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Epic-ish Quest (IC)

The realms where magic is the most prevalent. These are the realms of traditional fantasy but includes any setting where magic is the primary focus. Examples: LotR, Harry Potter, Dresden Files.

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Martin the faithful
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Re: Epic-ish Quest (IC)

Post by Martin the faithful » Thu Apr 19, 2018 9:23 am

Kamille Isabella Bromwell

For a moment Kamille thinks about changing forms and going for the lady's ankles. Then she gives a puzzled look.
"My Lady, the spirits must have gotten you also." She pauses for a moment, "Be careful or you might get yours skirts mussed." She thinks, or your modesty exposed.
Georgeanna wrote:
Thu Apr 19, 2018 8:00 am
"Who are you, miss? And what exactly has my mistress gotten into? Do you know?" she asked following Bloom's bouncing figure with her eyes, afraid if she looked away, that Bloom might fly away.
Kamille looks over the new comer to the group,
"Apparently the Evil Spirits have got then the pair." She makes motions like tipping a bottle. "My name is Kamille," she says then bows,"A courier who fell on bad times in the woods and wondered till I reached here. Bandits then wolves, Miss." She watches for a moment, "I made them a tea that should help with the colic. That is what the Lady is dancing with."

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Re: Epic-ish Quest (IC)

Post by Nicodemus » Thu Jul 05, 2018 11:41 pm

The forest gave little warning of the approaching newcomers, their announcement coming in the form of an annoyed grumbling already among the heroes. “Ugh. More adventurers.” Prince Otho snapped about to see a pair of squat things, no higher than his waste and textured here and there with bark and moss that blended into the forest floor, as if they’d sprouted and grown where they stood. The more bulbous of the two, with a bold nose like a cypress knee protruding from under his domed hat, kneaded his temples before continuing. “A’right, folks. Ya can’t be prancin’ through here like ya own the place. ‘S dangerous, and as guardians, we wanna keep our streak going.” He pointed to his slighter partner that reminded Otho of a twig, who enthusiastically produced a parchment from his satchel and held it up proudly for all the company to see. It read: Days without Accident: 18 … 2. “Now,” the stocky one continued as he approached Otho to stare up at him with scrutiny. “You’re powdered enough t’be in charge. You a primp?”

“Uhm, Cyrus,” the second spoke up timidly. “You mean prince?”
“S’what I said, Teek! Don’t interpret me, lemme talk.”
“He’s a little rusty in the common tongue,” Teek offered to Otho in a whisper.
“I said hush!” Cyrus let his glare linger on Teek a moment before turning back to Otho.

“Prince… I’m…” Otho stammered a moment under Cyrus’s gaze, then seemed to remember his status and jutted his chin into the air. “I’m Prince Otho Fancy, heir to--”

“S’what I guessed.” Cyrus rolled his eyes as the prince was deflated of his gusto.

“Now, see here,” Otho scolded, furrowing his brow and stamping his foot. “Who do you think you are?”

“Told ya. Guardians. Sprites o’ the forest.”

“You don’t look like a forest sprite to me,” Otho said, as if he had the creature caught.

“Ya ever seen a sprite before?” Cyrus, annoyed, turned his attention elsewhere as the prince stuttered to find a response to save face. “Oh, knots,” Cyrus said as he surveyed the camp. His eyes settled on Lady Bloom floating about. “If that one ain’t interrogated.”

“You mean intoxicated?” from Teek. Cyrus spun his glare on him, then pointed a finger at the bouncing lady as an order.

Teek promptly scurried toward her, rummaging deep in his satchel until he produced a bundle of dark mushrooms. He proffered them as high as he could manage to the aloft Bloom. “My Lady! My Lady, these will help.”

“A’right!” Cyrus pitched his voice to carry throughout the camp. “You’ve dallied and now the sun’s high.” He tugged at his trousers. “And I’m startin’ to chafe in this heat. Let’s get into the shade of the forest.”

Prince Otho scoffed before speaking up. “Am I to believe you’re here to guide us through the Hapless Forest. To protect us free of charge? Our guardians?”

“Not you,” Cyrus sneered. “Our charge is the forest, and we’ll be guarding her from you lot.” He turned back to the camp. “Now, ‘s any of you creatures persistent to venom? We need someone to walk point.”

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Re: Epic-ish Quest (IC)

Post by Rovette » Sat Jul 21, 2018 7:31 pm

The sun light filtered through the leaves of the towering trees, casting a strange shadow on the forest floor. The woods were silent, except for the sound of the whistling birds and the forest creatures who lived there...and the snoring of a young half-elf snoring with her arm across her face.

Hestia's body was covered mostly in fallen leaves, making her blend in with floor. Her blue cape contrasted against the greens and browns though so any travelers would have noticed her without a second glance. Her chest rose with each breath and her brown hair surrounded her like a pool of dirty water. And the red scar across half of her face was not hidden from view.

High above in a tree, a little squirrel, just trying out making it's home and on it's way to storm some acorns, clumsily stumbled from on a loose piece of moss and an acorn fell from it's grasp, falling down toward the awaiting victim.

It bonked Hestia's peeking nose, causing her to jolt out of one of the craziest dreams she'd ever had. She sat up, causing the leaves to slip off her body. She rubbed her face, sighing in exhaustion. "What was that..." She then sat there for a moment, gathering her bearings, and then stood up, a frown on her face. She was hungry, thirsty, and even tired, despite the fact that she'd probably been out for more than a few hours. When she'd been traveling it had been turning night time and now it looked like it was either the afternoon or earlier.

Hestia fixed her blue cape and raised the hood over her head, stumbling forward as she walked through the forest again. She'd came through as a shortcut, since the road around looked too long to travel, but now the forest seemed endless. Hestia frowned deeply, angry that some self-centered dark lord had to go try to ruin everyone's life when he could be helping those in need, not that Hestia really cared. She just didn't want to live a life however he planned to drown the world in.

Hestia continued to walk for a while, not noticing that she still looked dirty from sleeping and walking in the forest. Is was not long before she began to hear voice far off, which alarmed her. She didn't expect to find anyone else so soon but she guessed other people were trying to solve the problem too.

Hestia squinted as she went close enough and peeked through the foliage. She was surprised to see a group of people lead by a nobleman and two forest guardians. They sprites didn't look harmless, or at least not when provoked, which she didn't plan on doing to them. She sat quietly and watched.

But then she noticed that sprites looked like they were planning on harming the people, and she figured she should join them. Hestia, using her power of shapeshift, turned into a large grizzly bear and leapt out of the forest, landing in front of the sprites and growled. "Let them pass, fools, they mean no harm!"

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Re: Epic-ish Quest (IC)

Post by Sonic » Sat Dec 01, 2018 6:25 am

A blue hedgehog appeared "where am I?" He asked himself. He looked around him eagerly, but started worrying

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