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Wizarding World at War (IC)

The realms where magic is the most prevalent. These are the realms of traditional fantasy but includes any setting where magic is the primary focus. Examples: LotR, Harry Potter, Dresden Files.

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Re: Wizarding World at War (IC)

Post by Fireynay » Fri Sep 21, 2018 3:53 am

The fire startled Elsie but her training kicked in and she immediately cast Aqua Eructo in a wide circle around herself first, then directly at any flame she could within range. It was chaos, the unicorns had descended in to full blown panic and there was no immediate way to calm them or even gather them and lead them to safety.

Elsie's eyes darted around the clearing, trying desperately to catch sight of the source of the flames. They didn't seem to be coming from anywhere in particular though, which puzzled her because dragon flame usually came from one clear direction. Not to mention the fact that it was almost impossible for a dragon to have snuck in amongst their midst.

Although she had cleared her immediate vicinity of flames, she had been stood right in the centre of the clearing to better manage the herd and the smoke was beginning to become unbearable. A hasty Bubble-Head charm took care of her breathing but her vision was severely hindered. Not only was the smoke becoming too dense to see through, but her eyes were stinging and beginning to water. She had lost sight of all the unicorns now and had no choice but to trust that those on the outskirts of the clearing were managing to keep them somewhat safe. Her sole focus now was figuring out where all these flames had come from.

She thought she caught sight of a shadow through the smoke, but it didn't make sense. It looked like nothing she had ever seen before and whatever it was would be far too small to create flames on this magnitude, so she quickly cast Ventus and shot a blast of wind from her wand to clear the air. There was nothing there, so she concluded that she was simply seeing shapes in the smoke and decided to concentrate the rest of her efforts to clearing any remaining flames and smoke so the team could regroup.
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Re: Wizarding World at War (IC)

Post by Georgeanna » Thu Oct 04, 2018 4:03 pm

Jamie, for all her studying, had always been more of a book person. Did she know the charm to produce water? Indeed, she could write page on page on the technique and the origins of it. When being faced head-on with fire though, her reaction was a bit of a different story. Seeing the flames jumping towards her, she behaved as any of the unicorns did, jumping back in alarm. Her duties were mostly in regards to pulling memories; certainly, this exceeded her job description. Hearing the water swish in the air and rain down on the clearing, the obliviator finally came to her senses, casting Aguamenti and dousing the small fires that hadn’t yet been put out.

Glancing around, everything was madness. Smoke filled the clearing choking her team members and sending the area into a dense cloud. She could hardly tell one unicorn from the next as they darted in all directions, coalescing in wild snorts of panic and pounding hooves. A rush of air shot in one direction, clearing some smoke in a seemingly arbitrary spot. Why on earth would they clear part of the area and not all of it? She had not seen anything suspicious, so far to the other side of the clearing as she was. Shaking her head in confusion, she too cast Ventus, pushing as much smoke as she could out of the confined area of the clearing. It swirled back like a wave of grey, angrily fighting against the wind, yet falling to its force.

Having dissipated some of it, she then moved to help the unicorns. It simply wouldn’t do to have them running away—goodness knows what would happen to them. Muttering a quick apology to each, she used Immobulus on the more panicked of the bunch, quickly stepping over and uttering calming words. Once she saw some of the fear dissipate in their eyes, she’d quickly cast the counter-charm and move to the next. Jamie was only one person, and she hardly had the expertise of figuring out where the strange fire had come from, but she knew how to soothe people. She would just have to hope that that skill would transfer to animals as well.

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Re: Wizarding World at War (IC)

Post by Darkblade » Fri Nov 09, 2018 5:36 am

The mission as he saw it was a wash out, no way were they going to be able to locate all the unicorns. And the steps they’d taken to deal with the attack, were not going to help keep their actions covert. With a swish and a flick he conjured his patronus, a silvery Chow dog. It scampered off into the woods, as panicking unicorns weren’t going to be any more accommodating to a male.

His wand work was more like a conductor coaxing music, as he now went about trying to rescue what evidence he could. The various magics used to combat the fire had certainly made it impossible to seek traces of other magic. But there was no helping that, but as he explored he found something. A corpse, it was the witch they had waved onward. While burned, they could tell that wasn’t what killed them. Might’ve been a reason for the fire to begin with, though he wasn’t willing to bet on that. For what reason was there to kill this specific witch? They hadn’t even been briefed on the true purpose of the unit.

Levitating the corpse, he’d have to bring her back with them if for no other reason that to give them a decent burial. A waste, that’s always the way with death. Taking away the promise of potential, with swift and brutal efficiency. He continue to weave the spells he required to take in every possible piece of evidence, they wouldn’t have long now as that fire even doused would attract the muggle armies.


The Chow Dog ambled into the clearing, the unicorns that were left seemingly calmer than their bolted companions. Rather than the expected barking one might presume, it was the voice of it’s caster. A simple way to circumvent the irksomeness of being a male near unicorns.

“We’ll never get all the unicorns rounded up, so take those you can and move them to their new location. I’ll collect evidence of this attack, and meet you there later.”

The patronus evaporated with it’s message given, now all that could be done was moving the remaining unicorns south and away from the inevitable clash of east and west. Once handed off, the unicorns were likely to end up hidden in various places along the mountain ranges of europe. Mountains weren’t exactly strategic for the muggle war, they seemed rather infatuated with their trenches and bloody charges at each other. So a good if soon to be crowded area to hide them, maybe even get help from Beauxbatons Academy in that regard.

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