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Saiyan's Pride - Saiyan Saga (IC)

The realms where science and sorcery tend to exist in equal focus. This may also includes settings with only a few major differences from our world such as the existence of the supernatural. Examples: The Marvel Universe, Vampire the Masquerade, Supernatural (Series)

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Re: Saiyan's Pride - Saiyan Saga (IC)

Post by Kindredtown » Sat Feb 24, 2018 5:43 am

Namori couldn't believe he didn't think about that before. He was thinking of creating a ball of electric ki but with her question he just now thought of how powerful an electric explosion would be. And it was possible to do as well. "I haven't tried it yet. But you just gave me the idea to do it."
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Re: Saiyan's Pride - Saiyan Saga (IC)

Post by Ninmast » Sat Feb 24, 2018 6:03 am

"Good, but give my idea a try first," she put in assertively in response. "Before the Saiyan main force arrives, I want you to come up with a technique that can fry all electronics across an entire armed force, and you have to be able to open with it."

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Re: Saiyan's Pride - Saiyan Saga (IC)

Post by Kindredtown » Sat Feb 24, 2018 6:28 am

Namori understood what she wanted him to do. She wanted him to fry their scouters. It was definitely a smart play. Though with how fast Saiyans have been shown to learn it could prove to be double-edged if it allowed them to learn how to sense ki. They'd just have to take the risk.

"You want me to create an EMP like technique. It shouldn't be too hard." Though he didn't exactly know how an EMP worked. That wasn't his world, but he knew just the person he could go to for help with that. It seemed that Taroga and Namori's first stop wouldn't be to the mountains.
Sometimes the lines get blurred. Sometimes the only thing between you and them is the mask and cape.

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Re: Saiyan's Pride - Saiyan Saga (IC)

Post by Ninmast » Sat Feb 24, 2018 6:50 am

She grinned and slapped his shoulder ... except Saiyan back pats tended to bowl people over when they weren't expecting it ... that is to say, when it's anyone that isn't a Saiyan. She ignored any resulting outcome from that, probably just thought it was more amusing than anything. "That's great, Lil' Nami! We'll all be counting on you, so make sure to get it down pat, okay?" She gave her little brother another hug around the shoulders. "Alright, then, I won't keep you two any longer, have fun!"

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Re: Saiyan's Pride - Saiyan Saga (IC)

Post by Kindredtown » Sun Feb 25, 2018 6:18 am

Namori slightly hunched over at the shoulder slap. He rubbed his shoulder afterwards and made sure that it wasn't now out of place. He definitely didn't like his new nickname but decided not to protest against it. It probably wouldn't have changed anything.

After Taroga returned his sister's hug he gave her a nod. "This is it. The final stretch before the others arrive. Don't fall too far behind." He was looking forward to seeing how far her training would take her and how strong she'd become. He gained more respect for her training after he experienced only the basics of it firsthand. The Earthlings continued to surprise him. It made him look even more forward to the next six months with Namori.

Namori began to hover into the air. "Let's get going."

"What about the food?" Taroga asked, legitimately confused about leaving before he had the chance to finish eating.

"There'll be some where we're headed." To end the conversation there Namori started to fly off in the direction of West City.

Taroga couldn't question it any further if he wanted to. He looked back at the others eating with a sigh before lifting off and heading after him.
Sometimes the lines get blurred. Sometimes the only thing between you and them is the mask and cape.

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Re: Saiyan's Pride - Saiyan Saga (IC)

Post by Darkblade » Sun Mar 04, 2018 4:36 am

Khol reappeared, he noted that people had already left. Well in any case he knew more or less what he wanted to do himself. But who else to invite? Piccolo? No, he likely wanted to put his mark on more trainees. The female saiyan that he had show to transmit ki through rock was likely a good choice, she had a certain level of potential. Might as well invite Raditz as well, seeing as they were siblings and likely has a similar potential to tap into.

“Raditz, Kures, you’ve both drawn the short straw.”

“And what straw is that?”

Raditz wasn’t entirely sure he even got the point of the phrase, but there was a sinking feeling in his gut.

“You get to be my sparring partners till the saiyans arrive, I might even have you both ready to show our lil King just what true warriors looks like.”

He had been tempted to use Kami’s ritual chamber, but it would’ve been a bit irksome to face either himself or the terrans. Though perhaps Kami could use this magic on Raditz to give him an insight into the power of King Vegeta. Doubt it was possible as from the nature of King Vegeta it was unlikely Raditz ever saw the King fight, sending warriors off the battle was more their style. Though perhaps other saiyans of the Elite Class he’d seen fight, this Kakarotto, their other sibling who could give him a run for his money. But no, facing memories just wouldn’t suffice, his body needed reality and the risks that came from true combat.

“Oh goodies, hopefully this time I don’t spend weeks trying to break a rock first.”

Kures looked over at Piccolo trying to discern if he was ok with this, after all he had selected her as one to train. And it felt a bit rude to run off cause he brother wanted to train, he didn’t seemed irked at least. Calmly surveying Khol, as if ascertaining the reasoning behind this decision.

“You may still wear my badge if that’s what you’re worried about Saiyan, just don’t besmirch it by not living up to your potential and I shall know my training you wasn’t wasted.”

He knew at some point Khol would seek to grab Kures, while he still didn’t know their relationship. Khol did note the potential that had drawn himself to training her in the first place, his power would be able to finish the polishing of the skills he had given her. Now it was time to try his hand at training another, one of Kami’s lot perhaps. Just to irk his other half if nothing else, he had to admit there was a certain level of enjoyment to be gotten from training someone. Maybe when he finally finished his creator’s mission, he would choose someone to pass his full knowledge onto. Well maybe not full knowledge, couldn’t have a possible rival to his power when all was said and done.

“Oh I’m sure I’ll manage to only get partially beaten to a pulp by him.. this time around.”

Her laughter was very similar, to the point Piccolo was unsure how anyone thought they’d be able to keep the relationship between Khol and Kures secret from anyone but that fool. Raditz also had to note even with his mother’s guidance how similar they were, there were distinct differences resulting from their upbringing. But Raditz was pretty sure if Khol ever paid attention to such details he’d have figured it out already.

“I doubt that, I’m going to be pushing harder from now on.”

Khol laughed himself, further proving the point Raditz and Piccolo had thought of. Though Khol was certainly going to hold back, enough to ensure they didn’t die on him. It would help them more in the long run, and in forcing them to go all out he might get something to use to spur on his own growth.

“Well I supose that’s settled, I’d invite you Piccolo.. but I’m sure you’ve had your fill of foolish monkeys.”

It was more or less Khol playing light with the way he was going around pinching his student, and the whole rivalry that he was coaxing between himself and the namekian. It’ll do him good to have something to do other than those foolish demon king notions, and if nothing else, allow Piccolo the chance to come up with some surprises should they have to fight each other again.

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Re: Saiyan's Pride - Saiyan Saga (IC)

Post by McGenty » Thu Mar 08, 2018 5:02 am

As the group scattered, Krillin, Tien, and Gray chatted. Tien explained what he felt was necessary about his exploits since Krillin had last seen him, which didn’t amount to much, as Tien wasn’t the sharing type. Gray offered his cover story – that he was a martial artist who’d stumbled across the Saiyans by chance and been swept up in the whole affair – careful to mirror Tien’s conservative nature and only offer what few details would be relevant to their cooperation. The three eyed monk seemed to appreciate the gesture, and conversation quickly turned to potential training methods, techniques, and their respective skill sets. Gray liked Tien almost immediately, appreciative of the warrior’s serious demeanor and already respectful of the strength he’d displayed during their brief spar.

Eventually, the three had to split. Tien departed to retrieve the belongings he would need and to make sure someone named “Chiaotzu” was taken care of. Krillin opted to get in another hour or so of training, but Gray declined his invitation to join in.

“Suit yourself,” Krillin jabbed, “but don’t blame me if you end up falling behind, lazybones.”

Gray waved the little man off and made for his quarters. Once he was securely behind closed doors, he opened the communication device that had been literally gathering dust for nearly a month now.

Reluctantly, the Commando flipped it open and waited for White to answer.

“Gray! You’re so far overdue for a report, I’ve got Command crawling so far up my butt they’re coming out my eyeballs! Where have you been?”

Thinking back to the days he and Krillin had spent literally unable to move thanks to the weighted clothing, Gray answered dryly: “I’ve been a little pinned down lately. This is the first chance I’ve had for secure contact.”

That was a lie, but Gray was a good liar by trade. White narrowed his eyes, suspecting the falsehood, but he knew better than to try to pin anything down. They had bigger concerns.

“Your last report didn’t look good, for anyone.” White began. “I hope you’ve got better news this time around.”

Gray explained the most recent exercise, tempering the second defeat at Kohl’s hands with the fact that, once the group had made an attempt at coordination, they had managed to stay in the fight longer. While he was by no means exuberant about the matter, he was decidedly more optimistic than White, evidently.

“And you believe this constitutes progress? A half dozen of you lost to one of them, but slower?”

“It’s more nuanced than that,” Gray countered, “for starters, last time we didn’t stay on our feet for more than a second at a time. This round lasted minutes. That’s an eternity for a fight at this level. Second, at least two of us weren’t fighting at our full potential thanks to weighted clothing. I can’t say what the others may have been holding in reserve, but I’m sure my partner and I weren’t the only ones to think of it. And, most importantly, our coordination was virtually non-existent, given we’ve never fought together in any meaningful capacity.”

“You believe you’d have done better with a coordinated team?”

“Exponential improvement, based on what I observed.”

White considered the prospect before nodding his assent. “So, what’s your Kami doing to address the matter?”

Gray resisted the urge to shrug – an easy mannerism to pick up around Krillin – and replied: “Hard to say. Kami plays things close to the vest. I haven’t observed him confiding his intentions in any one. What I know for certain is that, right now, there don’t appear to be any plans for us to train all together between now and the invasion.”

White ran a hand through his graying hair and shook his head. “That’s not encouraging. I trust you have an op in mind?”

Gray nodded, but was quick to clarify. “Not our team, Commander. I’m sure they’ve been working hard, but there’s no way they can be keeping up.”

“You’re not wrong. Command is keeping them in reserve, not that they’re under any illusions it would mean anything. Whatever plan you’ve got is all we have.”

Gray then outlined his idea to train with Krillin and Tien to form a cohesive team. He admitted six months was a tight timetable to create a truly functional fighting force, especially given they would be working to increase their individual power as much as possible for the duration as well.

“Doesn’t sound like there’s a better option. Proceed as planned.”

Gray saluted and moved to end the call, but White stayed him with an upheld hand.

“One more thing, Agent Gray. Command wanted me to remind you we expect a weekly check in. There’s…concern about you forgetting who you work for.”

“No need to worry about that.” Gray replied. “That’s never been clearer.”

He ended the call, leaving White to wonder what that meant.

The next day, Krillin, Tien, and Gray all gathered in the training area Krillin and Gray had thoroughly demolished in the previous three months. No one was surprised to find it fully restored. Only Tien registered any surprise at finding a stack of crates along the wall, containing weighted clothing for all of them. However, on opening the boxes, all three men were surprised at what they found.

“How do you like them?”


“Holy crap baskets!”


The three turned to find Mr. Popo invading their personal space and deftly dodging the attacks the warriors had instinctively thrown with a calm smile on his face. As his trainees collected themselves from his startling entrance, Popo backed up a few steps.

“Crap baskets?” Tien smirked at Krillin. The smaller monk rubbed the back of his neck and chuckled nervously.

“What? He surprised you too.”

“Well, yeah…” Tien admitted with a shrug, “but…crap baskets?”

“These are new.” Gray gestured to the boxes, trying to gloss over the embarrassment of Popo so easily sneaking up on them.

“Yes. You wish to fight as a team, so you should look the part. But, we don’t want to forget where you’ve come from.”

Curiosity piqued, the three fighters opened their boxes. Krillin found a white gi and pants, brown boots, and an orange undershirt and wristbands that matched the orange gi he’d been wearing up to this point. Emblazoned on the back of the gi was the logo of the turtle school, but on the chest was a new symbol. The three would learn it was Popo’s mark that, along with the red sash around the waist of the gi, identified them as his students. Tien’s clothes were nearly identical, except that his undershirt and wristbands were green, and the logo on the back of his gi was that of his former school of the crane.

Gray found the differences in his outfit only slightly more pronounced. His undershirt and wristbands were dark gray, and there was still a gun belt along with the rest of the outfit, which probably meant he would once again be training under more weight than the others. More surprising was the Agency’s logo – more of a seal, really, only used on what few official documents existed about them – that adorned the back of his gi.

He shot an astonished look at Popo, who answered simply: “There are very few secrets from Kami and me, Mr. Gray.”

“Hey, cool!” Krillin was standing on his toes to see into Gray’s box. “Is that your school’s mark? I’ve never seen that one.”

“Yeah, you could say that.” Gray muttered. He avoided any further questions by trying to take the clothes out of the box and finding, unsurprisingly, that he could barely lift the gi out. With a knowing, weary sigh, he and Krillin started the work of dragging the clothes out and laying them on the floor.

“Ah ah ah.” They looked up to find Popo waving a finger and shaking his head. “No more of that lazy behavior. You will dress the correct way.”

With that, Kami’s servant stepped backward onto a floating carpet, smiling knowingly. “And I’d suggest you hurry, as well. You’ll find I’ve made it quite impossible for you to fly. It will remain so until you are fully dressed.”

While Gray pondered the reasoning for such an arbitrary limitation, a cracking sound from the center of the room provided the answer, as the tile in the center of the floor snapped free from the others and dropped out of sight. Within seconds, the effect had cascaded outward, and a meter-wide hole in the floor gave a glimpse of the open air below the lookout.

“Crap baskets.” Krillin muttered.

Tien spared a precious second for a sidelong glance before madly scrambling to wrench his gi free from its crate. “Seriously?”
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Re: Saiyan's Pride - Saiyan Saga (IC)

Post by Kindredtown » Sat Mar 17, 2018 4:25 am

Namori and Taroga landed in the garden of Capsule Corporation. It still amazed Namori that the headquarters of the company was actually their home. Where they lived. It was so unreal. He noticed Bulma's mother watering her plants. And it surprised him even more that people as rich as them would attend to that, themselves. It reminded him that they refused to leave their pets even when they were in danger. He walked up to her as Taroga followed. "Hello, Panchy."

"Oh! Hello, Namori, dear!! Friends visiting twice in one day!" She dropped the pale and lifted her hands to her face and pressed them together in a tilted praying pose. Her eyes were still unopen.

Namori was confused at first by her words. Twice in one day? Who else ha---. Oh, that's where Khol had gone. He went to visit Bulma, but he was gone now. Now that he thought about it that explained the power that he passed on the way here. He had barely registered it and chose to ignore it. Though why had he chosen to visit Bulma? Did he have a similar idea? No, he doubted it. The only version of him that showed care for his lightning abilities was a simulation. Did Khol have an interest beyond fighting for Bulma? Namori never thought of that possible, but if it was he could fall back from the thought of going for Bulma now that they were all getting older.

Taroga looked confusedly at the blonde woman in front of them. Who was she? She certainly wasn't the blue haired and angry woman that he met her before. "Who is this?"

"This is Bulma's mother, Panchy. Panchy, this is Taroga."

"Mother? Certainly, not. You humans don't age like we Saiyans do. She should be much older than your friend, Bulma."

Panchy moved closer to Taroga, barely a few inches apart and pinched his cheek. "Oooh. A handsome one, isn't he? And great with words. Thank you, Taroga." Her eyes were still closed so Taroga was wondering how she knew he was handsome and how she was able to get so close to him and pinch his cheek like that. Could she sense ki like the others? She didn't seem like a fighter at all.

She stepped back and smiled. "Bulma's in the lab."

Namori thanked her and the two departed towards the lab.

"What's with her eyes?" Taroga finally asked when they were away from her.

"I still don't know that myself."


Bulma turned when the two warriors entered her lab. She wasn't expecting Khol, much less Namori, but here they were coming to see her on the same day.

"You don't want armor too, do you?"

Too? Khol came here for armor? He couldn't seem to understand why at first. Taroga on the other hand, had realized why immediately. "That bastard." He seemed to think to himself.

"No, no armor for me." Namori finally answered.

"Okay, so I'll bite. Why are you here? You guys seldom ever visit."

"I want you to teach me about EMPs. I know very little about science."

Taroga ignored that. He was looking around the room amazed. He had never seen anything like this before and he felt like a kid in an amusement park. He picked up a device that caught his attention. Bulma noticed it and walked over to him quickly. "Put that down. It's dangerous."

"This concentrated laser pistol? This wouldn't hurt anyone except for an idiot who let their guard down. It's rudimentary at best and only slightly more dangerous than laser tag at the war arcades. Nothing compared to the ki blasters of the Frieza Empire. My mother, a rare kind-hearted Saiyan, was the closest thing we had to a scientist. She worked with the actual scientists of the Frieza Empire. I learned a few things and I got some smarts from her. Though my pride and lust for strength seems to deplete it." He wished he had gotten the chance to learn more from his mother. He wished he had gotten to learn more from both of his parents. Five years with them wasn't nearly enough time.

Bulma was to say the least, impressed. She never expected a Saiyan to even show some signs of intelligence. That wasn't meant to be a diss to Khol but all they seemed to care about was fighting and eating. Though Namori wasn't really any different either. At least Yuki had some substance. She still found herself missing her.

Namori was surprised as well. "You both can help me then. If that's okay with you, Bulma."

Would she be okay with it? She could already tell that she would become annoyed with this one if she was with him longer. Was it really worth it to help Namori? She guessed helping Namori would be helping her. "I'm okay with it."

She then started to explain to them about Electromagnetic Pulses.


"So, you want to create a technique that'll fry their scouters? Basically stopping them from being able to read your power levels and communicating if they get separated. You'll be leaving them effectively blind and deaf. But why go through all the trouble? I could just give you one."

Namori had thought about that but after being given the idea by Taroga's sister he figured creating this technique would be a good first step towards creating another attack that he could use against the Saiyans or any enemies they'd face. "It'd be more convenient this way."

Bulma rolled her eyes. She wasn't convinced. "If you say so. Follow me." She then lead the two to another one where she held her old projects that she didn't really have any use for anymore. The one she was looking for in particular was too big for her to carry on her own so she looked at Taroga. "Can you make yourself useful?"

The two seemed to have a staring standoff as neither wanted to concede. They were unwavering in it until Taroga finally sighed and walked over to get it for her. Bulma felt satisfied and smirked in his direction before leading them into another room.

"In here I'll actually show you how it works. Taroga, was it? Can you place that in the middle of the room?"
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Re: Saiyan's Pride - Saiyan Saga (IC)

Post by McGenty » Sat Mar 17, 2018 8:10 am

It was Tien that solved Mr. Popo’s first lesson. As Gray and Krillin were wasting precious second wrestling with their weighted garments, Tien abandoned his own and helped Krillin wrestle his gi into place.

“Gray, come on. Give us a hand!”

Perplexed, Gray looked at the edge of the floor, receding toward them, then back to Tien and Krillin, now struggling with dragging the monk’s pants into place. Then, in a flash, Gray understood. Hoping Tien was right, he dropped his own gi, which he’d barely managed to wrestle out of the box, and joined Tien in helping Krillin. Tiles popped and clattered against each other as the floor caved in on itself faster and faster. With barely a heartbeat to spare, the three pulled Krillin’s boots on and tied his belt. Then, they were falling through open air, with Popo drifting on his carpet beside them, smiling all the while.

Krillin grabbed Gray and Tien by their flailing arms and strained, pushing ki downward with every ounce of focus he could manage, given the situation. At first, nothing happened. Then, ever so slowly, Gray and Tien felt their descent begin to slow. Krillin was gaining ground, but it wasn’t nearly enough.

“Oh my. Looks like you’ll all be crushed to powder at this rate,” Popo calmly put in, “unless you can think of something else.”

Gray fired off several ki blasts at the ground, thinking to use them like a thruster, but all he managed to do was pockmark the forest below with divets.

“Stop wasting energy!” Tien shouted. “Give it to Krillin!”

“What?” Gray was at a loss. “How?”

“Oh, that’s very good.” Popo chuckled. “Mr. Gray, you need only to channel your ki into Krillin. You should probably figure it out quickly though. In another fifteen seconds it won’t be necessary.”

Tien evidently knew what he was doing already. His eyes were closed, and their fall was decreasing a little more quickly. Gray imitated him, finding not looking at the rapidly approaching forest to be a little less panic-inducing, if not calming. After a few seconds of fumbling, he felt energy leaving him, and their fall lessening a little more.

Popo commended them, and Gray could hear the smile in his voice. “Good, good. Now you probably won’t die. It would be better if you could avoid spending the invasion in the hospital now.”

“Guys!” It was Krillin that spoke now, although the strain in his voice made him barely comprehensible. “Don’t stop, but hit the ground too, with everything you can…aggghh…spare!”

Gray opened one eye, extended his left hand, and unleashed every bit of ki he could in a white plume. Opposite him, Tien did the same, using a technique he called the “Dodonpa” and producing a smaller, but noticeably stronger yellow beam. Their fall slowed even more, but still didn’t stop.

Suddenly, Krilin let go of the two a good twenty feet above the ground and shouted “Get clear!” Remembering their companion was now wearing a literal two tons of extra weight, Gray and Tien managed to angle their blasts to push them sideways without a moment to spare.

Tien slammed into, then through a tree before losing control and careening sideways down a small hill. Gray, thanks to his less powerful stream of ki, bounced off of several trees instead of breaking through them and hit the ground hard enough that he blacked out.

Some time later, the commando came to with Popo and Tien standing over him, while Krillin peeked over the edge of the crater he’d created.

“Well done.” Popo smiled. “I can’t say you passed the first test, but survival is something. And you did understand the purpose. I honestly did not expect you to cooperate so well this early.”

The spirit looked up and then began floating backward, quickly, on his carpet.

“Wait a minute.” Gray scowled, still lying on his back. “If he didn’t expect us to figure this out, does that mean he did expect us to die?”


Something hit the ground, inches from Gray’s head, sending dirt, leaves, and debris spraying over the three. While he was still trying to process what happened, Krillin explained it.

“The crates!”

Now, the three fighters scrambled to find and avoid the rest of the crates as they plummeted from the sky above. Over the din, they could hear Popo shout.

“We will continue training when you’ve all dressed and made your way back up. Have fuuuuuun!”
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Re: Saiyan's Pride - Saiyan Saga (IC)

Post by Kindredtown » Mon Mar 19, 2018 7:41 am

Bulma finally finished teaching them about electromagnetic pulses. She and Taroga seemed to butt heads every three seconds. It felt like there was never a moment when they weren't annoyed with each other or going back and forth about something. When they left Bulma and Capsule Corporation Namori turned to the Saiyan.

"There seems to be a potential something between you and Bulma. It makes sense with the way your sister acts with Yamcha. Though you might have competition with Khol."

Taroga scoffed. He did start to think that his sister was serious about making her boy toy hers, but he didn't understand why. He didn't seem like a true warrior. Then again neither was this Bulma. "I don't want that loud, blue-haired idiot. And Khol is no competition of mine. And soon that will prove even true in terms of power when I finally surpass him." It seemed that his pride was in the threat of being hit.

They stayed silent the rest of their journey back to the Lookout. Taroga was ready to do what he needed to do. He ignored everyone else that stayed around once they landed. He even walked past Kami who seemed to be waiting for them. He didn't stop until they got to the room where they had went through that prior simulation.

Namori and Kami finally caught up to him. "I won't do what you want me to do. You show no respect for me or anyone on this planet."

Taroga whipped around quickly and flinched to attack Kami but pulled himself back quickly. "I need to do this."

"Please, Kami." Namori interjected. "This could be what he needs to become stronger. We need him at his strongest."

"We don't and that is precisely why I won't let him. I don't need him or the others to be at their strongest. They'll be a danger to us if they switch sides again. And you don't need a rival. This isn't the path I envisioned for you."

"They're not going to turn on us. I trust them and the others do as well. Roshi wouldn't give that gi to someone he didn't trust. And I trust Roshi's judgement. This isn't about me or my search for power. This is about a man needing to confront his past so that he could become his best."

There was an infinite silence between the three before Kami finally turned to Taroga and spoke. "I'll do it. But if you ever betray us for your own selfish gains I'll do everything in my power to put an end to you."

"I understand." Taroga finally replied. "I didn't expect anything less."

Namori and Kami stepped out of the room and the surrounding area immediately changed. Part of Taroga wanted to travel back to his parents' death but he wasn't there for that moment. He has no memory of it. He was on another planet and that's where this room was going to take him today. The planet was burning brilliantly. This was the best sight for a Saiyan's eyes. That was unless it was the cause of you losing yet another person in your life. That happened to be the case for Taroga. This was the moment when he was "rescued" by some of the remaining Saiyans and his master was killed right before his eyes.

Taroga adjusted his eyes to the scene in front of him. The smoke in the air clouded everything and the intensity of the flames darkened the area. He looked in the direction of where he had lived and trained and sensed for something. For someone. He wasn't sure that it'd work since he never actually sensed her before. But he knew to look for someone strong. He wasn't sure that he knew the energy he just felt was hers but he had a hunch. It was the nature of it. It was warm but he didn't sense any fear within it. He remembered her being scared. He decided not to waste anymore time and flew off in her direction.

He landed near a squadron surrounding a wounded female warrior. He recognized her immediately. It had been decades but he definitely remembered that face. There were three adult Saiyans and a really young one behind him. The young one wasn't participating and instead was just watching. Taroga immediately knew that was his younger self.

He jumped into action and landed a surprise kick on the face of one of the older Saiyans. He sent him flying and knocked out with the single kick. He hoped that he would've been more of a challenge than that. The other two charged at him and started launching a flurry of attacks. He dodged them easily at first but he was getting cocky. He was caught by a punch that allowed them to land even more attacks. When they were done with their punches they both launched singular blasts of ki and jumped to the right of Taroga ready to attack some more.

He appeared still standing once the smoke cleared but he was worse for wear. They had actually managed to damage him quite a bit. But he still had enough power to finish this off. He glanced towards his younger self before looking back to his master's would be assassins. His version of this technique wasn't as strong as it could be but he was sure it would be enough to take out those two. He placed the base of his palms together and chanted those familiar syllables.

They prepared attacks of their own but that would only mark their graves more. The beams clashed and after a struggle Taroga came out victorious. His younger self had run off by now. He then turned to his sensei and knelt down in front of her. She was severely wounded but still standing. She put up a good fight before he got there but she was on her last leg. She lifted his head up by her chin. "My fallen angel monkey. I'd recognize that face and that hair anywhere. Stand up."

He did so. "I'm sorry for what I brought to you and your people. My... my kind and I are starting to change our ways. It's... it's been hard. I tell myself that I faked my feelings when I was with you but..."

He couldn't find the words but she found them for him. "It's a lie. I know. You couldn't fake that. I'm not mad at you, Taroga. I can never be mad at you. You made me happy."

He forced himself to keep his composure. "I swear I'll avenge you and your people."

"I know." She knew her time was coming and she walked closer to Taroga. Barely inches away now. "Stand with me for a while?"

He couldn't stop the tear from escaping his eye as he placed his arm around his teacher.
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Re: Saiyan's Pride - Saiyan Saga (IC)

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Raditz didn’t know exactly how to take to the place Khol had brought them, it would seem this was where he’d been training since his deprograming. The house he’d seemingly made very spartan, even by saiyan standards. From the looks of it, it was built from rubble, likely the results of his training.

“He’s still to figure out what makes a good bed.”

Kures was more or less use to this place, and still wanted there to be something more than dirt to lay on. She was hardly a soft person, but it wouldn’t kill her to have something softer to sleep on. Piccolo was bad enough, but her own brother seemed oblivious, she doubted Terran’s slept on the dirt. So why Khol didn’t consider it as something missing from his little house she had no idea.

“I note that’s not the only thing he hasn’t figured out.”

Raditz noted that Khol didn’t seem to react to his sister in any way different than anyone else, suggesting his sister had yet to drop the news. Or that Khol just didn’t see a reason to care, not like they ever knew each other before their separation. The family Khol knew, was the one he destroyed.

“Yeah, haven’t gotten around to that.”

Kures just didn’t know when the best time would be, just how did you tell a person who kicked the crap out of you a fair bit over the last couple of months that they’re your brother? It was giving her a bit of a headache to figure that bit out, considering the longer she took the more irksome it seemed to get.

“I’m sure you’ll both have plenty of time to complain about my handiwork, but right now I’ve a fight to prepare for.”

They both turned to find Khol waiting in the doorway, his grin was back at least. Raditz wasn’t exactly sure he wanted to be around Khol when that grin faded, considering the way he dealt with the chamber’s visions of his previous family and himself. He’d always felt Kakarotto would have the advantage cause of Khol’s carefree attitude, that wasn’t the case now. Well at least that increased their odds of surviving the battle ahead, though it was unlikely they’d all survive.

“Though first, we really ought to get you up to speed. That scouter just isn’t going to do the job.”

Kures chuckled, she knew what was coming, a very irksome time for her brother.

“So you think you can teach me, you’re a bit early to attempt that.”

Khol’s power spiked and he watched the scouter quickly error, which would effectively leave the saiyan blind to any attack. Never mind attacks form those who had learned how to adjust their ki to below a scouter’s scanning ability. Raditz angrily tore the device from his ear, it’s buzzing giving him a rather annoying headache.

“I get the point already, no need to show off.”
Kures just chuckled, she’d had a feeling the pair of them were going to be interesting sparring partners. Khol had a complete lack of care when it came to how he spoke to people, and Raditz was not use to having many who’d have the guts to talk down to him. He was use to having superiors, in rank and power, but it was likely to take him a while to overcome the irritation. Even if Khol was basically family, by virtue of being her true blood relative.

“I don’t think this is something to laugh about dear sister..”

Raditz though could see humor in it for his sister, it wasn’t something he was going to admit was funny. Khol’s demeanour could get a bit irritating, he hoped one day the git would get his backside handed to him and maybe knock some manners into his head.

“She’ll be able to give you pointers, having already gone through the process with Piccolo.”

Khol felt it would probably be better if the siblings were aiding each other in the learning process, that and well he couldn’t really describe how he learned it, as that grew out of instinct during the war he waged on Terra. Though it was likely to irk the elder, who had a measure of pride to contend with.

“Your task being to find me, don’t just tell him where I am..”

Raditz noticed Khol was holding something, it was his scouter. How? When? He was wearing it, but now it was in the Saiyan exile’s hands. Regaining composure as it wouldn’t help to focus on the gulf that was between the pair. Seemed Khol wasn’t going to be giving him much in the way of actual training, but then Kures didn’t seem to learn any new techniques during the last couple of months aside from those the Namekian used. He recalled Khol mentioning he was to train them, but not in the way they expected. Rather than teaching, he was an example to pit oneself against. It was a method he’d not encountered, Saiyan children were taught, Kures was taught by General Nappa, while Kakarotto received royal training, Raditz himself though had a more varied supply of training. He prefered to work on his techniques on his own, but was certainly conditioned by the saiyan military.

“And just what will you be doing?”

Kures was interested in what Khol would be doing while she was doing all the hard work, his training style was very infuriating. Never giving instruction on how to achieve, just told to achieve it.

“Preparing, your brother learning to sense ki is not the end of training.”

Khol was laughing as he flew up into the air, Kures noted she couldn’t even sense him even while he was still in sight. He was certainly much better at controlling that than she was, probably better than Piccolo and that three eye fellow. It was a shock when that fellow had turned up at Kami’s, the fact the Earthlings had another fighter that seemed strong though no sense of that strength could a scouter nor her senses make out. Earthlings were very deceptive in the usage of their inner power, as if they didn’t want anyone to notice how strong they could be.

“Well I suppose we should get started brother, you’ll want to remove your armour. Piccolo said it wasn’t useful to have it on for learning this technique. Well after I managed to learn it, he just stole mine while I was washing and frankly I rather not run around looking for your stinky clothes.”

Raditz felt rather naked without his armour, which was true as he wore only trunks underneath. It was a tradition amongst many of the low to medium class saiyans, his Father wasn’t so modest. Dressing like an elite even before he matched their strength. Kures like most females tended towards more coverage, that and it was the style of her true mother wore. It was interesting how nobody picked up on that, though saiyans weren’t exactly a culture that really noted things like ‘fashion’.

“Maybe we should see about getting you something to wear one of these days, I’d ask Piccolo but I doubt he gives out clothes to just anyone. Maybe Khol has something inside..”

Raditz went inside, he didin’t see the point. But inside were clothes, like those Khol wore though he noted no white sashes. So that thing he carried around was the only one, spoke to the exile’s confidence in battle that he’d not bother having a spare. Slipping on a pair of Khol’s trousers, he promptly tore them at the knees. Ending up with what amounted to long shorts by the time he was done, he didn’t bother with a top. Getting his hair through something as stretchy was saiyan armour was hard enough, and these fabrics had no give at all. At least it was a bit less showy than just trunks, so any Earthling he might encounter won’t find it overly odd. Though they certainly put on a lot of clothing that served no function whatsoever. Leaving the ‘house’, he noted Kures was gone, so that was the reason she told him to go look for something to wear. Smart to not give him any clue as to the way she went, as he was still fast enough to keep up with her.

“Guess I have to find her in order to find Khol.”


Radtiz wasn’t exactly happy, he’d spent weeks in this forest getting ambushed by his sister. Though she was holding back, he could tell she had gotten very strong thanks to the training with the Namekian and her brother. Even managing to completely blitz him with a combo of her techniques back to back ending in a roar that plopped in a mile away. Likely intentional to ensure he wasn’t able to follow her retreat by sight. The bruises were still tender, and he could swear he’d cracked a rib or two in the engagement.

“She said I needed to clear my mind, focus entirely on trying to feel it. She’s as bad as her brother, no details on what it feels like at all.”

He’d taken to talking to himself, as thinking about it internally just irked him. He wanted to vent, and blow something up. But that wasn’t a good idea, no Khol was right about one thing. Saiyans had to change, not remain the brutish thugs they had become under King Vegeta and Emperor Freiza. So he took breaths, and tried to copy that pose the namekian always did. It was a restful position to be in, and could see why the namekian adopted it so much. Just nice to float around, and think. It was cause he was floating he didn’t initially feel the rumble of the ground. But the trees swaying erratically clued him in, opening his eyes. It was an Earthquake, no, this was prolonged and not a sharp shifting of the planet’s crust. And Earthquakes didn’t come with high winds, he braced himself and tried flying towards the wind’s source. But it was to no avail, though what he did find while getting blown backwards was Kures. She was staring in the direction of the wind, her eyes widening in realisation before she turned her head to him. Raditz hadn’t made a move to her so this sensing ki thing was certainly not a parlour trick.

“Brother is preparing alright, guess we might want to redouble our efforts.”

Raditz barely grasped what she meant when she blasted him away with her fist. Well not the fist on it’s own, that never made contact, not this was that strange punch of Khol’s. So she’d picked that up, or did he teach her it? In any case she was gone again, and he was pretty certain now that rib was cracked.


Kures had taken to meditating every time she had dealt another test run on Raditz’s progress, trying to figure out how best to raise her own strength. Her brothers were all plenty strong, but she wanted to surpass them. She wanted to be the one to clock Vegeta across the jaw for all he’d done to her family and to their people. As much as it was a joy to see Khol having the potential to end that tyrant’s rule, she was still a saiyan proud of her own power. She Khol was continually causing disturbances with whatever it was he was doing, some form of training she guessed.

She felt Raditz, he was charging an attack and it was coming for her. So he’d managed to find her while she was sitting still, but it wasn’t enough to catch her off guard. Placing a palm to each of the two beams she flexed and pushed their paves aside as she flew down the gap launching with her feet out into the chest of her brother sending him flying.

“Not bad brother, though that technique of yours has an pretty sizeable weak spot.”

He rose, and shrugged, she was right. While it was useful to be able to shoot two beams, it did mean his hands were tied when someone exploited the gap between the beams. It was something he could improve upon, considering how many other techniques they’d come across on this planet alone.

“Though I caught you napping, but I ain’t going to let you beat me sister. I might not catch our brothers, but I’m sure as hell going to make sure I’m still stronger than you baby sister.”

His ki roared to life, Kures’ as well. Raditz was always a bit irked when he noted her power closing on his. Probably cause he’d seen how Kakarotto had eclipsed him so quickly, despite him being the elder brother. But right now they were going to have a bit of a sparring match, that’s apparently want Raditz wanted. Vent the frustrations of the last month, Kures understood that very well. Considering how much she vented in sparring with Piccolo when she finally managed to sense him.


What neither of them knew was that they had a spectator, Khol had decided it was time to check on their progress. He had been getting bored, only so much training one can do with ki control. Raising his ki to the limit of exhaustion, learning just how much fighting time he’d have going all out. Relearning the basics of fighting as they applied to the totality of his power, allowing him to truly fight at his best when the Saiyans came. Also relearning how to interact with a world unprepared for his power as well, as Earth wasn’t designed to accommodate the strength he could use. He’d went to a few places, as he felt Raditz might want to wear something other than a ripped pair of his own clothes. Accidents were not uncommon, good thing he was wealthy enough from his tournament winnings. Even with him giving that all to Bulma to deal with his ship, she’d put it into something called a bank account and gave him a small plastic card. Apparently that could be used to pay for the things he needed, as she didn’t even want the money. She enjoyed working on his project a tad too much, or she was making a fortune using the technology for Capsule Corps that it was paying for itself.

It gave Khol the ability to buy things anyway, he’d never really had a want for such things, but there were some things he couldn’t get by without. Like clothing, he didn’t know how to make them, so he’d gone to a lot of trouble finding someone who could match the terran design. Ripped the door of their hinges, among other such things, so retraining to not do that was a big thing. This time around though he was buying for Raditz, Kures seemed partial to wearing Piccolo’s stuff and well it seemed to give Piccolo something other than ruling the world to think about. His first trip cost a fair bit in damages, he hadn’t truly grasped how strong he’d gotten when his body was truly his own again. But with much training he was able to get together a few things for Raditz to try wearing, though he suspected the fellow rather wear his saiyan pants and armor. But Khol found it might be good to try and get him use to the idea that Earth was going to be their home, so go a bit native when it came to wearing stuff aside from armour. Well that and armour was going to be useless, couldn’t think of a fighter in the battle who couldn’t punch a hole right through it when the saiyans arrived. But for the moment it was best to sit back and watch the siblings spar, might give him an idea on what to do with them next.


Kures was impressed by Raditz’s power, he had gotten stronger. Though she hadn’t gone through hell with he brother and Piccolo to have nothing to show for it. She charged her ki up as well, the ground cracking beneath the pressure of the two saiyans’ power. They launched at each other, fast kicks and punches, quicker parries and counters. The sensations jarring bones and bruising flesh, they weren’t holding back at all. Which was just how Kures wanted it, no one got stronger from an easy fight. The pair breaking away to size each other up again, the air alive with their energy.

“So you’ve picked up a thing or two from the Namekian and Khol, good.”

Raditz was catching his breath, he hadn’t expected her to be this close to his own power. But he would still show her who the stronger warrior was, throwing a ki ball at her face and following it to take advantage of the distraction. For as she batted it away he punched her in the gut, doubling her over as he brought his knee up to connect with her head. Launching her into the air, his ki spiking as he launched his dual beams aiming them to punch her in the gut and leave as little a gap as possible for her to use. She was smoking as his ki subsided, though floating, not falling as he’d expected.

“Going to need more than that now brother!”

Ki was glowing in her hands as they became a series of lances, which she launched at Raditz. He had to move fast to avoid them, but she was already making her next move as she dropped from the sky, ki glowing in her left fist, planting it right into his gut. She’d figured out how to transmit the ki so that it no longer just exploded in her palm, no now it smashed into Raditz’s unprotected chest through the still clenched fist. He was launched across the forest, smashing through trees as he went. Before burying himself in the ground. Rolling to his feet his right hand glowing pink as Kures came flying in, concerned as to the condition her brother was going to be in. Throwing the ki at her, she was unable to do anything but fall to the ground paralysed by the energy of his attack.

“You need to learn to steel your emotions better sister, or you’ll never amount to much of a warrior.”

Raditz had a habit of gloating, Kures knew that he didn’t mean it the way it sounded. But her blood still boiled, as unreasoning anger welled up in her. She was a saiyan warrior, not some kid learning to fight, she wasn’t going to lay in the dirt while her brother monologue about his superiority. Her ki exploding with this rage, as she launched herself at Raditz head first unable surrounded by her ki. The resulting clash was impressive as all, Raditz dropping to his knees clutching his gut as Kures managed to move an arm to grab his tail.

“Sister’s.. got your tail..”

Her breathing was ragged, but the tone was self satisfied as Raditz was unable to do anything. The weakness of the tail he had not been able to overcome, the sensation was not pain in the normal sense but it completely stiffened him up leaving him unable to do more than yell.

“Oh har har, now let go. This is no way for a saiyan to fight!”

Technically he was right, most belittled people using the tail grab. But they equally belittled the saiyan who managed to end up getting grabbed by the tail. Both had shown their inability to fight without a crutch or prevent their foe from taking advantage of them. She did let go, after all there wasn’t much point in holding on any longer she’d won in her eyes.

“Maybe you should train your tails more, rather than complain about fighting fair?”

Khol had decided to make himself known, as he noted these saiyans were still unable to deal with pressure on their tails. It was something the Terrans found out about him in youth, and trained him to cope with it. Back when they felt he would be a protector of their people, it was also why he didn’t tie his sash but used his tail to hold it in place. All part of that training, though he’d come up with something else for them. There was no chance he was going to give them a Terran style sash.

“So you’re immune to a tail grab?”

Raditz rolled his eyes, of coure he’d be immune. Or he’d be unable to wear that sash the way he did, didn’t take much to cause the symptoms of a tail grab. But going over in his head the words, no Khol hadn’t been immune. He had trained his tail, or he wouldn’t suggest training a tail to overcome the problem.

“Dunno about immune, but grabbing my tail won’t stiffen me up. Never broke my tail though so dunno if that might be a problem, but I don’t think I want to go to that much effort to find out.”

He chuckled, offering a hand the pair of them. The pair of them were in a right state, Raditz on his knees panting and Kures face first in the dirt. Neither of them had given much they weren’t giving back, and that outburst of power intrigued Khol. Seemed when Kures got annoyed she could tap into her power to a greater degree than calm. Though might be the case with everyone, as he noted himself and his past self both grew stronger the more irked they got. But it might be something he could try training them to tap into more, might not amount to much more than aggravation but a little bit of extra power might mean the difference between victory and death.


Khol had been away for a while now, Raditz and Kures had been instructed to rest up. Rather than rely on the senzu beans, as Khol wanted to save those for when they sparred with him. As they’d need them, Kures knew that, Khol stated he wasn’t going to be holding back when they did spar. So yeah, saving the magical healing beans for that was for the best. However the aches and pains were irritating, how did people cope without healing chambers on this planet? She doubted everyone had access to senzu beans, then she thought about something else. Khol’s hand was pretty scared, actually he had a fair few scars, a chamber can leave scars, but she noted the beans tended to heal all fresh wounds. So he likely got those on Terra, wonder what they used for healing? Considering those blades of ki were likely to injure a lot of them during training.

“He’s certainly taking his sweet time, just laying around waiting is annoying.”

Raditz wasn’t built to wait, a fighter through and through. But he didn’t have much to do other than wait, his injuries weren’t severe but they weren’t something he could train with. Khol likely moved his pod so he couldn’t heal that way either, and hid the beans. What was so special about letting them heal naturally? Not like they’d get stronger than a quicker healing process, or was this a punishment for not finishing the training. As the task was to find Khol not spar wit his sister.

“Likely has to find something to help with his mad scheme to train our tails.”

Kures wasn’t sure what he’d come back with, but she imagined all sorts of painful contraptions. Imagination was not exactly a thing to help her cope with the waiting, as it only added to her desire for this to be over with.

“You can come outside, I think I’ve set things up just right.”

She hadn’t sensed him, but apparently Khol was outside. Seemed hiding his ki was second nature to him, as she doubted he had any purpose to hiding it. Not like there was anyone around who would inteferre with him, that he wouldn’t have tried recruiting for the battle.
In any cause she got up, feeling he bones grate a bit as they weren’t very happy with her training thus far. As the pair got outside they noticed the ground was broken up, and there were strange devices in the ground, a blade with a stick and rope on the end of it.

“What the hell is that supposed to be?”

“Oh yeah, I’ll show you how it’s done. I’m thinking about making this place a bit of a permanent home. So I’ll need some way to get food, and well some guy called a farmer suggested I grow my own.”

Khol had picked up the knowledge of this from videos and the like, probably the most effort he’d put into something other than fighting. It was likely that Terra had people who did this too, bit like the meat processing group though that was more just hunting animals and making them edible. This involved a lot more effort, and well it also involved a step that he could use for their training.

“This is a plow, you drag it across the ground to make it easier to plant crops. There are machines that can do this, but you two will provide the muscle as part of your training.”

He grabbed his sash as it would fall the moment his tail latched onto the plow, he noted the pair of them wince has he began to tie the rope around the tail and almost faint when he dragged the plow across the ground via his tail. Leaving in his wake a nice trench of soft dirt, he was quite pleased with how this worked out when he reached the end.

“You’re turn.”


Khol was a sadist, that much Raditz had figured out by the end of the first day. Or he really loved pain, as he had carved out more trenches of his own while they were completely unable to start plowing let alone plow a line this way. It was impossible, the moment he tried to pull with his tail he stiffed up and fell flat on his face. Kures was making no progress either, which was about the only upside.

Day in and day out they tried to pull these plows, and all that happened as they face planted repeatedly. While Khol was going around tending to his now growing saplings, he seemed rather smug with his progress as a farmer. Whatever that meant, but he couldn’t deny there was a level of appeal to the notion of raising something from nothing but a seed. But right now he was more irked by his tail’s screaming at him to stop with this. Khol was obviously some freak who was just immune to tail grabs, and it was impossible to achieve the ability to resist the sensation.

Kures had more murderous thoughts after the second week, but she continued to pull and fail. Khol was expecting them to succeed, and she wasn’t going to be seen to fail by her brother. Even if he didn’t know their relationship, and she certainly wasn’t going to be left behind should Raditz manage to start pulling as well.


Kures had lost count of the days now, but slowly she’d noticed she had managed to pull the plow. She’d still face plant, but she could resist it for a second. This only pushed Raditz to achieve similar success, Khol was now watering small plants. He’d watch them while he did so, as if discerning their progress though he didn’t speak. No Khol wasn’t that sort of mentor, he didn’t encourage one to push harder, no he’d set you the seemingly impossible then watch you fail time and again till you succeed. She had to wonder what his training had been like to make him think this was a normal style use, but she couldn’t deny the results.

Raditz had noted the first time Kures could truly be said to be pulling the plow, and it shocked him. Even though he’d seen Khol do much more than that, to see someone he knew wasn’t some freakishly strong saiyan manage that much was a shock. His pride though wouldn’t let it be allowed that she could manage it and not he, so he threw himself at it. He’d managed a whole centimetre the day before, true it took many pulls to do so, but it was progress. Something that he couldn’t see being made from the outset.


With a mighty heave she finished the line, a single straightish line across the field of Khol’s making. Raditz right behind her, his pride was not one to let things go unanswered. A full metre pull, and while she was on the ground in agony of the attempt she was laughing. They had managed to reach the end of the field, but Khol was looking at the pair of them impassively, before a smirk played across his face and he pointed to another pair of plows.



It took them less time to complete this line, about a week, and they had even remained standing after a pull. Though that was still hit and miss, looking to Khol for some approval of their efforts he once again pointed to the bottom of the field and they saw even more plows.



This cycle continued, they would reach the end, and he’d point and they’d find he had another line for them to make. Till one day, they pair of them managed to make a single pull from start to finish. It was exhausting but they did it, and Khol didn’t point to the end and say again. No this time he had of a piece of cloth, and tied it to each of their tails, it was heavy and drove them to their knees.

“You will wear them while you spar, till you can match your normal movement speed. At which point your tails should be strong enough to survive a tail grab in combat.”

Raditz was fully convinced Khol had no understanding of pain, how can one fight like this? But that was the training they had ahead of them. So it was they went about it, well first they had to get to their feet.


It was hard, trying to fight while your legs were shaking. Arms felt numb, and your back drooped. But little by little, they managed to do simple things, throw a rather feeble punch. Kures even managed to lift her leg into a kick before she fell over, her balance giving out before she complete the move. So Raditz was wrong again, it was possible, but it was a lot of effort to manage this pathetic level of “fighting”. Again Khol just watched, his field now alive with various fruits and vegetable plants.

Raditz wondered what went through Khol’s mind as he watched them, was he enjoying the foolishness of their attempts? Or was he disappointment by the pace at which they made progress? For a person as unashamed of their emotions as Khol, as a trainer he didn’t give a lot way behind that smirk. Which irked Raditz, as he felt he had the measure of the exile, and technically extended family member. But a rather soft slap from Kures, reminded him he was sparring.


In time they were able to cope and began to fight in earnest, flurries and counters. Radtiz found the change from the start amazing, and could almost forgive Khol for how painful this progress was. As he latched onto Kures’ leg and hurled her backwards, which she turned into a flip, kicking him right under the chin. He should’ve seen that counter coming, but the dull pain was still affecting him. He doubted it was possible to be truly free of the pain, but they had managed a tolerance he could never have dreamed possible months ago.

“Good, you may remove the cloth. Tonight we eat, as tomorrow the pair of you will spar with me.”


That night was nice enough, they ate meat of some kind, Raditz wasn’t sure where Khol got it from. Though the bounty of fruit and vegetables from Khol’s farm was amazing, Raditz like most saiyans had rather encountered food beyond meat, as it was the staple of a saiyan diet. Well that and he couldn’t think of a saiyan with the patience to watch something grow, apparently Khol could. Though he was waiting for them to be ready for him to fight, and saw fit to do something while doing that waiting.

“So, we’re much later than expected. So let’s get to the stuff you haven’t told me.”

Kures was stuffing her face, when Khol spoke, and choked. So Khol hadn’t forgotten Raditz mentioned he would tell him after he was deprogrammed about the situation. Raditz looked at her first before shrugging.

“Well I suppose the others already know so we can get you clued in.”

“I’m sure that was while I was napping.”

Khol chuckled, it was expected that he would have told the others about the situation. After all it was something that would help build some level of trust between them and the Earthlings. And frankly Khol hadn’t really cared much about the details, but might as well hear them while they were taking a break.

“Yes, well I suppose we can start with Frieza. Head of the Emperor of the World Trade Organisation. They sell planets, or keep them if they like a planet to add to their own empire. Well anyway, the World Trade Organisation took the Saiyan people and added our strength to their military. It’s why we got sent to planets, we got stronger for fighting planetary militaries, Frieza gets a planet to sell or keep, win/win. Well if you’re not the indigenous population.”

Khol frowned, Frieza would be joining the list of people he needed to have a long chat with.

“Well this arrangement did not appeal to every saiyan, Kale sought to do something about it. The only way a saiyan knows how, fighting. Reasoning if he took the throne, he could try removing Frieza’s influence upon our people. He and his followers managed a rather major coup, but he wasn’t able to defeat King Vegeta. You probably guess what came next, Vegeta saw fit to execute anyone linked to Kale. His friends, his son sent to Terra as an exile, though that was meant as a death sentence.”

So that was why he was sent to Terra, well he had already heard he was sent to die. But the reasoning, Vegeta was certainly a tyrant, and his father was right to rebel against him.

“He’d had also killed his wife, had she been on planet. But she was with my father’s team, so the order was given for my father to kill your mother. He delayed, long enough for her to give birth, to a daughter. My mother would later claim this child was her’s, and eventually be demoted to meat processing duties for delaying the team’s return.”

Khol pieced it together, noting that he wasn’t sure how to feel about Raditz’s father. He still killed his mother, but allowed the child to be born and be part of his own family. Which brought up the next part, Raditz had pointed out many times he had one brother, and one sister. Which meant the daughter could be only one person.

“Which would be you?”

“Yup, the first saiyan you got to meet was your dear old sister. Also the first saiyan you knocked around like a ragdoll, but I’m sure that’s how you always envisioned saying hello to family.”

Kures wasn’t sure how to behave, so she joked, Khol was her brother, but this was the first he got to know about that. Considering how much had gone on already between the two that was a headache.

“Well to be fair you started it, I just finished it. Well that explains the whole ‘misspeaking’ incident..”

“Well reunions aside, though more union, as you never met the first time. My mother, Gine, she raised Kures here alongside side myself and Kakarotto. While Bardock and his team continued to served Vegeta, Bardock being my father. While I can’t say how it happened, my father learned that Frieza had become afraid of the saiyan’s potential for combat. Fearing one day we would rise up and defeat them no doubt, so decided to destroy our people in one swift action. A general recall of saiyans to the planet Vegeta was given, though the likes of Prince Vegeta whom I had been told to serve alongside General Nappa failed to return on a whim of the Prince. Anyway, my father convinced King Vegeta of Frieza’s plan and so we managed to evacuate planet Vegeta. Well they did, I wasn’t there as I said. My father’s team lead the royal guard to delay Frieza, they died in the battle along with the planet itself.”

Well the explains why the Saiyans are looking for a planet, Frieza destroyed it somehow. Which was something that made Khol hunger for an opportunity to fight the fellow. Not for the planet, nor even for the saiyan lives they took. But the fact they were so strong, it just made Khol excited. Though he had to admit there was a sense of vengeance for the pain this Emperor had caused.

“We elected to see out a planet to call home, and Earth was finally selected. It was to be the planet Kakarotto was originally meant to be sent to as a child, had the evacuation not occured.”

Khol smirked at that, so had things not went the way they did, he might’ve come across a saiyan before now. He had to ponder how that meeting would’ve went, or if it would’ve occurred. As like himself Kakarotto would’ve been stranded on a planet waiting for a return signal that never came. Would he like himself rushed off to the stars for a challenge, or would he have obediently waited? Heck would a child of such a soft hearted pair of saiyans been able to conquer Earth even if they weren’t the strongest warriors around. Piccolo would’ve been more than a match to a young saiyan, especially if they weren’t battle hardened. He’d probably get an answer to that when he met this brother of Raditz’s.

“And instead you lot got sent, and met lil old me.”

“Yes brother, we did.”

“You know he’s going to take a while to get use to that, so baby steps.”

“You’re the one who just slapped him with it all at once.”

The rest of the night was good cheer, Khol did play up the joy a bit more than he felt. As it was indeed something he would have to get use to. He hadn’t really thought about his saiyan family, as they were just the people who sent him off into the stars. No the one’s he thought of when it came to that word was the Terrans, well more specifically the warrior caste. They had raised him, and he had destroyed them. Well not all of them apparently, though destroyed the ties that bound them. And now he had a sister, well that was going to get awkward probably. Vegeta might find out about that, and he rather not cause this Gine more irksomeness cause of that. She had taken in a child not her own, taken punishments for that act, even if that’s now why she was punished it still amounted to the same thing. Could’ve just let her die and continued to be unburdened by such a secret, and Bardock and his team keeping that secret to their deaths. Seems he had a few people to add to the reasons he wanted Vegeta defeated, which meant even more reason to train.


Training had begun in earnest the next day, and any issue Kures might’ve had over whether or not Khol might treat her differently now had long gone. She was planted into the ground up to her neck, Khol had gotten the drop on her. Raditz was even now been pushed up into the sky on her brother’s kamehameha. So he wasn’t going to play with kid gloves, and keep the promise that he was going to stop holding back. Well as much as he normally did, he had to hold back enough to not kill them, even she could sense that.

“You might want to do something about that before you take root.”
Khol was laughing as he aimed his palm towards her, he wouldn’t try firing a ki beam directly at the planet? She raised her ki to escape but as she did he was beside her, his palm pressed against her chest. Then a sudden pain and blackness, he’d knocked her out with but a touch. As she came to, Raditz was sitting alongside her holding a pouch. She’d been given a senzu bean apparently.

“So how many times has that been now?”

“Thirty seven, and he’s still playing.”

Kures sighed, while it would be likely fatal to see her brother fight seriously she didn’t like that she wasn’t able to push him. Even getting stronger over the months of straining, he was still seemingly as distant as ever. Raditz was right in a sense, her brother was a freak, which certainly helped their odds of kicking Vegeta’s butt. Though she wanted to be more than just an onlooker, rising to her feet.


Night had fallen, and she had numerous times found herself on the wrong end of Khol’s fist. It wasn’t getting any less annoying, she took to going off on her own rather than tag along with Raditz. As much as she liked her brother, she needed some alone time to think. She had to grow stronger, and fast, as the saiyans would be coming soon. She wasn’t going to be sitting on the sidelines watching Khol do all the heavy lifting, no she was going to fight side by side with her long lost brother. No she wanted to do more than just that, she wanted to be the one who did the heavy lifting herself, prove she was just as capable of being a freakishly strong saiyan. But right now, nothing she’d come up with was working. Fancy techniques, brute force, nothing could get her brother to stop playing around with them. Even if it wasn’t as hand holding as his previous sessions, it was obvious now he was indeed holding back. Which infuriated her to no end, even if that held back limit was beyond her anyway.

“I’m going to knock that smirk off his face if it’s the last thing I do.”


Raditz was feeling no less irked, noting not just Khol’s continued dominance, but the progress Kures was making. It was outstripping his own progress, and now she was rushing out there alone. As proud of his sister as he was, he was still a warrior who had his own strength to consider. Kakarotto would laugh so much if he got beaten by their sister, and he was insufferable as is when it came to his own power. Though he ought to think less about the power of others, and focus solely on the true power that mattered. His own, focus on being stronger than oneself. It might not grant him power to beat some humility into Khol, but it would mean he’d annoyed by it. But right now even trying to think that way annoyed him, as those two out there and their power kept flashing on and off to remind him his power was meaning less and less.


“So you’re both back together. That’s good, time to see about making this a bit more challenging.”

Kures and Raditz hadn’t exactly intended to arrive together, but it was a happy coincidence for Khol. He had tired of them going after him solo, maybe now they might try pushing him a bit with their combined might. Raditz barrelled in first, Kures following, no plan just both wanting to pummel Khol. For once he had to slap some of their attacks out of the way, rather than dance around them. Which was a nice change, as he noted that wasn’t helping him grow much at all.


This seeming taunt drove the pair on, their limbs blurring as they pushed harder and harder. Khol enjoying this much better now, as he swatted their blows and added a few of his own to the mix. The area becoming rather breezy thanks to the extended exchange on blows. Though the pair couldn’t keep up the pace for long and the moment they slowed, Khol sung out and kicked Raditz backwards before spinning and back handing his sister into the sky.

“Come on!”

He was angry at them for the lack of effort they were drawing out of him, he needed more from them. How could he get stronger if he was never at risk of getting hurt? Kures seemed livid, her attempts not finding their mark but the apparent hunger of her brother that they fight harder. And how could they do that? He was a monstrous power against them, and with little to no instruction on how to do that just pissed her off. Her power was rising as she collected her ki, she was getting past the point of endurance, she was going to smash him into the ground if needs be. Raditz noted this change, her temper was getting the better of her, though it was a good chance for him to bring his full power to bare. Moving up to her, as that would give their attacks the best chance of working. He launched his pair of beams at the same time Kures seemed to explode with ki that flew from her down at Khol.

“Yes! More!”

Khol’s power roared to life to meet this dual attack, it pushed against his Kiai as he drew up a Terra Flare to counter it. He didn’t unleash it right away, no he wanted them to push him. So he let them push his kiai down till the attacks were pressing against his outstretched hand. He was now physically pushing against their combined attack, willing them to push him more. Raditz fully committed his power, but shortly after was unable to maintain it anymore, he wasn’t angry just tired as he fell to the ground. He hadn’t felt that before, the full power he had amassed rushing through him and at a foe. It was something else indeed, and confirmed just how much he had indeed grown. Though he saw her, her primal roar, as she seemed to drag even more power than before out of herself and hurl it down at her brother. Raditz wasn’t sure how to feel about this, it was apparent she had likely surpassed him. Frankly her potential was shocking, but then he had to remind himself her blood is that of Khol’s family. Though Kakarotto proved he could strive much higher than he was now, it was just a case of working his ass off to achieve it. He closed his eyes, he was irked he’d be unconscious when this duel ended.

Kures knew her brother was still playing, he could’ve sent his own attack right back at her. That only further drove her to pump more and more power in the attack, it was like her anger over the months flowing out of her like a raging river. All directed at the brother she had longed to meet, but whose power had stymied her at every turn. Whose attitude was frustrating and apparent refusal that the impossible tasks he set were impossible. Even if he had been right anyway, which only further annoyed her. Oh she loved this strange brother she had finally gotten to meet, but boy did that come with a massive among of pain in her neck. As he casually blasts apart the notion of her strength being something to have pride in, and even begins the war against Vegeta she wanted to start for all these years. He was stealing much that she had wanted for herself, and while she knew they weren’t slights at her, it didn’t stop her feeling this rage. More and more, she summoned power to crush him. He was going to be the one panting on the ground needing a hand up, not her, not this time.

Khol sensed even more ki flowing towards him, and noted his body was moving backwards. He laughed, which he quickly saw made the power even greater. She was committing everything at him, and apparently it was out of anger towards him. At least that was the vibe he was getting from this, why else would it be increased by his enjoyment? The ground was now blackening as it burned beneath the heat of her attack, well it was time to start pushing this back or they might no need to worry about the saiyan’s taking this planet.

“Terra Flare!”

He noted again his words caused a flare up in her attack power, but it wasn’t enough to stop him. His attack moved slowly up her beam, pushing it backwards before his eyes narrowed. It was coming back towards him, her anger was certainly a resource of much strength. But she wasn’t the only one with untapped power, his hand clenching for a moment and then releasing has his terra flare redoubled it’s ferocity. He was now floating in a crater of his own making. Kures’ rage impressive as it was had no answers now, as her roar was smothered by his flare. It carried her into the sky, though Khol moved quickly as he was pretty sure the moment her rage subsided his attack would kill her. So it was he flew up, smashing through his own attack with his kiai and catching his newly found sister. Holding her unconscious form as he floated down to the ground.

“That was fun.”

He said to himself, deciding it was probably best to the let the pair of them sleep this off.


Kures awoke, she was inside a house. Khol’s house from the look of it, though it was a bit less shabby now. Even had a bed, apparently Khol had done more work on the place during all the training. It even looked like something that could pass for normal, Raditz was seated in a corner watching her.

“Took your time lazy butt.”

“How long this time?”

“About a day and a half, Khol felt it was better to not bother with a senzu bean. I disagreed, but..”

“He has them now, and he’s stronger than you.”

“Pretty much, but you didn’t have to put it like that. I’m still your commanding officer.”

“And still my brother, so I’ll poke fun whenever I can.”

That was one thing Raditz did fear, that having her real brother might alter how she felt about himself and Kakarotto. Well more himself, Kakarotto can care about his own sibling affections. Khol was annoying still, not giving her a senzu bean, confident she wasn’t in any danger. Didn’t even see the need to watch over her as he had, instead he went about making this place more like a place people lived in. Even filled a crater their fight made with water, and was thinking about filling it with fish. As if this was the time to think about such things when his sister was in such a state, he’d been right, she was apparently alive and well. Even if at the time Raditz couldn’t sense her at all, Khol apparently was much better at sensing ki. Well he had years of practice, and it didn’t excuse his lack of sibling duty to an injured sister.

“Probably wanted me to sleep, you know we haven’t had a decent sleep in months.”

Kures felt better than she had after eating a bean, the rest was certainly better on a proper bed. Her three brothers were very different from each other, Raditz fussed the most, Kakarotto was the more serious, and Khol aloof but always seeming to have some serious thought behind his actions. He’d goaded the pair of them, wanting them to not just go all out, but throw everything they had at him. Probably cause that was the only way for him to feel pushed, but likely to get them to feel more of their potential. She’d felt it, that seemingly inexhaustible heat, she hadn’t been able to hurl it all at Khol who had once again soundly beaten her. Raditz had felt it as well, though he wasn’t half as frustrated as he let on, he’d too much of his mother’s kindness in him to truly get that angry cause of such things. He was more likely to blow up if you hurt his family, than over something as petty as a brother who was a bit irksome to deal with.

“Well yes, I do find resting is a good way to end training.”

“End training?”

“Yes, I doubt the next few weeks will add anything significant in terms of power. So we’ll be taking things easier now, maybe a light sparring to hone your ki senses. But for the most I’ll be making this place a home, give myself my own little piece of this planet to fight for.”

There it was again, Khol saying something apparently stupid. And yet there was logic behind it, they weren’t sure what time the saiyans would arrive. Time was closing in, could be next week but sometime very soon they would arrive. So there wasn’t time for them to be running themselves ragged, stocking up on beans and being rested was a good plan. Also his desire to try mentally transforming this planet into his own to fight for, would only further spur on his ability to fight for it. Well that and frankly after the war, if they weren’t all dead they’d likely find this was going to end up being their home so to speak.

“Reminds me to tell Kami that it might be time to bring back a certain friend of ours, so umm rest up. Maybe even think about building your own little place.”

Kures looked at Raditz, who shrugged as Khol disappeared again. He was very erratic when it came to that, though bring back? What did that mean? Though they’d likely learn of that soon enough.

“Yeah, Gine really ought to have a house to move into when we’re done kicking Vegeta’s butt.”

Raditz chuckled at Kures’ suggestion, indeed his mother did deserve a place to rest. Her fighting days were long gone, even if she was till capable he wasn’t going to let her. Being sent to meat processing was the best thing that ever happened to her, kind hearted as she was, war was not the place for her to be. So a nice little house to live in while they do what needs doing was the perfect idea. For Raditz had an idea of what the saiyans could bring to their new home, other than destruction.

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Re: Saiyan's Pride - Saiyan Saga (IC)

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Amy 6 Month Training Post

Had it really already been half a year? Well she supposed that it had, it was funny how fast time could pass when you were having… When you were being starved and forced to play endless games of tag, followed by being sent through a maze that had seemingly been built to murder you. Amy definitely agreed that she had learned a great deal from her time working with Mr. Popo, she’d gained a better understanding of herself, learned how to tease extra power from her body and to use her tail in a new and deadly way. It wasn’t just for stabbing, or coiling, or being used as an extra limb, now it could blast energy just as she could from her mouth or her hands!

To be honest though, she was rather glad to be having the opportunity to work with someone else as well. Particularly this one. Stories she had heard in her childhood mentioned this Piccolo as a king of demons, or at least of a particular kind of them. She’d confessed to wondering now and again back in those days if that meant he was some distant kin to her family. Though apparently he was actually an alien like the Saiyans were, which was interesting too. It was a pity, she would have been interested in meeting another kind of demon.

The fact that she was eager showed as she approached her new training partner, a smile plain upon her face. “Hi there! I’m not sure we really talked much before but I’m Amy, that’s short for Amyris...”

“I don’t care what your name is.” The green alien said curtly.

Despite being cut off Amy didn’t seem to be all that put off. “It’s okay, probably couldn’t pronounce it anyway! I’m going to be training with you for the next few months.”

At this Piccolo nodded, though his expression was dark.

“I’ve been looking forward to this for a while. You see I had heard stories about you, a king of demons.”

At the mention of his old status and title Piccolo appeared slightly less like he wanted the murder his new training partner. At least until she continued.

“For a while I wondered if that meant we were related, you see my father’s a demon king too. But then I found out you were an alien, which is still pretty interesting. Say do you want a cookie?” Amy reached down into the bag at her side and pulled out a large sugar cookie, holding it out towards the namekian.

At that instant a beam of energy erupted from one of his hands though, striking and vaporizing the cookie before Amy could finish reaching out to offer it. “No.”

“Oh well, more for me then.” She began, taking another cookie out of the pouch, at least before that one also was vaporized. “Seriously.” Her eyes narrowed and her tail took on a posture as if it was about to strike. That menacing hiss that had previously been displayed when Sakuranbo had irritated her during the initial gathering.

“Just because you don’t want one doesn’t mean you can nuke mine….” Amy was cut off again, this time as an energy beam slammed into her chest and sent her backwards. She rolled with it, flipping back up onto her feet in a combat ready position with a larger tinge of annoyance on her features at this point.

“Shut up! This isn’t the time to chatter. Prove you aren’t a waste of my time.” The green alien spat at her, seemingly just as annoyed with her endless chatter as she was with the destruction of her cookies. As he finished his declaration he moved slightly as well, moving his upper body to the side as a beam of energy erupted from the half demon girl’s tail with an intensity that would likely have hurt had it actually connected.


Amy’s mouth opened wide then and another blast shot forth, pink energy, slightly tinted with red forcing the namekian to actually move this time. And then her tail moved, swiveling like a turret, sweeping the second beam in such a way that actually seemed to take him off guard, connecting with his body and knocking him back before blasting into the ground as well and sending forth a cloud of dust. “Don’t mess with my cookies.” Amy spat out, the beam from her mouth tapering off to allow her to speak.

But then from the haze of dust and grit sent up by her attack came the sound of mocking laughter. And a green blur erupted forth from the haze, taking the half demon girl off guard and striking her like a truck. She was able to see it coming, able to start to move in her own defense, but she wasn’t fast enough to block it or do anything more than prepare for the fact that she was about to get hit hard. The impact sent her back again, this time striking the ground hard enough to form a small crater. “Still pathetic.”

Amy was nothing if not resilient though and she sprang back up quickly enough, scythe blades extending from her arms and a second set of somewhat chitinous limbs emerging as well and sprouting their own array of murderous blades. Her tail rose to a ready position once more too. “Fine then asshole, take this.” She seemed actually irritated at this point, perhaps being called pathetic was an affront to her ego and sense of self worth. Then she vanished, the image of herself flickering out as she seemed to appear beside Piccolo and struck out, a four fold attack with her scythe blades swinging in a pattern that would make it nearly impossible to dodge.

But the green skinned alien simply moved backwards, slipping back out of the range of her blades as they cleaved through the empty air, and then a hand rose up in a batting motion, deflecting Amy’s follow up as her chitinous tail shot forward in a scorpianesque strike aimed for his chest. Finally before the pink and red haired girl could continue her onslaught he struck out, a kick directed at her chest. It passed through the forest of limbs and hit her dead on, drawing a gasp from the girl as she was forced to step back.

“Your attacks leave you wide open.” Piccolo remarked condescendingly though he had to take off from the ground mid statement to avoid the next attack as Amy’s gasp turned into a gout of energy that surged out in a destructive wave. “And you’re predictable.”

“Predict this..” Amy retorted, her tail lashing out again, intercepting the alien as he closed with her again, forcing him to parry it, at the same time raising her four scythed limbs in a series of slashes. Though none of the blows connected, they did force him to back away, and let her attempt to go on the offensive.

She intended to press whatever advantage she might have, advancing and without committing every limb at once, holding back one at all times to deflect a potential strike from him she began to attack. She wasn’t a fool, it was important to be at least slightly defensive, and she did still have four different ‘limbs’ to attack with, even keeping one in reserve at all times

“After I told you that your attacks left you open, you fought more defensively. Typical.” As he continued to dodge her strikes despite how many of them there were Piccolo continued to prod her with his words. It was true that the green alien hadn’t been able to hit her since she fought more cautiously, but it was more energy efficient to dodge than to attack.

Amy let the pace of her attacks slow, allowing herself to appear as if she was being worn down, as if continuing to launch her onslaught was becoming strenuous. In truth it wasn’t, all her practice throughout the last six months had done wonders for her endurance, but if she could trick him into thinking she was tiring, she might make him make a mistake.

Sure enough as the pace of her attacks slowed down the namekian looked to take advantage, using both hands he deflected a pair of her scything slices and stepped forward, trying to get inside of her reach and deliver another blow to put the young woman in her place and cement again that she was performing pathetically. But as he stepped in she opened her mouth again, and once more a wave of destructive energy burst forth from it.

Somehow, Amy wasn’t quite sure how, Piccolo managed to slip away, to dodge the burst of energy with little more than a few scorch marks, and then to dodge the follow up as her tail followed his movements, homing in with periodic energy bursts that tried to pin him down. He really was fast, and wily, hard to catch and pin down.

“Better.” The one word was still somewhat scornful, somehow what would normally have sounded like praise came off as a condemnation from him. “But those attacks are still weak. Let me show you a real attack.” The green skinned alien raised a hand, two fingers beginning to crackle with energy as he held it up near his head.

Amy watched with interest, gathering her own energy. She would show him, a full powered hyperbeam, plus her tail laser together, she would blast him back to the stone age and show this alien that she was far from pathetic!

“Special beam cannon!” Piccolo extended his arm and the spiraling beam of energy erupted forth from it, shooting straight towards Amy. At the same time, “Hyperbeam!” Amy’s voice could also be heard as the pink and red energy burst from her mouth, streaming forward, and her tail joined in too, sending another beam into the mix as well.

And in the space between the two the attack collided with a crash, the potent energies battling for supremacy. Wind whipped out from the collision point, the yellow energy swirling against the pink and red that had come from the demonic girl. But little by little, slowly at first and then growing faster the pink and red beam was forced back.

Amy’s eyes widened as she tried to redouble her efforts, but she was already putting her all into it. Such a powerful attack! And then she had time to think, ‘This is going to hurt’ before her attack was overwhelmed and the alien’s beam struck her, blowing her back and sending her crashing through several trees before she ultimately struck the ground hard enough to form a several foot deep, roughly Amy shaped crater. Slowly she picked herself up, “owwwwwww…. That hurt….” her voice hissed out as she pulled herself out of the crater that her fall had created.

As she did so she found that Piccolo had arrived at the crater and was looking down on her with an expression that was still mostly scorn, but perhaps the faintest hint of something else. “Maybe...” He spoke. “Maybe you have a tiny scrap of potential.” Then he turned and began to walk away.

Amy reached into the pouch by her side and pulled out another cookie, somehow it wasn’t broken by the impacts from the fight and was about to pop it into her mouth when again a beam of energy destroyed it. If she had any doubts about her new training partner being an asshole, that quickly destroyed them along with her cookie. But as she picked her bruised body up she had to admit, there was something here for her to learn. Especially that attack, it had overwhelmed her hyperbeam, she had to learn it, and maybe combine it …. Regardless she had a goal, and that was important! Though he really did need to stop destroying her cookies. She needed those for her mental health and besides, she was hungry.


“Pathetic.” That was the word that Amy had heard far more times that she could count throughout the last month or so. And quite frankly she was tired of it. The half demon girl was frustrated, she wasn’t pathetic, she was actually managing to hold her own in the sparring session she had with the former demon king, and she was slowly, very slowly managing to get a grasp on that special attack that he had used to defeat her in their first sparring encounter. Or at least she thought so, her attempts so far had released energy that at least looked vaguely similar, but the power just wasn’t there, and that meant she had to do more work.

“Did you hear me?”

Amy was jolted out of her inner thoughts as Piccolo spoke again, yet another case of him speaking to her in that demeaning voice that seemed calculated to make her angry. “It’d be hard not to hear you, for someone who tells me to shut up all the time you sure are chatty.” She shot back instinctively, more of a barb to her banter than normal, a sign of her own irritation.

A fist rocketed towards her head in response. But to her credit unlike a month ago, Amy was able to interpose her tail in time, using it to block as she raised her arms. It was looking like the planned exercise was about to degenerate into another sparring session. To be fair she was certainly learning from them. And unlike Mr. Popo, Piccolo actually seemed to take these seriously. Though he was actively destroying all her cookies. She didn’t know how he knew when she was about to eat one but almost every time she took one out of her pouch the asshole would destroy it with an energy beam. And yet again the battle was joined.


“Show me how much you can do.” The green alien gestured dismissively towards the hill before the two of them.

It wasn’t the first time he had told her to destroy something. In fact it had been a regular feature of the training sessions, where she would be told to do as much damage with a single attack as she could and then he would invariably whip out his special attack and show her how she didn’t measure up to his. But the amount she could do did keep getting higher, and all his criticism was doing was making her more determined to wipe that expression of disdain and condescension off his face. Amy took in a deep breath and prepared herself, gathering her energy and then opened her mouth. “Hyperbeam!” And as usual the pink and red energy beam erupted from her lips along with the word, lancing outwards to strike and obliterate a large section of the hill. She kept it up as long as she could, a sustained beam that continued to eat its way through the hill, leaving it almost entirely in rubble.

After a moment the beam did cease though and she took in another breath. “There!” she said triumphantly.

Of course then Piccolo turned and completely eradicated the next hill, leaving nothing but a crater behind after his special beam cannon before he left, the word “Pathetic” again drifting back towards her.

Amy was left grumbling to herself. “I’ll show him...” She turned to face another possible target, it was truly good they were out in the middle of nowhere as it meant that all the destruction wasn’t going to put anyone at risk. Idly she wondered if that was part of the reason that her father had chosen to make his abode in such an isolated place as well when he had first constructed it. But that thought was quickly fading as she concentrated. She would show Piccolo… She raised her tail up, and focused, holding it over her shoulder so that it pointed towards the hill, working to gather her energy in two places at once… It was difficult, and took a lot of effort but she thought maybe this time it would work.

“Special hyper beam cannon!” She opened her mouth and her hyperbeam shot forth, and at the same time she tried to fire the more impressive energy beam from her tail. The spiraling bolt of energy launched forward, pink instead of the yellow it was when Piccolo used it, but it still wasn’t as strong as the alien’s was, together with her hyperbeam sure but on its own it was still too weak. She did get to take satisfaction in the fact that she had obliterated the target though between her two attacks.


Oooh that had felt good. She hadn’t won the spar, she hadn’t won any of them, but she had come close and this time she had managed to nail Piccolo with a hyperbeam hard enough to make it so that he was the one to make a crater. Sure he had jumped back up and proceeded to overwhelm her defenses, but she was improving and she was faring better in their fights. Besides it was a nice bit of karmic justice that she had nailed him the midst of him calling her fighting style pathetic. Two points to Amy!

And it seemed this was one of the times he wasn’t watching as this time when Amy went to take one of her cookies out of her pouch there was no energy bolt to obliterate it and she was free to eat it in peace. It was nice, it tasted of triumph, a minor triumph sure but triumph still!


And more time had passed, more pummelings, more beatings, more occasions where Piccolo would ratchet up his own power in order to blow a bigger hole in the ground that she could as they displayed their powers. But Amy was feeling better about things, and today, today she was going to actually get the chance to show him up, or so she hoped! After their sparring bout Piccolo had again decided that it was time for them to have a contest of attacks. Not one where they would compare the damage but an outright clash.

“If you haven’t learned enough to do better then you are as pathetic as I first thought and we are done.” That was what the green alien had said to her in the same haughty and condescending tone that he seemed to adopt everytime he spoke. She wondered if that was the only way he knew how to speak or if he just enjoyed being an ass?

The two of them squared off across from each other and Amy took in a deep breath as she focused. It was time for her to show what she was made of, and to show what she had been practicing herself for these months, to show that the abuse and abrasive nature of her partner had not kept her from learning, and to prove to herself that she could in fact match him. At least in this particular exercise.

She saw as Piccolo raised his hand and began to charge up his signature attack and she prepared as well, her tail rising to that position where it almost rested on her shoulder beside her hand, pointing towards Piccolo and began to channel her energy into it as well as gathering it within her like she naturally did for a hyperbeam. Then as he stretched out his hand and “Special beam cannon!” Amy was ready and the her own attack, the one she had hybridized from his sounded as well. “Special hyperbeam cannon!”

For a second she thought she saw a look of slight surprise color the namekian’s features as if he hadn’t expected her to try to do something with his techniques. The two beams, one her traditional hyperbeam erupting from her mouth, and the other the pink variant of the special beam cannon, with a bit more of a spiral to it melding together to form a single potent attack that met the attack from Piccolo head on and clashed in an eruption of energy that built and built.

This time neither of the attacks seemed to give any ground, if anything they were evenly matched and the ground between the two of them, around the point where the two attacks met began to crack and shudder from the energy being unleashed. Finally the attacks detonated, sending out a shockwave that knocked both Amy and Piccolo back from where they had been standing during the duel of attacks.

And in the place where the attacks had met there was no a great crater in the earth.

“You have learned something. Maybe you are not completely pathetic.” Piccolo spoke to Amy as the two stood near the crater left behind. It was still said in that same tone as always, the tone that would indicate scorn for the person at whom the words were addressed, but it was slightly less caustic than normal.

“Awesome!” Amy said with a grin. “Does that mean you’ll mellow some now? And do you want to have a cookie now?” She pulled one out of her pouch, mostly expecting it to still get blown up.

Instantly whatever faint gleam of something that might have been approval faded from Piccolo’s expression and there was nothing save the disdain left. “No, and I do not mellow.” With that he snorted and took off. But notably he hadn’t destroyed the cookie this time. So to Amy that meant progress!

Regardless the time had come for the training to end. She couldn’t believe it had already been a full year, though she certainly felt that she had grown and changed a great deal over the course of it. She had learned so much and gained so much! It would be exciting to tell her parents her own stories and she did need to make a brief visit to her home before she returned to do battle with the Saiyans. This was serious after all, she needed the proper attire and well, she hadn’t seen her parents in a year, she was due to pay them a visit.

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Re: Saiyan's Pride - Saiyan Saga (IC)

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Six months left. Yamcha had made some big gains in his training since the initial Saiyan attack, but seeing the progress everyone else had made caused him to realize that he wasn’t keeping up. It was time he trained with the others, and in his mind, the strongest trainers were the ones he hadn’t had access to all this time. Kami, maybe, but he was off playing favorites with Namori, and he wasn’t sure he wanted to sign on to all that priestly replacement nonsense the old frog seemed to require before agreeing to training anyone. Popo was a psychopath. Maybe he could train with Tien and Krillin, they’d always been good sparring partners, but that Grey guy had dragged them off to get tortured by Kami’s genie servant.

Master Roshi had been occupied for the last six months as one of those training the Saiyans, and he was unquestionably qualified. Now that he was free, he was definitely the best choice to return to for more training.

“Absolutely!” the old man enthusiastically agreed when the desert bandit approached him. “In fact, I was hoping someone would be available, it will help greatly with the next stage of training for my other pupil, as well.”

Yamcha’s celebratory arm-pump cut short as a flit of blonde dashed across his vision. “Ooh!” the stacked Saiyan from the Frozen Wastes chirped, clasping her hands as her tail undulated in a continuous ripple behind her. “Did I hear right? Yamcha’s joining us?!”

“Just volunteered, in fact,” Roshi confirmed as he adjusted his sunglasses on the bridge of his nose.

Shit. She was his current trainee?! Yamcha backpedaled quickly, instinctively putting distance between them as if she was a threat to his life. “Uuuh, on second thought,” he panicked, grasping for an excuse, “actually, I might diversify myself a bit! Yeah, I mean, uh ...” He tossed his gaze around, and latched onto the only one left. “I’m sure Piccolo might be fun!”

The words out of his mouth froze him in his tracks as much as the Namekian’s glare. The demon prince seemed as much shocked as irritated that someone would put him and fun in the same sentence. “You did not just say what I thought you said.”

Yamcha wheeled around on him, desperate for this one path of escape as he latched onto his robes. “Come on, Piccolo! Let me train with you!”

Irritation exploded into aggression as purple energy pooled in the demon prince’s hands a moment before the desert bandit went flying back to land face up, his chest smoking. “Don’t touch me! You’re too weak to have that right, and I don’t train cowards! If you can’t even deal with your own problems, you’re nothing but dead weight to me!” Piccolo brushed off his arm as if something disgusting had gotten on it before turning and walking away.

Yamcha only just pulled himself up to watch his last hope of salvation stalking away before deceptively small arms wrapped around him from behind, reaching crushing levels of force on his upper arms and ribs as his skull contrastedly smashed into something soft.

“Aww, don’t be like that, Yamcha!” Sakuranbo sing-songed. “I’m not gonna hurt’cha!”

“Bullshit!” he managed to choke out. “You’re hurting me right now!”

Roshi crouched down next to him, light flashing off of his glasses maliciously. “There are worse fates out there than being crushed to death in a beautiful woman’s cleavage, you know,” the old man chuckled darkly.

“You think that’s what I’m scared of?!” the thief retorted. “Big Bertha here isn’t even half my concern!”

“Oh?” the old man asked, crouching closer as the thief vainly struggled against the blonde’s grip. “What’s the rest, then?”

“What’s going to happen to me when Bulma finds out!”

* * *

Yamcha arrived as instructed at first light in the mountain range, a drawstring bag of belongings slung over one shoulder. His feet touched down before he took a moment to look around while Sakuranbo and Roshi stepped out of the building. The Saiyan warrior had already switched out of her armor again and back into the unusual gi Roshi had prepared for her. “You moved Kame House all the way out here?”

“It gave me more room to work with pupils as rambunctious as Saiyans,” the old teacher explained. “I kind of liked the idea of having an island to come back to.” He rapped his staff against the mountain stone beneath him. “But we’re not here to visit! We can’t waste any time getting to training! Five warm-up laps around the lake!”

Yamcha balked at that just long enough for the more eager Sakuranbo to take off, and by the time he did start, Master Roshi’s hand gripped his arm. The old man’s expression was stone serious. “If you have any techniques you want to hold in reserve for a surprise, boy, make sure you keep them to yourself for as long as possible these next six months,” he instructed the bandit quietly. “These Saiyans learn techniques with frightening speed, often after seeing them only once. If you have any reservations that they might turn on us, keep that in mind.” He waited only enough for Yamcha to gulp and nod, then reared back and hit his behind with the staff. “Then get going! Didn’t I tell you we don’t have time to gab?!”

* * *

The Turtle School had taught Yamcha many techniques, as well as those that he had picked up from his allies over the years, and the first two months strained his mastery of all of them. As a Saiyan, Sakuranbo truly was obscenely powerful to his perception, and when it came time to train, all of that giggling silliness she showed in the more leisurely settings he’d seen her in quickly evaporated. Even with Roshi fighting alongside him, he felt like the old man was carrying more of the weight than he was against her. True to his master’s advice, he refrained from using his own two signature techniques, intending to hold them in reserve, but that intention broke when they did.

Their combined effort had managed to keep her on the ropes since training had begun, his own traits as a speed-oriented fighter and Master Roshi’s superior experience keeping her pressed. But actually finishing her? That seemed beyond them. Every time Yamcha thought they had boxed her in, she broke through, and more days ended with their loss or exhaustion than not, especially as the month dragged on and fewer and fewer things could surprise her. But at the end of the first third of the time he had joined the old master for training, they finally again felt they had a way to gain the edge.

“Jan Ken!”

The technique master and student shouted in unison would not be a new one to Sakuranbo, they knew. She’d seen it enough times before that she understood its nature. Heck, she’d used the entire combo on Yamcha just for laughs. Mostly hers.



Sure enough, the blonde’s hands raised up to stop Roshi’s fingers from thrusting toward her face and down to catch Yamcha’s fist from rushing for her stomach. But her expression was worth it when both of their open palms passed between her arms to smash into her chest.

“Now, Yamcha!” Roshi shouted as she went spinning backwards and he brought his hands back to cup them at his side.

“Yes, Master!” he shouted in understanding and began the same technique.

Sakuranbo had already caught herself by this point, but couldn’t have closed the gap in time to stop the Master-Student Kamehameha. So instead, she drew her own hands back, as well.


Her single blue beam crashed against theirs, the collision quicly spinning into a great dome as both sides struggled to overcome one another, but hope for victory only lasted a moment before the direction the clash was going became clear.

Yamcha couldn’t help but voice what seemed the unthinkable. “She’s pushing us back!” he strained as he struggled to force more power into the exchange.

Roshi seemed remarkably calm about it, though he thought he saw sweat on the old man’s brow even as he gave a little laugh. “How about that? Not a drop of energy wasted. To think she’s already mastered the base form … Aren’t these Saiyans something …?” But then he turned his head toward the bandit. “Look at that, Yamcha. See how the light highlights her bosom?!”

Suddenly, Yamcha got the impression the sweat on his brow meant something else, and he turned to look at Roshi as the energy began to slip. “Master! Focus!” But it was too late.

Yamcha didn't really recall the explosion, all he really recalled was the ringing in his ears as senses returned to him. Instinctively, his eyes searched for Roshi and found him when he heard the old man cough. This, he thought, was surely the reason why the old man wouldn't train women. At that, his eyes sought out Sakuranbo, as well, and found her as he pushed himself up on his arms. She was approaching them through the remaining smoke and dust of the blast, seemingly trying to pick them out from the high ki fallout remaining. He knew the moment she spotted Roshi, as she coiled her body, preparing to spring at the old man who still hadn't gotten up.

There was only one way he could reach her in time to stop her, and he did it on pure reflex. He didn't think, he didn't hesitate, he just felt the spirit of the wolf fill his every limb, and in that breadth of a moment, the howl of the mighty wolf split the mountain air and reverberated from its peaks.

Sakuranbo went spinning from the sudden change in the direction of her momentum before her body hit the ground, and as she pushed herself up, a gash along her right cheek ran red. The fluid drew her attention as it overflowed, and she touched it with her finger tips before bringing them under her gaze. Her attention snapped to where the bandit was still crouched on the far side of her. "What the hell was that?!"

Yamcha grinned and slowly pulled himself up, his back still mostly to her. "Sorry I'd been keeping that to myself," he bragged. "It may not be as flashy as the Kamehameha Wave, but you'll never see anything like my Wolf Fang Fist!"

"That's because it didn't make any sense," the saiyaness protested. "That wasn't even a ki attack!"

"It's called a totem," he replied, then finally turned around into a ready post with his hands out like claws. "But if you want to try figuring it out, I'll be happy to give you another taste!"

Her eyes widened for a heartbeat, and not in thrill, but then she closed her eyes and lowered her head. "Tch," she scoffed. “I may not have any idea what kind of technique that was, but you’re forgetting that I’ve learned how to sense power levels.” She raised her head again as light flared into her hand and began to spin. “That last burst took what you had left after the beam struggle. You can’t launch another one, you’re bluffing!”

The bandit’s expression buckled at that, and the only retort he managed was an, “Oh crap ...”

“Hihihihi!” The energy spun into a glowing ball that she gripped like the most tortured softball in history as she drew back. “Don’t worry, Yamcha dear, I’ll hand feed you every evening as I lovingly nurse your broken body back to full health!”

Yamcha threw his arms up in front of his face as he flinched away, but a solid sound came from her direction, drawing his attention back. The energy in her palm petered out as her eyes went wide and her jaw went slack, and she fell face first to the ground.

“Yandere can be really sexy,” the Turtle Hermit was saying, larger and buffer than he had been a moment before, a form Yamcha recognized as his Serious state that he had used against Tien, and his hand was still raised with fingers extended from the chop to the neck he had no doubt just delivered, “but we don’t have that kind of spare time to take out of training!”

The bandit couldn’t suppress his relief at the horny old man’s save, and reflexively released the breath he had been holding.

* * *

After that session, on Roshi’s orders and because it increasingly proved the only way to maintain pressure on the Saiyan, Yamcha conducted battle channeling his totem spirit, in a constant state of Wolf Fang for as long as he could maintain it. Roshi, for his part, now fought exclusively at his Serious state. These techniques bewildered and confused Sakuranbo even as she was both marveled and thrilled at how much strength the humans could bring to bear.

That she had such difficulties was no surprise, of course. Even when the theory behind them was explained to another, these were not any sort of normal technique. Completely unique and dependent on traits of the individual, they were functionally unduplicable, regardless of their simplicity. Both relied on spreading ki into the body, and as such were understandable in theory by any ki practitioner. But it was the focus of the wolf totem that gave the Wolf Fang state its incredible speed and power, transforming the user into something more than a mere warrior. Likewise, Master Roshi’s enhanced state came from the fact that he had already completely suppressed his own incredible fighting power until he had reduced his state to the deceptive form of a bent old man. Certainly, empowering one’s own body would result in greater physical performance in exchange for decreased stamina as the user burned through their body’s energy reserves faster than they otherwise would have, and perhaps a keen learner could pick up ways to more precisely hone such a technique from these two, but it wouldn’t be as potent as the Wolf Fang, or as natural as Master Roshi simply taking a fight seriously.

Yamcha was as amazed as Sakuranbo at the strength his old master kept seeming to draw from, but the man’s advanced age limited it as much as Wolf Fang’s energy drain limited Yamcha. Between the two of them, however, they pressed Sakuranbo even harder, battles greater, longer and more intense taking place in fractions of the span of time. But though they kept this up for another two months, it was a different situation that stood out in the recollection of that time, one at the end of those two months.

Because of the greater levels of both exhaustion and injury this increase in fighting level had brought to all three of them, simple nightly rests despite that more time was spent in exercises and meditation than sparring to offset it. Consequently, Master Roshi was forced to set aside one day each week where they would not train at all, a single day off where they could relax and unwind, recovering their full strength for the next week. It was always after these that Yamcha realized he seemed able to hold his Wolf Fang state for a little longer, his most solid indicator of his increasing power, but on the day, itself, he always did his utmost to think of fighting as little as possible. Perhaps that was why that day would stick out so much, it was the one he didn’t.

He and Roshi were resting on three-piece lawn chairs in the sunshine next to the massive mountain lake, the old man browsing some dirty magazine from his collection. Perhaps even a pervert of such legendary levels, Yamcha theorized, could be desensitized to even a figure like Sakuranbo, who was currently wrestling with some large fish in the water, splashing about in a two-piece swimsuit.

In fact, it occurred to him that the old master was remarkably unconcerned with the arrangement and the rapid growth of the Saiyans despite his warning to Yamcha four months ago.

“Master,” he ventured, receiving a grunt from Roshi as the only indication that he was listening, “you don’t seem like you’re worried anymore about Sakuranbo turning on us.”

The hermit turned a page in the magazine. “Who said I was worried?”

Yamcha balked at that, sitting up like a cannon. “What do you mean, who said it?! You’re the one who told me to avoid using my techniques!”

“If you were worried about it,” the smarmy old master reminded him without his focus ever leaving the book. He even gave a little chuckle about it as he turned another page. “It sure made you push yourself, though, going as long as you could without falling back to them.”

A training method? Was that really all it had been? Yamcha’s stunned silence was interrupted by a massive weight hitting the ground before them and his eyes snapped to the giant fish that was one more foe to fall to the Saiyan threat. A moment later, his mind followed. “Ah! Sakuranbo!”

“Yeah?” the blonde asked, tilting her head to one side as her tail flicked curiously. Despite being soaking wet, her hair retained its spiked nature, refusing even under the weight of the mountain water to be subdued.

“If I ask you a question, will you answer it in complete honesty?”

The grin that lit up her lips truly seemed to sparkle with monkey business. “I’ll answer anything you want, Yamcha! You can trust anything I tell you! Unless, of course, I’m lying when I say that!”

He frowned at that last line of her response, but he was positive it was only a joke. “Say we win this battle in a couple months. What are the odds the Saiyans turn on Earth after you overthrow your king?”

She actually sobered up at that, tilting her head back as she gave the question serious consideration. “I really don’t think it’s likely. As a rule with Saiyans, what you see is pretty much what you get, we’re really not very good at being sneaky and underhanded. The ones who are good at being two-faced are few and far between, and none of them are in Commander Raditz’ squad, or are dead now if they came here with the scouting force at all. You get ones like me who like tactical fighting, but that’s not really the same. Fighting smarter and behaving in a way that doesn’t match what you’re really feeling are pretty different, putting on a fake face isn’t something most of us can keep up for very long. Even the really unpleasant and hyper-aggressive ones are going to let you know they’re that way to your face rather than pretend to be anything else.”

“But Saiyans see themselves as the superior species next to Earthlings, right?” he pressed. “You guys aren’t just going to turn around and say, Okay, threat’s over, now you’re our subjects, right?”

“Nah,” Sakuranbo dismissed without having to think about it this time, motioning it away with a hand. “Normally, you’d have a point and it’d be an issue, but in this case, that’s the exact mindset we’re fighting against. Sure, you’re going to have the odd bully no matter what, but if we already won in the first place, we’re not going to forget it was possible because of this planet.” Her playful grin came back as she winked. “Besides, you Earthlings are entirely too weird to overlook like that. Now, how do you want your fish?”

* * *

Still, it would be nearly to the end of the training before he decided to release all inhibition toward their spars. If there was no point in holding back to keep an ace up his sleeve, then maybe it was time to give it everything he had, one last hurrah before the world came down on their heads. Battles were even enough in this hyper-state their spars had taken on that any edge could be enough. When the tide of battle permitted it, he jumped back, letting Roshi take over keeping her occupied with his superior skill, and he held one palm up before him, the other hand grasping his wrist as energy began to gather there.

She’d just forced the old man off of her with a burst of ki as he finished it. Sakuranbo even turned to him, her expression suggesting she had been about to ask why he’d broken away, but he cut her short as he reared back for a fastball throw.

“SPIRIT BALL!” he shouted as he sent the orb careening for her. She leaned back as it went sailing past her, and raised her hand toward him, giving up asking her question in favor of answering his intention of continuing the battle. But what she initially mistook for a Come On type gesture sent the orb shooting back and slamming into her back. He watched her wheel around only for him to slam it into her stomach, back it up and beat her over the back with it three times over. One more slam sent her into the ground, and he reared up for one last go and brought it down with all the force his index finger could muster, filling the air with smoke and debris.

Sakuranbo coughed and hacked as she pushed herself onto all fours, glaring across the field at him, but he only grinned and gave a taunting thumbs up. But then he sensed Roshi’s power level rising, and only a glance at the man made him jump clear.

When Sakuranbo’s eyes followed, they widened. For the first time since she had turned ape in her initial training, Master Roshi had taken a truly massive size. Her eyes hadn’t deceived her all that time ago, he was easily the equal of someone like Nappa, and he was pouring energy into a very familiar technique that radiated far more power than she could recall seeing from any Earthling. Despite the slow, deliberate motions, the energy gathering sent shivers down her spine.

“I’ll show you the full power of this technique!” he promised loudly. “Feel it! The ultimate attack of the Turtle Hermit School with the power to level worlds!” And suddenly, that hair of doubt that had lingered in Sakuranbo’s heart since the old hermit had claimed to be able to destroy planetoids evaporated in that growing blue light. Every fiber of her being believed him fully. She jumped to her feet to desperately prepare her own beam in her defense. “Ka … me … ha … me …” The old master’s hands thrust forward, propelling the massive beam toward his alien student. “HA!”

Her own Kamehameha slammed against the incoming MAX Power Kamehameha Wave, but failed to even slow it down. It flowed over her in the next instant as her entire world washed to white.

Yamcha stepped toward the scene once the heat faded, and behind him, Roshi’s form collapsed once more into that of an old man as he wavered.

“Whoo ...” the old hermit breathed. “That’s a hard one to hold back … Sure hope it didn’t disrupt anyone else’s training.”

The desert bandit could only look at the scene before him in slackjawed awe. An entire section of the mountains they had been training in … it simply was no longer there, only a wide trench stretching as far as his eyes could determine, still full of steam and molten rock, left behind. “Disrupt?!” he repeated. “I hope you didn’t kill someone!”

“Who, Sakuranbo?” Roshi scoffed. “If a wrinkly old man could kill her that easily, she wasn’t going to be any good in the coming fight, anyway.” He waved Yamcha off toward the smoldering ruins. “Go find her, will you? I’m tired.”

* * *

The passage of time was as difficult to track on King Kai’s planet as it had been throughout the rest of the spirit world, more than anything a foreign concept forced by her mind upon a reality that wanted nothing to do with it. It was, in fact, perhaps even harder to track since there was no physical change by which to track that time had passed. The deity had declared that, for the training she had already undergone and the power she had gained just from chasing Bubbles and Gregory, she was still far too weak, and the first three months were spent in a grueling physical regimen. Furthermore, King Kai cast a curse on her that would continue to increase her weight throughout the whole affair.

“You’ll have to get stronger constantly, or you’ll be too flat to fight the Saiyans!” he had joked and tittered. “Unless you think your planet can be saved by 2D girls.”

And so she did. For three months, Yuki ran. For three months, she did sit-ups, chin-ups, push-ups and more other -ups than she knew existed. At one point, he made her do something called planking for a nonstop week. So much of this all blurred together, even with the periodic and bizarre tests of her progress King Kai would put her through, and it was only thanks to Gregory routinely supplying the time to her that she was able to keep track of it.

But steadily and in due time, the days passed, until she pulled her magnified weight from her bed one morning and came to stand before King Kai for her morning instructions, and he waggled his fingers needlessly at her. She had, in fact, long since stopped realizing just how heavy the curse had been making her, so much that she nearly felt like she’d flown into the air when it suddenly vanished from her. She raised one hand before her, turning the limb over and watching the fabric fall with relative normalcy as she fought down the vertigo the sudden change caused. “Wh-wha--?”

“If all you were going to do was exercises,” King Kai countered her speechlessness with a smoothly practiced line, “you wouldn’t have needed to come all the way here, would you? You’ve been here four months now, it’s about time I give you something else to do, don’t you think?”

“What will I be doing?”

The Kai’s grin widened knowingly. “Fighting, of course! Can’t send you into a fight without teaching you that!” He led the way out to where he’d taken to sitting and chatting with her mother while she trained, Gregory already serving breakfast for the group. “I’m thinking I’ll summon some fighters from HFIL, give you a real taste of the ruthlessness and power you’ll be facing.”

Mother and daughter waited respectfully until the deity had taken his seat before joining the temporary table, but Yuki hesitated, rather than immediately eating. “Divine Kai ...”

He snorted. “A bit redundant.”

The girl swallowed at that before continuing. “I have a favor to ask of you. If you are bringing people from that place, there is someone I would ask that you bring, as well.”

“Hrmm ...” King Kai pulled thoughtfully on his chin at these words. “You want to request someone specific? You think he’ll be a good opponent for you?”

She hesitated at that, too. No, this request had nothing to do with her training. Would he see fit to grant it, then, or merely deem it a waste of time? “No, I doubt he would be of use for the same purpose as the others.”

Though his glasses prevented the expression of his eyes from being seen, Yuki had the impression that the god’s eyes narrowed. “You do realize that people who are in HFIL are there for a reason.”

She gave two quick nods. “Of course! But he tried to help me, and for that is no doubt still receiving crueler treatment than he would have been due.”

King Kai pulled on his chin a little longer again before answering. “I suppose good deeds should earn rewards. Very well, I will grant your request.”

* * *

After the meal, they had moved to an open area of the planetoid a safe distance from the few structures on it. Because of how dangerous it would quickly become when King Kai’s choices arrived, it was decided that Yuki’s request would be granted first. A spark of light hovered in the air before them and transformed into a pillar of light before solidifying into a saiyan with long, purple hair, wearing an outfit that seemed to be trying to imitate both a kimono and a lilac maid outfit, and holding a platter with a half-eaten sandwich in one hand and a feather duster in the other.

It started out as a small thing, a breath from King Kai’s lips. It spread into heavy breathing and a choking sound. But it wasn’t long before the growing chuckles belted straight into outright laughter. “Cruel punishment!” he repeated from Yuki’s earlier remarks. “It’s a Saiyan maid!

The Saiyan’s face frowned at that, in confusion at the sudden new location as much as anything else. “What’s going on here?”

“Pansy!” Yuki greeted, waving to get his attention. “You’re safe! I’m glad!”

“Miss ...” he grasped for her name, “Snow woman?”


“And I am King Kai!” The rotund deity choked down a couple more sniffling chuckles. “By special favor for Imperial Princess Yuki Musume, I hereby transfer you from the Home for Infinite Losers to my charge, to serve your sentence for your crimes in life. Be grateful, Pansy, Son of Kurd!”

That response flabbergasted the alien all over again. “Y-you’re King Kai?!” But before Gregory could protest and give him an earful for disrespect, the maid hit his stockinged knees, though his hands kept supporting the platter and gripping the duster even as he threw his forehead into the grass. “Thank you! Your Highnesses! You saved me!”

King Kai gave a little giggle. “That’s right! But don’t think it’s a free ride! I transferred your service, I didn’t pardon it! In fact, training this kid has really been making a mess of my home, and Gregory alone isn’t up to the task of cleaning it all up! You’ll be serving under him and assisting him in his duties!”

“As you command!” Pansy was too grateful to question it. Clearly, even continued servitude was preferable to being at the mercy of those two ogres.

“Great! Gregory, get the kid clear, we’ve got some more heads coming in, and they’re not going to be as nice.”

Only a minute later, Yuki laid eyes on these new heads for the first time. There were four of them, and she didn’t like the looks of any of them. One was a halfling, a wrinkled little purple man who reminded her of a particularly dour raisin. Another was a woman with sandy hair and a lean face with a scar down one side. Another was a scrawny looking bald man with slate gray skin. And the fourth was a bitter-looking saiyan whose aura made the other three seem positively fluffy.

“Now, all of you, listen up!” King Kai shouted to them. “I am King Kai! The four of you have been brought here to assist in my training of this Earthling!” He motioned to Yuki at that. “You will do as I say. Your job will be to strive to kill her until such time as you fail to do so. Obedient and wholehearted service will count generously toward your redemption from the Home For Infinite Losers!” He pointed a blue finger at the little purple guy. “You! Date Boy! You go first!”

* * *

These warriors were brutal. The purple man was the weakest of them, but was quick, underhanded, and had a tendency to immolate whenever she tried to close. It took her three days of effort before she managed to nail him down – literally, using ice spears – and put an end to him. The whole time, the woman and the slate man had been mocking and jeering both of them and describing what they would do when their turn came. The saiyan, however, despite his terrifying aura, had sat down crosslegged as soon as he realized it was going to be turn-based, and had kept his thoughts to himself ever since, merely watching the fighting in silence.

The woman was a mystic swordsmain, using her ki to surge it through her blade to devastating effect. It was a fighting style Yuki was, frankly, completely unaccustomed to, and getting close to an armed opponent that exploded everything her blade touched proved an exceedingly difficult task. After a week, she managed to disarm her and break her sword over her knee. The woman fought with bare hands then, still channeling her ki in the same way even through them, but without the extra threat of the sword, she fell quickly when Yuki encased her entirely in ice.

Yuki’s mistake had been underestimating the gangly gray man’s sheer brute strength, and he was fast besides. At first, he easily overpowered her, and initiated a grapple any time she got close enough for his spindly arms to reach. More than two weeks passed as she struggled to overcome him, but with the steadfastness of a cliff face, he persisted. Finally, through a combination of fogging and setting up an ice slick, she had built enough power up to force his balance the way she wanted, and the moment he was on the ground, she unhesitatingly drove her fist into his chest until he stopped moving.

The saiyan was the most vicious of all. Remaining calm and collected all this time, that changed the moment the slate man fell. Without even giving her a moment to catch her breath, he launched himself at her, swinging and kicking and biting like an animal that had just been uncaged. She didn’t know where he was from or how he had died, but right from the start, she was overwhelmed. At first, she could do little more than keep falling back and fending him off, but as the month dragged on, his fighting style became clear to her. She began to recognize his tells, adjusted to his speed, adapted until she could almost even see his next attack before he had truly begun executing it.

At last, after two long months, the warriors had fallen, and Yuki again stood alone in the yard.

“You did it!” Pansy praised as the vicious Saiyan’s body disappeared once more into the ether. “I can see now why you claimed to be so strong to Goz and Mez!” A moment later, he shook his head to clear the memory of those two from surfacing again. Over the last two months, he’d been a great help to Gregory in getting all of King Kai’s place cleaned up and repaired, but still was relegated to maid outfits. At least here, he wasn’t being constantly abused and mocked by those two.

“Stick around here,” Yuki pointed out, “and this ten-times gravity will make sure you’re stronger than those two idiots, too.”

“Those two ogres are definitely idiots,” King Kai agreed as he approached, “but you’ve also cleaned me out of fighters for this round, good work! I think you’re finally ready to master the true secrets I can share with you, but this will be your most difficult training yet! Don’t slack off just because you’ve still got three months! You’ll be lucky if that’s enough time at all!”

* * *

King Kai pried his door open against the stiff win, permitting Yuki’s mother into his house before struggling to shove the door shut again. Inside, the others were huddled before his fireplace in abnormally thick clothing. Pansy’s uniform had been upgraded to a fleece-lined style, and even Gregory was wrapped in a scarf.

Mena seemed entirely unaffected by the cold the others sought to hide from. “My daughter is really coming along splendidly under your tutelage, King Kai.”

“Yes,” the blue man complained, “and it’s a good thing. If she doesn’t master this soon, my home is just going to be one gigantic snowball!”

“I do apologize,” she conceded. “The ice has been so strongly tied to our essence, it is inescapable that trying to master such an enhancing technique would have this kind of an effect.”

He sighed, not arguing the explanation. “At least she learned the Spirit Bomb well enough. The Saiyans are nearly here, it won’t be long before she’ll be revived by the power of the dragon balls and she will have to return to Earth with as much haste as she can muster. If she cannot master the Kaioken by then, the planet might very well be doomed. All of the training she has done to prepare her body for it won’t mean anything if she hasn’t got it in the first place.”

“She still has a week,” Mena countered, “and she’s very close. My daughter will succeed.”

Given the conversation, Pansy moved over to the window and brushed the curtain open with a gloved hand. He could make out Yuki’s form, a massive torch of blue flame as great energies swirled around her meditating form.

It was in just that moment that several things happened in short order. Like the snapping of glass, ice glazed the windows as if some great giant with ice for blood had suddenly exploded, causing Pansy to gasp and step back, the winds suddenly vanished utterly, and the great twister of flaming ki around Yuki broke, settling down into a frigid blue burning aura as her body’s power level suddenly doubled.

Her head raised and she stood, turning to look toward the window as the energy burned around her open, raised hand.

Mena smiled knowingly in vindication.

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Re: Saiyan's Pride - Saiyan Saga (IC)

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The falling floor exercise, or something like it, became a daily ordeal. Popo insisted Gray, Krillin, and Tien eat, sleep, and train in that same large, round room, with their bunks equidistant from the others along the wall. Every morning, their first task was to dress before the floor fell out from under them. The first few days were very much the same as the first, with all three having to work together to get just one of them ready to fly before time ran out, but as their bodies adapted to the weighted clothing, their time improved. By the end of the second week, the three were able to dress and move their belongings out of the room before the floor gave way – at which point Popo made their clothing heavier. For the entire duration of their training, the spirit made sure the three could never get to a point where the exercise became meaningless. Either the weight of their clothing increased, the speed of the floor dropping away increased, the time of the drop changed, or some other horrible variable was introduced. Some morning the floor stayed and the room filled with water, with the doors sealed until they were all dressed and ready. On others, all light was removed while things the three never did discover snapped, bit, and clawed at them. The only constant was that every single awakening they experienced upper Popo’s tutelage was rude and potentially deadly.

The regiment was strict, yet maddeningly unpredictable. Every day, the three were awakened at whatever seemingly random time suited their mentor. After the wake up call, they were allowed to train together as they saw fit, though it was never for long before they were interrupted again. Popo prepared “special exercises” for the earthlings throughout the day that either pitted the warriors against one another or forced them to cooperate in some bizarre, nigh impossible life or death challenge, though they could never be sure which it would be. All they could be sure of was that they were never guaranteed a moment’s peace.

The Pendulum Room was always the worst. Popo seemed to have an endless array of times and places where they would be completely outmatched to draw from, including repeats of that first fight – rather, massacre – against the Terran version of Khol. They never won, but they failed a little less every time.

The three learned their strengths and weaknesses and developed strategies to complement one another better and better as the weeks passed. Tien possessed the widest variety of techniques and was physically stronger than Gray by a hair, but his style was straightforward and somewhat predictable. Gray had the most direct combat experience and found keeping his head in their direst situations came easier for him than for the others. Krillin, who struggled to close the gap in power between him and the others, was the most creative of the three by as large of a gap. It was he who came up with most of their combined maneuvers, like the “Blind Man’s Bluff.”

Seventh Month of Training, Day 25
Pendulum Room

”He’s really clobbering us this time,” Tien muttered, clutching his side. “We need a better plan!”

Gray peeked up over the ruined wall the three were huddled behind. The giant crab from who-even-knew what planet they were on was still there, claws open, eye stalks focused on them, ready to pounce the second they emerged from their hiding place.

“We need to get under him. If we’re lucky, his shell is softer down there. But every time I try, he sees it coming.”

Krillin grinned. Inspiration. “What if he doesn’t see us coming, then?”

“Solar Flare’s no good.” Tien countered. He just turned his eyes completely around last time.”

“One Solar Flare’s no good, you mean.” Krillin raised his hands, imitating the technique. “But two from opposite directions…”

“…gives him nowhere to look.” Gray finished for the monk.

“Good thing you’ve always got those sunglasses on.” Krillin quipped. “I’ll go left. Tien, go right. Count five and let ‘er fly. After that, it’s up to you, buddy.”

Gray and Tien nodded consent, but Gray had to add: “Don’t call me buddy.”

Tien and Krillin broke from cover and sprinted out to the crab’s side, both narrowly avoiding being cut in half by the creature’s claws. As expected, it’s eyes tracked the monks individually as they peeled off in opposite directions.

“One…two…three…” Gray vaulted over the wall and sprinted toward the crab, who was now scrambling back and forth snapping at the monks hovering just out of reach to either side. He raised an arm to shield his eyes, not completely trusting even the top-of-the-line light sensing tech in his glasses to handle the load, and ran harder, directly for the crab, as Krillin finished the count and both men shouted:


The monster screeched in pain, claws flailing, as the painfully bright rays seared its eyes. Knowing what the creature had instinctively done before, Gray had not a moment to lose. He dropped into a slide and hurled everything he had into a dozen Strike Grenades poised below the beast’s soft underbelly, then rolled to his feet and bolted away as the crab dropped to the ground, attempting to protect its soft spot while its vision recovered. Gray spun and clenched his fist, setting off the explosion of energy he’d left behind. The surface of the crab’s shell visibly rippled, and then:


The three earthlings cheered as bits of shell and meat rained down on them.

“Well done!” Popo appeared in the room alongside them, smiling as always. “But I wonder how his mother and father will take this.”


Popo faded from sight as two earth-shaking roars sounded.

Twelfth Month of Training, Day 28
Some Kami-forsaken Wilderness, Earth

The remainder of the time before the Saiyans’ expected arrival had flown by as the three grew stronger, faster, and more coordinated. Though he and Tien had butted heads on several occasions, Gray had emerged as the shot-caller for the three. Krillin had developed a good number of coordinated uses for their techniques, and the three had drilled their use over and over until it had become nearly second nature. They were a finely tuned machine; one that Gray was confident could handle any fighting force that earth could muster. Of course, they weren’t dealing with earth.

Popo stood before them, ready to give them the “final test” he’d been going on about for days.

“Are you boys ready?”

Only Tien nodded, as Gray and Krillin were suffering mild PTSD from the other times they’d been asked that question under Popo’s tutelage, but that was enough for the spirit to smile wider and reply:

“Good! Remember, if you complete today’s exercise, we won’t have any more wake up calls after today. Good luck!”

With that, Popo and his carpet floated upwards and out of sight, signaling the beginning of the exercise. Without any need for words, the three Warriors took their stance, back to back, and slowly circled, working together to scan for incoming threats. As usual, it was Tien that called out first:

“Three coming my way.”

“Same here.” Krillin replied, and Gray repeated him a second later.

“Nine of them, three of us,” Gray mused as the considerable powers drew closer. “He’s gonna make us earn this. “

“Should we split up?” Krillin asked. Three streaks of light; one orange, one white, and one green, were closing fast from his way.

“No way.” Gray replied. “We’ve got better chances nine to three than any of us does three to one. These guys are no pushovers.”

Tien chuckled. His vision being better than Gray’s or Krillin’s, he already knew why that was. “We need to split them up instead. Any ideas?”

“Blades of Fury?” Krillin suggested.

Gray nodded agreement, then clarified. “Blades of Fury, Déjà vu, Grand Tour. Ride the Wave if we have to.”

The cheesy names still felt silly coming out of his mouth, but the benefit of boiling complex combinations down to a couple of words was well worth it. Not that there was time to muse, as the enemy was here. Gray and Krillin groaned as their opponents came into view and landed. They were outnumbered, three to one, by themselves. How Popo managed it, who knew, but each of them was faced by a full team of their doubles: one Gray, one Krillin, and one Tien for each of them. They only had a heartbeat before all three sets of duplicates rushed in.

As one, the fighters leaped straight up. “Blades!” Gray called out. He and Krillin held up their arms, building spinning ki blades, and covered their eyes while Tien threw his hands up and called out:


As the blinding light hit its brightest, Gray and Krillin let their Destructo Discs fly, aimed where they had been standing and their opponents had been charging. The light was just beginning to die down when Gray called the next maneuver. “Déjà vu! Krillin side!”

Krillin led, as planned, by charging the three fighters below him who were still reeling from being blinded. Their Gray was missing an arm, but still saw Krillin coming and fired a volley of ki blasts at the monk. Krillin dodged, leaving several images in his place and cartwheeling off to the right. Using the smaller man’s charge as a distraction, Tien had performed his multi-form technique. He charged, repeating Krillin’s pattern and leaving one of his clones in the positions Krillin’s afterimages had occupied. As planned, the Gray clone, now accompanied by the Krillin clone, attacked the lead Tien, ignoring the “images” he’d left behind. Tien and Krillin, who’d immediately come rushing back in in time with Tien’s charge fended them off while Tien’s other forms extended their arms, pointing at Clone Tien, Clone Krillin, and Clone Gray before shouting “Dodon Ray!” All three rays hit their marks, punching through the Clone fighters and rocking them off balance while Gray took a lap around the group, leaving his own dark, shadowy after images behind. Krillin and Tien flipped backwards just in time to cover Gray’s back from the other two groups of clones. The Commando closed his fist to finish the attack, muttering “Shadow Strike” as he did. The Gray images each unleashed the blow he’d programmed into them: a knee to clone Krillin’s neck, an uppercut to Clone Tien, and a drop kick to Clone Gray’s solar plexus. Two of the three hits found their mark, dropping the Gray and Krillin copies on the spot. Clone Tien rolled backwards, having seen through the attack, but found himself now one on one with Gray. Tien’s three extra forms were getting hammered by the third group of clones, while Tien and Krillin struggled against the second group, leaving Gray only a few seconds to handle the Tien clone. He dropped his gun belt, and, 250 pounds lighter, made short work of the copy and called for a regroup.

Tien and Krillin let loose another pair of solar flares and retreated to Gray’s position while Tien’s forms merged back together.

“Grand tour!” Gray called. Krillin and Tien were already beginning the motions for the Kamehameha and Dodon Ray, respectively. Gray extended both arms, index and middle fingers making a point, and built energy in time with his partners.

“NOW!” Gray shouted, just as the two remaining groups recovered from the Flare and charged them. Krillin faced one group: “KAMEHAMEHA!” and unleashed a powerful blast that slammed into that group’s Clone Tien and Clone Gray. Clone Krillin, shielded by the larger clones, dove away and began to form his own Kamehameha in answer.

Tien spun to the second group and fired twin Dodon Rays with a similar result, piercing Clone Krillin and Tien and taking them down while Clone Gray leaped over their fallen forms with a Strike Grenade ready to throw.

“Surgical Strike!” Gray swung his arms out to either side, and white lances of energy streaked from his finger tips. One caught Clone Krillin mid charge of his attack, entering his mouth and erupting from the back of his head, dropping him into a heap. Clone Gray seemed to be hit, till his form flickered and faded. Knowing what would be coming, Tien stepped in front of Gray and batted away the Strike Grenade before it hit its target.

Gray’s beam arced sharply after passing through the image, streaked between Gray and Tien, and found its true mark in Clone Gray’s chest before it had time to deliver the blow it was aiming for Gray’s neck. Krillin was on the clone before it had a chance to recover, and that fast, it was over.
Exhausted, the three hit the ground. As they lay on their backs, sweating and staring at the desert sky, Krillin let out a long laugh.

“You guys! We get to sleep in tomorrow! It’s gonna be awesome!”

Tien only sighed. “You forgot, didn’t you?”

Gray laughed now, the irony amusing him more than any relief about sleep would have.

“The Saiyans arrive tomorrow.” Tien finished.

It was quiet for a long moment after Krillin’s laughter faded.

“Crap baskets.”
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Re: Saiyan's Pride - Saiyan Saga (IC)

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The light from the open window shifted across Natsumi’s face. Like clockwork, her eyes opened She raised one hand, rubbing her eyes with two fingers. Another day of training. Months of monotony, interspersed with occasional moments of excitement as Master Gohan introduced a new training technique. Only for it to grow stale and familiar through repetition. Still, there was something in her familiar little routine, and now and then he would allow her another adventure into that strange place. Though she knew better than to let her enthusiasm for their strange meditation to overpower her better sense, she felt a powerful surge of excitement when her master hinted at another journey to that forbidden place. An opportunity to test mind and body in tandem. To perform beyond her limits. She closed her eyes. Natsumi was far too mature to wish she was still in bed. But some part of her did wish the dawn were still hours away. Her childhood gi slid off, a little harder this time before her other gi slid on. Her arms had gained more mass since she first came here. Though she had been athletic even from her childhood, she had never had reason nor opportunity to exercise so often. She didn’t mind the more sinewy arm. Her big concern was her abdomen. She hoped it was still womanly enough for her boyfriend during their scant moments together.

She had plentiful time to get used to her room over the past several months, to the point that its every inch had been committed to memory. That was a relief, she considered. It made navigating her way through her room that much easier with her eyes closed. Her eyes opened as she reached the sink. Unloading toothpaste in the sink wouldn’t do. Mister Popo would throw a fit were she to make a mess, as would she. Teeth, check. Hair, check. Face, check. On to her exercises. Her body shifted in the narrow shaft of light from the window, moving with ever increasing momentum. At last, as she finished she returned to the closet. The brass tub rolled out from the closet, the young woman following after it. It seemed to slid out with much greater ease. Perhaps her strength training was paying off. Or perhaps she had simply drawn it out so often it had begun to whittle the door frame down. The brass bowl made its familiar racket as it trundled down the hallway, until the great blue sky over Mister Popo’s garden spread before her.. The massive metal bowl made its familiar sounds of protest as she laid it in place. Now for the more strenuous part of the exercise. And the more boring. Even if the thought of testing her growing Ki-sensing skills sent a ripple of joy through her. She closed her eyes as she took a seat before it. Master Gohan had suggested training with her eyes closed this time. A way to better master the art. She closed her eyes, centered herself, and lashed out…


She sensed the movement of the Ki before she heard him. The Master, trying to interrupt her training and concentration again. From the ki around him and the way he was shouting, he was using his staff. Sure enough, the red pole swung low towards the pool of water before her. Aiming for the brim. Ambitious of her master.
Her right hand rose, droplets falling from her hand as she swatted it away like the hand of a pesky child tormenting her for sweets. The old master, undeterred, tried again from another angle. She could sense him, his life and vitality, as he lunged with a thrust for the side. Another gentle crest of the hand knocked his weapon away, the sound of the wood against her hardened hand nearly unheard as her other hand splashed loudly in the bowl before her. Again and again Master Gohan tried. With thrusts, slashes and ripostes. Yet every time he tried, her hand would find his attack, knocking it aside carelessly as she continued. Though she tried to keep her mind still throughout the exercise, the thought occurred to her that this languid dance could well continue for the next few months, as it had for the prior months as well. A slow escalation while waiting for a denouement that would never come.

It was then the Master did something she did not expect.

The stout old man gave a shout as he hopped in the air, his feet aimed for the brim of the bowl before her. Oh no you don’t! Natsumi’s fist lashed out as he landed in place, striking the brass with a resounding clang. Their motions reverberated throughout the bowl, sending the water within up into the air before it landed back in place. Master Gohan lashed out again, slashing merrily down. Natsumi’s body, formerly seated very properly before the bowl, pivoted to the side as she pushed herself up onto the brim, lashing one leg out and catching the staff harmlessly on one ankle. If he was going to break the rules, she’d have to bring her A game. The old man assessed her as she brought her legs forward, setting them on the brim before standing. That was when she let her eyes open. As expected, Master Gohan stood before her, staff in hand as he stared her down. She eased into a karate pose. The bowl beneath her rocked gently, making the water inside sop to either side. She would have to be careful not to upset the bowl too much, or she might end up somewhere in one of Mister Popo’s flower beds. Or worse, stuck in the bottom of the bowl completely soaking wet. Master Gohan swung his pole to either side, before sweeping it in from the side at her waist. Natsumi gave a hop in the air, watching below as the bowl tilted dangerously towards Master Gohan’s side. She caught the brim with her hands, letting her lets hang perfectly to either side as she stood on her hands. A second blow drifted towards her as he thrust the polearm towards her head. A quick tilt to the other side rendered the attack toothless. Though it gave Natsumi an idea. Grabbing hold of the pose with one arm, she gave it a firm pull forward. Master Gohan’s eyes grew wide with realization as he realized what was about to happen. His footing was not good on the brim, and a pull too hard could send him into the water. The old man let go of the pole, flailing his arms fearfully and sending his body drifting forwards and backwards to try to keep from falling over. Natsumi gave herself a small self satisfied smile as she resumed her former pose. Her feet returning to earth, such as it was, grateful to be standing on her own two legs. As the Master tried to retake his own footing, she simply resumed her exercises, striking once, twice, thrice, four times at the swelling water before her until Gohan came to a stop, wiping his forehead with one sleeve and letting out a sigh of relief.

“You dropped this, Master.”

Natsumi extended one arm, and offered him the pole. She could see him watching her. Wondering perhaps if she had some clever ploy in mind. Or considering what ploys he might use. For her part, Natsumi continued pummelling the water beneath with her other hand. Lashing out in long, slow strikes. The better to sense herself, as her energy and motion defused within the water. It was a moment or two before Gohan straightened himself. His hand extended, taking the pole in one hand. Natsumi let go, allowing it to retract into the Master’s hand. He stood for a moment, watching her, before he offered a bow in return.

“Thank you, Natsumi-san.”

For a time, they remained there. He watching her, while Natsumi struck the water before her, again and again. Then, she sensed it. Not the flow of Ki, but its tensing. The flurry of blows that came next was astounding. Certainly worthy of any Master, even one half Gohan’s age. Her limbs flew in a mad but concerted rush, swatting aside his attempts at unbalancing her or the tub while striking at the water when she could. The pool before her shrunk, falling from a foot of water to less than an inch in seconds that felt like minutes. Yet as the tide continued, she found she had less and less opportunity to strike. She would have to end this, quickly. The pole glided down for her prize, her precious puddle once more. And she rose to meet it. The polearm slid between her middle and index fingers, the digits snapping shut like the jaws of a trap. She could feel the energy reverberating inside it, trapped in place now as it slowly faded in upon itself. Her other hand rose, and she slapped the bottom of the tub once more. What little water remained flew out from the inside, splashing the stones nearby. It was then that she released the pole. They stood there for a time, eyes on one another. Then, the old man hopped back, landing on the ground. Natsumi backflipped, landing agiley on her feet. He turned, and started for the other side of the island.

“We will repeat this tomorrow, Natsumi-san. For now, we have more work to do.”

It was strange being back here again. Seeing without sight. Hearing without sound. Scampering through the dark and twisted tunnels. So familiar, yet with destinations unknown. Usually by now, she was attacked by some of the...whatever these were in here. Though Master Gohan had said nothing about where she was or what the people...or monsters living here were, she had her own set of theories. Chief among them was that this was some sort of hallucination. A product of her imagination as much as the meditation and bitter incense used by Master Gohan. That would explain the weird visuals and the lack of sensation that would come and go as she wandered her way through this place. But then again, what was she fighting? Inner demons of some sort? She had always been a centered person, even as a girl. Her aversion to relationships was the sole major barrier in her life before now. Her friends had always considered her brave and kind, and she had no reason to doubt them, save for a sense of impropriety. Might they be some character flaw of hers? Or was it fear? She had been in fights before. Both in tourneys, and training. Even against assailants. She took no pride in fighting other people, but if some other student wanted to bully her friends, she wasn’t going to stand for that. She had fought everyone she had to, and never once had she cause to be afraid. But...what if it wasn’t herself she was afraid for? What if it was fear of...failure? Of losing the one she loved? Granpa, father, Corey? Was this...what her attacker was?


The voice echoed from behind her in the cramped tunnel. Natsumi’s eyes widened in surprise. What? Whatever it was, it had never attacked her in the tunnels before. Scarcely had Natsumi time to take in a breath in preparation than she felt a strong pair of legs lash out at her, sending her sprawling down the next loop in the tunnel. She grit her teeth. She couldn’t fight like this. She had to get out of here. Natsumi lunged forward, fingers digging into the wall as she pushed herself through the tunnel. The laughter of her pursuer behind her. Natsumi was not sure how long the two remained like this. Lunging, crawling, tumbling down into the dark. Until at last, as she paused to catch her breath, the ground beneath her seemed to give way, and she fell into the darkness.

Natsumi groaned as she stood. She opened her eyes. She was once more in one of the many chambers that lined this twisted interpretation of her subconscious. After taking in the room, she closed her eyes. She knew these tunnels well enough to know their tricks. Shifting shadows fooled the mind and wearied the spirit. Natsumi didn’t have long to wait. The figure of the beast-like Saiyan woman dropped down from the ceiling. She could feel the power emanating from it. But that didn’t matter. All that mattered was the coming fight. She would strike. She would win. And she would go back to her Corey.

Having made its arrival, the thing wasted no time. It shifted from side to side, as if probing Natsumi before it lunged for her. Still not used to relying on ki sight, Natsumi almost allowed it to overtake her before she reacted. Falling onto her back, she thrust her legs up, catching it on the stomach before throwing it to the wall. The Saiyan struck the wall, swiftly rebounding. Rolling onto one shoulder, Natsumi crouched low to the ground. She had studied this for many a meditation session. Her keen eyes had scanned it as it tried to break her, time and time again. When eyes failed, her ears and touch took up the slack, memorizing where her Ki flowed. She might not have been such a master as to stop the flow of Ki with a touch, but she knew the anatomy of her attacker well enough to know how to break it with a well-timed blow. The creature’s arms lunged for her, and she rolled forward beneath it. Filth and muck clung to her hair and gi. But she ignored it. Pride was a handicap in battle, and the inconvenience would dissipate the moment she broke the meditation. She was in control. She decided when the battle ended, even if she wouldn’t triumph. Her leg lashed back, and struck its ankle. The lumbering creature let out a cry as the sound of shattering bone filled the narrow spaces the two were trapped in. The Ki of her body surged with surprise and rage, even as that in its leg dimmed. Its breath hissed around its teeth as it turned, dragging its leg as it did so. But Natsumi was gone. The Saiyan cast its eyes around, eager to return the pain it had received in kind. Natsumi stalked behind her, moving her feet craftily from side to side like the Ninja she had once enjoyed reading about so much. It grunted and groaned as it turned, until she felt it was ready. Natsumi hopped up on one foot, pushing her just into place. And lashed her leg out, as hard as she could. The shot was true, her leg flaring with Ki as the blow struck its target. The Saiyan staggered forward, stumbling forwards. For the first time, it seemed it was the Saiyan’s turn to show weakness. Natsumi strolled around it, looking down at the Saiyan.

“I had wondered for a long time why I couldn’t defeat you. Why despite whatever I did, you always seemed to win. And without showing even an injury. It wasn’t until you appeared behind me that I realized it. What you were, and why you were so strong. That’s why you won’t die. Why you didn’t take so much as a scratch, and why you seem so helpless now. But fear alone does not rule Natsumi Kimura. I will win, because my Corey needs me to. So I will strike. I will win. I will kill, if need be. And I will come home again.”

Many more trainings followed in the weeks after Natsumi’s triumph in the darkness. More training disguised as games, games disguised as training, and now and then games that weren’t meant to be disguised at all. Now and again, she would visit that dark place inside her again, though now that she had a measure of her fear, she was not so easily ambushed or overwhelmed. That is what led her to standing alone on the edge of the island, balancing a vase of sand on her head as the Master flew Ki blasts at her. She was supposed to be keeping the vase from being destroyed or the sand from spilling out, but she had so mastered the flow of Ki by now that keeping it all safe was a trifling task. She drifted to one side in the air, dodging one blast before knocking aside a second with one hand. The master nodded to her, before he shouted up.

“Come. Sit.”

Natsumi was glad of the reprieve. It had been nearly an hour now, and the top of her head was starting to go numb. She glided down to where he was, removing the vase but he quickly told her to place it back on her head. She scowled, but did not object as she returned it to its place. The old man pulled a pipe from the inside of his robes, tapped out the insides, replaced it, and then lit it. The sweet smell was a welcome relief from the bitter scent of the herbs used during their dark meditations. He sat there for a time, a wreath of smoke slowly billowing around his beard. He turned to her, and offered her a smile.

“Well done, Natsumi-san. I have taught you all I know now. Well, besides how to live a good, long life...and woodcarving...oh, and there’s the summer I decided to learn bartending, and...”

Natsumi waited patiently through the list. Or at least tried. The numbness of her head however caused the vase to drift slightly, and she had to adjust it. The motion seemed to return him to this world, and after clearing his throat, Gohan continued. “I have one last thing to teach you. Are you ready?”

He put out his pipe, and stood. Natsumi joined him, rising slowly to keep the vase from falling. The older man stretched, before striking a pose. Natsumi’s eyes widened. She knew it. It was one grandpa had used during his exercises. He said he could feel life inside him when he did so. A soft blue light grew from the center of the older man’s hands, forming itself into a great glowing sphere within his hands. Natsumi moved to join him, nearly dropping the vase as she did. It took her a moment, but she could feel it. Pure Ki. Life, vitality, energy, vigor. Something no science had a true name for, flowing through her veins. It surged through her like a conduit, until her own energies matched Master Gohan’s. He spoke as he did. Somehow, she knew to follow him. And with every word, she could feel the power building inside her. A strength and will to defend herself, and those she loved.






The twin beams of energy lanced forth, piercing the morning sky as they seared across the face of a grand cloud. The old master lowered his hands. Natsumi however could not speak. She simple stood in place, gasping as she gazed ahead, to where her hands were thrust out, as her Ki vanished over the horizon. Gohan turned, giving her a toothy smile she was still too stunned to acknowledge. A gnarled hand rose, taking the vase off her head and setting it beside her.

“Surprised, eh Natsumi-san? That makes two of us.” Natsumi panted. No sign of a response, save the beginnings of a small smile to the side of her mouth. Gohan turned, his staff tapping against the cobblestone as he made his way back to the lookout. “Now count the sand. If there are any less than 3, 200 and 47, you’ll only get one dumpling tonight.”

She barely heard him. Even if she had, she doubted she could shake the haze to remind him that she had made them.

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Re: Saiyan's Pride - Saiyan Saga (IC)

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East City

It was a simple trip, go to ‘Metro’ East to promote her husband for the next big fight. Ever since the budokai tournaments were put on hiatus, the professional circuit was in even higher demand. Those amateurs might be able to put on a good show for the crowd, but they weren’t anything compared to the pros, and none of them were even half as good as her husband. Her own career had taken a bit of a back seat, first from their first child and then due to all the bookers wanting to have the Champ fight in their territory. Her phone rang, flicking it on and answering the one she knew was on the other end.

“Dear, I’m not going to get anything done if you keep interupting me. Yes, I know to make sure they have your rider. Now how is my lil devil doing..”

She listened as he rambled, out of the two of them he probably doted on their daughter far more. He was going to spoil her rotten if she didn’t get him back on the road and fighting. But right now it was perfect, as she had been worried the child would feel abandoned with her driving off to deal with this booking.

“..I’ll call Piiza, she can pick up something nice.”

The conversation continued, oblivious to the spheres that landed, the vanguard. General Nappa exiting his pod as other saiyans around him prepared themselves for battle. First things first though, this city was to become the landing area. His ki exploding as he flicked his fingers upwards, the explosion was immense. Much of the city was now just a crater, the other saiyans took off to mop up the Earthlings left behind. How Raditz’s and Turles failed Nappa couldn’t tell, not a power level above five. Even newborn saiyans could deal with that, though of course there was the exile. He would have to see how they measured up, then beat some sense back into the remainder of Raditz’s team. Letting themselves get their backsides handed to them by some lost pup, indeed once that one was gotten rid of the Earthlings would be easy.


King Vegeta watched the signal coming from Nappa’s scouter, things were going just fine. They would land soon, then the subjugation of New Vegeta would begin. But first, he had to plot how best to deal with the child of Kale. The man was a fool, he let what was left of Raditz’s team survive. Didn’t even think that they would obey their King, idiot. He would show them exactly what it meant to be King of the Saiyans.

“Kakarotto, collect your brother’s team. I’m sure they are more than happy to be rescued.”

He was pretty sure the brother would not be happy, having to be saved by his stronger brother. The sister, well she was a bit of a firecracker, probably swing at her brother or latch onto him in joy. Gine and Bardock’s children were certainly quirky, but the family had contributed much to the survival of the saiyans. Thus he was more forgiving of the surrender Raditz was forced to make, biding his time till the full body of the saiyan people was behind him. A smart decision, even if it defied his initial orders, one the King could see himself making. He will chastise him of course, maybe make him his son’s training partner for a month. The Prince would certainly pound some measure of his displeasure into the eldest son of Bardock. Kakarotto and his son though their rivalry was enjoyable, it made them stronger, and more than a match for a few Earthlings beyond the norm and the child of Kale.

“Son, you shall take the elite and protect the vessel.”

Vegeta did not like that, it was obvious, but it made sense. Khol was gunning for him, not any other saiyan. It was a risk to send Kakarotto out to find his kin’s team, and Nappa off to do the job Turles and Raditz failed to achieve. His son was the only one of sufficient power to lead the defence, and prevent Khol from achieving his goal. It was obvious what the fool wanted, ever since they made their call on Raditz’s scouter. They wanted a duel for leadership, like he would even entertain the exiled brat with the notion. Why risk it all when he could have the fool killed by the full might of the Saiyan military.

“You have your orders, now go.”


Khol had sensed the ki, they were here. Good thing he had informed Kami to wish back Yuki, as apparently she had to run back to the check in station in the afterlife for Kami to pick her up. That was a few days ago, hadn’t gotten any news on that yet but then he hadn’t be really interested in finding out. He was focused on the goal ahead, and keeping himself fit and healthy for the fight.

“Someone is going to pay for that.”

He muttered as he felt ki rise and explode, someone was out there attacking people. There wasn’t time for a meet and greet with everyone, no they would have to rush to that place. East City, the place where they had faced the metal men of Gero’s in search of dragonballs in the past. Raditz and Kures were ready as well, all three taking flight without a word to each other. The plan had been simple, get Khol in front of the King, beat up said King, become King, order everyone to stand down. Rather simple, and relied on his power matching the King’s. Raditz couldn’t help him with that, as nobody had seen King Vegeta fight since his father’s rebellion.

“I sense brother, he’s taking a few saiyans and his heading right for us.”

So Kakarotto was the one who would be intercepting them, well more or less as Raditz powered up and shot ahead to counter that. Kures was tempted to follow, but she knew better than to do so. She had to trust in him, but it was her turn to split soon after. Nappa, was apparently clearing out the city of remaining Earthlings. And then there was Vegeta, the prince, a complete jerk watching it all as if it were some form of entertainment.

“Protect the Earthlings, I called dibs on the King ages ago.”

Kures floating to the ground and intercepting a blast of Nappa’s, he seemed perplexed.

“Well if it isn’t my star pupil, here for another lesson!”

Kures did feel a pang of regret, she liked him, he had been a good man to grow up under. Taught her much of how to be a warrior, but he was also a soldier, and thus subject to the King’s commands. He wouldn’t disobey, no unlike her even with all the evidence that Vegeta needed to be deposed, he would follow orders to the end. She hoped Khol would defeat the King for this reason, to save such good saiyans from terrible leadership.

“If only, today I’m here to stop this madness. We don’t need to wipe out the Earthlings to live here, they’ve plenty of space.”

Nappa sighed, she’d gone native. He’d beat some sense into her, hopefully Raditz and Kakarotto would understand. This was for her own good, can’t have her running off wanting to be and Earthling and disregarding her orders. Heck she wasn’t even wearing her saiyan armour, she’d regret that. He launched a ki attack, which she didn’t bother blocking it exploded harmlessly against her. Her power level was rising beyond what it had been when they had been sent here. Nappa smiled, this was going to be much more enjoyable.


Vegeta looked at this Exile, such a low power level. Pathetic to think they’d even consider themselves worthy of the throne, but then how did he beat Raditz’s team? Recalling the recordings, this power was even lower than the value Raditz’s scouter would error out at. Which it did during the fight with this exile, somehow this one had the ability to hide their power level. Earthlings had it as well, and so it would seem the daughter of Bardock, though why she was helping this fool was anyone’s guess. Her brothers were going to be disappointed in her, though perhaps this was just a ploy to bring the exile to them, and well she did like fighting even if this wasn’t the best time to want to fight Nappa. He had his orders, and she well.. she was getting in the way.

“We know you’re hiding your power, I doubt it’ll be enough to deal with me anyway but you might as well bring it all out or this will just be boring.”

The Elites chuckled, Khol laughed too, something they didn’t expect. Nor did they expect their scouters to ping loudly as his power increased and one of their number was now doubled over his eyes vacant and unseeing.

“Don’t worry, he’s just sleeping it off.”

Vegeta had seen it, they had not. So he was moving at a similar speed to Kakarotto and himself, interesting. While powering up he hand punched the fellow int the gut and returned to where he was as if nothing had happened. Vegeta smiled, maybe he’d get something out of being forced to play defence.

“I’d like to play more, but it’s the King I have a problem with. So would you mind getting out of my way, I could play later if you wanted. Or maybe you can play with my friends, they should be turning up soon.”

Vegeta’s dropped, annoyed that the exile had no apparent desire to face him. Prince of all Saiyans, fool. His ki rose in his anger, shocking his subordinates who backed away, they knew better than stand within reach of him when he was pissed.

“You dare, I am Prince Vegeta! You are not going anywhere, except the other dimension!”

Hurling a beam of ki at Khol, who was a bit disappointed that the apparent Prince wasn’t willing to step aside. Batted the beam up into the sky, though he was pretty sure Vegeta could put up a fight had he bothered to focus on the attack. Anger while useful, tended to make people resort to the simplest of attacks. It would seem that he would be fighting, till the others arrived. Brushing dirt off the nicely made armor that Bulma had made, he still wore his terran uniform underneath, skin tight suits wasn’t his thing nor running around in his underwear. His white sash still unsullied, he chuckled, might as well enjoy himself.


Kakarotto and Raditz were already fighting the moment they came into sight of one another, both knew the stakes. Their mother’s life depended on them never giving up a single detail of their real thoughts and feelings infront of other saiyans. Certainly not while the King as watching.

“He’s very disappointed in you Brother, surrendering to some puffed up exile with visions of grandure.”

Kakarotto playing up the role of the elite, who tended to be rather full of themselves. Though his scouter picking up said exile’s power spike and the sudden drop of one of those elite. He noted that perhaps they’d learn some humility from someone other than himself, smiling as he batted Raditz’s punch aside.

“I do what I must for my team, and I ain’t going to make it easy on you to punish me for that.”

Raditz felt the decision to send Kakarotto was to see where his loyalty lay, but he would play up that this was just him being annoyed with his brother’s taunting. Saiyans did tend to fight each other about five times more often than the enemy, the other warriors watched on some even taking bets on how long he’d last. Fools, relying on just their scouters, his armour did much to protect him from the kick that sent him flying backwards.

“Then you’ll need to start getting serious big brother.”

He knew how much that annoying Raditz, but it would also keep up the pretense. Kakarotto was quick on the uptake, Vegeta was defending his father cause the exile was seeking the throne by combat. Thus all he and his brother had to do was draw out this sibling bickering till they knew which way the wind was blowing. Kures though was fully commited it seemed, though Nappa would likely teach her the hard way not to interfere with orders. And well it was easily chalked up to her typical attitude of biting off more than she could chew. Her power level though had certainly increased, and that meant, the notion occured as he was punched across the sky. Raditz had also managed to increase his power, Kakarotto had to ponder how that occured.

“Well little brother, it’s time I showed you just how big I am.”


Kami had gathered the Earthling warriors to the lookout, as he felt it would be best to have them move out as one. It irked him that Khol hadn’t bothered to bring Raditz and Kures to the lookout. Considering his other half turned up, and they didn’t see eye to eye. Though perhaps it was for the best considering they were able to respond right away to the attack on East City.

Yuki had taken a while to run the snake road back, but thanks to Khol that didn’t delay her from taking part. Why he hadn’t thought about the travel time was beyond him, though she had certainly made the trip much faster than he expected. Good thing too or she’d have been late which would have put their plans into turmoil.

“The saiyans are here, as you can sense. Khol, his sister, and her brother are already engaging. The plan is simple, Khol seeks to challenge King Vegeta. Apparently that means if he wins he becomes the new King, which will allow him to order a stop to the invasion. Strange custom, but if it stops more dying I’m all for it.”

He divided them up, Piccolo, Yamcha, Gray, and Natsumi. Krillin, Namori, Taroga and Amy. Yuki, Sakuranbo, and Tien. Best way to deal with the fighters strengths, and their foes weakneses.

“My other half and those with him shall aid Khol’s sister in protecting the remaining Earthlings in East City. Namori’s group shall aid Raditz, follow his lead on that one. Yuki, go help Khol, he can’t get bogged down fighting with those preventing him entering the saiyan’s mothership.”

Indeed a lot of the plan revolved around Khol being fresh for his fight, and this one he was facing down was powerful enough for Kami not wanting to risk it. Yuki’s training with King Kai ought to be enough to allow her to keep Khol's path open. He was tempted to send Namori, but it was paramount also that the saiyan’s Raditz was tying up with his fight weren’t allowed to rejoin the fray around East City. Well with that said, it was all out of his hands, he cursed his lack of strength, but had faith that he had done all he could to ensure the saiyan’s would be defeated.

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Re: Saiyan's Pride - Saiyan Saga (IC)

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The three arrived back at the mountain where Namori had lived so long ago. He actually had no permanent residence currently. He never really stayed in one place for long. Like Khol, he ventured around the world and trained. He rarely saw his friends. The place he tended to stay the most was the Lookout. But he wasn't sure if that's where he'd want to live the rest of his life. He felt that if he did he'd be giving Kami the wrong impression and he'd think he'd want to take him up on his offer of becoming Earth's Guardian. He wasn't sure how he'd be able to anyway. He didn't know any magic and he had no connection to the Dragon Balls. And if he did one day want to have a family he wasn't sure he'd be able to in that position.

Namori wondered why Kami didn't persist on them training on the way back to the mountain. Was he trying to stifle Taroga's growth? He doubted it. He already agreed to train him and watched what had happened in the Pendulum Room. And if Namori was being honest that scene surprised even him. He didn't expect Taroga to be the sentimental type but in a way the two and their relationships with their masters were similar. He must've built this persona of his overtime while living with the other Saiyans. It was like he had to, to survive. He could've been overthinking it but he doubted it.

The two agreed to start their training off separately. Namori needed to focus as much time as he could into developing and mastering these techniques. He only had six months to do so. They'd end each day sparring against each other but before that they were going to do their own thing. Namori moved deeper into the mountain to find a spot that he tended to go to a lot when he was younger. It was where he trained on his own whenever his master was asleep or they had days of rest.

He removed a small capsule, courtesy of Bulma, and pressed the release button before tossing it. A motorbike popped out and landed perfectly on the ground. He never really understood how the capsules worked that way and how things weren't tossed all over the place. It didn't really matter though. "Okay. Let's do this."

It shouldn't be hard to do what he needed to do. He's been training to use his ki this way for as long as he could remember. All he needed to do was change the way that he output it. Bulma told him that his form of an EMP would be an LEMP due to his lightning based ki. That part made sense to him. Namori inhaled slowly and exhaled a few seconds later. He tensed and strained as if he was charging up his ki and focused on trying to push it outward. He did this for what seemed like an eternity, but the only thing that happened was that his fists ignited just as they did for his Lightning Punch. He sighed with annoyance and deactivated the technique. Just what was he doing wrong?

He continued this until the sun set but still accomplished nothing except for wasting stamina. He met back up with Kami and Taroga. They both looked like they had a really intense spar. Just how much was Kami trying to push him? Part of him felt like his own personal feelings had been spilling out into it. Nonetheless, Taroga was more than ready to face Namori.

"No luck with the technique?" Taroga asked. It was clear just from the expression on Namori's face. "I wouldn't disappoint my sister, if I were you."

Namori forced a laugh. "I don't plan on it. It's only day one. I'll get it soon. I may not have the unnatural ineptitude of a Saiyan, but I've been mastering techniques for a long time."

Taroga shrugged and stretched before rushing towards Namori. Namori was prepared for it and met Taroga's fist with his own. Just from that one punch he could tell that he was starting to surpass him in raw power and their dynamic was changing. Saiyans were truly incredible. They continued to attack each other with neither of them gaining any ground. Dust picked up around them and they were enveloped in it. The two jumped backwards. "We're going to tire ourselves out if we keep going like this."

"I don't have anywhere to be in the morning." Taroga responded before dashing through the dust cloud.


This was the start of a two month routine. Namori would fail at making his technique work and then he and Taroga would spar against each other. At the beginning of the third month however things started to get different. He started his day off the same as he did and when he started his training to create the LEMP he finally felt a change. His lightning based ki surrounded his body as he entered a charging like state. He forced himself not to celebrate prematurely. He felt the strain on his body become heavy before he released his pose and expelled the lightning outwards. It didn't get far, but it got far enough to hit the motorbike and cause it to shut down.

Namori sighed and wiped the sweat from his brow. All of that training just for it to barely get anywhere? He was disappointed but not to the point where he felt like giving up. He made progress and he was sure that he could get it to go out even further. He wasn't sure if his technique allowed for a reboot time sequence. He guessed now was a good a time as any to find that out. Instead of capsuling up the motorbike he pulled out a separate capsule. Bulma had given him a case full of tech that she didn't need or no longer had any interest in. Now it was time to work on improving the distance.


The end of the third month came sooner than Namori had realized. His training was coming along well. He felt himself growing stronger from the nightly spars as well as from his own training. He was even able to vastly increase the range of his technique at the expense of pretty much all of Bulma's old and discarded tech. Now it was time for him to start working on the second technique. It wasn't much different from his LEMP. It was just power instead of electrical disruption.

Taroga and Kami walked over to him. Taroga had his arms crossed with an interested yet slightly smug look on his face. "I could see your progress all the way from where I was training. Not bad. Just don't get yourself killed while trying to use it."

Namori laughed. "I don't plan on it. But I'm guessing you didn't come all this way just to congratulate me."

"You're right. I wanted to test my progress against yours. Prepare for the improved Glow."


Namori was impressed with how far Taroga was progressing. Saiyans truly were incredible. A part of him even envied them and their natural abilities. Just how far would their potential take them? He didn't know but he couldn't let himself fall so far behind them.

When he started his training for the next stage of his attack he was confident in that he'd master this faster than he did the LEMP. And because of this he decided to distance himself even further away from the other two. He didn't want to accidentally harm them in his wake. He entered the same stance that he did with the previous technique but focused on power more than the practical use of his lightning. It should've been easy. It was basically like fusing the LEMP and his Celestial Lightning.

Throughout the next two months he had this in mind and it helped him a lot with the progress of the technique. When it was finally mastered it was time for him and Taroga to join forces in their training.


Taroga knew that this Kami didn't like him in the slightest. He didn't care about that though as long as he helped him get stronger. He figured him not liking him would help even more in his training. It at least meant he wouldn't hold back. There was a silence between them that felt like it dragged on for an eternity before Kami chose to disrupt it.

"While I trained Namori I provided him with weighted clothes. It'll force you to push the limits of your own body so that you could become stronger faster and as we are pressed for time, that's best."

"Alright. Whatever you have for me, I'm ready. Where are the clothes?"

"You're already wearing them."

Taroga looked down confused. He didn't feel like he was wearing anything different. And it was because he wasn't. He was still wearing the gi that the ol--- Master Roshi gave him and it very much felt the same. "Uh..." Before he could get another word out Kami pointed at him and caused the density of the clothes to increase dramatically. He estimated how strong the Saiyan's body was and added a little extra. Taroga came crashing to the ground. He couldn't even stop himself even if he wanted to. "What the... You're trying to kill me."

"No, I'm trying to train you. If you can't stand up and move on your own then you might as well quit now."

So that's what it was, huh? He'd play your game. Taroga tried to move his hand and it wouldn't budge. "Son of a..." He wasn't going to give the old Namekian the satisfaction of seeing him fail. He was going to get up even if he died trying to do so. He kept trying to tell his body to move and after a few moments it finally started listening to him. His fingers started to move first and then his hands. He placed his right palm on the ground to try and push up with it. He grunted as he tried to push. He could feel himself lifting off the ground. He got himself into a kneeling position before continuing to force himself up fully.

His knees were heavy when he finally stood. His body wanted to collapse but he wouldn't let it. Sweat flowed from his face. "Is that all you got?"

"You took longer than I expected. Try moving."

He knew that he couldn't. "I can't."

For the first time since he's known him Taroga noticed Kami smirking. "Namori could climb this mountain with me on his back while I weighted his clothes. You can't even walk. Interesting."

That did it. "Anything he can do I can do better." He lifted his right leg and placed it forward. It pained him to do so but he did the same with his left leg and kept doing this in a circle until he felt more comfortable. By that night he was able to move as freely as the clothes would allow him. It was then that he had his first spar of the six months with Namori.


The days after started off with Kami increasing the weight slightly and each day Taroga would start moving freely earlier and earlier. On the second week the spars against Kami began. It almost irked him that Kami hadn't used more than just basic fighting and ki attacks. He knew that he was stopping himself from using anything special that Taroga would be able to pick up. It wasn't like he wanted the god's techniques to begin with. He had intended to focus on his own technique and the Kamehameha anyway.

Taroga's current limit with The Glow was two minutes and with his hands only. The next step in the training would've been his feet and then his entire body but he didn't really have the time for that type of increase. So for now he'd only focus on his feet and increasing the time limit.

For the first two minutes of each spar against Kami and then later against Namori he'd use The Glow. He could feel his understanding of the technique increase as time went on. By the end of the first month he felt the strain on his energy decrease enough for him to use the technique for three minutes.


During the second month he started to focus more on adding his feet into the technique. Due to his understanding of the technique this wasn't difficult at all. The drawback was that because he was focusing on both of his hands and feet the time limit dropped back down to two minutes. Taroga spent the rest of the second and third month increasing his time limit once again. He tried to get it to five but for the moment it seemed to stay stagnant at four minutes.

During the fourth and fifth month whenever he wasn't sparring either Kami or Namori he focused on honing his skill with the Kamehameha. If it could really destroy planetoids then he was going to get it to that point. That was the point that it would need to be at anyway in order for him to avenge his parents and master. He didn't let that motivation once slip from his mind.

Whenever he fired off the technique he would aim it to the sky as if it was some kind of beacon to draw someone's attention. This technique represented his time on Earth. The things that he learned. The people he met. He wouldn't really call any of them friends though. They hadn't spent that much time together. Even Namori was still considered just a rival to him. Even still his time with these Earthlings opened his mind to his past. Being on this backwater planet allowed him to grow and get stronger. His power grew in one year here more than it ever had while he stayed with his own kind. But would this power be enough to stop the invading Saiyans? The fact that he was even questioning this meant that it wasn't nearly enough for Frieza. That frustrated him more than anything. But for now he couldn't let that distract him.

Namori and Taroga

The final month of training was meant to be different. Kami had realized the two weren't actually used to fighting as a team. They were usually the type to take on an opponent alone and it showed in their simulations. Coordination was the key to survival once this month was over. If the Saiyans were stronger than teaming up would be the only way to defeat them. He knew that and he was sure that they knew it as well.

"This month you two will learn about teamwork. Without it you two will die. You're going to coordinate your attacks and fight me with everything you got."

Taroga wasn't sure if He was joking or not. He didn't know Him to be a joker. "Are you serious? We'd kill you."

"I spent this entire year training as well. I sparred with Namori for six months and I sparred with you for five. I was training myself while helping you get stronger. I'm confident in my abilities. Plus I won't be weighted."

It made sense to both of them. Taroga was still confident that they'd be able to make quick work of Him though.


The two rushed towards Kami without even coming up with a plan. They were going for a straightforward attack. They both went in for a punch but instead of connecting with Kami they connected with each other. "You're in the way. Move." Taroga said, frustrated.

"It's you. Learn to read movements."

While they were distracted Kami blasted them both in their stomachs. "Your opponents won't wait for you to stop bickering. They will kill you."

Taroga dashed forward once again before Namori could tell him to wait. He joined him and the two sent a flurry of attacks that just wouldn't hit. Kami seemed to be dodging them effortlessly. His goal was to tire them out and react to their uncoordinated attacks.


Two weeks went by and they still hadn't managed to defeat Kami. They got a few lucky attacks in each session but in the end he'd end up defeating them. It always impressed Taroga how those that were weaker on this planet could beat or hold their own against those that were stronger if the circumstances were right. That was something that rarely happened with the Saiyans. At best you'd hope that if you were defeated it was enough to push your power even further so that next time you stood a better chance.

One night Namori decided to talk to Taroga about their situation. "As it currently stands we're not going to defeat Kami. We need to actually work together. We're overstepping each other. We need to come up with planned attacks or it won't work."

"You're right and wrong. Planned attacks won't work. Kami can see and hear all, right? So coming up with coordinated attacks will only hasten our defeat. We just need to read other better. It's time for us to get Kami on the offensive."


Taroga didn't want to tell Namori his plan in case Kami was listening. When the time came again to spar he was ready. Like always the two rushed forward together but Taroga aimed for a different destination. While Namori went to attack the front, he went for the back. It'd be harder for Kami to react to them both that way.

Kami was impressed but it was going to take more than that. He turned to the side and blocked and dodged their attacks. That was until they started to speed up with their attacks. Even with their weighted clothes he couldn't catch up to their speed and it began to overwhelm him. Taroga noticed this and his overconfidence allowed his guard to slip which provided Kami with the moment he needed to change the tide. He blasted Taroga in his chest but before he could be launched backwards he grabbed his arm and tossed him at Namori. He quickly formed a pitfall with his explosive technique that they fell into. "Dead. You did good though until Taroga let his guard down. Now let's continue."


On the final week Kami disappeared one night. Taroga didn't know why but he didn't care enough to ask. He just sparred with Namori for a while before going to bed. He could've sworn he saw a shining light while he was sleep but he passed it off as Namori doing some solo training. He was ready for the Saiyans to arrive. He hoped that Sakuranbo was as well. He couldn't afford to lose her too. He'd be naive to believe that there wouldn't be casualties on both sides though. The others he couldn't really care about if they lived or died. Kami wasn't going to fight and he doubted Roshi would either. The old man would be severely outmatched even with the surprises up his sleeve. And Namori? He was already used to killing and fighting Saiyans by this point. He wasn't really worried about him.

Namori knew what Kami was doing. He was using the Dragon Balls to revive Yuki. But it was weird. He didn't sense her after Shenron disappeared. He didn't sense her for the rest of the week either. He decided that he wouldn't ask Kami about it when he came back. Whatever Kami was planning he was sure that he could trust it.


The Arrival

The Saiyans had wasted no time once they landed. They immediately snuffed out the lights of many in East City without even simple hesitation. Namori could feel all of those powers just disappearing even if they were as small as they were. It angered him almost to the same point he was at when he found out about Yuki's death at Sakuranbo's hands. He was more than glad to see she was alive when they all met up at the Lookout. Taroga, and many of the others, of course didn't know who she was.

When they were given their orders by Kami he was ready to take off. He waited for the others but once they were ready he wasted no time in trying to reach Raditz.

Taroga wished Sakuranbo had been on his team but he guessed there couldn't be a team stacked with just Saiyans. The others would've definitely needed her help. But he knew that a team with Raditz, Namori, he, and her would've been unstoppable. He wasn't sure who the newcomer was that was going along with his sister's team, but he didn't have time to ask questions before following after Namori.
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Re: Saiyan's Pride - Saiyan Saga (IC)

Post by McGenty » Sat Apr 21, 2018 4:34 am

Ever the soldier, Gray greeted Kami’s assignment with a stone faced acceptance, allowing no sign of his inward frustration at being split from Tien and Krillin to show. Hopefully, all the time and effort they’d put into coordinating together would carry over into working with these others. For his part, Gray was certain he’d become much more adept at reading his allies’ movements. As Kami outlined the plan, the three exchanged nods, wishing one another well with non-verbal cues they’d all come to understand.

Gray didn’t envy his companions, as protecting his fellow earthlings from the invaders was exactly where he wanted – and needed – to be. Knowing that, he could trust that Kami had placed the others accordingly. He only wished he knew more about the Guardian’s “other half” or the other fighters he was teamed with. His only information on Yamcha, via Tien and Krillin, had not been at all encouraging. But they’d all been training, so maybe he’d progressed as well. Given that it seemed everyone learned right out of the gate to hide their power, there was simply no way to tell if the sense he was getting from his teammates was accurate. All he could do was hope for the best.
Hope. Now that seemed a foolish notion as the four prepared to enter the fray. Agent Gray did a quick check of his gear: weighted clothing, Agency-connected sunglasses, and – for what use they were – his pistol and a half dozen grenades. Then, he stepped to a secluded space and tapped the hidden button on his glasses to initiate a call to White. When the General answered, he was understandably tense.

“You’re moving?” White’s tone was hopeful.

“Me and a dozen other assets. One team is headed to the invaders’ ship, one to counter their big players, and my unit is responding to East City. The plan is for sympathetic Saiyan elements to overthrow their leadership and order a stand down.”

White nodded gravely. “You think that’ll work?”

“I think it’s the only thing close to a victory we can hope for, unless you’re going to tell me the others have worked a miracle.”

“Afraid not. They’ve come a long way, but you’re still in a league of your own.”

Gray considered that and replied: “Then you’d better keep them out of this. Command needs to understand our forces will only get in the way.”

“You know I can’t promise that.”

“Understood. I’ll do all I can to render a response from the Agency unnecessary. And I’ll keep the video feed going as long as I can.”

“Godspeed, Agent Gray.”

The commando turned, walked to where his new companions were gathered, and turned his attention to Kami’s “other half.”

“What are we waiting for? Let’s do this.”
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Re: Saiyan's Pride - Saiyan Saga (IC)

Post by Raptorman » Mon Apr 23, 2018 12:04 pm

Amy hadn't really had much time to spend at home as the training year came to its close. In fact it was really more of a stop over where she stayed with her parents for the night, refilled her nearly bottomless bag of cookies, and updated her wardrobe for the coming encounter. Well that and telling her parents about what was coming. She didn't think she would fall or fail, but if she did it was good they knew what to expect. Yes, she found the proper royal regalia of her family to be uncomfortable and overly flashy, and yes she vastly preferred her more casual clothing. But there was something to be said for intimidation factor and this was a battle for the world, which meant she needed to put on a proper display and don attire fitting her station rather than her normal casual fare. As a result when she returned to Kami's lookout and gathered together with the assembled earthlings and the handful of saiyans as well she was garbed in rather different clothing from normal.

Instead of the Time to Feast turtleneck shirt and the long skirt that she would normally be found in Amy had donned her royal regalia. Her head was encased by a red and black carapace like head piece that left her face visible, but arced back with a sizable protrusion and crest that extended back behind her head It would look almost as if her face was set in the mouth of some insectile demon creature, mandibles extended around the face. Her hair still was allowed to fall free though to cascade down in pink and red streams. Beneath that she appeared to be wearing an armored dress. The chest portion was covered by ornately worked metal in the image of an insectile carapace, black in coloration with red iridescence. Beneath her normal arms were slits in the dress, clearly made to allow her additional set of limbs to emerge when called if needed. Her shoulders were adorned with paldrons that jutted forth with a single spine each, projected outwards and upwards at an angle. The long portion of the dress that covered her legs was red in coloration and similarly had patches of black metal woven into it. Her feet too were encased in ornate armored boots that seemed to again strive to imitate some sort of monster.

When the time had come and the assignments were given she set out as well, accompanying Namori, Krillin, and the Saiyan Taroga. She really didn't know any of them well, nor did she know what exactly they were capable of. She only hoped that they were as ready to fight and defend the world as she was, for if these invading space monkeys were as tough as they were rumored to be, it would take all of them fighting to throw the damn things back. And she wasn't even allowed to eat them...

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Re: Saiyan's Pride - Saiyan Saga (IC)

Post by Ninmast » Tue Apr 24, 2018 10:26 am


Winter still gripped the tiny divine planet. Though the great winds and blizzards that had engulfed the high-gravity orb during Yuki's training had abated, it seemed it would be some time yet before the little planet reasserted its naturally pleasant, uneventful climate. There had been an attempt at a snowball fight or two, but at the realization of how ten times normal gravity screwed with your aim, most had quickly given it up. It was fortunate that all major training had been completed, or else it would have had to have been moved inside, making endless mess for Gregory and his new underling. Not for the sake of the mother, who reclined on a sun chair in the snow to read, nor for daughter, who dragged Pansy out for a jog twice a day on either side of her exercises, but for King Kai, himself, who seemed extremely distasteful of the white stuff.

But there was no training today. No jogging, no push-ups, not even a crunch. This was the day that Yuki would be returning to Earth to resist the Saiyan invasion, and all were determined to spend the remaining hours, minutes, or however long they had sending her off. Gregory had served a hearty breakfast and they had passed the morning discussing their time together over the last year. King Kai regaled the room with his "best" jokes, which in light of the event were received as endearing rather than horrible, and Mena told tales of Himavat and his family.

During a lull in the big group exchanges, Yuki found herself aside with Pansy. He still wore the outfit created by the ogres in HFIL that was based on her own, and it occurred for her not for the first time that she had never heard him request anything else. They'd chatted with one another at least a little nearly every day for the better part of a year since her request brought him out of HFIL and into King Kai's service, but perhaps she had refrained from bridging that particular topic for fear of offending him. It was on the tail of this that it occurred to her that their conversations had been decidedly passive. Perhaps because he was a soldier and because she was royalty, neither before thought this was odd behavior, but now, with perhaps any moment being potentially the last time they ever saw each other, she felt compelled to find out something, anything, about him, even if it was about something so provincial as clothing.

"So," she opened, "do you know if King Kai will be having you switch to a different uniform?"

"I hadn't thought to ask," he replied without hesitation. He was always like that, unflinching in immediately answering her no matter what she asked of him. Early on, she'd even tried asking things that she thought would cause him to hesitate. For various reasons, she now wished she hadn't. "Besides, I should probably be concerned I'd be assigned Gregory's uniform."

Gregory's uniform? The confusion was obvious on her face. The grasshopper didn't wear-- Ohhh. Wide-eyed realization and red-faced embarrassment flashed across her mien at once, something that Pansy was apparently looking for, and it made him smirk, knowing that the joke had made it across the border of innuendo.

"Should I ask?" he inquired instead. "Is there something wrong with it?"

"Well," she waffled a bit, "I mean, it was assigned to you by the ogres to mock you, after all."

"Ah, I see," Pansy nodded, but smiled. "I'm not familiar with Earth culture, of course, but I'm fairly sure you aren't familiar with Saiyan culture, either, and have probably seen about as many of us as I have of you. Trying to shame me with attire was always a waste of energy for them, as they chose attire inspired by that of warrior mighty enough that they feared her. That's a high honor for a low-class Saiyan warrior like myself because of the association. Besides, if you haven't noticed, we fly around the galaxy in underwear and tights. It was far more effective for them to mistreat me as a minor, toothless servant."

Yuki tilted her head in slight confusion of that. "But even here, you're still a servant."

"Yes, but here, I'm treated with respect," he countered. "I don't mind the tasks; I've spent my life taking orders, and now doing so means that I get to watch a god train the greatest warriors in the galaxy. If I had any complaint about my situation now, it's that after fighting all my life, it's uncomfortable not to be wearing something reinforced for combat."

"Or having a body to do so," Yuki added a moment before the realization of its rudeness caught up to her tongue.

But it only seemed to amuse Pansy. "Yes, that too. I'm not much good in a fight without one, and all of the training I get to watch, there's no way for me to practice it, myself. But I'm still serving my sentence, right? I'm getting to see what the gods expect of us mortals here, and seeing how it's not what I always thought it was. Maybe if I stay on my best behavior, King Kai will see fit to restore my body someday. But then, with how destructive some of your training was, maybe it's for the best. There were more than a few times I'm fairly sure my body wouldn't have survived the backlash."

Yuki rubbed the back of her head with an apologetic grin at that when Pansy's gaze snapped up above her head.

"Oh! It's gone!" He wheeled around to the rest of the room and shouted, "Her halo is gone!"

The mood went from memorial to somber in an instant, and even King Kai had a rare aura of deathly seriousness as he explained. "Then it's time. The main Saiyan invasion force has arrived on Earth, and you must return to defend it. Kami will meet you at the Earth Check-In Station, lives depend on you not keeping him waiting."

Yuki nodded in reply, and King Kai stepped toward her. "Over the nine months you have been here, you have transcended my every expectation of you in training. You have even mastered techniques I doubted you could, in no small part because I had yet to master them, myself. It is my great pleasure to call you a student of mine, and so I grant you a gift!" He grinned and folded his arms behind his back, but his antennae flickered and zapped his student.

The flash only lasted a moment, but when it faded, her traditional attire had transformed, becoming more ornate, simple Earthling materials that had long since ceased to have relevance transforming under the Kai's magic, and it had even gained a hood. Though she couldn't see it, Pansy gasped at the large emblem on the back, matching that which King Kai, himself, wore.

The short little deity chuckled as she marveled at the result of the technique. "This new outfit is linked directly to your energy. Even if it is destroyed, it will repair itself as you, yourself, recover. It's also enhanced with a bit of my own divine power, and though I advise you against trusting in it too much, it will help protect you against weaker attacks. Though it is not in the nature of mortal races to ever stop learning, this symbolizes the end of what I can teach you. From now on, it will be up to you to learn what you can from your own life experiences." His face went stern. "However, I can suggest one area in which you should definitely focus!"

The sudden reprimand caught Yuki off-guard, and she flinched back a bit. "W-what is it?"

King Kai held it a bit longer, then grinned. "You really need to work on your sense of humor! Now, go say your goodbyes, but be brief. Already, time is passing faster than you can afford to let it."

Yuki nodded again and made her rounds after bowing to him, starting with Pansy who she was nearest to, then to Gregory and Bubbles. The last seemed tearful, but Kai reprimanded him.

"What are you worried about?" the deity told the monkey. "It's not like she won't be back when she dies again."

And finally, she came to her mother, who was smiling as she approached. Mena took her daughter's hands in hers. "It does my heart good to see how much you have grown, my daughter."

"And mine to see you again," Yuki smiled weakly. "Will you be coming back to the Check-In with me?"

"Oh, no, my sweet," she apologized. "You must hurry back with utmost speed, and you have grown so strong that I would never be able to keep up. While it may be a grim thought, it is likely that this battle will send a number of your friends here before the day ends. If King Kai will permit it, I think I would rather stay here a little longer and meet some of them." Her smile widened a bit more. "See what kind of people my princess is associating with."

The two smiled a moment longer, their eyes tearing for a moment before they embraced and held onto one another as if neither desired to release the other. But both knew they must, and soon they broke away, their hands lingering a bit longer before Yuki released her entirely and bowed one more time to King Kai before taking off.

Earth Check-In Station

Kami and King Yemma made idle chit-chat before both looked simultaneously toward the horizon of Snake Way.

"Oh, here she comes--" Yemma began before a pressure pushed down on the air around them like an oncoming storm, and the next instant, the Warrior Princess of the Frozen Lands stood before them.

Kami opened his mouth in greeting, but before he could speak, the backdraft hammered into them, forcing the old man to brace himself as papers went flying before Yemma could slap his hands down on them.

"Hey, now!" King Yemma boomed. "You should know better than to show off like that!"

Yuki, surprised, turned and bowed repeatedly to the great ogre. "I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to! King Kai told me to come as fast as possible!"

That seemed to curb the great ogre's ire as he grumbled, "Well, if those were King Kai's instructions," while vainly trying to smooth the papers back out again.

Kami was much more controlled, only straightening his cloak before he cleared his throat. "Yes, well, I am quite pleased to see you made as good a time as you did. I was worried you would take much longer. Come, child, we cannot dawdle."

Kami's Lookout

Taroga may not have known who the girl in blue was, but Sakuranbo absolutely did. Her little brother probably noticed how she tensed up the moment they landed and the hooded figure stepped out alongside the old Namekian. After a whole year, she had thought that, perhaps, the girl really was dead, and yet here she was, stronger than she ever was during their first encounter if she was feeling things right. But as she lowered her hood and greeted Namori, it was also obvious that Yuki Musume was not as strong as Sakuranbo was now. And yet the way she moved seemed to suggest otherwise, and something about her made Sakuranbo doubt her own strength.

Her mind flashed back to their first encounter a year ago, and how the princess had moved as if all were decided. She had known that the expeditionary force was doomed to abject, obliterating failure then, and Sakuranbo had been helpless to do anything but watch her clairvoyance come to pass, herself, for all her proud Saiyan heritage and vaunted free will, nothing but a puppet to its execution. That was how the princess moved now, as well. No, not quite. Her every step was certain, but light. She did not move with the gravity and poise of demise. No, she stood as if she were a deity among mortals.

When Kami assigned teams, the princess turned toward Sakuranbo and Tien, smiled to each in turn like royalty giving recognition to commoners, and then moved right past them. "Well, then, let's get going."

"W-wait--" Sakuranbo started, but stalled as she saw the emblem on her back. Was that ... Saiyan writing? No. No, it was like the letters of this world. But why did she understand it? And did it really say ... "... World ... King ..."

Yuki simply smiled over her shoulder and took to the air.

East City

Sakuranbo rolled her shoulder in her Saiyan battle armor again. She was already missing the extra flexibility she had once not even noticed, but thought that Master Roshi's suggestion was a good one. It would protect her for a time, and as the armor of both her and her opponents broke down under the force of the battle, she would only get faster while they became more vulnerable.

Still, with the battle ahead against the royal guard, themselves, she again was forced to notice the weaker power level of the girl flying point. This was the last chance to hash that out.

"Hey," she called ahead to her. "You and I may have been equals in power level when we fought last, but that's the prince's energy signature ahead of us with the royal guard. Given how our levels have changed, don't you think it's obvious who should be facing him?"

But Yuki only smiled back over her shoulder at her. "You're completely right. You'll help Tien face the guard, won't you?"

That response shocked the Saiyaness, who fumbled for a response for too long. Before she could find her tongue, they were coming up on Khol, Vegeta and the Royal Guard.

"Khol!" Yuki shouted ahead to him, coming to a stop with Sakuranbo and Tien behind her. "What are you doing, hanging around here? Don't you have other things you have to do?" She approached the Saiyan prince and clenched one fist, but didn't move into a ready position as she pulled her hood back so Vegeta could see her young face. "Besides, it is only appropriate that if royalty is to enter the battlefield, he should face royalty." And to Vegeta, himself, as she made a slight motion with her head to indicate Sakuranbo and Tien, "You don't mind if they play with your bodyguards in the meantime, do you, your highness?"

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