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Saiyan's Pride - Saiyan Saga (IC)

The realms where science and sorcery tend to exist in equal focus. This may also includes settings with only a few major differences from our world such as the existence of the supernatural. Examples: The Marvel Universe, Vampire the Masquerade, Supernatural (Series)

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Re: Saiyan's Pride - Saiyan Saga (IC)

Post by Ninmast » Mon Jul 23, 2018 3:11 pm


Sakuranbo was trained to keep her focus in the heat of battle, but the most engaged of her senses was all new, and this was its first immersion in battle, and it immediately dragged her mind not just to the fallen bandit, but also to her brother, whose power level was falling fast. How overwhelmed were they all?

It was only for a moment, but it was the same moment Tien decided to take his pot shot at Vegeta, pouring all of his remaining life energy into a single attack against the prince of all people, instead of the elites he probably could have taken out with it. Out the window was the idea of a strategy of endurance, apparently, the only one they had a hope of winning all together with. The only explanation she would later be able to come up with for such an action was that the Earthling wanted to make a mark on the battlefield, and was determined to do so regardless of the consequences just to get himself taken seriously, a wholly rookie mistake.


Though one might think this meant her mind was back in the right battlefield, the elites saw the opening they needed and assaulted her with ki blasts while she was so distracted. She was able to slap away several of them, but not all, and those that slipped past her sloppy guard splashed against her body, blowing holes in her low-class body armor.

Meanwhile, Yuki saw the opening she needed, Tien's cheap shot while she got blasted drawing the prince's ire. The real reason why she had given him a moment to breathe was because she needed one. The rate of her ki burn was higher than she had anticipated, and the strain the God Fist was putting on her body was starting to take its toll. Not that she was going to let that show. Far more pressing was his claim that he'd figured out what Kaioken was doing; she didn't believe he was blowing air, which meant trying to rush in and resume her existing strategy would just be inviting her own very likely death. She wasn't going to be giving another Saiyan that privilege.

When the easily angered Saiyan Prince retaliated against Tien's corpse, he'd written in his own fate. Like the emperor who claimed the firstborn children of his enemies would be killed, Prince Vegeta had just defined his own end. Ki flared around her again as she called upon the God Fist yet again, ignoring what it was doing to her physically.

"Hitodama Tatari!"

The prince's gaze came back to his opponent as the great blue sphere filled his peripheral vision while his scouter screamed, and his face widened in a dreadful mien, his shout splitting the air even above the blast. "FUCKING AGAIN!!!"

In another world, an attack of similar magnitude sent him into orbit, where he was able to roll off of it with all of the time and decreasing force against him to do so. This one, however, sent him straight for the ground, and yet he pulled it off a second time, rallying underneath it and turning into it. "I won't," he shouted as his purple ki flared around him. "I refuse to be bested by alien scum!" He cleared enough space back, and in the split second before the blast reconnected, threw his hands forward. "GALICK GUN!"

At first, it seemed like the saiyan prince's attack would completely shove the orb back in Yuki's face, and the ball of ki moved quickly away from Vegeta and the city below him. But above, Yuki clenched her teeth in strain. "TIMES FOUR!!!"

The pain of overextension flashed through her body as her energy poured into the attack and the ball's advance steadied, hovering somewhere between them as it began putting on mass from their combined energies.

Sakuranbo looked over her shoulder at the gathering energies with an eye that a scouter would have been a poor substitute for, the snow princess' energy chaotic and volatile under whatever she was using to access such power, and Prince Vegeta's angry laser focus, colliding and stirring and clashing and pushing away to slam together again, together reaching levels she'd never seen, even from royalty. "So much power ... and they're matching each other ... what monsters ..."

It occurred to her that she wanted to be as far from that impending bomb as possible, and turned to find the elites just as in stunned awe as she was, then it clicked. This was the opening she needed!

She gathered her energy and slammed it all into momentum, bull rushing the distracted elites so suddenly that they recoiled as she shot directly through their ranks. They had just enough time for someone to shout she was running, a reasonable and entirely sane behavior in light of that growing monstrosity so close to the Saiyan mothership. But they were wrong. Maybe it was in the wake of the death of the humans, or the concern over her sibling, but whatever the reason, she wasn't quite that sane.

She'd only cleared their ranks to a safe distance before stopping and turning around on the spot, hands gathered together as blue ki pooled between them. "Ka ... me ... ha ... me ..." Sakuranbo threw her hands toward the befuddled elites as she finished the chant. "HA!"

The blue tidal wave crashed against the Saiyan elites despite how they pressed against it and began to push them back, but they were elites, and collectively, they stood their ground, intending to repel the attack in kind.

Too bad for them that's not what I had in mind, Sakuranbo thought, grinning as the back of the furthest elite began to feel the heat of the royal clash behind them, revealing her intent as panic began to fill them. She withdrew just a little bit, only to regather her energy and shove it forth in another pulse of the wave for one last good push. "HAAAAAH!"

The clash behind them picked that time to rupture, flooding out in a detonation that deafened their screams instants before they were evaporated, the flash like staring into a supernova and the shock wave ripping through the air before even the blonde saiyaness could even think of moving. Never had she experienced so much energy erupting in her face before, and it blinded her new senses in its enormity.

She only vaguely realized she was flying backwards, and had a hunch it had been happening longer than she had registered it. It was a heartbeat after she realized this that she hit dirt. Hard. Concrete, steel, asphalt, stone, it all crushed under her impact force, and she kept going. There might have been a building even, it was hard to say. Her body gouged a trench through all of it like a round from a rail cannon. It almost didn't feel real as she finally exhausted enough force to flip up over end and skip a few more times before sliding to a stop somewhere in the city.

Sakuranbo coughed and rolled over after what seemed like too long a time, then coughed again when she was to her elbows and knees. Monsters. Freaks. Yuki's claim of being the most powerful warrior from the planet came back to her through the ringing of her ears. How she had balked. Insanity.

She reached over and grabbed something in her periphary, using it to pull herself up, and only processing what it was afterward. It had once been a street light, when it was pointed another direction. Her gaze traced her crater path with a tired, pained eye. Yup, at least one building had a suspiciously Saiyan sized hole in it. Guess that answered that. Fucking insanity. From the backblast.

Sakuranbo's internal monotony of half-dead curses and complaints continued as she pulled herself entirely back to her feet. First one unsteady step, then another. Then her knee gave and she was on the dirt again. Fuck. But what did that mean happened to them? They couldn't still be fighting after that, could they? And what about the mothership? What had that blast done to it? And the others? Her senses were still too addled to focus, but there couldn't have been anywhere in East City that couldn't have seen that.
Elites: XXX (Dead, incinerated by absurdly high power levels)
Sakuranbo: ??? (Dazed, blasted, separated from that section of the battlefield)
Yuki: ??? (At epicenter of blast site, fate unknown)
Prince Vegeta: ??? (At epicenter of blast site, fate unknown)

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Re: Saiyan's Pride - Saiyan Saga (IC)

Post by McGenty » Sat Jul 28, 2018 6:57 am

Gray winced and rolled from his stomach to his back, being careful to take slow, long breaths so as not to make what he knew was a cracked rib any worse. The dust around him was beginning to settle, but he wasn’t ready to rejoin the fray. Thinking quickly, he yanked a smoke canister from his belt and pulled the pin, raising a thick white cloud to keep him concealed.

“Ow…” however much stronger he had grown, there was no denying that had hurt. His attention was snatched away from the pain, however, but the sudden change in two familiar power levels. Tien was gone, and Krillin’s was barely there.

For the first time that he could remember, Gray felt a pain beyond the physical. His team at the Agency had always been stiff, professional, deliberately avoiding any semblance of sentimentality as a matter of practice. They were tools, living weapons, not given the luxury of such things as care. Even the monk had taught him to erase all emotion from his mind, reinforcing the blank slate that had made Gray so good at infiltration and espionage. But training this last year, with these people, had been so different. However reluctant he may have been to admit it, Krillin and Tien had become his friends – the only ones he could remember ever having. Feeling them fading away to nothing was too much for the Gray persona to handle, and suddenly, something snapped.

As the smoke began to clear, a tremendous crash resounded off the walls of the ruined buildings within – the sound of two thousand pounds of weighted clothes hitting the pavement. Two of the Saiyans turned from attacking fleeing humans to investigate, but got no further, as twin lances of white energy blazed from the cloud and punched through their chests, taking their lives with them as they exploded from their backs.


Gray’s voice boomed from the last of the cloud, which was now being driven away by swirling air that whipped around the commando’s form. His weighted clothes, save his gun belt, lay in a crater behind him. A white aura blazed around him, nearly concealing his barefoot, topless form from view.

“You’re not welcome here anymore. You never have been.”

He rose from the ground, rolling his neck, arching his back, and stretching his limbs to adjust to the feeling of every ounce of his ki flowing through them. He knew the real battle was in the hands of Khol and the others far beyond his level, but he now knew something else. He knew what Kami had been trying to teach him: that the battle had to be personal before his real power could be harnessed. It wasn’t about altruism, planetary politics, or following orders. It couldn’t be. It was about revenge for his fallen friends.

He turned, eyes blazing, toward the Saiyan who had shot him from behind a moment ago, who was now watching with interest.

“You’re all getting off my planet, now. Starting with you.”

With that, Agent Gray streaked toward the Saiyan, screaming with rage, and unleashed a barrage of ki blasts at the Saiyan, who batted them away with a smile on his face. The Commando disappeared, then appeared again behind the Saiyan, but again, the alien was prepared – or so it appeared. He threw a hand back, expecting to catch the earthling in the jaw, but his hand passed through empty space. He turned his head, surprised…

“Oooof – “

…only for the wind to be forced from his lungs by what felt like a sledge hammer. He turned back to find the human nose to nose with him, grinning widely.

“Aloha. It’s one of our earth greetings. It’s a funny one, because it means hello…”

The Saiyan coughed, blood mixing with the saliva that spewed from his mouth, and looked down to where the human’s fist was plunged into his stomach. Gray pulled his hand away and held up the pins to the half dozen grenades he’d shoved into the Saiyan’s guts.

“..and goodbye.”

With that, he flew backwards, throwing up both arms, and a barrier, just in time for the blast that tore the Saiyan’s torso from his legs.
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Re: Saiyan's Pride - Saiyan Saga (IC)

Post by Ares [Darkblade] » Mon Jul 30, 2018 2:21 am

East City Nappa

She stood above her defeated opponent, her fists clenched. Her rage screamed at her to finish it, to tear them asunder. But she hesitated, for even in her rage he could recall the man her foe was. The proud saiyan general, who had taken a shine to her, taught her what it meant to be a saiyan warrior. That however wasn’t enough to diminish her rage, the power it unleashed was not so easily contained by nostalgia. Her right fist rising up, the air growing heavy as she drew in her breath readying herself for the final blow.


That voice, it felt like a lifetime ago since she last heard it. Turning her head, there was another saiyan. Female, their armour more a single piece dress than designed for battle. Tail loosely swaying, as they approached her. Arms open, inviting, nothing but the unconditional love for the distraught saiyaness. Kures’ fist clenched harder, for a moment her body tensed with the conflicting emotion of her rage and the love she had for this woman. As she was embraced from behind she dropped to her knees, her power diminishing as the rage lost.

“You would only have regretted it.”

The gentle saiyan, Gine, the one who had sacrificed much to keep her safe. She just continued to hold the child she had raised, as the tears began to fall. For the rage was born of loss, and now that loss hit the young saiyan. Piccolo was gone, and she had almost erased another of those that had taught her.

“That’s ok, nobody is around to see. Just let it all out.”

Gine had taken the opportunity to leave the other saiyans watching King Vegeta’s battle, no way could she have remained still when she noted the spike in the child’s ki. She had certainly grown into a strong warrior, though still not truly suited for battle. Even if it was the gentle souls that raged hardest, she knew it only brought about more pain in the end. So she would continue to shield this child of her choosing, in place of the mother they lost. Her true blood though, it was certainly strong in her brother. Kale and Soko would certainly be proud of them, not just for their power, but carrying their dreams in their hearts.


As he celebrated his victory, a massive explosion ripped through the ruins. The attack of Vegeta and Yuki picking him up and slamming him across the city, he would survive, but it was a very close thing indeed.
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Over the Ocean Kakarotto

Kakarotto noted that Kures’ ki was returning to what it was first at, and his scouter gave a reason. Gine was there, hopefully that wouldn’t cause Vegeta to want to punish her. After all the lower classes were to watch his battle with Khol, though Khol was giving him problems from the readings.

“Like mother would stop to think about orders, it’s the way she has always been.”

Raditz seemed to have the same thoughts on his mind, and responded to his unasked question. He certainly had beaten his brother a fair bit, but the fact he was still flying around made him happy. Raditz hadn’t been able to hold out long in the past at all, but after a year he was matching him to a certain extent. Yes Kakarotto was certainly the strongest of the two, Raditz was not completely in his shadow. He had to wonder what Earth had put them through to gain such strength, and again Raditz had an answer.

“Khol, he’s a git. You’ll learn that soon enough I suppose, but seems King Vegeta has other plans.”

The pair looking at their scouters, King Vegeta was calling the commanders all back. Apparently something was happening that he wanted them to witness. Perhaps Khol had gotten a hold of his scouter, like he had with Raditz’s. That broadcast had been sent across every saiyan scouter, not just the King’s. It was why he was making so many witness what he was going to do to anyone who defied him, though Khol wasn’t going to make that easy.

“Alright, soldiers, Raditz and I will do as ordered. You lot continue as is, and don’t get yourselves killed. I rather not have to explain that to the King.”

Kakarotto felt it was best to keep these men here, where they would not interfere. For they were loyal to the King, well every saiyan was, openly anyway. So would likely get in the way, should he find a need to finish what Khol had started. The pair speeding off, he was surprised Raditz could still pump out a lot of ki. Yes he had held back, but he was pretty sure he’d hurt him a fair bit.


Outside Mothership King Vegeta

Khol had been a bit too careless, mainly cause the King had been such a disappointment thus far. But that might’ve been a ploy to drag Khol in, for the moment he got close to the prone King he got hit by an attack. A beam of ki that didn’t stop when it hit his flesh, though the force was enough to smash him across the land and leave him on his back looking up at the sky. King Vegeta seemed to take heart in that, for he was quick to his feet and sent a message to every commander’s scouter to get here. So this was the final moments of their fight?

“This is the fate of traitors! Look long and hard at it!”

Khol didn’t move, he was weighing up his options. His left arm wasn’t moving, the hole in his shoulder was the cause of that. He quickly threw out the notion of eating a senzu bean, no, they were in a fight and that wouldn’t be fair. And he was pretty sure that the King’s attack was only useful cause it caught him off guard, so it wasn’t like there was a need for him to have two arms working again. He also noticed Raditz and another saiyan flying towards the scene, he pondered what Raditz might be thinking seeing him basically playing dead. Well ok he wasn’t playing, and he wasn’t dead, just felt he ought to let the King set himself up for a fall. He noted no Prince, nor the bald fellow that had been fighting Kures. So it would seem they were having problems, well ok, he sensed they were pretty much out of the fight. Kures certainly impressed him with that outburst of ki, and Yuki was going to complain to him that the Prince of all Saiyans wasn’t up to scratch. Even if she herself was a bit knackered from the effort, but he ought to move now. No point letting the lives lost already be in vain, so he rose, dusting himself off as he looked at King Vegeta.

“You done showboating to the audience? Or are you waiting for me to think you’re beat again?”

He goaded the King of all Saiyans, mainly cause it amused him at this point. The King had been behind most of his life’s greatest regrets, and now he found the man wanting. He had hoped this would be a great clash of strength, where he’d feel a lot more battered by the end of it. But no, beyond an injury that was more his stupidity than his foes strength, he was disgustingly healthy for someone in a life or death battle for the fate of not just this world but his own people.

“You’ve talked a good game, and that’s about it.”

His ki exploded, time to show this King just what he had brought upon himself. Even as blood seeped out of the hole, he could summon up the gale and push down upon the saiyans. Some were fainting from the pressure, which he regretted, but it had to be done. This fool had to learn just how badly they had screwed up, how their decisions had brought them all the way here to be defeated by one they made suffer.

“Now call up your power and let’s finish this!”

King Vegeta was agasht, not only had his Execution Beam failed to kill the exile. But they were able to summon up even more strength, were they holding this back the entire time? Impossible, just what was this exile? He saw the sons of Bardock, it would seem Raditz was still loyal, returning when ordered. Unlike his son and Nappa, where were they? Earthlings should not be able to stop them from attending, or was that sentimental fool of a general playing with the daughter of bardock? His son was more disconcerting than Nappa’s, and a lot less explicable.

“So you want more pain! Child of Kale, then I shall give you more!”

He looked around, bravado be damned, he needed to defeat him before he could summon even more power. He wasn’t a fool, he knew he was in a bad situation, and that meant he needed to use his wits.

“Guards! To me!”

Yes, numbers would suffice. Even if it would mean there were saiyans who would see it was a betrayal, it only mattered that King Vegeta was victorious. It wasn’t like he took this one’s challenge for leadership seriously, and exile could never become King, he would not allow it. He saw the disapproval in Kakarotto’s eyes, so like his father, but it was for their sake too that he was willing to do this. Debase his own legend as a warrior to ensure the Saiyan people had a King that would lead them into glory once more. He knew better than to ask the sons to join in, and he rather not have to punish them for being true to their father’s ideals. The rest would revolt at the idea of it, never mind him actually doing it. His royal guard didn’t hesitate, they could not, a King was to be obeyed above all things. Something he impressed upon them for a long time, considering he had to raise a new guard after the loss of his planet.

“Child of Kale, this is your end! Galick Gun!”

With that the guards matched the technique of the King with their own imitation. He felt a guard ought to at least have some instruction from their King, and right now it was going to prove useful. Though he was certainly going to be damaging a planet he spent a lot of effort getting to, but that was the price of conquest.


Khol looked around him at the saiyans who were now in the path of Vegeta’s gamble. Again he was forcing the Saiyan to choose between taking an attack verse allow others to die. And this time there were no guards to protect those lower class warriors.

“Get out of there you fool!”

It was Raditz, who was now standing in front of the saiyans behind Khol. So this was Raditz’s own moment for defiance, though a bit misjudged. Khol wasn’t dodging his attack, no, he was going to bring this dynasty into ruin with a single hand.


Khol’s raised right arm was already pressing against the combined wave, Raditz knew what he was going to do next. He raised his own ki in an attempt to defend the crowd, noting that he wasn’t alone.

“Like I’d let you claim the glory alone brother!”

Kakarotto was more interested in seeing Kures’ brother in action, a madman for sure. Even he wouldn’t try taking this attack on alone, and the sheer confidence in the saiyan made him itch with anticipation. He wanted to fight him, assuming they somehow lived through this.


The ground cracked, heat of the planet wrapped around him as pulled it into his attack. This King was going to feel the pain he inflicted upon them, the pain of those he claimed in their name, her pain. His ki exploding even higher to match the attack at first as he unleashed it,


The beam instantly pushed the wave away from him, but the King was ready to throw even more ki of his own and his guard. They were stalled, into a stalemate. Raditz recalled what happened the last time Khol was in a stalemate, and really hoped he wasn’t about to do the same thing again. Well he couldn’t his left arm wasn’t moving, so at least he wasn’t about to get thrown back by a massive explosion. But then this was going to become who had more stamina? Not a great plan considering the King had more people on his side of the attack.

No, there was something off here. Khol’s ki wasn’t evening out, as would be the case of reaching the limit of one’s power. Instead it continued to rise, to the point it’s gale was blowing those behind him backwards. Raditz noted his own feet dragging small trenches into the ground, what the hifl was going on? Vegeta was throwing the fullest of his power at the exile, and yet the exile was still pushing back. For a moment Vegeta could swear he saw a flash of golden light before they were suddenly overwhelmed by Khol’s attack.

The saiyans behind Khol though had seen it, for just a moment, Khol was glowing like the sun. Raditz recalled Kami once telling them that Khol was known to the Terrans as the Star Child, even in his bewilderment it was certainly a well chosen name. Smoke billowing from their arm as his own attack burned Khol’s flesh, raising the beam into the sky to avoid destroying the planet with it’s sheer power. The royal guard were toast, their still burning bodies falling from the beam, becoming ash before hitting the ground. Vegeta though, his body charred was gasping, his eyes wide as he reached his arm out towards Khol. Who had seemingly blurred for a moment, and was now right before the King.

“Damn it!”

Khol’s hand had punched a hole right through the King’s armour and chest, the ki beam protruding out the other side. He had been tempted to let this man live, but no, there would be those that would consider the victory incomplete if King Vegeta was allowed to live. That and it was the only kindness Khol felt he could afford, letting them die in battle than live with being dethroned. Well that and he really couldn’t let someone else steal the kill and claim it made them King, he rather not have too many fights to claim the throne. As King Vegeta fell, Khol pulled his arm out and looked back at the onlookers. As had been the case at the world tournament, he did enjoy the notion people had witnessed his victory.

“By right of victory, I claim the crown!”

He looked then at the damage already done to the area and sighed, perhaps he should’ve finished this battle sooner.

“As my first royal decree, this invasion is over!”

Raditz was ahead of him sending the command to all scouters, even those of his team to let them know the fighting was ending. Kakarotto was just standing there, looking at Kures’ brother. A smirk playing across his face, one Raditz knew well, the one that got him into bother. It spoke of his unbridled desire to fight, though right now even Kakarotto had to admit it wasn’t the best time for that. The other’s might think it meant they were to rebel against the new King rather than him just wanting to fight a strong foe.

“Also we might want to do something for the dead and injured, gather them and we’ll see about how we deal with this situation.”

He started floating, he had somewhere to be right now. Considering this was going to be a big thing for the world to deal with, invaders that are also refugees. He had achieved his goal, and that was nice. But now there were maybe a few hundred saiyans left on a planet not exactly prepared for them. He threw his pouch of senzu beans to Raditz, he could live with the hole for now, others needed those beans more.

“Those should help, I’ll go have a chat with some people about this situation. King to King so to speak.”

He knew the King of the World was a dogman, and well that was about it. But he was pretty sure he could probably talk the guy around to the notion of saiyans on the planet, now he and the others basically saved them from said saiyans.


Mothership Vegeta

He had managed to get away, barely, and that infuriated him. Well ok more he was blasted around the place and ended up smashing into their home vessel. He dragged himself along the ground, how could he be so easily beaten? Earthlings were trash, and yet they thrashed him, Prince of all Saiyans. The Elite all dead, and as he got where he wanted to, his father, dead. At the hands of the exile, fool for wanting a grand showdown. But it save him the effort, considering now he was not in the position to fulfil that mission. Let the Exile have their moment of glory, he would claim the crown when it suited him. But for now, there was no reason to remain. He had managed to drag himself to the pod launch bay, his pod was already waiting for him. That part of his scheme was the only part that came to be, and he was glad of it.


Much of the information he had gathered was already relayed, including much of the conversations he had covertly gotten from Radtiz’s scouter. Fool should’ve destroyed it the moment they decided to side with the exile faking or not, though that would be wit beyond the eldest son of Bardock. In time he would return, once he had licked his wounds, and grown to fulfil the legend. He engaged the emergency health support functions, as the gas mask closed around his face he spoke.

“Frieza One.”


East City Nappa’s Training Force

While the order to disengage was given, someone hadn’t told the one they were facing. The one they face was completely different from the Earthlings, they were not fighting in battle. No this one was hunting them, like prey.


That happened repeatedly, a pained scream and all they’d find is another dead saiyan. Just what was going on?

“You’re the last ones, a shame.”
The looked up, to find above them a silver haired female. One silver eye looking directly at them, the crimson unseeing. Her body seemed odd, most of the skin seemed unnatural except that of her face. Though they couldn’t ponder that as she was upon them, faster than they could even imagine they were efficiently butchered by blades of ki. It was over before it had really begun, and she was angry, he was still beyond her and his presence stopped her hunting even more of these tailed monsters. Again she had to question his purpose, she had seen his ki rage against that of these others. Yet he was just the same as them, were they not?

“It would seem they are being ordered to stand down, interesting.”

The old man was certainly calm, considering this invasion could’ve seen the Earthlings face the same fate as the Terrans. It didn’t seem to worry him in the slightest, perhaps cause he was confident in his own designs to thwart the Saiyans. Or had anticipated his wish to fight against their own kind, it was hard to tell just how much the old man could see holed up in their lab.

“I assume the synthskin was to your liking?”

Indeed, while her burnt flesh lay under it still unable to be healed. This synthetic flesh had allowed her to draw out much of her old strength, the power Khol had robbed her of with the technique they crafted together.

“Yes, but it’s still not enough. Even at my fullest, he is still stronger.”

Indeed this invasion was the first time she had seen him use the fullest of his power, that light she still found so warm, even with the pain it brought her. The Star Child once more living up to the name they gave him, and yet this planet for the whole remained unconquered by that light.

“I think it would be best to return, we’ve gathered enough data from these saiyans to proceed.”

He had already proceeded on one model, purely machine and yet made to look like an Earthling. While he designated it with a number like the previous failures, he had a habit of calling it ‘my child’. Though he was probably referring to the twins, apparently while confident in the metal man he wanted to go further. Like with herself, improving the living beings beyond their natural limits with his machines. Which would hopefully bring about the day where she would finally stand over his body, that thought carrying her into the sky as she sped back to the old man’s cave.

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Re: Saiyan's Pride - Saiyan Saga (IC)

Post by Kindredtown » Sun Aug 05, 2018 6:22 pm

The Ocean

When Kakarotto and Raditz left for the King, the Saiyan leading the assault against Namori and Taroga turned back down towards the water. The others followed suit and searched the water with their eyes. They couldn't really see anything and without their scouters they couldn't read exactly where they were. That didn't bother the one in front though. Instead he smiled.

"You heard that, Taroga? We can still play with you and your Earth pets. Your head will still be the perfect trophy for the King. And the key for me to get into his personal guard."

Taroga wasn't interested in becoming anyone's piece in a power play. There was nothing even special about being in the guard. If he was going to be used he'd want for the aim to be higher. He hated that he had to wait down here. He hated even more that he had to follow Namori's plan in order to survive this. He looked at the bald one and knew that if he did anything to leave him he'd become another casualty in this nonsensical war. With their numbers already dwindling the Earth would be overrun by Saiyans and humans would be all but wiped out.

He should've been fine with that but... He glanced down at his gi and shook his head. He had formed somewhat of a connection with the Earthlings. Though he wouldn't admit it out loud. He also knew that his sister wouldn't go for their extinction. She cared for them more than he did. If the King won she would've certainly rebelled and without the Earth's fighters at her side she'd die. He couldn't let that happen. He couldn't do anything that would put these two at risk and so for that he had to trust Namori.

Namori waited for the Saiyans to make their move. They had the advantage but he could tell that in moments like this they were the impatient type. Especially when they're so eager to take the head of their enemy. Though if they were lucky they'd stop once Khol ended this by becoming King. He knew it wasn't realistic to hope for that. He wasn't even sure that the remaining Saiyans would be fine sharing the planet. How many were like the ones that stayed with them for a year? Despite his doubts Namori was still interested in finding out what the rest of them could do. He hoped they were better than the basic crop above them.

He was forced from his thoughts by the struggle of power in the distance. This was it. This was going to determine the fate of the world. He wished he could witness it for himself. He already felt how outclassed he was just from being able to sense it. He wanted to see it with his own eyes. He wanted to see what he had to surpass. With Kami gone he had an obligation to Earth and its people to be stronger than he was now. When the clash ended he knew that Khol was the one that was victorious.

The saiyans above them weren't aware of what happened, but even they could feel something happened near the mothership. One of them looked over in the direction and saw a pod flying off into the air. He pointed it out to the others. The one in front pushed his confusion aside and focused on his goal.

"I don't know what's going on and I don't really care. Let's finish this before someone tries to stop us from killing them."

He dove down towards the water and the others followed suit. They spotted Namori first and aimed for him first. They were sure Taroga would come to his aid. He may have been loud and obnoxious, but he wasn't a coward. And certainly not one afraid of a challenge. They were unaware that they were falling for the simplest trap.

Namori prepared to face them. He entered a defensive stance hoping they'd believe he'd try his hand at actually fighting them while clearly outnumbered. They fell for it and came closer unaware that he was charging his ki and containing it on the inside. "Just a little more..." He thought to himself. He had one shot at this and he couldn't risk any of them avoiding it. When the final one was within the five meter mark he released the energy in an electric burst.

It claimed its first victim a foot away from him and spread to the others. They let out short inaudible yells accompanied by air bubbles escaping their mouths. Soon what was left were shocked and lifeless Saiyans with charred bodies and armor. Namori maneuvered around them and swam to the surface.

Taroga followed him while still holding onto Krillin. "It feels good to breathe again. Next time, I'm going to be the one to finish the battle."

Namori didn't respond and instead looked up at the sky. "Krillin, take a senzu bean and give one to Taroga. I'll be fine. Take Amy's body and find the others that may need a bean. Taroga, go to your sister. I'm sure that's what you wanted to do anyway. I'm going to Mr. Popo."

"I don't take orders from you, Nam----."

"Kami is dead."

Taroga sighed. "Fine. Go on."

Namori nodded and flew towards the lookout.

Krillin took a bean for himself and no longer felt like he was on door's death. He handed another one to Taroga before diving back into the water for Amy's body.

Taroga ate his bean and he truly never grew tired of these magic beans that they called senzu. He wondered what was going to happen next. How would Earth handle having the Saiyans here? How would the Saiyans handle integrating into a planet's society that was so unlike their own? And one that they couldn't conquer? He was sure there'd be unrest among both sides. It was going to be interesting to say the least. Khol as King was going to be the most interesting thing of all. The barely sane hero of Earth. He lightly laughed at the thought and took off for the Mothership.
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Re: Saiyan's Pride - Saiyan Saga (IC)

Post by Ninmast » Mon Aug 06, 2018 4:58 pm

Sakuranbo had rolled over to her back, deciding to give the world time to stop spinning before trying again to get to her feet, when a shadow fell over her face. For a moment, she almost thought it was her commander, but the face was too youthful and the brow wasn't as prominent. Once upon a time, long ago, when she was a silly little kid, she had a crush on that lop-sided grin, but now, it just elicited a pained groan she was too exhausted to suppress.

"Fuck," she surmised. "We lost."

"That's one way to say hello," Kakarotto replied, his grin only widening. "And I came bearing gifts from your commander, too." With one hand, he pulled an immediately recognized bean from outside of her field of view. "You look like you could use a pick-me-up. And you definitely don't look like someone that fought the prince."

Sakuranbo made a drunken swipe for the senzu bean above her, only for him to bob it back up out of reach, still grinning. Of course that was what interested him. Powerful fights were the only thing he was ever interested in. That and food. And for that to be said by a Saiyan about another Saiyan meant it was especially strong. "I fought his elites. Beat 'em all, too," she slurred as she let her arm fall to the dirt again.

He gave a huff of disbelief at that. "They leave you like this?"

"Nah," she shook her head. "Got caught in the beam struggle between the prince and an Earthling."

"An Earthling fought the prince?" His belief was dropping, but his intrigue was growing faster.

Sakuranbo, in a moment of sudden clarity, saw her path to that coveted bean. "I can introduce you."

She knew she'd landed her blow when Kakarotto's grin widened again.

* * *

A drifting breeze wafted through Yuki's hair, folding around her cheek like a motherly caress, and she stirred. Her eyes opened to a desolate landscape that had once been part of a city, with unseasonal snowflakes drifting down from an ash-clouded sky, the remnants of her clash with the Saiyan prince.

At that revelation, she spread her senses out around her, but the prince was crawling away, and then her sensation of him vanished just as one of those round orb craft shot into the sky. He was retreating, that meant that he couldn't fall back on his father, which in turn meant that Khol had won. This didn't really surprise her in any way. Honestly, the idea that it was ever in question was nonsense. The moment their contrasting power levels were known, the fight shouldn't have happened. That Earth had to fight and both sides had to die just to delay the invasion long enough for the inevitable to play out was a sin of the king's arrogance.

Other ki levels came to her senses, and she immediately recognized one of them. This was a state she wouldn't allow herself to be seen in. When she tried to shift her body, it absolutely screamed at her, the utter drain of the clash combining with the strain of the continuous overuse of the Kaioken having completely burned out every muscular nerve in her body. She stilled herself for a moment, but only to regather her will. Nothing was overly broken, just completely exhausted and worn, and she wasn't trying to stand.

When Sakuranbo and the unknown Saiyan found her, she was battered, exhausted and bruised, but she sat with her knees folded under her, eyes shut and head down as if in meditation.

"So this is the one that fought the prince?" the man asked, and it was Yuki who would see it answered.

"Did I interrupt your rivalry?" she asked, guessing from his very similar power level to the prideful member of the royal family, though she never raised her head or opened her eyes. She hoped it came across as regally reserved, because she wasn't entirely sure she could manage to look them steadily in the eye. "Forgive me, but I'm afraid I am simply too expended to give another challenger a due reception today."

The man gave a hum of concurrence as the device aside his head beeped a reading to him. "I can see that, but you didn't leave Vegeta in any better a state, so that's impressive enough in my books."

"Ah, Yuki," Sakuranbo tried to live up to her part of the deal, "this is Kakarotto. He's Commander Raditz' younger brother, and is said to take after their legendary father, Bardock."

"I am sure that means more to the humans who trained with you over the last year than it does to me," the princess pointed out. "Or did you forget that I have never met your commander?"

"Right ..." the blonde replied, inwardly scowling at the Earthling's seeming determination to be difficult.

"You didn't train with them?" Kakarotto asked, interested in this revelation. "Where did you go to train for our arrival, then?"

"With the gods, themselves," Yuki answered completely without hesitation.

"Right, that Namekian you people call Kami. You do realize he's just an alien, right?"

The princess managed a scowl, but little more. "No, I did not train with him, he is merely a planetary guardian, with much to teach aspiring warriors, to be sure. I trained underneath the God King, King Kai."

"I ... see." Truth be told, Kakarotto didn't see. These names didn't match anything he'd gotten from intelligence reports or from his brother. Instead, he fished out another senzu bean. "Yuki, right? My brother sent me with this."

She didn't move to take it. "Sakuranbo misspoke, Kakarotto, son of Bardock. I can forgive her, it has been a year since she and I last spoke at length. I am Her Imperial Highness Yuki Musume, Warrior Princess of the Frozen Lands."

"Ah ..." He found himself faltering with the bean still outstretched. "Great. More royalty. So much for the idea that someone else normal had gotten to this level besides me."

"Indeed," was all she replied with in an icy neutrality.

He turned back toward his fellow Saiyan. "Is she always this difficult?"

"I couldn't say," Sakuranbo admitted after a moment of hesitation. "This might be the second longest conversation she and I have ever had."

"And only the third we have had at all," Yuki provided. "I left this world for my training the same day as her forward party arrived on it." She let one hand unfold, as if some motion was intended. "Do not mistake my correction for a lack of gratitude. I appreciate the restorative effects of a senzu bean after such a battle, but it cannot kill me and certainly there will be others in dire need of a bean's powers."

Suddenly, Sakuranbo furled her brow as something clicked, and she stomped ahead of Kakarotto, who was surprised by the sudden motion. "Oh, please, you're full of it right now, aren't you? Admit it, you can barely even move! I'll bet I could walk right up and shove you in the forehead, and you'd topple over like a bag of sand!"

The princess' face tensed again. "Do it and I will end you when I recover."

"Whoa! Whoa!" Kakarotto physically imposed himself between the two, holding hands out toward either of them. "I'm all for any good fight, but even I can tell this isn't one worth having!"

"Fine, give me that!" Sakuranbo snatched the bean from his hand, which just happened to be the one toward her, and strode toward the princess who she was confident was helpless to object as she shoved the bean into the girl's mouth with her thumb.

For a moment, Yuki just sat there, either stunned or unable to muster the strength to act, but then slowly, she began to chew, and soon after that, she swallowed. An odd thing happened after she did that. Her horribly damaged and charred outfit she had arrived in began to mend itself before their eyes even as her ki level rose. That the two were linked was unquestionable, but what a bizarre sight it was.

It was longer still before the princess moved again, getting one foot under her and pushing to her feet, and only then opening her eyes to drill Sakuranbo with her gaze. But she said nothing.

"Alright, come on, Princess," Kakarotto told her, devoid of a suitably devout tone she determined, "as much as I'd like to see what you can do for myself, we need to get back. Some important stuff is going to start happening in really short order."

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Re: Saiyan's Pride - Saiyan Saga (IC)

Post by Madrigal » Tue Aug 07, 2018 12:11 pm

The next few moments were long and painful. A flurry of shimmering blows and near misses. Mothlyn’s arms could barely keep up, she thought to herself as she raised one arm to parry a blow to her face. Her opponent would do that. Use a bunch of light fast jabs or feints to make her protect her core, before striking out at a joint or the face to keep Mothlyn on guard. It was...intoxicating. The fight might have been exhilarating if the saiyan girl had a moment to catch her breath. But the Earthling with her golden arms didn’t seem set on stopping anytime soon. The thought resounded in her mind and ceased as the comely Earth girl drew her arm back, lashing forward. The blow flew with surprising speed, striking the Saiyan in the solar plexius. Her body armor fell apart at that, exposing a tanned and taunt belly and the outline of a feminine fist as she stared down with silent fury. Damnit! She just got that set of armor too! That was it. She would have to make her stop.

Mothlyn swayed to one side, dodging the next golden hued blow that threatened to knock her out of the sky. Her positioning had been carefully chosen, meant to lure her attacker into over reaching. Into making a mistake that she could use to regain her footing and counterattack. In a fight like this, all it took was one mistake. And her opponent took it. The human jabbed forward, overestimating the reach of her arm. Brown eyes, honed with a practiced cool calculation shifted into alarm as she drifted forward. Mothlyn had to admit, her form was good, but her flight was sloppy. Probably hadn’t had much experience fighting in the air. Her loss.

“Eat dirt, flatso!”

Sensing the time had come to strike, Mothlyn lunged forward. The brown haired girl flew towards the earth, a plume of dirt and soil flying into the air from where she struck the ground. The saiyan smiled down at her efforts, with a look of self-satisfaction. Before letting it pass and raising one hand to her sternum. Damn...Earth Girl knew how to punch. She was all sore on her belly and shoulder. That last stomach blow had been painful too. But from what she saw of humans, this one wasn’t liable to be moving again anytime soon.


What was that noise though? Some Earthling animal, sensing its extinction soon?


Whatever it was, it was certainly annoying.


Mothlyn would just catch her breath and finish off her target before finishing off the human.


Hold on...was that coming from...


Ohshitohshitohshit! Kill it now!

Womanly fingers marked with sweat, blood and dirt extended, balls of energy forming in either hand before she threw them down at the spot her opponent had fallen to. The cloud of dirt had begun to part, letting her see the human. One of her eyes was swollen shut from a blow to her face, a small trickle of blood falling from her forehead, and her body was pocked with bruises. Her white gi, red arm guards and bandana were now smeared with dust, sweat, and more than a little blood, once pristine cloth hanging from one shoulder. But the brown eye that gazed up was fixed on her. And in that pupil, Mothlyn could see an implacable truth. Shining brighter than the balls of Ki flying towards her, or the bright blue orb in the human’s hand.

The human would attack her. She would strike. Her attack would draw blood. And then, Mothlyn would die.


Two hands, feminine, petite and trained for war lunged forward. Palms clasped against one another at the wrist as if in offering. And as she did, the orb burst forward in a flare of radiant light. Resolving itself into a beam, the light soared up towards Mothlyn. She scarcely had time to scream, before the light consumed her.


As Natsumi felt the surge of Ki fly from her hands, something seemed to wash over her, starting in her head and working its way down the base of her spine. A shivering sensation, akin to a wave of heat on a cold day. Her cold demeanor faded, replaced with one of mature confusion. Not at what had just happened, but what she should do next. Well, first thing was to make sure she was set for the next fight. Her two hands moved about, pulling her gi back in place. Tightening her arm guards. Her arm tensed as she felt the straps shift. She must have hit her arm when she hit the ground. Ignoring the pain, she drew the strap back sharply, making sure it was in place before she slowly rose into the air. Her eyes flitted over the horizon before settling in on the ruined suburbs of the city nearby. If there were more Saiyans, she would probably find them there...or perhaps someone in need of help. Calling upon her own understanding of Ki, Natsumi surged forward towards the city. Hoping there were others left besides her.
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Re: Saiyan's Pride - Saiyan Saga (IC)

Post by McGenty » Wed Aug 08, 2018 10:25 pm

Gray had only just turned his attention to the other Saiyans in the area to find them staring, eyes wide, and starting to backpedal before turning to run or fly away.

“HA! That’s right! You heard me, didn’t you? Get off my plan-AAAAGAGGGHAAAGHAGHHHHH!”

Caught up in his momentum, the highly trained commando failed to recognize the real reason the Saiyans were fleeing the scene - the massive shockwave coming from Yuki and Vegeta’s attacks colliding – until it slammed into him from behind. He hurtled forward, propelled by the blast, with only just enough time to project a barrier to save him from the worst of it. Four blocks and all of his remaining pride later, he slid to a stop, unconscious, in a pile of rubble.

There was no way of knowing how much later someone’s insistent prodding dragged him back to consciousness.

“Whaddya wun… git offma…git offma plan…my plan…git offma urf!”

Gray muttered, one eye closed, the other swollen closed so he couldn’t open it if he wanted to, and swung one limp arm at his would-be attacker.

“Hey buddy, calm down! It’s me!”

Krilin dodged Gray’s flailing without too much effort and shoved a bean into his sparring partner’s mouth. Having reflexively swallowed the now all-too-familiar miracle cure, Gray’s senses returned to him in short order.


“Hey buddy. How’d it go?”

Gray grinned, but sobered up quickly after looking at the wreckage around them.

“Could have gone better. You?”

Krillin rubbed the back of his head, still a little sore from one of his pummellings in spite of the senzu
beans, and shrugged.

“Same for me. We came a long way, but those Saiyans are a whole other level.”
Gray nodded silently, very quickly coming down from the high of his fight under the weight of the day’s events.

“We would have lost without the Saiyans, Krillin. It wouldn’t even have been a fight.”

“You’re not wrong.”

“Tien’s gone?”

Krillin frowned, sensing the major change in mood, and nodded, adding “Yamcha and Piccolo too. No Piccolo means no Kami. No Kami means no Dragon Balls, so it might be for real this time.”

“This time?” Gray looked at Krillin, who barely noted how unusual it was for Gray to openly register the incredulity on his face. “What do you mean, this time?”

The monk shrugged and cast a glance skyward.

“There’s a lot you still don’t know, buddy."

Meanwhile, back at the base, White was debriefing his superiors.

“In conclusion, the invaders appear to have been halted by a combined force of human martial artists, the demon king Piccolo, and rogue Saiyains who rebelled against their king and have installed their own leader. The immediate threat is over, and considering the serious casualties to our defenders, our best bet is wait and see what happens. Intel suggests the remaining Saiyans will, by and large, leave Earth, however we have little means by which to deny those who wish to stay. We live in a different world than we did yesterday, but we do still have a world to live in. That’s a win for Earth.”

"And what about your asset, Commander?"

"Gray's role within the Agency was valuable, but he can be replaced here. There is no question whatsoever that he has accomplished far more in the company of these martial artists than he could have with any - or all - of our resources at his disposal. It is indisputable that Earth, and by extension, the Agency, is far better served by allowing him to continue in this capacity than by recalling him."

The bank of monitors behind White displayed the feed, flickering and static-ridden, from Gray's glasses as they lay half buried by debris. As the Agency's directors discussed the fate of Earth, its defenders, and its would-be invaders, Gray and Krillin came into view, gathering the commando's gear that had been discarded during the fight. Krillin noticed the glasses and pointed to them. The audio feed had long stopped working, but White saw Gray take a long look at the camera, then shake his head before turning and walking away. It appeared the feeling between Gray and the Agency was mutual.

White smiled, and surreptitiously tapped a command into the console. A moment later, all the screens went dark.
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Re: Saiyan's Pride - Saiyan Saga (IC)

Post by Ares [Darkblade] » Mon Aug 13, 2018 11:36 pm

Central City Khol

The King’s Palace was well guarded, guns were trained on him long before he landed. Well at least that suggested the King had been informed of the invasion, it was always a big hole in his plan that he had not just told the fellow before hand.

“Stay back!”

Khol paid them no mind, walking towards them. Their weapons were useless against him, he’d known that for a long time. That and it would hardly be useful for him to just stand there and wait around.

“I’m here to see the King, we need to talk.”

They didn’t seem reassured, no problem to him. They could point their guns at him all they wanted, if it made them feel comfortable. They seemed to acknowledge new orders, as they parted, though their guns remained trained at him. So someone inside had their brain engaged, knowing he could easily decimate the entire area. He continued into the palace, noting in passing that the paintings of various dog like humanoids were adorned all over the place. And he found a dog man waiting for him, their facial colouring making it appear they had a massive moustache.

“I am King Furry, and you are not the first to come to try claiming my throne.”

A little bit of bravado, he couldn’t help but smile. He knew Earthlings were for the most part beneath the power of even the feeblest of saiyan children, but unlike the dead king he didn’t find a reason for see that as a problem. There was no point to be strong if one did not walk the warrior’s path, he’d have found that wasted potential much more infuriating.

“If that was why I was here, I’d have done that years ago old chap.”

King Furry looked puzzled, blurting out.


Khol chuckled, seemed King Furry wasn’t entirely informed of things. Well that was problematic, but a solution was simple.

“I’ve been on Earth of a while, I am Khol the last Budokai champion.”

His face seemed to show comprehension, true it wasn’t like they were acquainted. But that tournament and the revelations that played out were likely something the King would know. Considering Piccolo’s aspirations, and those of their maker. Outside Namori thwarted the demon king, if he recalled the story correctly.

“Now to business, you’re correct in assuming I’m of the same race as the invaders. Though you’ve probably been informed by others, what I’ve been doing this past year and why.”

Khol may have pretended otherwise, but he knew Grey’s purpose. He didn’t need Piccolo informing him on what his Namekian ears had heard, Khol saw it the moment he’d laid eye on the man. The bearing of a soldier, like a saiyan could not recognise it, even under the control of the fool they were still trained to be soldiers. Even if that wasn’t the path Khol sought for himself, no he was a warrior, not one to follow orders of others.

“And am I to assume you were successful?”

“More or less, unfortunately they decimated East City before I got there. But for the time being I am their King, and have ordered an end to this invasion.”

His eyes lit up, he certainly enjoyed that news. But he could tell there was more to it.

“What now?”

“That’s why I came to see you. While the invasion is over, the saiyans are more or less stuck here. I’m sure you’ve been informed as to the reason for the invasion, that reason still exists.”

Yes, planet Vegeta was still gone. Which meant the saiyans had nowhere to go, well they probably could find a planet somewhere. But Khol didn’t even consider that, Earth was a better option. It may have less gravity than their home world, but it was compatible with their physiology. Earthlings and Saiyans seemed similar enough, well excluding the wide variety that Earthlings exhibited.

“So I’ve come to figure out how best to work together, King to King so to speak.”

“I owe you and the others that much I suppose, let’s go to my chambers.”

The pair walk along, the guards still not at ease. This was going to be a tense conversation, for them at least.


East City Ruins - Everyone

Raditz had found the female martial artist, the fact she was able to stay standing was impressive. But nothing a senzu bean wouldn’t fix, and directed her towards the others.

“That way, don’t start a fight. The invasion might be over, but we saiyans are always up for a fight.”

Indeed, he rather not have them lose others cause of extreme rough housing. Watching as she went the way he pointed, he scanned the area. No survivors here either, they had lost a lot of good saiyans today. Even more Earthlings, though most were lost during the initial attack. Nappa certainly knew how to make a mark upon a battlefield, though he was still unconscious. Kures and Gine had dragged him into a healing chamber aboard the mother ship, he was going to be in for a bit of a surprise once he awoke.

Kures was still a bit emotional, light headed after letting it all out. Her brothers were out and about, treating the wounded with senzu beans. Though she felt it might be best for Nappa to sleep it off in a healing chamber. It would give Khol time to turn up, she rather not have to fight her instructor again. Eventually the whole gang, well what was left of it would make their way to the assembly. Yamcha, Tien, the young girl, Piccolo, they were in the next dimension. Though considering the odds, more of them had managed to survive than she expected. Still the cost was great, what would her true brother do now that he had claimed victory?

Khol returned much later than expected, the sun was dipping in the sky. Many of the bodies were already being dealt with, he noted the one that Kures had thought was now clambering out of the mother ship. So he was alive, well that was interesting.

“What the hell is going on?!”

Khol landing as the great saiyan bellowed, true the poor fellow wasn’t exactly in a position to know what had happened. But the chain around Khol’s neck should give away the fate of Vegeta.

“Well as the current King I’ve ordered the end of the invasion.”

Nappa’s features showed shock, though changed quickily as he smirked.

“The Exile is King? Really? Are you sure?”

Kures had been on the recieving end of Nappa’s humour, it wasn’t exactly the sort of humour one got to laugh along with as it was just weird. Antagonising would be the best way to think of it, as well Nappa was a saiyan through and through.

“Well put a hole in me, so I put a larger one in him. He didn’t get back up, so I’m King. Or did the rules change?”

“And we’re not taking this planet?”

“We’re staying, I had a chat with their King.”

“These hicks have a king?”

“Yes, and he’s a dog, bit mustache.. you’d probably like that.”


“I think that’s something I get to announce to everyone, coming?”

“Not like I’ve much of a choice my King.”

“I suppose not, but asking is nice.. I think.”

He moved along to position himself in the centre of the group, Nappa moving himself to a spot where a few of his men were still undergoing treatment for wounds not worth a bean. He had been tempted to siddle up to his star pupil who had smacked him into next week, but thought better of it. Things were a changing, and it was best to feel out the new lay of the land than assume things would return to the way they were.

“As I ordered, the invasion is over. That does not mean this planet will not become our home, I’ve arranged a certain area of land to be considered a new home.”

There were a few strange looks as some saiyans tried to grasp the importance of that, they hadn’t done much but conquer so understandably were not exactly sure how to deal with the news they weren’t just taking what they wanted.

“As payment, we shall be joining. Well more becoming this planet’s military, we like fighting, they like not getting killed. Win/Win. It will also help you lot get use to the way Earthlings do things, it’ll take time and a fair bit of effort. But I think we’re more than up to the challenge of rebuilding our people, not to be intergalactic thugs for tyrants but the true warriors we once were.”

Though he also hoped they’d come to grasp the other opportunities Earthlings did, as it would be dull if they remained just warriors.

“For now the mother ship will remain a home, till houses can be built. We’ve much to make amends for, and some of you will be called upon to pay the debt our people owe this planet and it’s people.”

Indeed his first assignments would be in aiding the rebuilding of this city. He didn’t want to make this place home, as it would be a monument to their old ways. The blood shed here would not buy them anything, so it was best to live in the wilderness for now and earn the trust of the Earthlings. It would take a long time, and a lot of effort, but if the saiyans wanted to have a place to live that was the way it was going to be.

“I want that ship moved. Our new home is a ways off.”

Might as well keep them busy, for while he seemed happy enough he rather not have them stew on their defeat. As though this was in the best interests of the saiyan people, it was still them kicking the might of the saiyan military’s butt.

“Raditz! I’m promoting you to a new post, as someone has to be our envoy with the Earthling King. Unless you and your brother want to fight over who gets the position.”

Kakarotto’s face beamed at the prospect, Raditz sighed miserably.

“I’ll take that as accepting the post, so Kakarotto you’re going to be promoted to a military position. We’ve not hammered out how Earthling rankings work compared to our own, but you’ll be basically in a cooperative position with them. And no, you can’t challenge them to a fight if you disagree.”

He laughed sheepishly as Khol hit the nail on the most obvious trait Kakarotto had.

“General Nappa, while I may not be in a position to say how well your service to the previous King went. You trained Kures, and many like her. So I’ve decided to put that talent to use, training the next generation of warriors, Earthling and Saiyan.”

He looked around and sighed, this was taking entirely too long for his own liking.

“Those are the major changes as part of the deal with the Earthling King, so while we wait for the ship to be ready to move. I’ve made a call to a friend to provide an adequate feast, to celebrate this new beginning. Those tending the dead, we shall take them with us, to be buried under the new land of our people.”

They might’ve been enemies, but they were still saiyans. Following orders, in the hopes of having a new world to call home. It was the least he could do, ensuring their bodies at least were brought to their new home. A gesture at least to show that as King he thought of the saiyans as more than a people he had to stop invading, as a people he saw his own, a people he wanted to protect.

“With that said, anyone got any questions while we wait for my friend’s arrival?”

Truth be told, Bulma didn’t even get angry with him when he asked for food. Considering he was telling her to come where the saiyan’s mother ship was. He did suspect she might forget completely to bring food in her own hunger to see the alien technology. While the Earthling comrades were here, and likely had wanted to hear about plans concerning the likes of their own dead, he didn’t want to speak overly much on that right now. It was a shame to lose Piccolo and Kami, more so Piccolo for him. Kami came off as a bit self righteous for his tastes, and had a habit of rubbing salt into Khol’s sorest wounds. Piccolo he could fight with, and understand what drove him, even if world domination was just a silly byproduct of their creator’s ambition.

“Oh and try saying hello to some of my friends, the invasion is over so don’t hold it against them for not going down without a fight. Might as well get use to seeing Earthlings as friends yourselves, and no Kakarotto.. as much as it’s fun a fight isn’t the best way to say hello.”

Tien had he been around would’ve scoffed at that, considering Khol’s own brand of hello to the Earthlings gave him a lot of broken bones. Lucky this planet had things like Senzu Beans, though it had lost something that would’ve helped greatly with the efforts to rebuild, the Dragonballs.

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