it was rather drawn out and complicated way of saying that things happen for a reason and we can't do anything to change that. The Dragon Balls made them take a lot for granted. He started to wonder if they were the reason he slacked a bit in his training. He knew he had the potential to be stronger, but was he subconsciously holding back in his effort? If that was the case then he knew it was time for that to stop. The Dragon Balls were a crutch that they could no longer use. That he could no longer use. Not having Kami was worse though. He was his master and without him Namori felt even more lost.

He walked around the feast and continued to think about the ones that they lost. He didn't hold it against the Saiyans. He and the others already welcomed the initial attacking force. It wouldn't make sense to deny the others the chance of being welcomed. It wasn't like he could anyway. Khol was their new King so it meant they were staying for good. Namori would be lying if he said he wasn't at least intrigued to see how things were going to be from here on out. The Earth was going to have a solid defense force, but that same force was going to make it a target. The Saiyans made numerous enemies throughout the stars and one was strong enough to force them on the run for so long. How long did they have before that threat came knocking?

He found himself wishing that Piccolo was here. He may have acted like he was focused primarily on world domination, but he was a fighter at heart. He would've loved the challenge of facing someone even the Saiyans couldn't beat. But if Namori was being completely honest he selfishly still wanted his rematch with the heir to the Demon King.

Sakuranbo & Roshi

Taroga was already starting to second guess his decision to stay with the old man. He looked at his sister with a clear look of confusion drawn across his face. "How do you let him talk like that around you?"

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Posted: Sun Nov 11, 2018 7:00 pm
by Ninmast
Sakuranbo had thought the old man's explanation of why he had shown up to be fairly tame, and blinked at her brother in confusion. "Well, he's not objectively wrong, our combat armor does bare a lot more skin than their gis, and there's some pretty big size differences between our genders while theirs are a lot closer in size. I mean, just put General Nappa, or even Commander Raditz next to, say, Boshi from Team Sixteen." Boshi was a tiny thing of a female Saiyan, but her feisty temperament and mid-tier power level meant that any who underestimated her stature were in for an explosive surprise. Next to even the relatively small (for a male Saiyan) Raditz, however, she was dwarfed by his towering, overly muscular form, and a giant like Nappa might as well have been a mountain. Comparatively speaking, human males like Namori or Yamcha were only a little bigger than female human warriors.

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Posted: Fri Nov 16, 2018 2:45 pm
by Madrigal
Natsumi had followed after the Saiyans, remaining fairly silent around them at first. Though they had helped her save the Earth--and with it everything she knew and loved--she didn't feel quite as if she could trust them yet. They had trained, fought and shed blood together however, so she would treat them courteously and with respect.

As the feast started, Natsumi was slow to begin. Her grand love in life was her Corey. Her second love was martial arts. Her third was cooking, baking in particular. Yet she had never quite had the same love for eating her food that she had for making it. The fight however had left her famished, drained of energy. After a valiant effort to seem polite and well mannered (which was completely lost on the ravenous warriors) Natsumi eagerly joined in, hunger overcoming her reserved demeanor. With an energy that matched the extra-terrestrials across the table, she tore into her first real meal in months. Four bowls of rice, three plates of meat and vegetables. The better to fuel her muscles and keep her strong.

It was only when she lay aside the last plate that she decided to mingle. Sheepishly setting aside her platters, she rose, roaming over to the dessert table. It was against her personal policy to indulge in something as decadent as a dessert. These were filled with sugars, with little potential for energy save in the short term. Even then, fruits and vegetables were the better option. She did allow herself something after a major accomplishment though. A hard won victory at the annual martial arts tournament, typically. This felt as if it qualified. Her eyes roamed over each of the items, doing her best to shake off the prospect of indulgence. Indulgence was weakness after all. Even if the array before her made her mouth water. After a few moments, she chose the healthiest looking option. An extravagant and fruity parfait. She considered returning to her seat and the strangers around her, when something caught her eye. Or rather someone. The strange girl from before--Yuki--was walking towards the table, clearly seeking the same treats Natsumi had considered. Holding the frosty glass in one hand, she gave Yuki a nod of acknowledgement. Then a smile.

"I see you were hungry for something sweet as well, Yuki."

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Posted: Thu Nov 22, 2018 7:01 pm
by Ninmast
"Ah." The princess' face searched Natsumi's for half a heartbeat before the girl's name came to her. "Natsumi, yes? Indeed. I was just saying to Namori what wonderful things senzu beans are, making eating unnecessary, but after it all, the stomach remains empty, does it not?"

Yuki moved toward the bar and looked it over, already knowing generally what she wanted and merely trying to locate it. "As unusual as it may seem for hailing from the Frozen Lands, I had never consumed ice cream until I left them. As such, it is quite a cherished exotic to me. Oh!" She spotted the bins of ice cream and stepped over ... but then stopped, the expression on her face one of complete blank bewilderment.

Before her were two and a half dozen flavors of ice cream in massive buckets, and her sheltered mind had no idea how to process that many choices.

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Posted: Mon Dec 17, 2018 12:47 pm
by Madrigal
Natsumi had always been somewhat pragmatic. Perhaps a little more than would be good for her. Her clothes had always been utilitarian, her needs simple. Despite her love for cooking, during her more serious training sessions weeks would go by where she didn't eat anything more complicated than bread and lettuce. She hadn't even considered finding a boyfriend until her Junior year in high school. Until Corey changed her world. So it took a few moments for the confused look on the frozen princess's face to register with her.

Natsumi looked closely at her. Then flitted her eyes to the side, to where she was looking. Then back to Yuki. She wasn't sure what exactly enlightened her about Yuki's confusion. But she managed to give her a reassuring smile, before pointing to one of the green tubs. "Try Pistachio. Its my favorite."

Out of the five or so she had ever bothered to try.

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Posted: Tue Dec 18, 2018 12:08 pm
by Ninmast
"Pi-sta-shi-o," the princess repeated. It would make sense that a desert nut wouldn't exactly be something grown in a place called the Frozen Lands, but she'd apparently still at least heard of it. "That is a ... nut, correct?" she asked as she moved toward the suggestion and began working the scoop. "What an odd choice to base an entire flavor around."

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Posted: Wed Jan 09, 2019 1:26 am
by Madrigal
Natsumi gave a non-committal shrug. She may have been what her friends called a 'foody'. But her expertise was in making food. Not in tasting factory made imitations. She supposed ice cream was as alien to her as pistachios were to Yuki.

"I honestly hadn't thought about it. But they've all kinds of flavors at the Sweet Shop in town. Some are simple, like Vanilla or Strawberry. My friend Makoto's brothers though prefer more...interesting flavors. Birthday Cake, Death by Chocolate, Superman. Don't know what that one's all about."

She paused, sliding her spoon into the glass before taking up a modest amount of ice cream within. She brought it up to her mouth, and slipped it between her smooth lips. The spoon emerged again, as her face twisted and contorted into an expression alien to her companions. An effeminate smile of pure joy. Her eyes shut tight, as a sigh of satisfaction slipped from her. "Mmm--this is so good! Its been years since I've had a parfait."

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Posted: Wed Jan 09, 2019 2:31 am
by Ninmast
Yuki had given herself a modest serving of the green ice cream, but raised her head at Natsumi's proclamation and came over tilting her head. "What's a parfait?"

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Posted: Wed Jan 09, 2019 3:55 am
by Madrigal
Natsumi didn't bother answering verbally. Instead her spoon vanished into her glass, scooping up a mix of yogurt, granola, cream and fruit. The mixture, perfectly balanced on the utensil, emerged from inside the glass, before it extended to Yuki.

"Say 'ahh'."

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Posted: Fri Jan 25, 2019 6:45 am
by Ninmast
The princess frowned. "I do not say a-gh!" As soon as the word was uttered, her eyes widened as the spoon was thrust into her mouth.

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Posted: Sun Jan 27, 2019 6:31 am
by Darkblade
The feasting went long into the night, but all to soon the time came to depart. Allies, friends, and enemies to their respective dwellings. Rest and recuperation was the task, but even as Khol felt at peace he felt with greater certainty that his adventures weren’t over just yet. No this was not the time to settle down, repayment was required, and atonement. So it was barely a week later he gave a summons to each of those he had fought along side, in the form of a young saiyan. He could’ve done it himself, but he was King so might as well enjoy the position a bit.

The Saiyan mothership didn’t exactly help with the nice view he had before, but with saiyans working hard to follow the example and build a home of their own here, the time would come that the ship could be left where it wouldn’t block the scenery. Bulma had to be dragged away from the vessel more than once, Kakarotto’s face bore the scars of her displeasure. She’d have plenty of time to look at it, once the saiyans were done using it as a home. He rather not have some kid cause an incident cause Bulma got a bit too irksome in her excitement.

“And what requires a meeting at this hour?”

It wasn’t that early, heck the was closing on the center of the sky. But the week long rest from the anxieties of conflict seemed to make his apparent sister rather lax, hadn’t noticed her being up and about before the sun began it’s descent. Kakarotto was up almost as early as himself, and he wasn’t sure Raditz ever slept lately. Seemingly wanting to bridge the gap Khol have put between himself as his family.

“You’ll know when the rest get here, it’s important enough to call an end to this little holiday. At least for a few of us, I doubt we’ll all need to give up our beauty sleep.”

He chuckled, knowing he had pressed the right button. As her muscles bunched, before she stuck out her tongue at him. No, he felt the path ahead would only be hindered if he brought everyone he could. The Saiyans for the most part needed time, to adjust to his way of thinking, and frankly most of them wouldn’t be of much use if a serious fight broke out. He’d also need to leave a few behind to keep an eye on them, as some idiot might take his absence as a reason to do something stupid. Kakarotto and Raditz, he presumed enough to feel they could be trusted, and Kures if she felt she didn’t want to tag along. Nappa he felt was smart enough not to cause trouble, but didn’t know enough about the man to leave him as the sole voice of his own authority. For the moment, he’d wait for the others to arrive, some would likely not wish to leave, others he felt would jump at the opportunity.

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Posted: Mon Feb 11, 2019 1:36 pm
by Ninmast
Yuki was one of the later ones to arrive, and she did so in ... conflagratory fashion. She entered the king's chamber without waiting to be called upon, without being invited, and holding a battered Saiyan youth by the collar of his armor.

"Khol," she opened regardless of anyone that squawked at her arrival, "if you want an audience with me, come do it yourself." And then she unceremoniously dropped the boy on the floor of the throne room. "Don't send some directionless male who's going to get himself lost, then have the audacity to pick a fight with the ruler of the land he's trespassing in when she comes to bail him out. Now, what do you want?"

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Posted: Fri Feb 22, 2019 2:03 am
by Madrigal
"I had no idea you had such strong feelings about property rights, Yuki."

Natsumi spoke from where she stood, her back to the rest of the group. She had been disturbed during the tail end of her morning training, and had hurried to join the group as quickly as she could. It had been after she realized that she was early--and after several minutes of boredom--that she resumed her exercises. A loud thudding crunch filled the room as her fist struck a massive dent in the wall, more than two feet deep. She didn't care for this. Metal made poor training material. It gave way much too easily. Sand was a much better option. No matter how one punched it, it still offered the same resistance. Barring that, water made an excellent substitute, and wood was a reasonable replacement.

She turned from the outward cauldron of crumpled and flimsy metal towards the other two. Her hands, bound in loose bandages to hide her small callouses from sand training, brushed against one another as if to dust them off. Nat was dressed in the same gi and sandals as before, a pair of arm guards hanging from her black belt. She hadn't had time to change after her morning routine, and her body let off the faint scent of adrenaline and sweat. Natsumi didn't mind it personally, but Corey and her needed to go grocery shopping later and she wanted to shower before they went out in public.

"You should talk with my dad Yuki. I think you'd be great friends. So Khol, what did you want to talk about."

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Posted: Wed Feb 27, 2019 6:44 am
by Kindredtown
The sound of two forces colliding could be heard above the waters near Kame House. Namori and Taroga were exchanging blows and neither seemed to have the edge over the other. Taroga couldn't help but smile in the face of Namori's serious expression. They've been sparring every day since the feast. They both knew they had to be stronger, but it was starting to look like a burden for one. The pressure he was putting on himself was taking the joy out of fighting for Namori. His friend and something of a rival could see it as plain as day on his face.

"Why the long face, Namori? Worried you might lose today?" Taroga teased as he pushed himself back and fired off a blast of his ki. Namori responded by deflecting the blast into the air with his left hand causing it to disrupt and explode. Taroga expected this and had already broken the distance between the two and clenched his left fist to punch him in the chest.

Namori knew the blast was meant as a distraction and was already on the defensive. Before the fist could meet its mark it was caught by Namori's right hand. He tightly gripped it and reached for the neck of Taroga's gi before using it to help flip and launch him down to the water below. "That's never a concern of mine. Here's a few gifts."

Taroga caught himself before he would've hit the water and opened his eyes to see three blasts heading straight for him. In a last ditch effort he crossed his arms over his chest and braced for the impact. When the smoke cleared all he could do was smirk. "Not bad. Don't you think we should bring this to a close soon?"

Meanwhile on Kame House Island, Roshi was sprawled out on a lounge chair perusing the newest Swimsuit Edition of Sports Illustrated. A trail of blood trickled from his nose. "I could really use a vacation right about now. Maybe I'll even invite my favorite student. I wonder how she'd look in one of these." The images he formed in his head caused the blood to pour even more than before. "Yes! That's it. I'll just pick out the right one and call it training."

His plotting was interrupted by the arrival of a young Saiyan. He was sent to look for the others after the one previously entrusted with the task had encountered some difficulties. Roshi looked up over his magazine and sighed. "Great. Another one. I'm not taking on any new students at the moment. I'm sure you've heard much about the great Master Roshi and decided that you had to undergo my tutelage."

The Saiyan stared blankly at him and said, "I have no idea who you are and I'm not here for training from a feeble old man. I'm here for them." He pointed back into the air at Namori and Taroga.

Roshi scoffed. "Feeble old man. Pft. You young Saiyans know nothing. But I wouldn't interrupt them now if I were you."

"And why n---?" He turned around and immediately felt the pressure building up in the air around the two fighters. They were now across from each other with a distance of about a thousand feet between them. The water beneath them raged feeling the power building up within the two as they held the stance for the Turtle School's Sacred Technique. "What are they doing!?"

Roshi closed his magazine and adjusted his seating so he could get a better look. "Pay attention to the teachings of this feeble old man."

Namori started the chant off.





They yelled out in unison, "HAAAAAAAAAAA." and thrust their hands forward releasing their beams of powerful blue energy. The waves collided halfway and the neither seemed to be gaining any ground as if they were evenly matched. The water at the epicenter started to form of a whirlpool and the air around them delivered hurricane like winds that spelled disaster for Roshi.

It caused him to loosen his grip on his magazine and he was forced to watch as it was carried away into the ocean. He jumped up from his lounge chair and exclaimed, "My source of power!" Part of him wanted to dive in after it but he knew that it would've been futile. The water would've already ruined it by the time that he would've reached it. He sighed and removed his shades and looked up at his students. "Enough. Get down here!"

The two immediately ceased their actions and dispelled their waves. Neither of them had heard that tone from Roshi, but that's exactly why they knew it wasn't good. They raced down to the small island and bowed their heads to Roshi.

"I can't stand to look at you two right now. Go quickly and follow this young man. When you return I expect TWO Sports Illustrated Magazines to make up for what you made me lose. Am I understood?"

"Yes, sir."

"Yes, master."


"Sorry we're late." Namori said as he and Taroga walked in. They didn't have the time to change into clean gi's so it was clear what they were doing when they got there. "What's this meeting about?"

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Posted: Tue Mar 19, 2019 3:31 am
by Darkblade
“I can’t be everywhere at once, and learning first hand how Earthlings behave is a good thing for the young to learn.”

Khol’s eyes rolled a bit, this lot certainly did have a few habits he could probably live without. But that was the joys of life, and right now they were among the few he could trust. Becoming a king was hardly going to change that, if anything it increased the number of people he’d have to be wary of. But for the present he was secure in his own strength to deal with anyone saiyan or otherwise who found his ideas something to become irksome over.

“Now onto the matter, we succeeded in the goal we spent a year preparing for. The price we paid for it however, has been weighing on my mind.”

This was a reason not to invite Nappa, as the fellow was responsible for the whole purpose of this little meeting. He wouldn’t blame the fellow for following the orders of King Vegeta, so he wasn’t going to subject him to a conversation built entirely on sorting out what he did.

“East City, Tien, Yamcha, Amy, and Piccolo, gone. Piccolo especially a loss we could’ve done without.”

Kures he noted was clenching her fists, taking his words almost as a rebuke of her abilities. It was Piccolo’s choice to fight, and it was his choice to defend her from Nappa’s attack. Something he had to learn from Nappa as his sister was being rather tight lipped about her loss of control.

“As without him, no Kami, and without Kami this world lost the dragonballs.”

He noted the lack of comprehension in the saiyans faces, indeed they never did explain to them how Yuki now lived. It was something Kami and a few others had made a point not to speak of, distrusting even those they were training to combat the threat of their people. He could understand it, considering it could’ve been a disaster had they figured out Kami’s link to them. How that link worked was a mystery to Khol, Kami made them but why did that mean they stopped working without him? Popo wasn’t much use on that matter, he was grieving the loss of a friend.

“I think it’s safe to say that the dragonballs are spheres of magical origin, brought together they can make seemingly impossible things happen just by asking for them to happen. Yuki’s return from the afterlife is one such impossibility that was made possible by them, so I think you can understand why there loss is quite a blow.”

He hadn’t bothered mentioning the limitations of Resurrection, as he didn’t see a point in bringing it up. Right now there were no dragonballs, so no reason to spell out their rules. Which in part he surmised came from their creator’s abilities, as Kami made them post split with Piccolo he was pretty sure the original body they both shared was stronger thus might’ve been able to make a stronger set of dragonballs. Or Piccolo himself could’ve done so, as he was pretty sure Piccolo was the stronger of the two. Actually made him ponder why Piccolo never thought to make a set of his own to make his world domation plans come about without any fighting, suggested the plot was just an excuse to have some enjoyable fights.

“The fact Piccolo is a Namekian brings up a possibility, slight and likely problematic. That on his home world there would be Dragonballs, I think you can fill in the dots of my thinking. I’ve spent the last week looking into this, and thanks to Popo found Kami’s old vessel. Barely functional, but it did have the location of it’s origin still in it’s data banks.”

As if on cue a rather large vessel, it bore a massive Caspule Corp logo on the side. It wasn’t as large as the mothership of the saiyans, but certainly larger than Khol had expected when Bulma had shown it to him. The result of his tournament winnings all those years ago. As it landed he noted it was comparable in appearance to saiyan vessels, either by some blueprint they salvaged from his pod or just efficient design he didn’t know.

“Which I gave to Bulma to figure out, as she was the only one around with a spaceship that can be said to space worthy. Pods are nice and all, but they’re a tad small for what I have in mind. So I’m inviting you lot to come along, well excluding Kakarotto and Raditz.”

“Hey, why don’t we get to go?”

Kakarotto was disappointed, but seemed Raditz had caught onto the reasoning. Considering Khol was King, he needed someone to remain and keep the saiyans in line, who better than the revered sons of Bardock?

“Cause you and your brother are going to be keeping the peace here on Earth, and frankly your mother might complain. First time she’s had you both under her roof in over a year..”

“What about me? I’m pretty sure she’ll be upset if I go off with you as well brother.”

“True enough, but I can probably get away with that. Call it a family bonding exercise, or something. I doubt I’ll need to make it a royal decree..”

“I wouldn’t be so sure about that, but I’m sure at least I can keep my sons from wrecking Earth while you’re running off with my daughter.”

Gine had apparently decided that she could listen in on the conversation, and gave a big hint where the rest of their family got their rather glib attitudes from. He had to wonder if Bardock was a similar person, but in any case she was at least playing nice. No reason not to, he wasn’t that much of a jerk, and had only been King for a week before running off to another planet.

“Well you’ve got your mother’s permission, so you’ve got a choice, as to do the rest of you.”

He moved towards the vessel as the ramp was lowering, Bulma at the top wearing what he surmised was she felt was the fashionable choice for space flight.

“You can come along with me and see if the Namekians have any dragonballs to spare, or you can help Gine keep Kakarotto from challenging everyone to a fight till we get back?”

Kakarotto took the joke well, even if it wasn’t exactly much of a joke. It was hardly a secret to anyone the youngest child of Bardock loved fighting, more so than any saiyan Khol knew anyway. Oh he loved a fight too, but sometimes things that weren’t fighting intruded into his thoughts too. Kakarotto seemed unburdened by other such thoughts, well except eating perhaps.
“I’m coming too, for a start I don’t trust you not to crash it.”

He kinda expected Bulma to want to come along, she’d likely complain the entire way of course. But no way was she missing the chance to see another planet, that much Khol was certain of when it came to the blue haired woman. Her gaze though landed on Kakarotto for a second, before turning back on the ramp. Probably recalling something the younger saiyan had said that offended her during the feast, boy she could hold the slightest of things against people for ages. His own thoughts though went to Persi, he pondered what she’d be doing while he was off planet? He’d seen her handiwork on the corpses of some warriors they buried, she was regaining much of what he had taken from her. Maybe he could do something about that someday, but right now he had Namekians to find.

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Posted: Sun Mar 24, 2019 6:12 am
by Ninmast
Previously - Sakuranbo

She really enjoyed working with her hands now, she noticed. If she stopped to think about it, she always had, she'd just never thought of it that way. Sakuranbo had always gotten a heady high from a strong sense of accomplishment, and always felt she had more control over her own body than over nearly any tool. And with a Saiyan's strength, most physical tools like wrenches and crowbars were redundant, anyway; it was faster and just as effective to reach in and twist or pull, herself, than to go fetch a tool. She had never really seen it as applying to large-scale work, however, until Master Roshi's odd form of training.

Here, they were charged with getting some sort of semi-permanent housing, and she had been of the opinion that they should take the opportunity to prepare a field for crops, too, given the long time it would take them to show results. She would have liked to have grown some of those senzu beans, but that was apparently a closely guarded secret even from most of the Earthlings, not only their existence but even their cultivation. They were planting Saiyan crops, instead, from seeds stored on the mothership. She hoped they would flourish in this planet's soil, a symbolic portent of the fate of the Saiyan people.

Breaking up and turning the soil was a simple matter for Saiyan power, and planting the seeds was done by the time the first load of lumber and stone came in. They were finishing up some basic fencing by the time an ideal place for a well was found and prepared, important to do prior to any more permanent structures, and were just talking about how those who didn't mind sleeping on the ground might actually be able to use the longhouse tonight at the rate they were going. Of course, it was when you were feeling unstoppable that trouble most often liked to poke its head in and say howdy-do.

One of the other women came up toward her and said in a low voice, looking over Sakuranbo's shoulder, "Plumpkin."

Sakuranbo kept her face forward for the time and maintained the pose she had been in, only giving a nod. "Get back to work, I'll take care of it."

It was only as the woman left that Sakuranbo turned to face the new arrival. A better name could never have been chosen for the rotund, lumpy Saiyan, clad in his orange body armor bearing his family's crest on his breast, but none would have ever suspected to look at him that he was the scion of a highly respected family with a high power level of his own. They absolutely would not be surprised, however, by the revelation that he was a lecher with a love of throwing his weight and lineage around, both sizable. He was the sort that was reviled by all those weaker than him, and revolting to all those above him. He had been a thorn particularly in Sakuranbo's side since she'd hit puberty and he'd begun coveting her as a piece of property to own. It was a great honor, he readily proclaimed, for one such as him to take such an interest in one such as her. She should have been on her knees worshiping him in gratitude for uplifting her social status by proxy. She may be doomed to obscurity, but through her serving someone with such mighty heritage as his, her children would surely be worth his family's name.

Of course, the mere idea of him even touching her in such a manner caused the bile to rise to the back of her mouth.

"Plumpkin!" she greeted him with a patently fake smile and sarcastically sweet tone as she focused on the man sauntering toward her. "I knew Ol' King Khol would be shaking things up, but who'd have thought you'd be sent out here to dig in the dirt with the scrubs?"

At the insinuation that he would be expected to do such filthy and menial labor, his swagger morphed into a lurching glower. "My greatness would never be squandered in such brack. My family and I as always hold ourselves in reserve to be ready to act the moment the king wills it in defense of our people!"

At this, she allowed her smile to go into a smirk as she crossed her arms. "Didn't you hear? The monarchy was overthrown."

But he just waved it off with a fat hand. "A monarchy is a monarchy, all are the same. Do you really believe this is the first time my family has seen a king die? We've oathed ourselves to His Royal Highness Khol and swore to serve him as loyally as we had the late King Vegeta, and if he has the wits to remain in that throne for any length of time, he'll recognize the value of keeping the strong bloodlines close to him."

"Khol isn't like any king your family has ever served, Plumpkin," the blonde retorted, frowning now. "I don't think you'll find him so tolerant of useless weight."

Now, her scowl had proven contagious, and his thin veneer of sophistry had evaporated. "Hmph. He seems pretty tolerant of it to me. After all, he spent a year with the Raditz Rejects."

The work around them was dragging to a halt as the other low-class Saiyans began to stop and watch, and Sakuranbo unfolded her hands to let them hang slightly spread at her sides. "Step carefully, Plumpkin, and state what you are here for. You're beginning to disrupt work."

"Put your arms down," he ordered in reply. "You're not stupid enough to take a swing at me. I've come to take you off this sordid menial detail and show you where you'll be staying once my family's estate is finished."

"Go pitch a crater, Plumpkin."

She turned to leave him there, only for him to grab her arm. "You don't get to tell me no, Sakuranbo! Your grit-sucking commander isn't here to swoop to your rescue with sudden official mission orders this time, nor his freak of a brother. It's time you learn to give me the respect due to a real warrior of my caliber!"

The glare she turned and pinned him with even made him flinch for half a heartbeat. "A real warrior? You can call yourself that when you've been in a real fight. It's an open secret the whole reason your entire family survived the destruction of Vegeta is because they were the first ones off-planet in their luxury yacht that could have held a hundred times the Saiyans it did."

His backhand struck her across the face, and she took it, turning to stare right back at him again. "Are we done?"

Instead, he took the hand he had hit her with and pointed his finger at her. "You'll come with me, Sakuranbo. You'll do as you're told when your betters tell you to do so!"

"Don't make contradictory statements."

He backhanded her other cheek this time, and again, she took it without complaint. "You've forgotten your place." There was that pointer finger again. "Think of your fellow commoners. Do you really want to be responsible for undoing all of their hard work on these slums just because you made me put you in your place?"

"I didn't forget my place, Plumpkin," she replied with seething coolness. "I changed it. This is your last warning. Get out of our way and leave, you're disrupting work."

He hissed and lunged, but this time she didn't stand there and take it, sidestepping his haymaker to his shock. Then his inner moon. His thrust. Several other assorted blows in rapid succession. And when he tried to fire a ki blast, she reached in and grabbed his wrist, torquing it around against his own strength with one hand.

"I'm stronger than a member of the Royal Guard now, you greasy gokking pit stain," she growled into his ear. "When I let you slap me, those were your chances to step off. You will never lay a disgusting hand on me again if you value not eating through a straw."

He was hissing against the pain of his twisted limb, a sound not entirely dissimilar to bacon frying. "This planet has made you delusional! You?! The power of a Royal Guard?! The only thing you'll ever be good for is looking pretty! I'll beat you to a pulp for this, Sakuranbo, and while you're in the recovery tank, I'll go find that mouthy, short-tempered brother of yours, and mount his head on a w-AAAGH!!"

With a furious jerk of her grip, a sickening, brittle snap had filled the air, springing from Plumpkin's arm, then she buried her knee into his stomach hard enough to lift him off the ground, but before he could take flight, she bashed him back into the soil with an arm hammer to his back. He hit the ground hard enough to bounce, and she sent a spinning kick into his body to shoot him away from her. Her temper not sated, she stretched out a hand toward him as energy gathered there, preparing to pepper him with ki blasts until she felt properly vented.

"Sakuranbo!" Someone was coming running up toward her, one of the other workers. "Sakuranbo, a call just came in for you over the comms. The king wants you to come in for a meeting."

The glow faded and she lowered her hand. "I'm on my way, sorry to leave so much work still undone for the rest of you. And could someone get that blob to a recovery tank?"

"Only if you promise to ask for him to be assigned to latrine duty!" one of the women shouted from the sidelines, drawing several supporting cheers.

Sakuranbo smirked and gave a little wave. "I'll see what I can do."

Previously - Yuki

The boy - lean and scrawny, perhaps all of fourteen or fifteen years - hovered slowly through the skies above the snow and ice locked lands below, head turning in every direction as he rubbed his hands over his bare arms. His enthusiasm at being chosen for the task at hand had been quick to trail the plummeting temperatures. Sure, Saiyans were tough, a bit of this was nothing, but he'd been up here for an hour without any luck at finding the Earthling he'd been sent to retrieve.

It wasn't supposed to be hard. They'd loaded her signature into his scouter. All he was supposed to have to do was head north and follow it. But the thing was useless. It had been certain she was, in fact, in this direction, but quickly decided to be vague about it, leaving him to search for the ice palace she was supposed to call home. Problem was, neither palace nor princess were to be found at the coordinates he'd been given. Stupid alien, making things difficult ...

His gaze fell to the coastline, where many creatures seemed to be gathering. They weren't the aliens that looked so much like the Saiyans, but he'd heard that a lot of the sapients on this planet looked like animals. Maybe these were some of them and they could give him directions. Or maybe they were just animals and he could have lunch.

As the boy descended, he couldn't help but notice how much bigger these creatures were than they seemed from the air, but that didn't scare him any. After all, he was a Saiyan, it wasn't like these aliens could overpower him, right? When he touched down on the ice, they moved away, dragging themselves from him, or so he thought. A few moments passed before he realized they were making a path for him, to one that wasn't moving. One that was far larger than any of the others, seeming to have a great beard and a size on par with some of the things called dinosaurs. Massive tusks stretched down from its mouth, each perhaps the size of a grown Saiyan man. It sat there on the ice, head lifted upright as it gazed beyond the boy like he wasn't even there, completely still.

The effect was unquestionably regal. This, then, was the alien that would be able to answer him.

"Alien!" he shouted to the great beast as he approached. "Where is the ruler of the ice palace who battled the Prince of the Saiyans?"

The alien said nothing.

"Alien! I asked you a question!"

The alien ignored him.

"Grah!" he growled, throwing his hand out. "I demand to speak to the ruler of the ice palace!"

A moment passed, then another, and the boy inhaled to demand again, but so did the alien. It inhaled. And inhaled. And inhaled. An ever deeper breath that swelled its great bulk ever more massive. Then it tilted its great head skyward and ...


The great honk stretched on and on for longer than seemed possible, ear splitting and with such force that the boy felt his footing begin to slip even as he futilely clapped his hands over his ears. His scouter's screen cracked. He slid back a foot, then another, and a third. Still, the monosyllabic honk continued. His vision blurred, he felt something wet in his ears, and he thought he'd lose consciousness, and still, the honk continued.

Finally, the great honk came to an end, and the massive creature lowered its head again and gave a satisfied smack of its lips.

It took the boy several long moments to recover and get his wits back about him, and with his wits, such as they were, came anger. "By the king, what was that?! Was that some kind of attack?! Don't you know I'm a Saiyan warrior?!"

He moved forward quickly, but the creature brought those massive tusks down into the ice ahead of him like mighty stalactites smashing down, forcing him to stop short as all of the ground beneath him rumbled with the aftershock, then while he was still off balance, the creature brought its head out with the force of a wrecking ball surrounded by an explosion of ice, smacking the boy's full body and sending it spinning through the air to splash into the subzero water.

When the boy dragged himself back onto the ice, sputtering and cursing the cold environment, the water and ice stuck in his armor, and blaming the disorientation from that honk for it all, he nearly stormed right by her, a humanoid girl looking no older than he did, or not by much, so focused as he was on the beast.

"It is a special fool," she said, her voice suddenly making him take notice of her presence there, "who picks two fights with the Walrus King."

"Out of my way, girl!" he bit back, swinging his hand toward her.

But the next instant, his world was spinning again before he was face down in the snow, the girl twisting his arm behind his back. "What was that?" she asked him coolly.

"I hate this planet," he bemoaned into the ice.

"You are not the first Saiyan to express that sentiment."

The boy shoved his other hand into the ice and released a blast of ki that forced the girl to release him and back away, her ornate ribbons of her outfit flapping about her in the resulting wind even as her face remained unimpressed. He was fed up, though, and was going to pound something into the dirt. He kicked off and charged, swinging wildly, but the girl danced around his blows, flowing like water without resistance.

"Damn you!" he shouted at her. When he swung again, she sidestepped and jabbed him in the kidney, but he whipped around and shouted at her again. "DAMN YOU!!!" This time, she ducked and grabbed his arm, hurling him over her shoulder across the snowscape for a solid mile as she turned and strolled patiently after him.

"The hell ..." he muttered after he came to a stop as he started to push himself up. "The hell ..." He began saying it faster and louder, punctuating the declarations by punching the ground, sending up blasts of ice and snow. "The hell, the hell, the hell, THE HELL, THE HELL, THE HELL!!!"

"You should watch your language in the presence of a woman," the girl said, standing over him again.

"SHUT UP!!!" He jumped up and lunged for her, but she chopped him in the neck and he collapsed to the ground again.

This continued for a while more before Yuki finally found out what the boy was doing there and managed to, with the boy battered and barely conscious, get the message out of him he had been sent to deliver.

"Men," she muttered as the boy passed out in the snow, and hauled him up over her shoulder like a bag of grain before taking to the air. "No brains at all."


"I'm coming," the ice princess said simply. "I have found my personal training these last few days to pale compared to what I grew accustomed to over the last year, and wherever there are dragon balls, there is fighting. I shall not pass this by while the Saiyan Prince remains. His and my fight was too close for my liking, and the race's ... what was it called ... zenkai boost will demand I work doubly hard if I intend to have a leg up when he inevitably returns."

At that, Sakuranbo stepped forward, too. "If you're going, I'm coming, too! When we first met, our power levels were identical. Now, every sensor, scouter and energy sense says that I'm stronger, and yet you beat Prince Vegeta. I intend to find out why."

Yuki turned back toward her and arched an eyebrow. "Behaving a bit obsessively, aren't you?"

"Don't be ridiculous," she replied. "I love my brother, but I'm not him. I'm going to keep getting stronger no matter what, but if I can't close whatever gap you've made, then I just can't. I'm not looking for a rival, I'm looking for answers. If I can pick up gains in the process of figuring you out, then all the better."

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by Kindredtown

Taroga agreed with the one known as Yuki. His training the last few days hadn't compared to what it took to get there. There was no doubt that he had gotten stronger, but it still wasn't enough. The invasion taught him that. One wrong move would have cost him and Namori their lives. It already cost some of the others. He was interested in seeing what this journey could do to help him, but he also honestly missed being in space. Earth, although his new home, was primitive and before now was leagues behind the Saiyans in regards to technology and interstellar travel.

He also found himself interested in finding out what the Namekians could do. Their technology was enough to bring one of them to Earth and their magic had the power to revive the dead. The fact that they survived this long with this long without painting a big target on their backs was interesting enough.

When Sakuranbo claimed she wasn't like him he took slight offense to the claim. "What's that supposed to mean? I'm not obsessive. I'm just... determined. Yeah, that's the word. And due to that determination I'm going too. I can't let my sister have all the fun."


Namori wasn't sure anyone would willingly say no to going on this space expedition. Even if it didn't provide the opportunity to train and get stronger, it was another planet altogether that they were going to visit. Their world had just gotten a lot bigger. He needed the space, literally and figuratively, to help him clear his head. A change of scenery would help him with that. He had stressed himself out over the last year because he placed the fate of the world on his shoulders. He was slowly coming to accept that he didn't need to place that kind of pressure on himself. He had friends and a rival that were fairly capable of sharing some of the burden that came with being among Earth's strongest.

"I'm coming too."

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by Darkblade

Khol chuckled, this lot were certainly a bunch of misfits. Not that he wasn’t any better, probably the worst of the lot of them. But at least they were passionate, it would be rather dull if they weren’t.

“Well let’s get going, oh and Gine, would you mind doing the talking when Earth’s King sends their ambassadors to nail down our deal in writing.”

He picked her rather than the brothers, mainly cause he felt a female saiyan ought to have a bigger role in their new way of life. Terran’s had no bias for genders in their culture, it was Persi’s mother who had led the warriors of that temple. Her death making it much easier to pick off the rest, as they scrambled to find one to replace her. Persi likely held that position before getting zapped to Earth by the Dragonballs, she was certainly among the strongest Terrans even before he wiped out most of them. Shrugging, he threw the medallion of the King to her.

“That’ll let the other’s know you speak with my voice, don’t worry Raditz, she’ll be able to retire to the house you’re building her once I return.”

He knew the eldest child of Bardock was a rather soft person when it came to family, especiall his mother. Khol wouldn’t say he was different, as he had no such attachments left. Well not true now, he had a sister, and Persi was still alive, and wanting his head. But he’d take that over the emptiness of nothing. He’d have to think of someone to fill in this new role he’d just created, not Kures, as that would spawn the notion he played favorites. It could wait, Nameks first, Persi second, and figure out how to govern over the saiyans third. Even if it was likely the next thing he’d be doing, he considered his old friend a higher priority. Saiyans were use to some rather inept kings, so him not having it all set up right away was hardly going to surprise them.

Inside the vessel he noted the power of one whom Bulma had sent him to find during the cleaning up of East City. So this is why she’d wanted him found, well aside from wanting to know the fate of her employees that were caught up in the battle.

“I didn’t want to maintain the vessel all by myself, not with you lot punching holes in her.”

Bulma had caught up to Khol and noted him looking at her new assistant.


“Ships are called her, so that’s an Earthling thing.”

Khol’s right eyebrow raised quizzically, he was more confused why he hadn’t picked up on this thing over the years than just the notion itself. He wasn’t sure Saiyans cared enough about ships to give them a gender, and Terran warriors flew everywhere. The city dwellers might’ve had a similar notion, but he didn’t see many of them before the war, and during it, wasn’t exactly in the position to ask them such things.

“I’d ask why, but then I’ve a feeling it’s something you just say without any real notion as to the origin.. Well gang, you all know Bulma to a certain extent. The fellow over there is Onam, Bulma asked me to fish him out of the rubble of East City. Apparently he’s here to help maintain the ship, as Bulma doesn’t want to do it all herself. For a change..”

“Hey, my father helped build this thing too you know. He’s too old though to fly, and mother wouldn’t want him to go anyway. Well not without her, and I ain’t bringing both of them, on top of you lot. I can only deal with one headache at a time.”

Bulma never changed, at least nowhere near as often as her hair style did. Khol had given up trying to figure out why she changed it so often, even compared to other Earthlings she was very flighty on that score.

“I’m going to do the last checks before we go for space flight, so go bother someone else.”

With that she stormed off to what was likely to nagivation deck of the vessel, Khol just smirked. As a young saiyan ran passed him carrying the supplies he wanted, even though he had a pouch of senzu beans on hand, it was likely wise to bring fresh meat to make up for all the days they’d be using up food stored in capsules. He was sure Bulma had brought enough, but it just didn’t taste the same coming out of a capsule. Then he watched the fellow rush back out, their power was decent enough, he’d find a use for such kids in time. But he’d this trip wouldn’t be one of them.


Kures looked around the ship, not saying goodbye to her family wasn’t so much rude as it was her natural way to deal with it. They’d be back in no time anyway, and frankly she wasn’t about to do an emotional farewell infront of the others. Nope, no way was she going to get all teary eyed with Khol there to chuckle, nevermind the others.

“So you’re Onam, side note stay away from the other saiyan woman. She has some bad habits when it comes to males of other planets.”

Might as well greet and give him some cheeky advice, with the dead human being one of those Sakuranbo called dibs on, she was likely to want to replace him should they not be able to bring the fellow back with dragonballs. Why didn’t they just use the dragonballs to deal with Vegeta? Though Khol’s hunger for a fight likely had a big deal to do with that, no way was he giving up the opportunity to punt the king around the place for what they did. Kures would’ve settled for it, as much as she might’ve enjoyed breaking Vegeta beneath her boot, these dragonballs that make the impossible happen could’ve dealt with it all without any mess or need to find Nameks.