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The Isles of Aradia (IC/New Settlers Welcome.)

The realms where magic is the most prevalent. These are the realms of traditional fantasy but includes any setting where magic is the primary focus. Examples: LotR, Harry Potter, Dresden Files.

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Re: The Isles of Aradia (IC/New Settlers Welcome.)

Post by Skummy the Kitty » Wed Feb 14, 2018 2:42 am

Xankresh Avani, Twicefreed Manor

Xankresh said nothing, showed no emotion, and was very still until Lyron had finished his exposition as to what had occurred in Caybourne "I see, I won't question you further as to the how or why, such things are pointless now as you are all in grief and should be allowed to mourn without my intrusions deepening the pain" his face softened and he sighed "I am not a man without empathy for your situation, I have lost all three of the wives I allied with to defeat a common enemy centuries ago, my daughter was stolen from the safest fortress in all of Aradia and beyond, and my son has been stolen by the Void by body and soul and left as a mere shell of what he was with my other daughter crippled and my youngest son unable to take up the mantle"

"I say these things not for pity, but to declare that when I know what true pain and loss feels like I mean it and I do not state things in such an off handed manner, as humans are prone towards in times of grief. The most comfort anyone can give win these times of agony are that we are united in our shared turmoil, and as such I would like you to know that the resources of the Drow Alliance now fall on your doorstep. The moment I wrote the order for the union between our houses you became under my protection."

"And nobody, nobody, fucks with the Pirate King's family" his eye burned sharply with a distinct glow of anger and his runic eye lit and purple flames began to whip off it intensely. Despite his advanced age his control over his aura slipped and the air felt like twenty tons of power in the living room as Xankresh allowed his emotions to run rampant for just a brief moment before all was quiet again. It would make one wonder if it was really him or an effect of the mind he could play on people t display himself in a much greater and grander sense than his reality. He did not acknowledge whether it was real or simply the two's combined imaginations being manipulated.

"I suppose while I'm here I should ask one more thing, Do you or your brother have reservations as to the marriage of your sister and Drake? I wish to know what kind of outlook the Piers hold as they are the ones who are being most directly affected by the whims of the Accord and the Alliance. I am sorry for the sudden shift, but I am not one to dwell on topics of a morbid nature for too long such as to deepen scars."

Somewhere Along the Coast

Shaki let her gaze wander up and down the newcomer, she was quite the odd thing- especially in these parts. Meroth was leering a bit hard so Roki smacked him upside the head. The orc was less gruesome than most of his race, he was a Kalsun so he looked more or less human but with green skin, big muscles, and an under bite with two protruding teeth. He was also runty for an orc at six foot three, it was his family's blood they were known for wrestling, mating, and getting on with humans as employees.

Meroth was a high elven caster in basic gear, old cloth robes, some leather gauntlets now sporting his new carbon ring, and leather boots. He carried around what looked like a satchel full of osmething or another and a short sword when things got too hot. As for Shaki she was a time wood elf, nimble and swift on her feet, rocking leather plates, a shaven head covered in paints, and a pissed off demeanor. Wielding a shortbow and a quiver still stocked with arrows it was obvious what she was capable of. A dagger in her boot and a few throwing knives on her belt ensured she was well stocked for incoming assaults. All in all the trio was more or less equipped for anything.

"Don't be rude" Roki stated looking at the young woman and scratching his head confused "Talk to her, I'm going to see if the boys are ready to move out of here" with that the terrifying blood crazed orc was leaving and taking his prize of a few slaver tools off for his own plunder and left the newcomer with the high elven pervert and the wood elven warrior.

"So, what does bring you here? The Damas are pretty to easy to take apart if you've got the kind of aptitude I've got" Meroth was pretty shoved far up his own ass it would seem with Shaki still eyeing the woman before nodding effectively. It seemed she had seen all she needed to and dropped her guard.

The Void, Floating Downwards

This place.....it was so silent that one could feel the thrum of existence hum low in the distance, pitch as well, to where Metheryl could not even see Divan's face though she was held by him in their descent. He held his daughter in the other arm and seemed to be siphoning power at an exponential rate in preparation. They never landed, rather they simply stayed floating through Divan's power as light emerged as but a point and then began to swallow the darkness as piecing beams of ambient lighting set the theme of this new holding realm.

The grounds were old and ruinous, stalked by wraith creatures shelled in ragged clothing and with no muscle nor fat to speak of. Skin and bones and malice as they gently shifted around speaking in hissing whispers. Before the trio was a creature that lifted itself from what looked to be an altar, splayed out upon it was the body of a well kept elf in his adolescent years, still looking full grown to any normal person but Metheryl would be bale to tell the elf hidden there could not be over forty years old, and it would come to her that this was Divan's body and soul that he traded to the shadows in return for his power.

It looked nourished, strong, radiant and the source of an almost bitter glow of white. The creature was feminine, but without a lower half, though it was just cloth. She had strong arms with claws so sharp it could rend the flesh of a drake. her upper body did have breasts that were wrapped in bands and she would a cowl with a human's skull plated across her features to shield her identity. Erynols the Mother, she was huge, a living monument.

"I am aware of what you came for child" the voice was achingly soft and melodious "Come, let us begin to bargain"

Divan let go of his child and Metheryl and set Reynis to the floor, walking forward he had a locked feature to his face "Give back my being, remove the curse from my kin, and let me leave this place and in return I shall grant you your brother's essence, your sorry excuses for puppets and their prized catches, and I won't destroy you all in a fiery inferno of hatred and dissolution"

"Mighty boy, believing himself to be above his masters" Erynols smacked him sidelong and his form shuddered as it turned into gas, restitching itself "These are not adequate terms, and thus I reject them you little one"

But Divan was resolved to stand firm "Silence you insolent creature, I have the power to destroy you" Erynols grabbed him up by the neck, using her own massive frame to engulf his throat with just two of her claws. divan glared at her and eeked out some sort of spell, the darkness began to vanish as it was siphoned away into his being and the tone of the space shifted violently as Divan began to exert his domination. The Dancers began in canting spells and Erynols released the drow as he began to speak in the black tongue a spell of righteously benevolent evil


Į ͝cal̶ĺ u͢pon͟ M̨olak Zul̴ the͏ ̵O̡m͝n͡i̵s̛cient͏,͞ ţh͘e̡ ҉shap͡er͢ of̸ ̴p͟r͡oph̶ec̕y,̛ ͠án͢d̡ t҉he conq͟ue͠ror ̀of ̡t̷h͝e dŗea͏m
I̢ ͘ca͜ll͡ u̷p͏on T̵he͢ Cręstfall̷e̵n̷,̵ t̶h̨e͡ on͝e ̴who s͞o͞u̕ght t̨o̷ ͟cu̡t ͘the w͠in͡g҉s f͠rom̨ the ̷g҉r̨i͏p͏hon̴ ͜ańd͘ ̡cast̸ i̧nto͞ ̡d͝ar̨k͠n͘ess
͝I cal̸l̸ upòn ͡the ̛Èas͡te̕r͏ner,͘ ͞t̢he̕ one ͘who͘ ̛d͞isto͡r̵ted̕ ̶t͝he̷ ́B͢la̡c̡k͢ ̢S͏un̛, a̶nd̢ w̸ho͟ sh̛all͝ t͠èar th̵e͝ ̛m̢oon̕ ͜a̴s̢u҉n͞d̸e̕r̛

I͝ ca̷ll upo͏n̷ the ̕Bl̡ack ̶E͠ļf͏,̸ ̷bet̵ray͠e̛d ҉b̢y̴ h͘is ̨o̶wn̴ an̷d̶ ҉vęn̢ge̷ful in̷ h͡is͠ ̵r͏ui̡no͘us ͝t̨ries̛.

̸I ͢ća͏ll ͜upo̧n̵ ͢the͡ ̨W͞i̶l͠d ̵O͡nè's i̷m͠pr͠essions̀,͡ ͟f͡ǫr s̵ḩe͟ h̨a͡s le͟ft i̵n m̕e a g̸re̴at ͞p͠ow̕e͘r͢ ͜of ͠u͘t͘te͡r ̨re̸so̧na̴n͟c̴e

̛I͠ ͏s͝ha̕l̛l d̡est҉ro̢y͡ t͜h͝ine en̢e͡my̵, a̷nd ma҉ke pe̕a͞c͜e i͟n my̴ s̵oúl, ͝my̷ ͞spirit͟,̴ m͝y bod̨y, ̢m̢y̨ ҉mìn͟d͡

S̛o̴ ̀s̛h͏all̕ ͏I dec̴l̀a̕re,͠ ̢a̕s ͢Diva͠nku̴l ̨th͝e M͜a̡st́er,̷ ̷t̵h̴e̛ ͢Ob́se̶r͝ver͜,͟ t̡he T̸h̢i͘e͡f, ҉aǹd t͡h́e Lov̧e͞r


Metheryl and Reynis were encapsulated in some kind of shield of brilliant, radiant light. Divan was going to take everyone down with him and let those two have a way back out of this. Divan was no longer the form he once was, he was absorbing so much power and energy his form was distorting the very fabrics of time and space just as if he was becoming one with the Void itself. He was no longer in control, he was consumed by his nature, both as a drow sworn to do battle with the void and as a demon scorned by those who would question him.

Xanmar watched from high above the scene, still in the upper atmosphere of the infinity, it broke his heart to see his descendant in such a state but there was little he could do to stop what had been set in motion. Kraai could feel the power surge throughout the Void, not just through her conduit in Metheryl. It was something that threatened the stability of the entire plane, something so base and unhinged it had no rhyme nor reason. It was Wild

Erynols and the others tried to cast out spells of power, using their eons of study to formulate tearing blasts of gravity and time dilation; trying to cut off his connection to the void, praying to Mordaghast to send something to silence this anomaly. However Divan was in complete control and their power only served to grow his. He spoke once more, but with authority over all things in this pace, as a god becoming one with the surroundings.

"I cast you into the lowest hells of this infernal place! I don't give a damn about the end, I will take you all down with me! Reynis, Metheryl, Reynea, my family, my friends, my enemies. Forgive my transgressions, and may you find peace in the end as I have!"

Reynis would feel some of the burden of her rapid transformation lift, and feasibly even remove her sight, perhaps even her entire demonic inheritance. It was hard to say as she was in a deep slumber and thus it would only be apparent to her what had been taken from her existence. Metheryl might've not known much about the structure around magic, but it was impossible not to feel it in her core, Kraai's observations that this was wholly unnatural and a complete and utter take away from anything that had come before. It was a once in existence kind of sight-

Final Cataclysm, Resonant Word: Annihilation of Oblivion! THE END!

Everything came down upon this place and bathed it in intense darkness as the dancers exclaimed in horror. All was gone, wiped away it would have seemed. Metheryl wouldn't recall the next part but she found herself on a lakeside, the clear water and the black grass, trees that swayed with the ancient observance of creation. Above her some sort of dimensional rift had formed from the Shadow Dancer's region, it was quickly collapsing once more. To her right she had her partner's child, still fast asleep an unable to move, and to her left the body of her compatriot, naked and unmarred by battle, he had presumably been flung when his dark counterpart destroyed everything up above. Supposedly this was Divan's soul and his body, but his mind and spirit were lost to the anomaly above her that she could only surmise was the end of all existence- as that was what Divan had deemed it as in a way.

Even Kraai would have nothing to be said of the matter, it was surely something that just simply had never been done before as now Drow had ever held the power of the void without becoming one of the void elves. Divan had done it and become one with the Void itself. It was almost ludicrous, to think that a man like that could think in ways of so many varying levels of magic that he could create something of this magnitude. The whole thing would send shockwaves throughout the infinity expanse, hell there were probably people in Aradia who could feel this incident as earthquakes, tidal waves, and a dreaded sense of godly power unleashed.

Or maybe not, and this was all just stupid nonsense.

Regardless the three of them were here, and it was unclear if that case would remain

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Re: The Isles of Aradia (IC/New Settlers Welcome.)

Post by Kotorchix » Thu Feb 15, 2018 1:54 am

Characters & Info
Metheryl Arcaena
The Void

These were moments, thoughts of a place familiar to her. Black grass, fondling as spider legs brushing upon her body. The white trees, dancing and gnashing their ghostly fronds in the turmoil of a wind so violent, it should have killed all about. But despite the way the trees threw themselves, all was still.

And as the rift began to collapse in on itself, Metheryl found herself standing, staring upwards at the magical anomaly. And she could feel Divankul’s body as a husk. Living, breathing, hosting a soul, but the intricacies of his spirit were up there. In that.

Had Metheryl not detested religion, not already disowned Aradia as the darkest of all demons upon whose flesh the mortals lived… she might have deigned to consider Divankul a god. But this wasn’t just him. This was the demon within him, let free in a cataclysmic explosion of power.

Then her mouth opened and she uttered a word that was not hers to give, in the voice of Kraai:


Violet energy whipped out from Metheryl’s chest, sparking up into the rift and grabbing ahold of something terrible. Something full of filth, twisted evils unspoken but felt to her very core. She screamed, the terrible sound ripping from her throat in voices that were both hers and not. And she felt it all as that energy wrapped about the evil, tugging it back. Pulling it back through that rift.

“T̑̿̏ͫ͛ḩ̝̯̖̦̋ͮo͔̦̙ͮ̌ͣ̋ͣ͌͗ĩ̗̮̣̤̍ͬͨ̂ͪ͋r̝̭͖͚ͯ̕.̦͎͕̬̖̳̿̂͢.̜̳͉ͥ̚.̹̬͛̐̒ͮ͐̋ ̙͉̲ͯͭ̎̄ͬͪͯa̹͔̟̼̔͒̾i̗͚̞̟̫̘r̛͙͖͕̟̥͖̍͋ ̝̺͑ͫ̽a̧̼͓͌̎i̼̊̈̏̆͋̄͑s̺̗͈͇̚͘ͅ ͯͣ̑͞a͖̠͍̠̅͆̆̍ͨͣ̈͠n̜͍͡ ͇͖̞̣͋̈͋ͮ͂ͩr͎̟ͪ͐̋ͨ̅́̚ü̺͍̏̿ͪd͓ͮ̌̉ͨ͜.͈̖͎͖͗̊̓ͅ.̞͖̹͌̓̿ͬ̔ͧ͐.̢̌ͤ̾ͭ́.̨͕ͪ͗̓͑̂̑ͪ ̵̻̦͙͌̉a͇̩̰͢ ̇̑ͭ̕t͉̘̩͔͖̙̭̿͊ͨ̔ͣ̚h̡̼͕̖͖̼̼̒̔̇ͅả̝̱̖̤͙ ̗͍̖̘͎ͤͩã̟͎̻̲̟̻̈́̀i̟̙̎͊̃̋̔ͭr̜̩̅͌́͑ͣ̔͋͡ ̜̂̅̄ͥ̀̀͟c̪̪̹̊̉ͯḫ̛͙a͕̣̜̬͖͉ͭͮ̀̕l̹̰̘̣̲̺̓͒͒͊͛̚l̖͔̤!̠̱̮̹͔̄ͦ̉”

“Stop!” she broke through. “Cease this, Kraai.”

But Kraai didn’t stop. The energy arced, slamming that evil back down to the surface of this plane with such intensity the ground rippled. Trees simply evaporated, their fronds fluttering as an explosion of torn paper bits. The lake rapidly froze, ice slathering across its surface in shards and spikes. And the evil was unseen, only a crater, the energy gone.

And Kraai stepped out of Metheryl.

The tall, scarred wild elf was dressed in a long, dark robe with silver trim. Her brilliant red hair was brushed straight, smoother than a polished gem. She stared up as the rift finally closed, her gaze lingering before she turned her attention to Metheryl. Golden eyes bore into the Void Elf’s form, furrowed brows dipped.

“D͍͓̻̙̮̎̄͐̂ͣ̑i͗͛̽̂ͪͩ͗v͖̦̪̠̰̑ͤ͊̈ͦͅa̳͚̼͙̠͓̍̂ͣ͌̌ͬͧ̕ͅņ̦͑k̏̎̾͑̇͏ụ̷̥̰̥̺͙͈̒̿͆ͪ̎l̩̮̻͈͚̲ͭ̓͠ͅ ̼̻͓͔̮͇̲͂ͣ̿̎͂̕j̧ͨ̑̓̏̓ûͧ̑͐͐̇s̺͉͖̪̐ͭ͑ͯ̈t̴̯̣̗̱̜̎ ̞̭̪ͩ̉ͭd̢̺͎̰͇̐ͯė̪̙͈̭͇͖͕̍̏̚s̜̣̱͉̍ͅͅt̰̣̞̽ͣ̅̑̇̑̀r̖̭͎̣̮̿ơ̼̫̩̳̆ͥͧ̍y̝̦̼̺̟̱̗̽̅̐ͨͧe͉̬̐ď̅͏͎͓̟̗ ͋̾͑̈́a̠ͮͧͭ͋̌͗̀ͅ ̘͕͔̤͈̥ͣ̀ͩp̛̲͙̩̺l̘̘á͖̻͍̪̿̎̇ͭ͂̀n͖͍̻͈͍̘̩͛e̞͙͒̓͂ͦͥ̃̏ ̟͍͓̩of̞̪̯̪̮ͪ͊ͤ̚ ̣̮ͬ͋͡t̳͎͔h̺͛̌̈͗ͥ̆e̓ͧ ̷̩͊ͥ̅ͪ̄̉Ṽ̼͓̤o̮͇̮̱̤͆̌͂ͫ̑̾ͩĩ̠͖̹̻̯ͯ͋ḓ̪̺͖ͥͅ.͔̠̠̺̱̦̣̐̈́̏͐”

“I should kill you now.”

“D̼̤̭͉ͦͯ͛ͥͬ̚͞i̓d̖ ̒͟y̷̰̞͖̪̩͛̈́ͭ̐ͬ̊̚ŏ̙̫ͤ̓̑̿͗ͬͅú̝͔͕ ͆͗͏͓͈̤̤͈̲ͅṇ̜̗̝̅̏͐ͥo̯̦̮͍ͪͤͧ͐̃̃t͈̻̎ͫ̆̔ͫ̔ ̯͙̦͐ͬͬ̆ͨ̿h̠̱̦̐̏̐ͦͦè͙̙̪͎ͅa͔͙͔̼͗̿̊̆͂ͤ̑r̷̯̱̣̱̦͖̭̓̅̅ ̟͕̘̱m̸̹̀̚ë̠̰̰͕͖̫͓́̋ͩͨ̄̚?̜̺̱̬̓̊̚” Kraai spat. “T̨̺͇̤h̝̥̖̲̦̭͖e̎ͩ҉̣̗̣̟͙ ̗̘͖͍̿̍ͥͦ̋ͣͅḓ̗̽ͦ̉͢r͌ͬͮ͗͏̗̦̗̫̼͇ͅo̠͔̰͇̜̖̳̓́̌w̫̅ͬ͛̇ ͚͉̹͂ͬ̈́́d̐ͪ̇̌̅̀̍̕e̻̭̝͇͙̾ͩͩ̐ͪͅšͦ͋̐̎ͬt̞͖̻͖̩̯̓̄ͤ̌͑̍ͧ́rͤͮͫ͑o̢ͥy̠̰ͨͦ̍ͪ̽e̜̗͎͇͉ͯ͞d͍̳̣̜̗̞ ͍ͥ̈́̚t̨̟̫͌͑ͧ̍ͨh͓̙̟͕͉̦ͨ͒̂͡e ̵̘̻̦̾ͫ͐̑ͮ̉̚ŗ͖̘̬ͭ̆̉ͦe͓̫͔͕̒̈́̅͟a̲̽ͤ̎͒̚l̶̦̤̝͉͚ͅm͈͉̞̼̠͉ͣ͡ ̻̗̥̣͋ͬ̀o͔̝͇̼͉̝̮͒ͯ̀̑̑f͙̠̱̬͔̠̣͒́̓̓̓͊ ̼̟̬̣̘̈̎͜t̷͖̗̱̮̹̱͋̒ͭ̓̒ͅh̛͉̠̦̪̺ͬę̰̠̟͖̓ͮ̾ͫ ͔̽ͨͯ̂̃̊͜S̄͘h͖̭͉̻̰̤a͚̮̦̐͊d̗̮ͨ̉ͯͯ́ͪ͢o͕̱͙̯̲̦͍͆̾̒͌̍͗ͩ͢w̯̱̝̬̜̺̆͋ͣ̄͡ ̰̠̙͓̞̑̽̔̿ͧͨD́ͧ̽ͮ̀̓ͬ͏̻̩a̧̮͔͋ͭͩn̵̠̯͕͑ͪ̃̈͋̉̚č̜̹̑̐ͦeͨͧ̌ͫͨ̚͏̻r͈̹̊ͅs͓̗̏ͬ̌ͅ!̖̝͍͍͇͐̅͌͒̈̅ͫ”

She curled her lip, folding long arms behind her back as she stood tall and straight. “I̞̹̯͉̣̹̒ ̜̜͚̈̍͐̓̈ͪw͉͎̪͈ͩ̓͋͠î̆l̦̪͖̿ͭͩ̄̒̀͐l̺̠̙̻ͮ͒ ̵͌̎̊ͭ̌ͅr̶̮̺̰̟̭̗͔e͊̉ͩ̋t̯͍̤͈͚̬́ͤ͠ŭ͔̬̒̿͊̈́͞r̗̓̃͊n͙̤̱͐̅ͥ͌̓̽ ̥̘͇̜̬ͩ͒y̔҉͓̟o̼̩̳̟͈͈ͪ̈́̐͌͌̓u̖̰̜ͨͣͅr̷̺̗̰̯̟͈ͨͩ̀ ̯̰͐̀m͙̖̆ͩ̽i̦̞̫͓̱͍͑̆ͯͫ͂͜ṋ̯̳͚̝̋ͫ̀̉̕d̴͇͛̂̈́ ̫̩̠͈̓̒ͦͯ́͑a̯̣ͤ͑n͔͍̬̂̾͆̾̾̓̏͡ḑ̭͒̇ ̿ͭ͛ͤ̒̇̚͏b̤̯̫̫̰͇̗ͯ͌õ̓ͩ͏̥̯d͚ͨ̽̈̔ỵ̣̮̮͓̀̾̎̇̇͜ ̤̼̲ͧ̑tͮ̿̓̅͊̚͏o̓̔͊̋ ͎̘̲̹̇y̼̏́̏̃͜ó̠̦̣͓̀̑̽̊̇̚u͎̲̗̺͑̑̒͡,̱͍̼̰̱̖̼ͯ ̴̮̪̒a̡͉̅̐͗n̼̄͐̔̿ͥd̢̬͖ ̓ͨ̔̎̾y̸̬̓͐o͖̼͚̍͆̃̓̌̂u̶̼̰͎͉͉ ͙̳͙̩͈́ͣaͯ͂ͬ̽ḷ̏͑̄̃o̵̼ͬ͒̀ͭṅ͈̻͕̩͎ͩ̅̒̍͜ȇ̖͇̻̱ͨͩ̌ͅ,̬̮̫̮̦͓͛ͩ̆͊̎ͤ̀̚ ̧̖̬̣̟̬̩̍i̯ͫͯ̒͡f̭̞̼͔̪̦͓̔ ̸͓͔̐y͇͈ͫͦ͒͋̉͛o̴̹̻̘͚̹͚͚ͥ̄û͍̘͔͈̝̹̩̅͗̕ ̟̠̺̰͙͔̉̏̽̃ͯ͊̎p̈́́ͥ͝r̷̜̳̒ͬ́̽ͧȍ͈̦͚ͥ͛̎͆ͅm͚͒̆͗ͩ̆ͥ͂͡ȋͭͯș͈̥͌͐ͅe̗̖̤ͨ͛ͮͩ̀͌̏ ̨͚̲̍̐̅̏͌m͓̞̋é̖ ̮̄ͣ̐ö̼͔̙̩̱̞n͉͚̝̳̭͓͙͒̈̃̽e̤͖̫̥͎̥͇͑͌ͭ ̶͎̯̲̫̪͚ͥ̋ͥt̢̰͋͐h͎̭̰iͣ̐̉̇n͡ǧ̙͉͉̙̥̏̋̈́̓̿.̯̲͇̄͋͐̆ ̼̠̙̞̩̝̝ͫ͐̏”

“And what would that be?”

“Y͎̱̪̳̏̿ͭ͡o̺͎͇̺̞ͭ̍͊̎͊ͅu͇̞̱̘͕̓͡ͅ ̯̝̹̖͐̈̋̅͜l̼͉̔͛̐̂ȩ͇͎̟͔̬̯͑ͯ͌̒̇ấ͕̰̬͈̫͚ͫ̉ͫvͩ̉e̟ ̻͂͒͛ţ̻͙͉̼͙h̯̻͑̓͌ͨ͡i̥̅ͬ̌s̛͇̫̍ ̭͕̝͖̱̙̇͢ͅp̱͙̮̤͙ͯl̳͔͚̜̳̪͛ͮ̕á̅̾̃͌̅́҉̰̻̰͍ć͔͈͕̬͋e͚̺̮͎̻͑ͦ̾̃̓ͧ̓͘.̣̖̱͐̔ ̫͖T̥̝̎̂å̛ͧ͗̂ͤk̰̖̬̳͈ͩ͗̐ͦ̔͋͞ͅe̫͈̲̬ͣͦͬ͂̄ͭ͒ ̷̪̣̩̘̣̣͍D͍̟̬̺̮ͩ̇i͉̦̙̻͙̜v͖̳͇͓̮̉̓̇̓̇͌̎͜ã̴̗͊ͣͦn̤̩̝ͤ̃͑̌͐ͯ̅̀k̬̦͂͑͌̓ͥͯ͒͘u̙̱͍̝͎̓̀̽̉l̖͓̈́̂ͩ͗̄̔.̯̃͊ͬ̔̈ͨ ̬̲̤̆K̍̇ͮ͗ͣi͉̞̻͓̫̳̪ͤ̊͡l̹̤̖̺͑ͨ̓̂l̞̬̪ ̓̈ͭ̍̊ͪ͏͉̜̜̘͖͖ḧ͕̭͉̻͒̅̌ͯ̚i̴̠̹͒m̮͙̓ͪ͢.̥̣̫͔͇̭”

“I don’t think I will need to kill him, Kraai,” Metheryl rebuked. She glanced at the drow’s still, naked form. “I believe his power died up there in one last brilliant explosion of magic. I don’t sense the demon on him anymore.”

“D̸̹͚͇̟͔̀ͪ̿ͮ̈̿ͪo͠n̻͈ͥ̃ͨ͋͌́̀'̴̈́ͯͣ͆͊̊͛t̙̗̰̘͡ ̛͍̘̗͍̟͙̯ͩ͑̀̂ỷ̪̪ͩ̓͢o̾ͭͫ҉̼̜͎̟ȗ̴̆̍ ̆̏̏̔̄͂h̙̤͓̫̃ͭ̇̆e̤̝̫̙̽͂̄͗͝a͍̣͖̟̝̫͍͒̐̋̒̉͑r̙̟̺͜ ̙͕͔̝̘̝̦̃̋͠m̶̭̜̽̿̑͗e̟̦͔̻ͫ̾ͣ̒,͉͚̽ ̞͔̜̗̣͟i̻̲͓̠̖̹̿͢m̬̭̟̑̽̈́͞b̗̦̬̝͊̍ͪ̍͆̂e̼͇̦̳̱̻̼͂ͩͯ̉̾̇͡c̜̱̈́͌̊̍ͨ̄i͕̦̘͙͉̖̼ļ͍̼̣̳̖̓e̥̪̙̜̒͊́?̢̠͔ͅ” Kraai was upon her, talons at her throat as she lifted her clean off the ground. With a heft, the demon slammed her down beside Divankul. “K̝̺̤͉̯̤̙̒̉i̧̥̋l͚̠̦͎̝̱̐̅̓͒̆ͫ̀͞l̦̀̔̏͛ͨͩ͑͟ ̡̼ͬḩ̣̂ͤ̌i̷̘̹̜̋̍̂̿̈́͛ͫm̩̮̞̫̞̞̞ͤ̕!̢̺̤͛̿͋̃͑̓̚ͅ”

“You,” Metheryl spat, rolling onto her knees and standing in a swift movement. “I felt your power wane as you stepped from me. I know you’re weakened. I know the destruction of that plane drained you in some way.”

“S̩̜̘̮ͪ̌ͮ̃̒ͫ̏ǫ̟̥̟͔̓͗̄̓ ̨̳ͧy͚̦̌̕ő̝̩̹̮̤͑ͫ͑́ǘ̥͈̒͌̋̍ͥ͐͜ ̫̜̣̬̠͉͇d̞͔̮̟̏͠ͅa͍̥̰̘̳̔r͔̄͌̍͐ͣͭ̍é̸̘́ͭ ͎͈͕̖̳̋͆t͓͛͂̐̃̂ó̓ͤ ̦̰̗̦̟̣̭ͩd̨̤̤e͉̫̞͢f͇̩͔̘͚͕͞y̧͔̩̬̋ͧ͛͋͗̾͊ ̩̳̉ͤͤ̃ͫ̊̈ḿ͍ͧͅe̮̦͎̥̙͈̬͐?̟͉̞͔̙̯̋̈ͭͥͮͫ” she snarled. “Y͎̺̲̰ͬ̌̒ͅͅǒ̲̜̇ͬu̳̣͉͕͕̠ͯ̏͠ͅ ̻̻̘͙̠̯͟b͔̥͕̝e̠̲̫͖̰̠̤̅͆ͩ̄̃͂ͪl̟̺̪̜͍ͧͫ̉̎̉ͅī̬̘̘͔̬̾e͕̼̭̻̹͈͗̌ͬͮͯ̋v͕̰̙̉̀ͦͩ̊ē̳͕̣̫̱̺̙ͩ͗̉̄̍̚ ̝̳̫ͬ͌͌̉̇ͤ͒I̳̳̹͍̠̽͋̔̃͗͊ͤ͡ͅ ̝̠̠̩̩̼͙̃͝w͙̤͇̺̭͎͋o͖͖̝̱̙̱̗ͧ̋̂̔̃nͮͤ̉ͨ̂͏̼̫'ͦ̍͗҉t̬̭̤̝͓̾̆̃͊̍ͭ ̶͚̙̣̳͖͒̇ͤ͑ͦk̘̯͔̬͖͎̜ͯ̋̓̾ͤ̒̿i̜̬̫̞̙͔̼ͤ̒ͤ͑́̉l͉̩̭̟͙͆͑̑͘ͅl͍̼̻̐ͮ͒͛͆̋̾͠ ̣̗̟͈̋ͥͯh̬̳̑̏͋ͭiͬ̇̉͛͋̈m͍͕̾̅ ̃ͪ̈̈́̚m͖̤̏ͬͨ̓̍ͪy̙̠͇͉͉̰ͯ̚ͅś̖̹̹̫̙͇͊̐̄̒ͅe̗͔͙̬ͪ́̓̕l͊́ͩ̓ͮ̊͏̼f͕̆ͧͥ͑ͣ̉?͈̈”

“Precisely,” Metheryl jeered. “You’re concerned that killing him here will punish you in some way. That you would give him more access to the Void in death… that maybe becoming a Void Elf isn’t the worst thing that can happen to a drow of his power down here.”

Kraai stood there for a long moment. A deep sigh hissed from between her red lips and she glared.

“Ÿ͍̩ͦ͡o̮̤̲̻͈ͅu͔̒ ͙̪̖̜̞̖̓̌̾ͤ̑͐h̠͐ͤ͠ḁ͑ͯ̉̚͝v̢̯̓̋̎͐e̱̩̬̹͓͂͝ ̩̩͕̙ͣ̓̂̊ͦ͘n͙̟̗̜͍͒ͮͪ̀̌ͩo͓͖̺̝ ̧̤͗̉́l̲̩̜͔̬̀ê̝̔ͩ̒̓v̜ͬ̉͑̐͐͗͘ê̩̣͖̣͗̎͒̄̍̄͠r̴̹̋̾̏̈ͨä́̿ͬ̇g͔̻̾͜e͚͍̬̻͕.̲ͥ̚͟”

“Yet you haven’t tried to kill him, nor me. You’re terrified.

“Ī̩̝̘̹̖ͩͮ̎ͨ̚ ̴͓̓͆̓ͪ̔d̞̘̣̮̭̾̒͝oͅn͕̮͍̲̲̬̄ͭ͐ͅ'̹̘t͕̫̫̮̰̘̆͋̓̂̐͋̔͞ ̷ͮ̂ͬ̽ͮr̢̰̦̞͖͗͛̌̓̆̔ȇ̘̜͈̣͔̼̲ͫ̆l̴̼̹̤͔̮͉̫e̬̞a̺̬̻̰̱̍̎̋̆͌̓̃ͅs̮̯̰̫͛ͭ̄ḛ̻͕̖͓͔͈ͣ͛ ̖̱̦̗̘͈͂̾ͯ͑ͥ̎ͅỹ̗̺ͬ̔̏̑̄̚ò̎͑͛͏̪͇̟̦̣̬̟ũ̢͚̙͖̜̍̐̓́̒.̌̇́ͨ̀͜ͅ ̶͔̬̪̞̮̹̳ͮN̥͑ͪo̦͖ͪ̋t̫̬͍͍̗͉͒ ͤ̓ͦ̄͘ȗ̩̘͇̃n̽͌͗t̸̞̲͍͈̺̫͙i̺̖̊ͣ͆̈́̑l ͉̠̣͇̣̠ͣ̌̓͋͛̑̋D͊͊ͯ͏i̹̱̹̼ͅv̡̖̹̞͇͈̘͊͒͛ả͖̖̺͖͖̉̇͝ͅͅn̵ḵ̲͚̗̌u̼ͮͮ͂͑ͭl̃ͫ͠ ̥͉i̖̥͕̿͛ͅsͥͦ͐ d͓̫̃ͦ͒̿͆e͒a̞͖͈̥̺̗͘d̟͕̪ͣ̇͊͒͢.̰̼̈́̆ͤ̀.͎͓̰̗̘̺ͦ̈̎ͭ.̴͙̖͍̫̜̖̲̿̅ͣͭͨ̔̚ ͍͉̀ͯ̍̽o̴̠͓̥̝̣͓̓̅̽̾̉̄ͅr̮̞̃̓ͧ ̵ͤ̿ͬͣ͑ǘ͖͓̲͚̅̃ͭ̿̀̽n̙̆ͥ̚̚ď͙̪͌ͮͤ͊ͬ̔e̼ͫ̔̈͆͢r͏͉̥̠ͅ ̱̳̏ͩ͑̈͒m̝̺͔̝ͤ͗̚ỹͪ͏͕̯̥ ͮͨ́̂̓̂͏͎̥̪͔c̫͇̪̺͕̺̍͊ͯo̱̲̳͍̰̳̊̆̓ͥ͘n̘̂̎̀͛̇ͤ̒͝ͅt̻̤̖̋͒̑̀́̒ŗ̘̂̿ͦͣo̘̓ͨ̕ḻ͕͖͋͌̇̊́.̼͈̣̤̲̊͑ͮ̔ ͈͕̞̗̻̰͠”

And with that, Kraai simply stepped back into Metheryl. The witch shuddered, turning her attention back to the two still bodies. Breathing out a breath she hadn’t realized she was holding, she dropped to her knees beside Divankul and gently shook his shoulder.

After what he did… all of the Void would be searching for them.

Lyron Piers
Twicefreed Estate

The warmth disappeared in that one phrase: "And nobody, nobody, fucks with the Pirate King's family.” Lyron didn’t need magical affinity to feel the power radiate through the room – the house. He caught Nimbe’s eye as she visibly shivered, clutching the amulet about her neck.

And then Xankresh was on to another topic – yet another uncomfortable one. Lyron frowned, rubbed at the back of his neck and licked his lips – all stalling to formulate a response. He himself didn’t think it was a bad union… There were much worse partnerships that could be forged.

“Darius is something of a romantic,” Lyron confessed. “I have no real problem with the engagement, but he certainly does-”

“I can speak for myself, brother.”

Darius stepped quietly into the room, past Nimbe and stood before Xankresh Avani. Pirate-to-pirate he stared the drow down, his steel gaze hard – nothing to compare to that eye, nor the years of experience. But there was distaste in his face, anger even.

“Our kind don’t live anywhere near as long as yours. Serenity will marry, live, birth his children, grow old, and die all in the space it takes for him to age barely what humans would count as a year in appearance. She is a child.”

“Darius-” Lyron started, but trailed off as he spied Nimbe. She was pale as a ghost, her eyes rolling back to show only the whites. “Are… are you all right?”

The ground jolted. A crack wrecked its way up the wall from the floor and a window shattered. Everyone steadied themselves on furniture or the doorway in Nimbe’s case. Her breath shuddered and she stared about before her yellow gaze settled on Xankresh.

“Did you do that?” she whispered.

Casim Ludlow
Heartstone Estate
Sylvie Isle, Caybourne

With Elmer handling the Vennets, Casim spent the rest of the afternoon in his new chambers. The family had upgraded him to a larger room seeing as he would likely be sharing it with Rivka soon enough. His things had been unpacked by Amayl’s servants, all his books stacked in the numerous bookcases about the room. The writing desk was set up with inks and fresh quills. The room smelled of parchment and leather – the familiar scents that made him accept this was his new home.

Laying back on his bed, his mind wandered to his bride. He rolled to look at the empty side of the bed, the fresh pillow and straightened covers. He would share this bed with a stranger. Even the thought of her simple beauty and how her naked body beneath the covers would look couldn’t distract him from the reality, the alien nature of their situation.

To share everything was also a strange concept. For so long he had kept his books, his musings, his sketches, all to himself. She might not have interest in any of it, but it was still uncomfortable to realize he had no real reason to hide any of it from his wife. What would privacy look like to him anymore?

The door to his chambers slipped open and he sat up. To his surprise, Mancel stood there.

His father looked older. His hair was loose and wild about his head, his beard untamed. He at least was wearing fresh clothing, but even it was dishevelled – crinkled, shirt half-tucked into his belt. In his hands he carried some paperwork. He shut the door behind him and took the room in a few slow strides.

He sat on the edge of the bed.


Mancel set down the paperwork – papers that Casim recognized as a marriage contract - his. “Why have you brought me this?”

His father didn’t say anything for a long time. Shadows were cast over his face, marking his age and grief all the more. With a slow, calculated breath, Mancel lifted his gaze from the contract to his son.

“You don’t have to do this.”

“It’s too late for that now, Father.”

Mancel shook his head. “It’s not too late until you’ve signed this. You can still walk away from this.”

Casim gave a soft sigh. Gently shaking his head, he refused. “I want to do this. I like her. I… I know it’s too soon after…” He trailed off. Mancel shook his head – it didn’t need to be restated. “Marrying her is likely the best thing I can do for Mother’s memory. I want to give Rivka a life like how you did with her.”

“She’s likely bearing Jaster’s child,” Mancel muttered.

“You said that didn’t matter earlier.”

“It does,” the Lord Admiral sighed. “The Bloodhawk will never let you be. What happened to Amarika, to Jennifer… that will happen to Rivka and her child.”

“We’re all grieving, Father,” Casim reminded him gently.

“You will die for her. And your sacrifice will be in vain. You will be just another casualty in this pathetic dance of nobles’ hubris.”

Casim stared at him. “You’re wrong. You’re letting your grief rule your words… which you can’t afford to do this evening at dinner.”

“I’m not going to be there,” Mancel grunted. “Hence why I’m giving you the contract. Elmer will oversee it.”

“You’ll be there,” Casim said firmly – his voice was far stronger and commanding than he intended or expected. “You are the head of this household and I will not have Freyr Vennet walk away from the table thinking we are weak because you aren’t there. You’re not dead. And we’re still alive – me, Claire, Amy, Eason. Don’t you fucking give up on us.”

Mancel gazed at him owlishly. Then gave a short nod. He left.

Somewhere along the coast…

This charming elf was an easy target. The shifter-… she bit her lip. Another thing to embrace, something it forgot every now and again – gender. To a being such as the shifter, gender was hardly anything of import other than what parts fit in what. But mortal bodies were such adaptable things…

And the shifter wasn’t against breaking some fleshy barriers to get what it needed. She needed.

A wry smile slid across her face as Shaki struck Meroth. Oh yes, he was leering. The easy target. Too easy. Her hooded gaze crawled to the woman.

The shifter had never found a preference for a sex, even if it did enjoy wielding the form of a woman. There was something more seductive about the sway of their hips, the shape of their bodies. Perhaps females caught its attention moreso than men, even if equal pleasure was taken with both…

Both. Delicious.

“Wellllll…” she drew the word out, tilting her head and flashing a brilliant smile. “You.”

She touched Meroth’s shoulder, her fingers digging through the elf’s garment to rake at his skin in a fierce gesture. A nip of her lip and she leaned in close, her breasts brushing his chest. Her fingers trailed down his chest, his stomach, then looped into his belt.

“I don’t want your gold. I don’t want your spoils. I want a being who can take what they want, when they want.”

With a firm tug, she slammed his hips into hers, her lips finding his mouth with a passionate kiss. She tasted of whiskey and something sweet yet bitter – licorice almost. It was a dangerous taste. It spoke of lust, but whispered death. And the thrill that passed through her nerves all the way into Meroth’s core was the sheer embodiment of desire… of obsession.

She broke the embrace, abruptly turning on Shaki, abandoning Meroth.

“But maybe I came here for you, beautiful lady. Strong, fierce…” She breathed the words out lustily, the smile fading as her pupils dilated wildly. “And ready for anything…”

Her tongue curled over the corner of her mouth, sliding seductively to the edge of her ‘love’-poisoned lip before retreating back between her teeth.

“… except me. Dare to take me on?”
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Re: The Isles of Aradia (IC/New Settlers Welcome.)

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Divan blinked, he was quite surprised to see a mirror image of himself sitting and drinking from a tea cup. Wearing a bright red blouse and leggings, his eyes burned like fire and his hair was long and open "Sit, we need to chat as to what has transpired". Divan nodded and sat on a chair that had materialized "To get things started, yes we are the same person, I just happen to be the personality you created when you stuck down Molak and used him remnants for your own objectives. I am the Divan that everyone knows and that snapped- destroying the Shadow Dancers in a fit of rage and power tripping. I have reach apotheosis, godhood, divine levels of power that can destroy entire civilizations and rise them up. Or I will, after gestation and a renewed genesis"

"That would make myself the Divan before the schism of thought, the one of charisma and compassion unaffiliated by my guilt, and the one rightfully attached to the body back in the Void" This Divan had his same standard attire on as he sat forward heavily, his eyes pale.

"Precisely, I've already modified your personality to retain the knowledge of what I accomplished, but I have removed many crueler things such as most of the forbidden knowledge. You'll have my memories but they're be scars long since healed. We suffered multiple disorders that went untreated"

"Ah and thus we are distilled once again, a reset button if you would, rejoining my body, mind, soul, and spirit into one another while you remain in this nul space cosmos"

"Exactly, I think I am predominately between Aradia and the Void for all the good it does to speak of location in non existent space time but I have a sense this is where hammerspaces are kept and thus I am just another pocketed dimension. I will send you back with some artifacts to allow you to leave the Void. If you don't leave now your body could become compromised or worse Kraai could realize that all she has to do is inhabit the vessel and she could become privy to ways to find us eventually, rupturing the balance"

"Quite so, it has been a pleasure, I am glad we both gained what we desired, your insatiable need to become greater and my will to return to the body I forfeited to create you"

"I will seal up the exit, I doubt we will come into contact for some time, but know we are still the same being Divan"

"I shall endeavor to not forget, Divan" With that, the more mortal of the two arose form his seat and felt his existence wane form this place.....

"Oh before you are away fully, ensure that Kraai is not striving to do something down there, I believe I felt her reaching through the rift before it had healed properly and she might've stolen some of my power. It was distilled malignant energy, so it might've done some damage down below"


The Void, Divan

It felt nice to feel his blood pumping, his lungs filling, his body cramping form stiffness. He felt someone's hand on his shoulder shaking him gently and he understood the motions. He hadn't felt his arrival back to this plane, but maybe that was the point. He could feel his soul force reconnecting to the spiritual pathways. His body becoming a rejuvenated conduit to his mind, the interconnections forming as his eyes cracked open to see Metheryl over him and he sighed. Pushing himself up he summoned a pool of water to his hand and drank from it, his fingers became alight with energy as he sheered off his long flowing hair back into his typical style. Even reforming the strange beads that sat mingled, and braiding his two long tails, he snapped his fingers and his armor came falling out of nowhere and he began to dress himself.

Clothing, how he missed it, especially this silken and leather armor. He looked to his elven companion and flexed his body out in one fluid motion, a sickening yet engaging noise could be heard as his entire body was loosened in a wave. Nodding he scratched at his chin "Kraai siphoned off something or another; certainly so" he looked over the destroyed landscape shaking his head "To answer most questions, yes I became a god, then came back to my mortal form because I existed as two separate beings as a conscious. The Divan you knew wanted to attain power and destroy the Shadow Dancers and steal their secrets. He has and is now removed from this space, I wanted my daughter and my body. I have it, unless you wish to press our luck further I have an artifact to take up at least to mainland aradia. I'm in a weakened state, and I don't wish to be in the Void any longer, do you have any objections?"

Twicefreed Manor, Xankresh

Xankresh laughed as Darius spoke firm, unafraid of the man's power, but as the ground rumble he stiffened and his face hardened "No, Nimbe, no that was not. I'd bet a thousand platinum pieces its my son making trouble in the Void, probably blew apart something that sent an explosion racing across dimensions.....he's more than likely fine" his smile returned as if he hadn't just casually spoken about how his offspring may or may not have destroyed something so violently in the Void, a realm completely disconnected with Aradia in a physical sense, that it literally caused damages on the mainland "On to more pressing matters, Darius I simply have a few questions for you, man to man. Father to older brother. When was the last time you spoke to your beloved sibling Serenity? When did you last see her? Do you have any idea what she wants? Had it occurred to you that maybe she might warm up to him and even get along with him, and maybe make her own choice and have her own voice be heard?"

Xankresh turned to face Lyron and then Nimbe in kind, before laying his eyes back on Darius "I won't try to intimidate you, won't throw my weight around, I simply wish to know what is going through your own head about all of this. You're her brothers, if you have objections you have objections and legal rights to voice them, but I want to hear why and how you come to those conclusions"

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Re: The Isles of Aradia (IC/New Settlers Welcome.)

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Characters & Info
Metheryl Arcaena
The Void

“I hardly believe in gods,” Metheryl rebuked softly. “And if there are gods, there is only one… and she is the greatest demon of all.”

She didn’t so much avert her eyes as Divankul dressed, rather than simply look over at Reynis. She went to her, gently cradling her in her arms before lifting her in a fluid motion. Some strain showed on her face before she summoned magic to aid in her act of strength.

“And to be completely honest, Divankul- or whoever you claim to be now, I have not fulfilled my own quest here in the Void. But out of respect for you, and to make certain your daughter is safe… yes, let’s leave this place.”

Her expression was obviously dissatisfied – maybe even mistrusting.

But she couldn’t dwell on what had happened to Divankul. There were more pressing matters – she wanted to know what Kraai had siphoned of the power, of the… evil. And why did that thought cling to her mind like a dirty rag pinned to cloth?

“I release you from our agreement,” she added. “I do not believe re-entering this place at a near date would be safe. All in this realm will be on guard after what you did.”

Twicefreed Manor
Golden Mile
Everglow City

Lyron could tell whatever had happened troubled Nimbe deeply. It wasn’t even that a crack had appeared in the wall, or the same unsettlement that came with an earth tremor. Whatever bothered her was something far greater as she quietly excused herself to the kitchen.

“No, Nimbe,” Darius said. “Come back.”

She gingerly stepped back into the room, rubbing at her arm self-consciously.

“How old are you? Fourteen? Fifteen?”


“And how would you react to finding you are to be married to a man three centuries your senior?” Darius demanded. “Say Xankresh here wanted you as a wife. How would you react?”

“This isn’t appropriate, Darius-”

“Shut up, Lyron. Answer me!”

Nimbe flinched, but shook her head and looked apologetically at Xankresh. “I don’t want to be married. Even to a boy my age… not yet.”

Darius turned his scathing glare on Xankresh. “And that’s coming from a half-elf child.”

“It’s also coming from a girl not born into nobility,” Claire’s voice rang out. She stood at the bottom of the stairs, previously unnoticed. Fire danced in her eyes and she tightened her robe about her waist. “We are born knowing we have no choice in when or who we will marry, Darius. Serenity was prepared. The only person who was not is you.”

Darius stood there, fuming, then abruptly brushed past Xankresh and left the house without a word.

Claire turned her attention briefly to Nimbe. “Are you all right?”

With the girl’s soft nod, Claire turned her gaze on Xankresh. Her eyes were still red-rimmed, but there was a fierce determination in her focus.

“I apologize that this should be the way we first make our acquaintance, your grace. My cousin shunned nobility for himself and has no right to make claims on his sister – of whom you pointed out he hasn’t seen in over ten years.”

She clasped her hands before her gracefully. “Please do not trouble yourself with the issue of Darius, nor of his uncle who will surely be making contact with you soon. We of the Ludlow Accord will handle this matter.”

Lyron waited a moment before daring to speak up again. “My lord, as… her brother, closest living relative, I don’t object to this union. I have heard good things of General A’Draak and have no doubt he will make a fine husband for my sister.”

“At this delicate time with the opening of the Void,” Claire said, “and so many of the houses vying for power, we cannot allow Darius to put a wedge between our houses. Should you hear from a Lord Darcy Piers, I request you turn him towards myself to settle any dispute.”

Dinner at the Heartstone Estate
Sylvie Isle

A marble-floored room spread out before Rivka Vennet and her father as they were admitted through the eastern door, their titles announced to the room. High windows stretched beyond the height of ten men stacked upon each other, only on the southern wall facing out towards the ocean – but the sky was dark, the only light beyond the glass the faint glow of Caybourne. But even the sight of the mainland was hindered by mists.

At the head of the long stone table sat an elderly woman. Her eyes were intense and dark and she shared a familiarity with Rasheba’s appearance – who was sitting beside her on her left. The old woman’s long grey hair was wound into an elaborate design upon her head, braided and curled. Her face creased into a smug smile as she saw Rivka Vennet.

“Welcome, darling. And Lord Vennet, so good to meet our new family members!” she beamed.

She stood, stepping away from the table to greet them, taking Rivka’s hands and pressing a kiss to her cheek. She then took Freyr’s hand, expectantly waiting for a kiss on the knuckles. “Why, you’re both much more handsome than I expected! What a pleasant surprise.”

“This is my aunt,” Rasheba explained. “Amayl Heartstone-Rodin.”

A great barrel of a man stepped into the room behind them. He bore noble features, a heavy brow, and strong nose. His beard was groomed, knotted cleanly into braids that stretched down his chest. His long, dread-locked hair was tied back behind his head and he wore a green tunic, freshly pressed.

Elmer stepped up alongside him.

“May I introduce Lord Admiral Mancel Ludlow,” he added. “Lord Freyr Vennet and Lady Rivka Blackthorne, my lord.”

“Vennet,” Mancel corrected with a dark look. He nodded and gave a brief bow to both. “I appreciate you coming. After dinner, perhaps we could look at the marriage contract, Lord Vennet? I suspect we both wish this formality to be over with.”

“Don’t sound so hasty, Mancel,” Amayl admonished.

Casim entered the room from the western door, looking like he’d been running. His face was ruddy with the sudden change of temperatures, from being outdoors abruptly to indoors. And his hair was wild and curly, windblown. He gave an apologetic smile.

Also around the table were other members of the Ludlow Accord. There was a small girl, eight or nine years old, who stared at nothing right before her – blind. The obvious General A’Draak, the only drow. A young woman who was likely Serenity, his fiancé – not likely to be any older than Rivka herself. There were also more empty seats than needed for a party of their size – two of which bore large black bows over their backs, marked with flowers.

“Please, Rivka,” Casim encouraged her softly, stealing her away from her father with a gentle tug of her hand. “Sit with me. I would like to know you more.” He offered her the seat beside Serenity and another empty chair, pulling it out for her.

On the long northern wall stretched a great family tree, many of the branches unfinished. Rivka might have spied her guard, Carndas, staring up at it in some confusion, squinting to see it better from his position near the door.

Somewhere along the Coast…
Permission granted by Skummy the Kitty

Meroth was the only one who succumbed to the Shifter’s charms. The wood elf made some excuse, some uncomfortable comment, and left in disgust. But the Shifter didn’t let that slow it down. It had Meroth in an alley, kisses pressing him to the wall, hands groping, hips shifting.

But it didn’t stop there. The love potion it had purchased from the Daughter of the Sorrows had no effect on it, so it soon grew bored of these minor seductions. It ripped the elf’s clothes from him, eliciting a delighted response.

The elf’s next response was far less delighted once it began to feast.

Meroth’s heart took a long time to stop. The Shifter drew out his torturous pleasure, mixing pain with it in a terrible concoction. Had the shifter not gagged him, his screams would have shaken all of Aruluent Quay.

The shifter’s nails were in his back, its hips working their magic as he died. It sighed as his heart gave its last weak beat, hiccupped. The horror spread across Meroth’s face as he realized what exactly had become of him – and what he now was. Dead. Possessed. Not even a person anymore.

The shifter savoured his soul’s screams as it pulled its female form from him. Unfortunately, his form was not as desirable as this female’s. But the shifter still stored him away for later, his soul neatly filed in the recesses of the demon’s mind.

As for his body…

The Lilin let its skirts fall back about its legs as it stepped from the alley, abandoning Meroth to the rats.
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Re: The Isles of Aradia (IC/New Settlers Welcome.)

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The Void, Divan

The Drow noted she was not too pleased with his new attitude toward their prior agreements, he nodded silently before sighing "I can see it in your eyes your not pleased, so I'll make it abundantly clear I will not abandon your wish to reclaim your body from Kraai. We will take your body back from Kraai at some junction in time, I thank you for aiding me in rescuing my daughter. Though I am released from our bargain I shall remain at your disposal, but as you said yourself, the Void is on high alert for me and movement in here is restricted. You can feel the whole of the Void coming upon us can you not? I feel it in my bones, a silent hunger roaring across infinity, and its screaming out for me"

He turned and threw a black ring into the air, it rippled and a hole was torn through space and time and existence to a random location of snow and ice "I'm not so sure where this will land us, it's an incomplete rift gate I designed while one with the energies of the Rift, but it should be close enough to Ques Novich I can get us into the city and get Reynis the help she needs." The silent roar was now becoming one of intense, baritone roars of actual hunger, something that was rocking the island they were located on and causing space to ripple almost. Like the aberrations and their masters were racing to get to Divan before he could leave.

With that Divan supervised Metheryl leaving with Reynis, before moving through himself and the two of them was transported a few miles out from Quest Novich's entrance, a massive wall across the forestry and foothills. A technological marvel made by the Drow in ancient times, it was legitimately a work of fiction. Covered in snow and ice, it shimmered in the dusk light. Two riders ceased their horses, they had been moving quickly due to the tremors felt on the surface, they took off their helms and bowed tot heir leader who waved them off.

"I will be heading home, continue your observations, the ripples were caused by myself" with that he muttered out a spell and a shimmering gate formed to take them into the interior of the Wall where Divan's quarters were "Light Gate, an incredibly multi-mapped ritual spell for transportation, cannot be used in the Void hence the ring I used." HE led the way and int hey were into his chambers where he settled his daughter down finally and Metheryl saw the tension in his body collapse all at once and his state return to relative normalcy.

Xankresh, Twicefreed Manor

Xankresh smiled as Darius continued to explosively challenge the king's accusations, though he felt terrible for Nimbe, so as Darius left and Claire concluded as well as Lyron he first addressed her "My apologies for you having been sucked into our bickerings, Nimbe, as a King it is of no right of mine to cause such a dutiful young woman discomfort so as to be used as an example of any kind." he reached int his chest and flicked a coin gently her way "Please, accept it, it's a cultural token" The coin was a platinum piece, the kind of stuff most servants maybe made in an entire year's salary, it was even everglowian currency as well. "As for you Lady Claire" he stood and set himself on a single knee bowing his head before raising and smiling.

"Thank you for the words, I'll point that all your way then, I honestly don't understand nobility and I'm not exaggerating- however if Maria happens upon you trying to do the same let me know and I'll knock some sense into my granddaughter. She's of Darius' disposition on this matter" he smiled shrugging "Ah well, I'm glad the talk about him is good, A'Draak I mean. I thought everyone just feared him by reputation alone"

Drake, Sylvie Isle

Drake hadn't spoken much with Serenity after the interruption, he had told her in very plain words that he had major anxieties about being in intimate conversation with others in the open and would like to continue their conversations in private at a later time. However that time never really came up, when he had tried he was roundly chastised by Willek that he should let Serenity grieve and tend to herself, that time for conversations were not then. It was annoying but Drake, always the obedient, let it go and thus for the first day they neither of the other. Drake instead began training Amayl's own soldiers at their behest, he went easy on them, not breaking them as he would those under his own command. He taught them martial skills, as you can't exactly teach people intuition like what elves have when things are amiss.

He sparred for hours with each of those who wished to learn, teaching basic strikes and parries, and single combat tactics that he taught all his recruits. Drake's way was cautious and brought with it an air of reservation, if one were to use their barest essentials and reserve themselves in their poise they could control the flow of information in a skirmish and truly come out ahead. That was about all he could really give them int he time frame they had but to his pleasant surprise they were quicker learners than his recruits tended to be.

The next day had been a long crawl, the funeral was something Drake could not help but be distant in as others mourned. He felt awful for such feelings but he could not help the fact he hadn't known them and thus was unable to felt for the loss and the hole it left. That was also not a good time to speak with Serenity who had been paired with him in observance, and thus the awkward nature of the second day came about as well up until the dinner.

He was wearing a much more fitted black robe in respect for the dead, underneath he wore a tunic of navy blue and salwar pants the color of dark brown. Shoeless as he preferred of course, and still the largest in the room, still looking as a statue almost. It was clear he didn't know what to say or how to approach anything of note with anyone here, even Serenity who sat beside him. She would notice that now what seemed like an impassive face of observation was his default for when he was in uncomfortable situations, he turned to her trying to formulate something to speak and he only managed something brief "My apologies that I have not seen you in as much frequency as I had promised before we left for here" he wasn't sure how she would take it, if in any way but he was at a bit of a loss as he hadn't been given much of a chance to get to know her with how events had proceeded.

Then, the newest arrivals were here, and Mancel had come from his chambers and Drake noticed how much light had left his jovial features int he time that had passed. He seemed half dead, and it pained Drake, which showed as his face changed from impassive to softened as he empathized with Mancel on more levels than anyone knew. A muttered phrse only Serenity could catch "May peace find you brother, I share in your agony alongside" something to maybe ask about later.

He watched the exchange, and saw Casim pull on Rivka to come and sit next to the pair so the young man could get to know her better. Drake knew little of the Vennets, Divan raved on and on about them and typically had only good words about them, but he typically would stop listening after too long. He knew Rivka had bad hearing due to the plagued which she only survived via Divan's magics, as well as Du-Sansiska's intertwined relationship with the noble house, to the point that Divan was Rivka's 'Uncle' and usually kept on their side. Until currently. Maria apparently was best friends with Rivka as well from her time growing up in Ques Novich, Freyr as well and Freyr was also on very familial terms with Divan or at least he was. Honestly it was quite a blur tot he General but he understood why they were here.

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