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Heroes of Kantowa (Pokemon Gijinka)

Where all OOC threads for RPs that will take place within the Worlds of Balance will go.

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Heroes of Kantowa (Pokemon Gijinka)

Post by Desperado57 » Sun Jan 06, 2019 8:38 am

Welcome to Kantowa!

Kantowa is a mixed fantasy world populated by people themed around Pokemon Gijinka. As to Pokemon, themselves, they do not exist in this setting. There is not so much as a single Pokeball, nor a Hyper Beam. Well, unless those crazy arcanists in the Wastes build a doomsday cannon. I wouldn't put anything past them. But moving on!


Any pokemon traits you possess are purely cosmetic. If you have animal ears, it is because you're wearing a headpiece, not because you actually have animal ears. More likely, your hair will simply be styled up to resemble animal ears.

That being said, there are certain things that may be subtly inhuman about certain … ethnicities of Gijinka. For example, the people that resemble the Ralts line in the Psion Kingdom lack significant sexual dimorphism without exposure to the Dawn Chalice, their relic, and Lucarians possess the ability to see auras. These inhuman traits are largely up to the player who first establishes the ethnicity, but must be run by the gamemaster first for approval. Remember, they must be minor. They must not be drastic enough that you can no longer be considered “human.”

In addition, there are no innate elemental powers, per se. Elemental affinities, yes, but like it was covered above, you aren't pokemon. Such powers are considered “magic” by the common folk, but maybe magic, psionics or magitech. In any case, it might be easiest to compare it to Lord of the Rings. Not everyone knows magic, not everyone has an affinity for it, and some cultures have more of it than others, but it is not generally something that can't be overcome with sufficient martial skill. Furthermore, type advantages and disadvantages are roughly respected, though not always for the reason in-game. Dusk Kingdom soldiers, for example, are highly resistant to mental influence, while combatants from the Martial Zones suffer from the fact that a Psychic can play a distance game they firmly cannot. But this is a matter of ACSD (As Common Sense Dictates for those unfamiliar) and may often be highly situational. Use your head, but don't let me catch you saying, “I'm immune to that!”

The last thing that really needs to be said about characters is that it's not enough to just resemble the pokemon you're based on. You are expected to have traits of them. We don't expect an Aggron to be munching on iron bars for a midnight snack, but we do expect him to have a particular sort of build and demeanor. Probably a lot like a Krogan. Anyway, point is, don't just look like them. Embody them. And have fun.

Heroes of Kantowa is a Pokemon Gijinka Adventure that takes place on a continent known as Kantowa. This roleplay revolves around the gathering of Heroes from each kingdom who will explore the land together on an epic quest in retrieving a stolen artifact from a kingdom, and unfold a plan that could bring disarray to the land by an unknown evil force.

You, as the player, will get to choose a kingdom to control and create a champion that represents your kingdom. Of course, you can always work together with another player if both are interested in the same kingdom. This will allow you to involve yourself into the politics of your kingdom, and interacting with other player's civilizations to strive for peace... Or war. While the kingdoms argue with each other, your chosen champion will work together with others for the same goal of defending the land from outside forces. Though, you might have a hidden objective, the safety of your kingdom and the land we live in is usually the top priority.

Kingdoms of Kantowa

There are ten distinct kingdoms in Kantowa that are home to fifteen of the eighteen Pokemon types. The layout of the kingdoms, as described in the opening segment, has the open plains in the middle with the Fire Kingdom to the North, the Iron Kingdom to the Northeast, the Ocean Kingdom to the East, the Psion Kingdom to the Southeast, the Dusk Kingdom to the South, the Martial Zones to the Southwest, the Forest Kingdom to the West (with the Spirit Kingdom beyond that), the Wasteland Kingdom to the Northwest, and the Sky Kingdom in the air above the plains. As of this writing, the Psion & Dusk Kingdoms are already culturally defined, so please ask for details concerning them if you wish to be of them. Otherwise, within reason and with GM approval, if it's your kingdom, you pretty much have say of its culture, but feel free to ask if we have any ideas.

Fire Kingdom
Ruler: Lord Entei the Wise
Culture: Aggressive (Offensive)
Specialty: Weaponsmithing
Types: Fire
Relic: Undetermined

Iron Kingdom
Ruler: Groudon the Great
Culture: Aggressive (Defensive)
Specialty: Armorsmithing (Upper Class), Mining (Lower Class)
Types: Steel, Rock, Ground
Relic: Undetermined

Ocean Kingdom
Ruler: Sea Emperor Kyogre
Culture: Peaceful, Seafaring
Specialty: Fishing, Navigation
Types: Water, Ice
Relic: Undetermined

Psion Kingdom
Ruler: High Seeress Cresselia
Culture: Camelot
Specialty: Clairvoyance, Soothsaying
Types: Psychic, Fairy
Relic: Dawn Chalice

Dusk Kingdom
Ruler: Grand Seer Darkrai (G.S.D.)
Culture: Proud, Defensive
Specialty: Exotic Fungi, usually edible
Types: Dark
Relic: Catcher of Dreams

Martial Zones
Ruler: The Three Warlords (Cobalion, Terrakion and Virizion)
Culture: Aggressive, Competitive
Specialty: Martial Arts and Close Quarters Comba
Types: Fighting
Relic: Scroll of Forbidden Techniques

Forest Kingdom
Ruler: The Immortal Xerneas
Culture: Peaceful, Druidic
Specialty: Scouting, Herbs, Vegetation, Hunting
Types: Grass, Bug
Relic: Undetermined

Spirit Kingdom
Ruler: The Ghost King, Dusknoir
Culture: Knightly, Protective
Specialty: Afterlife, Necromancy
Types: Ghost
Relic: Reaper's Shroud

Wasteland Kingdom
Ruler: First Student Zii Apados
Culture: Scientific, Learned
Specialty: Magitech, Electricity
Types: Electric
Relic: Undetermined

Sky Kingdom
Ruler: High General Ray Quaza
Culture: Imperial, Proud
Specialty: Dirigible Aircraft, Air to Ground Combat
Types: Flying
Relic: Undetermined

Other Types
Normal Types are represented by the nomads of the Central Plains. They have neither kingdom nor relic.

Poison Types, if not affiliated with their secondary type, are freelance mercenaries and assassins. They have no kingdom nor relic of their own.

Dragon Types are not thought to exist at all and exist only in myths of advanced civilizations lost to time and catastrophe.

Gender: Self-explanatory

Age: Just how old are ya?

Title: If you are royal, a special soldier, or just have a title to call yourselves by, it goes here.

Gijinka: What Pokemon are you based off?

Appearance A picture is allowed, but a written description is mandatory.

Skills and Abilities: What can you do? What makes you unique?

Kingdom: Which kingdom do you serve?

History: I don't want a small one-liner. I want a detailed paragraph or paragraphs! What is your character's history up to now?

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[b]Skills and Abilities:[/b] 

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Re: Heroes of Kantowa (Pokemon Gijinka)

Post by Ninmast » Sun Jan 06, 2019 9:05 am

Name: Adeline Blanchefleur

Gender: Male

Age: 19

Title: None

Gijinka: Gardevoir

Appearance: Adeline is a graceful, feminine thing, with mint green hair, worn in a semi-short bob that would go down to the shoulders if it didn't curl forward underneath the ears, and the bangs hanging over the far left side of the face before curling back. It's completed with a white flower hairpin above the right ear, a gift from a childhood friend based on the Blanchefleur house crest. Adeline's eyes are large, deep wells of pink, lacking pigment like those of an albino, but with the lightest dusting of mint eyeshadow; these eyes glow a brilliant lavender when Adeline's psychic powers are used in force. They stand above a delicate button nose, full, pink lips and a slight chin. Adeline's graceful neck is adorned with the silver chain of a ruby necklace that rests on petite shoulders. Adeline has developed a small, but well-shaped bust and a delicate, waspish waist that gently slopes into hips that are perfectly proportional to the bust before splitting into two long, shapely legs that are as pale as porcelain.

Adeline's dress is primarily white silk with green cotton accents, of the flowing, elegant style typical in the Psion Kingdom, designed to seem to have more layers than it really does. Pairing it with a mint green shoulder wrap and a red outer corset that accentuates the bust and waist makes for the epitome of high court fashion Thigh-high silken stockings with mint green suede leather dress boots with a three inch heel complete the look.

When expecting combat, or off looking for it, not only will Adeline be sporting a longsword, but will trade the outfit for a lightly-armored combat variant that lacks the shoulder wrap and opens the skirt in front for greater maneuverability. The boots are replaced with lightly-armored mint green boots that go up to the thighs and possess only an inch and a half heel.
Skills and Abilities: Adeline is a potent swordsmain, combining great natural talent and a life spent honing the teachable aspects of the skill, and favors a variant of fechten mit dem langen schwert for general purpose, balanced fighting. Also a powerful telekineticist, Adeline has trained to combine this skill with swordplay to compensate for a lack of combat strength. When doing so, Adeline switches to a blitzing one-handed style and can even engage in swordplay with the sword completely out of hand. In addition, as with the great majority of people from that region of the Psion Kingdom, Adeline possesses significant empathic abilities, and while unable to shape emotions, the situational awareness it can grant to know how those around you feel at any given moment, including your opponent, can grant a significant edge in any engagement, including knowing when your allies need bolstering without them telling you, or when your adversary is preparing to strike.

Kingdom: Psion Kingdom

In the region of the psychic kingdom of Psion that Adeline was raised in, sages able to foresee the future would come to the bedside when a child was born and lay out a prophesy in such intricate detail that it would set their path in stone for life. Neither the child nor the parents would ever see the prophesy, even as it was written out on a scroll by the sage. This prophesy would then be sealed and sent to the temple for recording and storage.

Despite never being seen, all major options, from the name of the child to, if applicable, the path of their growth into adulthood, would be decided based on this personal prophesy. Even the schooling they were permitted was determined, not by the desires of the youth, which were considered whimsical and unreliable, but by this parchment the child had never seen and had no say in.

So it had been since its founding, so it would be forevermore, and the sages had never been wrong, no matter how strange their instructions seemed to be. So it was that, though male, Adeline was given his name and educated from toddler-hood in etiquette, hostessing, caretaking and so on.

He spent his life resenting it.

As a boy, he was like most. Rambunctious, rowdy, boisterous. Traits his teachers worked hard to train out of him over the years, with general success. Varying degrees of it, perhaps, but general success all the same. One thing they never successfully trained out of him, however, was his desire to take action, especially as he came into adolescence and watched his friends get their requests granted for admission and training as squires in the Galladian Knights, while his own applications were regularly denied on the grounds of his unexplained personal prophesy.

Application refusal didn't keep him from trying, anyway, and when they were younger, he was able to best them all in physical swordplay. As they grew older, however, and their bodies grew stronger under the energy of the Knight Temple's holy relic, the Dawn Chalice, and his moved more and more toward the effeminate curves that his people took without its light, his ability to best them through martial might alone degraded even as he tried to compensate with his own rapidly developing mental prowess.

Often, he would try to sneak into the temple to bask in the Chalice's light, if only for a little while, but every time he tried, without fail, one of the sages would be there waiting for him and turn him away. The last time he tried, it was the Elder Sage, himself, who stopped him, a wise old man (Alakazam gijinka) who had long since gone bald on top, but still bore a long Fu Manchu moustache he tended to stroke in thought, and whose body, though bent by age, still held tremendous power, as Adeline could attest from attempts in younger years to resist the man.

"Why do you trouble us so, child?" the old man had asked him that night.

"Don't you know?" had been his petulant retort.

But the Elder had been smug, not even offended by the behavior. "Of course I do, but I want you to put it into your own words."

His answer offended him, but the boy took a breath to gather his thoughts, then blurted, "Because you're wrong!"

This wasn't something stated in polite society. It was an absolute taboo, an unthinkable slight to say to a sage, much less the Elder, himself, but the old man didn't even flinch, only giving a nod of understanding. "And how are we wrong, dear child?"

How? The question made him flounder, even though the answer was obvious. How to summarize all the grievances he felt he had suffered? "I'm supposed to be a knight! I'm supposed to fight! I'm good at it! Great, even! I'd be the best Galladian Knight the world had ever seen if you let me!"

But again, the elder only nodded. "Yes, I suppose you would be."

This admission struck the boy like a blow and he turned and wheeled on the Elder. "Then why am I always refused?! I'm not supposed to be learning how to sew and cook and cater and clean! I'm supposed to be learning how to use a sword!"

At this, the Elder looked at him as if surprised, though of course, it was a measured response rather than the real thing. "But Adeline, dear child, don't you already know how to use a sword? Are you not, as you claim, the greatest swordsman among your peers, but for the lack of physical strength they are developing?"

Again, Adeline was struck silent. They walked in silence for a bit, the only sounds disrupting the night the Elder's cane clicking against the stone path and the child's nightgown swishing about his feet, before he spoke again. "Elder, I don't like my path."

"Few do."

"I hate it!"

"Most do."

"Then why won't you let me change it!?"

The Elder sighed deeply, the sound ruffling with the intake of the chilled night air. "Adeline, dear, only paths to mundane objectives are easy to traverse. Take this stone beneath our feet. It only leads to a building, but it is easy to traverse. If you wanted to go somewhere more extravagant, say the Fire Castle, with its dancers and fireworks and sparklers, or the Water Kingdom's crystal lakes, the path would be long and hard to traverse, even with aid."

He shifted his gaze up to the moon as he continued. "Were we to allow it, yes, you would become a great Galladian Knight. You are a prodigy with the blade and would quickly soak up everything your teachers could give you. As it is, you have learned much just from sparring with your friends over the years. The path to knighthood would be easy for you. As such, however, it would also be a waste of your talents. Have you ever, dear, precious child, considered that perhaps, just perhaps, you are destined for something more than just a knight?"

More than a knight? The idea, the whole paradigm shift of trying to comprehend the concept made the child's head swim, so that he didn't even realize where they were until the Elder rapped gently on the door with his stick.

The old man had walked him home and Adeline hadn't even realized it.

The years passed and the Elder's words never left him. As he wrestled with the concept the old man had delivered to him on that chill night, he devoted himself to learning what was put before him as if the knowledge they offered him were puzzle pieces, and he might figure out how they connected so that he might catch a glimpse of what it was the Sages had seen for him.

Easily mistaken for a young woman now, and impossible to pass off as a man to anyone outside his village, Adeline regularly struggles with his masculinity and personal identity, but has continued keeping his sword arm sharp while using his ever-growing psychic power to compensate for the sheer physical strength he drastically lacks.

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Re: Heroes of Kantowa (Pokemon Gijinka)

Post by Wishful_thinkin4me » Sun Jan 06, 2019 5:24 pm

Name: Kenai Zoru

Gender: Male

Age: Twelve

Title: Squire

Gijinka: Zorua

Appearance: Kenai is a scrawny runt of a boy, even for his age, with messy black hair sporting red highlights, and going off in all directions. Bright greenish-blue eyes and a tan complection. He is a small boy for his age, always coming up short when compared to others, literally, and is overall pretty scrawny in his basic build. He usually wears a dark sleeveless gi and lighter colored pants, complete with a large black fur scarf that was the only thing left to him from his mother, as well as a red sleeve over his right arm that is not attatched to any other clothing.

Skills and Abilities: Kenai has always had a keen eye and a talent as an illusionist, watching his mother performing her illusionary magic in front of him he could often see through the simpler tricks, and even copy a few of them before she had even begun teaching him, and he's spent almost a year and a half honing them himself, along with practicing the arts of stealth and trickery to get by on the streets. Having been trained as a squire for another year and a half he's learned basic hand-to-hand combat and other necessary skills, though never truly excelling in any of them as he does in his personal magic practice.

Kingdom: Dusk Kingdom

History: For the first nine years of his life, Kenai had lived a relatively happy life in the capitol of the Dusk kingdom with his mother, who was a skilled illusionist, despite such things being generally frowned upon in their home city, and in between providing for Kenai and dealing with being a single mother she had taught him a small bit in the same skill, surprised to find he was quite the prodigy in the art. One day however, while Kenai was out on an errand in the market for his mother, he had returned to find her gone, without a trace, and all her belongings gone with her, except for one fur scarf that belonged to her which she had told him would be his one day. After this Kenai had soon found himself on the streets. For almost a year and a half he was forced to do anything he could to survive with next to nothing, he had tried using his talent in illusions to perform small street magic, but that rarely got anything for him aside from weird looks, eventually he turned to petty theft just to get by, and he had had a run of good luck with that at first, finding people generally easy to fool while he took what he needed and/or wanted. This didn't last long however, as he was eventually caught by several people. He wasn't stopped however, and always narrowly escaped punishment one way or another, often with trickery or other mischeif, keeping himself on the street performing and stealing, though eventually the hard life and the people he stole from were catching up to him, and he was finding it more and more difficult to get by as time went on, eventually finding himself on his last legs, cold and starving on the side of the street. This was when he was found by the man he would soon come to consider the only good soul in the city, a knight of the Dusk kingdom who found the child near starvation on the side of the road and, much to Kenai's surprise, stopped to acknowledge him. The boy was so used to people just ignoring him or giving him bad looks and moving on that this man actually stopping to really look at him caught him well off guard, and he was shocked when the man left something for him, a single loaf of bread, food, acually given to him, for no good reason that he could think of. He saw this man again the next day, and the day after that, in fact he was found rather often by the knight, the exceptions being when he was out on duty of course. One day, after a few weeks, he told Kenai to follow him. The boy was skeptic of this, though this man had done nothing but give to him, he had more than a years experience with people being less than kind towards him. That night he slept in a bed. An actual bed, something he hadn't been able to do for more than a year. The next day he was ready to leave, go out in the streets again when he was stopped by the knight's voice.

"No. Stay."

And so he did. A month later he found himself calling the knight's home his own, no longer cold nor starving, the opposite in fact, he had never lived as well as he did with the knight as his caretaker, and he never knew why. He never asked, and he felt that even if he did he wouldn't truly know. A week more and he had Kenai begin training to become a squire, where he would learn discipline, and respect. Two things he never had living in the streets, where it was take or die, and the only rule was to survive. More than a year later, a month before his twelfth birhtday, Kenai came home to find his adoptive father hadn't returned from his latest trip as planned, and instead found another man standing there, a man with a tragic message.

He was an orphan again.

The next two months were carried out in silence by the twice orphaned boy, barely speaking a word unless he was told. A month after his twelfth birthday, two months after learning the one man he could rely on was no more, Kenai finally completed his training, and was ready to be put in the hands of another knight.

He just hoped he got lucky.
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Re: Heroes of Kantowa (Pokemon Gijinka)

Post by Regal Eagle » Mon Jan 07, 2019 4:57 am

Name: Regal Aegis

Gender: Male

Age: 22 Years old

Title: Student

Gijinka: Luxray

Appearance: The eyes looks like Luxray’s: Iris is red, and pupil is yellow, hair is dark and spiky, as the same style that the Pokémon he’s based off. Obviously, he has the star tail of him, and his forearms are covered of a fur likes Luxray’s: which is black on the back and blue with yellow stripes on the inside. He wears a white blouse like a scientist, and under it some regular clothes.

Skills and abilities: He have the ability to see through walls like Luxray, he’s very clever and admires the raptors.

Kingdom: Wasteland kingdom

History: Regal have been born in the wasteland kindgom, where technology sprawls. In this kingdom, younglings have to follow studies about complex notions of electricity for several years, but there's no end to their studies, as the tradition asks for a pursuit of knowledge for the entiere life, and some students chose a specific subject and stick to it until the end. Regal have been fascinated by all flying species since his childhood, especially the birds of prey, and thus he choose to focus on building diverse flying objects, hoping one day to achieve his ultimate goal of be able to conceive a suit that allows it's wearer to fly freely.

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Re: Heroes of Kantowa (Pokemon Gijinka)

Post by Madrigal » Mon Jan 07, 2019 6:43 am

Name: Silabrennyn

Gender: Male

Age: 31

Title: Sir Silabrennyn the Steadfast

Gijinka: Gallade


Silabrennyn, though weathered, is not what one would consider old. With his cool gaze, untended hair and lean muscles, Silabrennyn is certainly the image of a knight, and would have little trouble finding a maiden to warm his bed if he wished.

Silabrennyn’s demeanor however is far from what one would expect of the tales of the noble knight. Sir Silabrennyn’s expression is cold, betraying neither the wrath of knights in battle nor the virtue of those in legend. His emotions for the most part are muted, resigned to verbal responses or gestures of the head. On occasion, a deep undertone of anger will enter his voice, particularly when someone speaks ill of his wife.

His clothes also are far from the norm. While most knights of the Dawn Chalice wear fine armor of white and green, he prefers to eschew these clothes for the humbler robes of his order. A necklace set with three sword pommels worn around his neck. With its torn sleeves and lack of ceremonial pieces (save the cuffs of his sleeves) he has been mistaken more than once by a lofty noble of being a vagrant. This lack of armor is meant to increase his speed, in turn favoring Silabrennyn’s preferred form of combat. Short engagements, utilizing a potent mix of psionics, magic and precise strikes.
Skills and Abilities:

After his self-imposed exile from his homeland, Silabrennyn embarked on a long journey of the wider world. Wandering from kingdom to kingdom in the quiet places of the various kingdoms, he trained in various forms of combat, away from the psionics and swordplay that had characterized his prior training.

With his sword broken and his pride gone, Silabrennyn spent years in the Martial Zone learning unarmed combat, and many months more training in utilizing the basic magicks of other kingdoms. These he can channel throughout his body, giving his fist the burning heat of the Fire Kingdom, or the chill of the Ice Kingdom. While he is far from a master in any field, these skills combined with his extensive training in psionics make him a fast and flexible fighter.

Kingdom: Psion Kingdom

Name: Silivren

Gender: Male

Age: 12

Title: Squire Silivren Silabrennion

Gijinka: Kirlia


Innocent, naive and kind to a fault, Silivren couldn’t be more of a contrast to his father. While Silabrennyn is cold and emotionless, Silivren is youthful, empathetic and kind. His every emotion shows on his face, as he eagerly does whatever he can to help. With his boyish features and longer hair, his innocence could easily be mistaken for vulnerability, an attribute that those who know Silivren know he does not possess.

Dressed in the long white, green and red robes of his father’s knightly order, Silivren looks very much the young squire training to stand by his father in the knights of the Psion Kingdom. While his clothes are hardier than most, reflecting his well traveled life, he often slips into groups of other squires or lordlings, allowing him to listen for information he thinks might be useful to his father. Though he is never too far from his father’s watchful gaze...
Skills and Abilities:

As the youngest child of two experienced psionics, Silivren has a significant pool of psionic power. While his skill in close quarters combat has been slow to manifest, Silivren remains a potent telepath, utilizing his powers to confuse and attack his foes, or to augment his friends in combat. He is swift on his feet, allowing him to retreat if his physical and mental strength prove insufficient.

Kingdom: Psion Kingdom

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Re: Heroes of Kantowa (Pokemon Gijinka)

Post by ScribJelly » Tue Mar 05, 2019 3:27 pm

Name: Sofie Arbre

Gender: Female

Age: 58

Title: Elder/Blacksmith

Gijinka: Shiny Venusaur

Appearence: A gruff looking old woman. She may be old, but she stands tall with hardly a slouch. She is 5’8 with light green hair that has been tied back into a braid. She wears a yellow shawl with darker green underclothes that consist of a short dress ((don’t be fooled, it is padded heavily for protection)) as well as long boots. Her eyes are a piercing yellow, which is only accentuated by the many scars on her face and hands.

Skills and Abilities: She is skilled with the axe, as well as the blade. She once trained with the bow but her age has hindered her long distance sight. Since she’s gotten older she’s also taught herself more about mending wounds and finding remedies for things that may bother her or others. Though this is only something she does in her free time.

Kingdom: Forest

History: In her youth she was a soldier, and a mighty fine one at that. Despite the Forest Kingdom’s usually docile nature, she didn’t fit in with that at all. She found that she wanted to serve something more, make more of a difference than just hunting or scouting. So she (And with little regard to her own life or wellbeing might I add) enlisted, and with time and many many battles she rose in the ranks. She became a highly respected general for years and years. But while she was still young, she met a woman while stopping at a small village in her kingdom. A beautiful basket weaver. She quickly found herself visiting this woman day after day, until eventually, they got married.
And after a while, when her age started to take a toll on her performance in battle, and when the begging of her wife to come home and stay safe became too much to resist, she retired. She now lives in a small hut with her wife, working the forge to help the soldiers as much as she still can, and is generally content.

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