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Magictica Academy

The realms where magic is the most prevalent. These are the realms of traditional fantasy but includes any setting where magic is the primary focus. Examples: LotR, Harry Potter, Dresden Files.

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Magictica Academy

Post by The Creator 7 » Mon Jul 08, 2019 5:58 am


Somewhere nearby is an old painting. Nothing to impressive about except to those who have something more to them. A Magickal Core. Only they can truly see what the painting is like. The true beauty, the uniqueness, a certain pull...... Something about that painting simply intrigues you even if is no one else can see what it is.
As you move to get a closer look, you see some kind of movement. Just one more step and you are pulled into the picture. Now you are falling yet you do not fear the fall as your eyes closed......

When you next open your eyes, you see the building from the picture and a young lady hurrying out to greet you.

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